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The Biggest Loser Loved Gary telling...

The Biggest Loser

Loved Gary telling Maurice "you'll have to go through me" to get to that sticky, gooey cinnamon bun. It didn't even look all that tempting, did it? There was no challenge there for me. Had they left an avocado bacon cheeseburger and curly fries next to that telephone, however, I would've broken my diet in a flash. And I would then have used my phone call to ring up my boyfriend and have him bring over a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. 'Cause it's all over at that point, so why not go out in a blaze of glory, ya know whumsayin'?

The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best
Virgin founder Richard Branson, who insists his vanity series wasn't inspired by the success of Donald Trump's The Apprentice, referenced Trump in the pilot episode. Hmm... They appeared to be mocking The Donald by having that goofy-lookin' Trump impersonator step out of the limo while Bra read more


Speaking of weak premieres, Showtime's much-hyped drama Huff drew an embarrassing 456,000 viewers Sunday night. How bad is that? I'm pretty sure Bravo gets better ratings out of Manhunt. read more

Al Sharpton's New Job

He became a man of God by age 8, was an activist by 16 and hit the road as a tour manager for the "Godfather of Soul" by 18. Next stop for Rev. Al Sharpton... reality TV? Yes, the streetwise politico is the host/life coach of Spike TV's I Hate My Job, a series that offers winners $25,000 and a chance at the career of their dreams. What makes the man once pilloried for his velour sweat suits qualified to tell people how to change their lives? "Because I've done it myself," Sharpton says. "I walked away from a lucrative show-business career to start my civil-rights organization. [Thirty] years later, I was able to run for president."
TV Guide Online: In this week's premiere of I Hate My Job, you're kind of hard on the candidates.
Al Sharpton:
I'm rough on them because life is rough. You should not assume that just because you have a dream, the whole world is going to fold to your dream.

TVGO: Ah, so you're just kicking them into gear. Tell us a read more


ABC has signed former Saturday Night Live funnyman Chris Kattan to star in an as-yet untitled half-hour comedy that is being billed as a cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm and I Love Lucy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kattan will play a consumer reporter at a small-town TV station who is both neurotic and appealing — a deadly combo if ever there was one. read more


Chart-toppin', six-packin' "Yeah" man Usher has signed on to star in a coming-of-age film about a kid from the streets who finds salvation through music and enjoys walking around shirtless, Variety reports. The Dimension project is being written by Ray scribe James White. read more


Shrek 2 sold a record 12.1 million DVD/VHS copies during its first three days of release, adding roughly $185 million to DreamWorks' coffers. By comparison, the original Shrek sold 7 million units in its first three days. read more


60 Minutes Wednesday is adding longtime BET anchor Ed Gordon as a part-time correspondent... Moulin Rouge front man Ewan McGregor will headline a revival of Guys and Dolls on London's West End in June... CBS and Fox have sealed new deals with the NFL to continue airing Sunday-afternoon football games through 2011. The combined deals are reportedly worth $8 billion. read more


Michael Moore's November nightmare continues. The anti-Dubya crusader has just learned that Fahrenheit 9/11 cannot compete in this year's Golden Globes derby because it's a documentary. The Globes have also dealt a blow to Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, rendering that pic ineligible in the best drama category because it is considered a foreign-language film. read more

How The Shield Snagged Glenn Close

OK, who among us wasn't stunned speechless upon hearing that Oscar nominee Glenn Close was joining FX's The Shield as the new captain? Well, series star Michael Chiklis, for starters. "At the [2003] Golden Globes I approached her and said, 'I'm gonna work with you someday,'" he recalls. "She looked at me a little incredulously and said, 'Oh, that's good to know.' I've wanted to work with her for a long time." Actually, when it comes to scoring the casting coup of the year, a little wishful thinking goes a long way, as Shield creator Shawn Ryan recently revealed to TV Guide Online's Michael Ausiello.
TV Guide Online: Which came first: the actress or the character?
Shawn Ryan:
The character came first. The writers and I started working on this season in July and we came up with [the idea to have] a new captain in the barn, and it needed to be someone who had some years on the force. Our show has pretty much stuck with the formula of casting read more


CBS is challenging plans by the FCC to fine 20 of its stations $550,000 for Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. The network denies that the fleeting glimpse of Jackson's breast violated decency standards or was designed to "pander, titillate, and shock" viewers. That's what Big Brother is for. read more

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