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Although Josh Schwartz's college-set O.C. spin-off Athens has been scrapped, the Chrismukkah creator tells me he'd still "love to do something to expand The O.C. universe." What about, say, a show revolving around Marissa's MIA sister's Mean Girls-esque adventures at boarding school? "We were thinking it could be a fun idea," he says, all but confirming such rumors. "But nothing's been presented to the network." read more


The Camdens have a message for those cocky Waltons: "We win!" The WB announced early Friday that 7th Heaven has been picked up for a 10th season, making it the longest-running family drama in television history. (Both The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie ran for nine seasons.) Last month, WB president David Janollari admitted to Ask Ausiello that it was his desire to overtake The Waltons, saying, "That's what we want to do, that's what Aaron Spelling wants to do, that's what the cast wants to do." The only one not on board was poor John-Boy. read more


Rumors are swirling that Fox has cut short Arrested Development's season, trimming its episode order from 20 to 18 to make room for American Dad in May. Not so, says a source close to the show. "Nothing's definite," maintains the insider. "There's two more weeks before [the network] has to make a final decision [on how many episodes it wants]. In either case, it's not canceled." Someone may want to tell that to costar David Cross, who got his short-shorts in a bunch on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. "They're saying it's not canceled," he said. "They're just saying we're not doing any more now. It's a bummer." In related news, I hope Gail Berman likes frozen bananas, because there's about 8 million of 'em coming her way! read more


Legendary playwright Arthur Miller, whose most memorable work, Death of a Salesman, earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 1949 and came to symbolize the American dream gone haywire, died Thursday night at his home in Connecticut. He was 89. Cause of death was heart failure. In addition to numerous Tony awards, Miller — whose five-year marriage to Marilyn Monroe in the '50s catapulted him to another level of fame — won an Emmy for the 1980 Holocaust drama Playing for Time. He is survived by three children, including actress-director Rebecca Miller, the wife of Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis. read more


Flamboyant fashionista Steven Cojocaru, on the mend from a recent kidney transplant, has been dropped by the Today show. "America's First Family" was apparently miffed because Cojo opted to go on Oprah to discuss his recovery instead of Today. Even more surprising: This actually qualifies as news. read more


Reiko Aylesworth, who'll be returning to Fox's 24 later this month for a short stint, has been cast in the CBS medical pilot 3 Lbs. The drama revolves around a group of brain surgeons. Meanwhile, former Practice star Lisa Gay Hamilton has been tapped to play an assistant district attorney on CBS' legal pilot Conviction. read more


Love's male equivalent, actor Tom Sizemore, was arrested inside a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday after his probation officer reported that he had failed a drug test. The troubled thesp, who was on probation for abusing ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss, is being held on $25,000 bail. read more


Lifetime has decided not to renew its Joely Fisher-fronted drama Wild Card for a third season. Low ratings are to blame. In related news, I hope Lifetime's exec VP Rick Haskins likes, um, er, whatever it is angry Wild Card fans are gonna send him, because there's a bunch of those things coming his way! read more


Surreal Life survivor Corey Feldman has been subpoenaed by prosecutors in Michael Jackson's molestation case. On tonight's 20/20, the actor tells Martin Bashir that Jacko showed him a book containing nude pictures when he was in his early teens. "The book was focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia," he says. "And he sat down with me and he explained it to me, showed me some different pictures and discussed what those meant." And they say romance is dead. read more

The O.C. 1. The first three minutes...

The O.C.
1. The first three minutes of tonight's' episode were the wittiest. In them, Seth utters his greatest lines of the night, summarizing last week's almost-kiss with Summer as follows: "Our noses grazed. And it was like the most sexually charged nose-graze in the history of nose-grazes. It's essentially nose-humping, is what it is." Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Nose. Humping.
2. A minute later Seth has a crazy-corny exchange with Papa Cohen:
&#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 Seth: "Help a brother [meaning Ryan] out. This guy's got mad Valentine's Day skills, bitch."
&#160 &#160 &#160 &#160 Papa Cohen: "Word, son."
Then, less than 30 seconds later, Sandy gives Kirsten one of what looks like eight dozen Valentine's Day rose bouquets. She takes a bunch and shreds it in the garbage disposal. Now, that's how you start a show. Sing it with me now: read more

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