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Grounded for Life has been sentenced to death. The WB has pulled the plug on the five-year-old comedy, which debuted on Fox in 2001 before leaping over to the Frog in 2002. The show's series finale is slated to air early next year. read more

Gilmore Girls Author Norman Mailer...

Gilmore Girls
Author Norman Mailer stopped by Stars Hollow, apparently just to get berated by Sookie, the crazy, pregnant chef. He's not my favorite writer, but you know why I like him? Because he's the only person in this episode who didn't yammer at 100 miles per hour! Seriously, I always enjoy the cute banter. This week, however, it felt especially fast, like everyone in town had too many cups of Luke's famous coffee. Speaking of our fave unshaven diner owner, he and Lorelai have been waaaay too cutesy and happy for the past few episodes. Something's gotta happen to break 'em up anytime now. Tick-tock... Meanwhile, at Yale, Rory's flirtation with Logan, the cocky, arrogant rich boy, continues to intrigue, and her Lois Lane act is adorable. Maybe I just like Alexis Bledel better now that her hair's growing out long again.

The Biggest Loser
I like Maurice, so I was sad he lost zero weight — and after he read more


Usher picked up two trophies at Monday's Radio Music Awards, including Hip-Hop Artist of the Year and Hip-Hop Song of the Year for "Yeah!" Other winners included Linkin Park, Beyonce and Tim McGraw. In case you care. read more


Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings, who passed the $2 million mark on Monday's show, drops a bombshell on tonight's Inside Edition, confessing, "I'm very good at answering questions about a wide array of subjects." Get out! read more

Survivor's Lisa Let Go

Third time was a charm — sort of — for Survivor: Vanuatu castoff Lisa Keiffer. After reaching the semi-finals of the contestant searches twice before, she finally made it on the reality show. Too bad her flip-flopping between the older and younger cliques of the Yasur tribe — and a certain misunderstanding with Ami — got Lisa's torch snuffed out. Here, the busy 44-year-old mother of six from New Orleans tells TV Guide Online about her South Pacific adventure.

TV Guide Online: Wow, you look so much better now than you did on the show?
Lisa Keiffer:
I know. Can you believe how I looked? My face was so thin. What if I lasted the whole time? I would have been a walking skeleton.

TVGO: Eliza was looking emaciated as well.
You thought she looked thinner? I was looking at me going, "Ewww." But I'm glad to know that she looked thinner.

TVGO: Were you excited to do a battle of the sexes?
read more


Nick Lachey will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Hope & Faith as a hot single dad who gets majorly crushed on by Kelly Ripa. Ripa's sidekick Regis Philbin, meanwhile, will reprise his role as an over-the-top car dealer on Dec. 6. read more


Veteran TV producer Stephen J. Cannell (The A-Team, The Rockford Files) is developing a drama series for TNT that revolves around a special FBI team that hunts dangerous serial criminals, Variety reports.... Boomtown grad Donnie Wahlberg is teaming with ER producer Jack Orman on a Warner Bros.-produced drama series about a good cop who goes undercover in a world of bad cops. read more


NBC is celebrating Mischief Night on Saturday by airing a pair of reality shows from sister network Sci Fi Channel. In place of Apprentice and Law & Order repeats, the Peacock will run two installments of Scare Tactics at 8 pm followed by an episode of Ghost Hunters. read more

Susan Sarandon's Hectic Schedule

Does any film star in Hollywood work as much as Jude Law? The 32-year-old star of Alfie (opening Nov. 5) has had six movies releasing within a three-month span. Then again, Law's co-star Susan Sarandon — who plays Alfie's rich lover — has an equally impressive total of three movies hitting theaters this fall. The other two are Shall We Dance? and the holiday flick Noel (due out Nov. 12). But Sarandon was especially thrilled to lay down the Law.

"Jude was fabulous," the 58-year-old actress tells TV Guide Online. "He's like a character actor that has been given this amazing charm and grace. He is so much better than he needs to be when he looks like that. So he's really fun to work with."

Cuddling with the Brit heartthrob wasn't her only perk on Alfie's set. Sarandon also enjoyed sporting her sexy high-society duds. "It was the first time in a long time that I have wanted to keep my wardrobe," she smiles read more

Apprentice Loser Still Talking

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but the dude can spot a weak link when he sees it. Case in point: On last Thursday's The Apprentice, the perpetual pink-slipper muzzled 26-year-old talkaholic Stacy Rotner after she proved herself doggone useless on the pet task. But as TV Guide Online's Michael Ausiello found out late Friday afternoon, it's going to take a lot more than a demoralizing defeat in the boardroom to silence this little havoc-wreaker.

TV Guide Online: Your suitcase was humongous. Were you hiding a body in there?
Stacy Rotner:
(Laughs) I come prepared; I brought a lot of clothes and shoes. I'm a big shoe person.

TVGO: Why do you think you elicit such a negative reaction from people?
I think people aren't used to someone who so steadily and readily voices their opinion. And coming from a woman, it's probably more shocking. And coming from someone who's little is probably even more sh read more

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