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Question: I really would like ...

Question: I really would like to know your opinion on this season's 24. And which is your favorite new character? — Paula

Ausiello: I'm love, love, loving 24 so far this season. And my fave new character is, of course, Mommie Dearest. She gives me chills — the good kind. The actress behind the terrorist, Shohreh Aghdashloo, isn't nearly as creepy — as I discovered at Sunday's Globes when we met on the red carpet. Although relishing being "a villain for the first time in my life," Aghdashloo admits playing someone who poisons little girls to death has its drawbacks. "I was worried that my daughter's friends wouldn't come to my house to eat anymore," she told me. "I'm a good cook — and I like to cook for them. They especially love my rice. But they understand that it's fiction." Plus, everyone knows it's her iced tea you have to watch out for.

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Question: I think last week's ...

Question: I think last week's Ask Ausiello was your best yet. You crack me up! Keep up the good work and don't kill yourself making a new one this week. Just post five to 10 questions/answers so we just get a taste to hold us over another week. — Leslie

Ausiello: Now you tell me.

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Question: I was excited to ...

Question: I was excited to read that a second X-Files movie is finally being made. Do you have any more info on the plot — other than that it will be a stand-alone horror flick? — Jack K.

Ausiello: Actually, it looks like David Duchovny was getting a little ahead of himself when he told USA Today last week that the film was slated to begin production later this year. "There's nothing at the moment going on," Chris Carter's agent, Elliott Webb, says. "There is no negotiation, there's no script written, there's nothing other than a desire for people to get together." Bummer.

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Question: Is Shannen Doherty ...

Question: Is Shannen Doherty returning to Charmed? — Dan

Ausiello: Let's ask exec producer Brad Kern. "No," he says. When she left the show, she left the show." Sounds like she was a real peach, eh?

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Question: I'll take the 24 ...

Question: I'll take the 24 shirt. Was I the first to e-mail? — Carol

Ausiello: More like the 91st. Sorry.

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Question: Yo, I'm putting ...

Question: Yo, I'm putting myself out there early and stating that I'm available to be your assistant at this summer's TV press tour. I write, I edit and I make a mean phone call for take-out. — Larry B.

Ausiello: But are you a lesbian?

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Question: Doesn't the fact ...

Question: Doesn't the fact that 15 million people keep asking you when Tru Calling is coming back mean something? You should forward all these e-mails to Fox. — Kelly

Ausiello: I did one better: I asked Fox entertainment president Gail Berman about the show's fate at press tour Monday. Click here for her response. (Warning: It ain't good.) Plus, my colleague, Daniel R. Coleridge, snagged Eliza Dushku at Sunday's Golden Globes to get her take on Tru's future. (Warning: It ain't good.) "I think it's canned, man," she said. "I think that we had a movie within a show and... we couldn't quite find out where we fit in the network and in the lineup. I'm just excited to get back and do some more film and mix it up a little bit with some different characters. I think I'm gonna do a film or two in February, but nothing's set in stone yet." There is a silver lining in all this, folks: I think Tru Cal read more

Question: So what do you ...

Question: So what do you think the deal with Jennifer Garner is? Nerve damage and/or viral infection sound fishy to me. — Jennifer

Ausiello: My sources tell me she was actually suffering from Elektraitis. It's a disease that attacks the voice box — usually right before you're supposed to go out and promote a crappy movie. I'm betting she caught it from Ben.

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Question: Any possibility of ...

Question: Any possibility of a Lost soundtrack featuring the music of Charlie's band, Driveshaft? — David

Ausiello: Nothing in the works yet, but it seems inevitable — especially in light of Driveshaft's Alias cameo last week.

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Question: I never got the ...

Question: I never got the Christmas With the Kranks Advent calendar that you said you'd mail to me in early December. I'm bumming a little. — Julie S

Ausiello: Maybe this giveaway thing wasn't such a good idea. In any event, if what you say is true, Julie, I'll send you the Kranks calendar and give Ed, um, let's see... I'll give Ed some American Idol popcorn. Is everyone happy now?

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