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Question: You mention that a ...

Question: You mention that a major character will die on Lost. Who would you like to see terminated? — Heather

Ausiello: The paint-by-numbers polar bear. Clearly, J.J. Abrams blew his special-effects budget on that plane crash.

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Question: Yippee! I just read ...

Question: Yippee! I just read in your "Entertainment News" column that Julian McMahon will reprise his role as Cole on Charmed. I am so excited, I am speechless. This is the best news and makes my week even better. — Aileen

Ausiello: I hope you're sitting down, Aileen, because I've got more good news for you. Julian says you're the reason he agreed to come back! "A week never goes by where I'm not accosted by a few Charmed fans," the Nip/Tuck star told me at the Golden Globes. "And not only that, the producers and the girls on the show were always so sweet to me and just very supportive. They really gave me the reins to do whatever I wanted in regard to that role. So, for me to go back is not just me helping them out, it's an honor for what I feel for those guys." Dude's a class act.

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Question: Any scoop on One ...

Question: Any scoop on One Tree Hill? — Lindsay

Ausiello: Karen finds out about Jules and Dan's secret relationship on March 1.

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Question: Is this the last ...

Question: Is this the last season for Charmed? — Sara

Ausiello: Let's ask Mr. Janollari: "Charmed is a great show that is performing pretty well for us on Sunday night. I'd love to see it back, but it's a little premature right now."

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Question: Which has a better ...

Question: Which has a better chance of returning to Fox: A) Tru Calling or B) John Doe? — Robert

Ausiello: The correct answer is C) Who's Your Daddy's Crack Dealer?

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Question: I'm soooo excited. ...

Question: I'm soooo excited. You mean, vicariously through you, I can pose a question to the Gilmore Girls cast? Here's one: Which guy (Luke or Chris) does Lauren Graham think Lorelai should end up with? — J.C.

Ausiello: Ladies and gentleman, straight from press tour, it's Miss Lauren Graham on who she thinks Lorelai should end up with (Luke/Lorelai fans, stop reading now): "The show is somewhat about wish fulfillment, and there's something about having the original biological family back together that plays along with that theme. And I think [Christopher and Lorelai] are compelling together. But I have no idea. I don't think they know. I think they're seeing what the story tells them."

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Question: Has any character ...

Question: Has any character ever been written out more oddly than Elisabeth Rohm on Law & Order? ("You're fired." "Is this because I'm a lesbian?") Huh? Why not just drop a helicopter on her? — Ken

Ausiello: At press tour, exec producer Dick Wolf defended the oddball "outing" by saying it was a "watercooler moment" that had everyone laughing, er, talking. "It was a way in the [final] 30 seconds of her last episode to reveal something about the character," he said. "I mean, you certainly don't think this was done by me and handed to Liz like, 'Say these words.' There was a very honest discussion where I called her up and said, 'Do you want to go out with a bang or a whimper?' And she heard [the idea] and said, 'This is great! Let's go for it!'" Meanwhile, there's apparently no truth to the nasty rumor that the original line was, "Is this because I'm a bad thespian?" People can be so cruel.

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Question: Deep inside, you're ...

Question: Deep inside, you're still just the big fat kid who got picked last in gym class, aren't you? — Trey

Ausiello: If I say yes, will you let me keep my lunch money?

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Question: What do you think ...

Question: What do you think of Point Pleasant? I fell asleep — twice. — Jacki Whitford

Ausiello: Having vacationed in the real Point Pleasant several times as a kid, I found the show to be utterly unrealistic. A teenage girl possessed by Satan? Exploding cars? Killer locusts attacking churchgoers? Call me when they do an episode about the town's real problem: parking.

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Question: Any more news on a ...

Question: Any more news on a new home for Dead Like Me? — Thaddeus Cultt

Ausiello: Forget about it going to WB. My spies tell me they passed. I'm afraid Dead is, um, dead.

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