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Question: Is Charmed coming ...

Question: Is Charmed coming back for another season? — Ari

Ausiello: Here's the latest from Mr. Janollari: "Love the show, love how it's performing, but it's way too early to tell until we see how our development shapes, and what our schedule's gonna start to look like." In contrast, when I asked him whether, um, #$&*@+# %&*$% would be back, he said without hesitation, "Of course."

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Question: Is there any news ...

Question: Is there any news on Tru Calling? — Susan

Ausiello: I honestly never thought this day would come but yes, there is some news. Fox is dumping the six remaining unaired episodes on Thursday nights, beginning with two back-to-back installments on March 31 (8 to 10 pm/ET). The final four episodes will unspool on Thursdays at 9 pm/ET through April 28.

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Question: Got any Survivor: ...

Question: Got any Survivor: Palau spoilers? — Anthony

Ausiello: You read it here first (I think): no merger this season.

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Question: Hey, Mike ? the ...

Question: Hey, Mike — the "hamster on steroids" comment was a compliment (Ask Ausiello 3/16)! I think hamsters are adorable, and you looked like a big, tough, cute hamster. Sorry if I hurt your feelings! I think you're great! By the way, what was the date that Julian McMahon is going to show up on Charmed again? — Suzanne

Ausiello: Oh, now that you want something from me you're being nice. I see how it works.

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Question: Now, I think we all ...

Question: Now, I think we all know where you stand on the casting for Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman (Entertainment News 3/17), but I feel obliged to mention my best friend's belief that the one and only (aside from Lynda Carter, natch) choice is Lucy Lawless. If ever the opportunity presents itself, be sure to pass on to Joss this viable second choice (since you would naturally push for Lauren Graham). — Brian Edwards

Ausiello: I've got good news and bad news for you, Bri. The good news: Such a chance actually did present itself last Thursday, when Joss phoned me during a break from editing Serenity to chat about lassoing Wonder Woman and resurrecting a certain 150-year-old, English vamp on WB (more on that later). The bad news: I never got around to pitching Lawless. I did, however, find out that Whedon is read more

Question: Veronica Mars? ? ...

Question: Veronica Mars? — Sue

Ausiello: Um, could you be a little more specific, Sue? Is it spoilers you're after? Well, the second-to-last episode (airing May 3) gives a surprising reveal about what happened the night Veronica was roofied and raped. The episode features scenes from the pilot that were not used in the final cut, and includes all of the high-school characters who have made appearances throughout the season. Hope that answers your nonquestion, Sue.

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Question: I have tried to ...

Question: I have tried to order a TV Guide magazine subscription four times with three different credit cards, and I have not been able to complete the order. Fix your f---in' program! — Mike Stocki

Ausiello: E-mail me your credit-card info and I'll take care of it. Apparently I have to do everything around here.

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Question: How long do you ...

Question: How long do you give Life on a Stick? I say four episodes, tops. — Austin

Ausiello: I'll see your four and raise you two.

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Question: You previously ...

Question: You previously hinted at a new guy joining Rescue Me as Tommy's temporary "replacement." Since production has begun on the second season, you must know who it is. — Michelle

Ausiello: The role went to Oz inmate Lee Tergesen after it was turned down by Matt Dillon. And Philip Seymour Hoffman. And Tim Robbins. Tergesen will appear in the first three episodes, after which Tommy (Denis Leary) will return to the house.

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Question: Are we getting any ...

Question: Are we getting any closer to a Spike movie? — Heather

Ausiello: Based on my conversations with both Whedon and WB entertainment president David Janollari last Thursday, it certainly sounds like we are. When I asked Janollari if he had given any further thought to the Spike telepic I pitched him at press tour in January, he said, "I have given it more thought since you brought it up. It's certainly something that I continue to get many fan letters and e-mails about, and it's something that we discuss a lot around here. But no decision has been made." Well, literally 15 minutes after I hung up with Janollari, Whedon called to weigh in on a William the Bloody revival. "I'm really for it, but I have never really spoken to David Janollari," he said. "I occasionally would bring it up with [execs at 20th Century] Fox, and they'd be like, 'Yeah, that would be cool. read more

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