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Question: I coped with the ...

Question: I coped with the near-death of Charlie on Lost by starting to weep openly. How did you cope? — Amy

Ausiello: I hung out with my pal Anita Nine-Xanax.

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Question: I still want to ...

Question: I still want to know your favorite Disney ride! That's the most important question. — Donnie W.

Ausiello: I'm kinda partial to the monorail.

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Question: Thanks for berating ...

Question: Thanks for berating J.J. Abrams in Thursday's "Entertainment News." Your cathartic reaction was just the comic relief I needed to get through the day. I was afraid I was the only one obsessing over nearly losing Charlie. I guess I'll spend the next three weeks looking for a defibrillator to have on hand when Lost returns. I guess this really wasn't a question, huh? — Manda

Ausiello: Not really, but I felt it was worth printing for Josh's sake (see above).

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Question: I'm a journalism ...

Question: I'm a journalism major and I wanna be just like you! You are the funniest guy ever! I was wondering which TV writers are your favorites? Mine would have to be Aaron Sorkin, Neal Baer and David E. Kelley. I know you like J.J. Abrams, but who else? — Mel

Ausiello: Aside from J.J., I worship Patrick Mulcahey (Santa Barbara), Jeff Freilich (Falcon Crest), John McNamara (Profit, The Fugitive, the upcoming Eyes), Joss Whedon, Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls) and Bill Lawrence (Scrubs).

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Question: Is the second ...

Question: Is the second season of Arrested Development being written by the same people? Since my husband and I bought the first-season DVDs we (and pretty much everyone we know) have watched it like six or seven times. But the new episodes seems to be completely lacking in spark. Why, I ask... why? — Audrey

Ausiello: Yeah, the writing has been a smidge uneven this season. The whole Tobias/Blue Man Group gag went on two episodes too long and that Ann chick is getting way too much airtime if you ask me. But even at its worst (that Mexico episode comes to mind), Arrested is still the second-best comedy on the air. Besides, don't all great shows suck a little in their sophomore seasons?

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Question: Hey, Matt: I ...

Question: Hey, Matt: I e-mailed you a month ago asking what happened to Kellie Martin and you never answered. — Suzi

Ausiello: I think you sent this to me by accident, Suzi. My name is Mike and this is "Ask Ausiello." It's too bad, too. I actually know the answer to this question.

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Question: With The O.C. ...

Question: With The O.C. struggling in the ratings, is there any chance Fox will move it back to Wednesday at 9 pm/ET after American Idol? — Kevin R

Ausiello: Publicly, Fox execs insist they're thrilled with the show's performance on Thursday night. Privately, I think they're hoping Marissa's upcoming lesbian fling will goose the Nielsens. Bottom line: Ask me again in January.

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Question: You mentioned the ...

Question: You mentioned the original E/R! I thought I was the only person in the world who remembered that show. — Jessica

Ausiello: Nope, I'm right there with you, Jess. I'm not sure why it didn't become a bigger hit, especially considering it starred a pre-Seinfeld Jason Alexander, a pre-Dances with Wolves Mary McDonnell, a pre-ER George Clooney and a post-Babs Elliott Gould. How many future TV all-stars (and ex-Streisand flames) does one show have to employ to get some freakin' respect!

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Question: When will ...

Question: When will Apprentice 3 start accepting applications? — David

Ausiello: Um, five months ago. The third edition already taped and is slated to premiere next month. Here's some scoop to tide you over, Dave: This time, the teams will be divided by book smarts versus street smarts, not along gender lines. And the first task will be held at Burger King, where the high school grads and the college grads compete to see who can come up with the most enticing new menu item. How 'bout some peanut butter fro-yo, people!

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Question: Hey Mike! I love ...

Question: Hey Mike! I love reading your stuff — it's hard to be informative and funny too, but you pull it off. Just a quick suggestion: how 'bout a quick spoiler warning before you let us know "They almost killed Charlie" in "Entertainment News (12/9)" Some of us tape Lost the night it airs and then watch it later in the week. Other than that, keep up the great work. Merry Christmas! — Josh S.

Ausiello: Yeah, I pissed a fair number of people off when I used my column to vent about Charlie's gut-wrenching near-death experience on last week's Lost. And while I see your point, how is that different than, say, me reporting on who won Survivor, or who got booted from The Apprentice? Sometimes, major plot twists (like Mrs. Huber's death on Desperate Housewives) qualify as news, and to ignore them would defeat the purpose of my daily column, no? Besides, if I didn't ruin it for you read more

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