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Question: I'm reading Ask ...

Question: I'm reading Ask Ausiello during a break from studying for the bar exam. Is it too late to decide that I want to be you when I grow up? — Jen

Ausiello: Yeah, the deadline was last Sunday at midnight. Sorry.

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Question: Any more tidbits ...

Question: Any more tidbits you can share from your Keri interview? — Eva

Ausiello: While recording commentary for Felicity: Senior Year Collection (The Complete Fourth Season) DVD, due out March 8, she got all veklempt discussing the last scene of the final episode, in which Greg Grunberg makes a toast to the cast. "They're like, 'What do you think of all that?' And I started crying. I was like, 'Can we start over? This is a little embarrassing.'" Here's another morsel: Keri, who's in the process of buying an apartment in New York, called on her onetime Felicity boss J.J. Abrams to write her a letter of recommendation. "I needed some pizzazz, so I pulled in the heavy hitters," she told me. "J.J. wrote this hilarious, sweet letter." The board is still reviewing her package. Should they turn her down, you can be sure that the names and phone numbers of every single opposing board member will be posted on Ask Ausiello.

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Question: Michael, I'm a ...

Question: Michael, I'm a little disappointed in you. This morning I was awakened by a message from my friend joyously telling me that Scrubs is coming out on DVD May 17. But when I clicked over to your Entertainment News column there was no story to be found. How could you overlook this important Scrubs moment? — Carolyn

Ausiello: I'm a little disappointed in me, too. Let's just say my Scrubs mole has since been cut off.

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Question: Can I have a job? I ...

Question: Can I have a job? I have connections at Snapple and I'm not a lesbian. — John P

Ausiello: But how are you at selling swag on eBay?

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Question: Is it true that ...

Question: Is it true that Benson and Stabler will kiss on SVU? — Amy

Ausiello: Nope, they're going to remain friends and colleagues. Personally, I think that's for the best.

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Question: What's the latest ...

Question: What's the latest on an eighth season of Charmed? — Lizzbeth

Ausiello: Well, you already heard from WB president David Janollari on this subject, so let's check in with exec producer Brad Kern. "We've been doing everything we can to give this current season a special feel because, for all we know, it's the last. We don't have any indication from the network when they're going to tell us [their decision], so my attitude has been, 'Well, we'll shoot with both barrels and give the audience everything we can.' And that'll do one of two things: help make the seventh season memorable for the fans, or spur the network to give us one final year." My gut's telling me the Charmed Ones will be looking for work next fall.

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Question: I'm confused, what ...

Question: I'm confused, what exactly is your job? Do you have an official job title? — Kassy

Ausiello: I'm still waiting for HR to get back to me on this.

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Question: I was so happy to ...

Question: I was so happy to see your e-mail from Greg Grunberg (Ask Ausiello 2/2). I met him at TV Guide's 2004 Emmy party and he was the nicest guy. He even took out pictures of his kids to show us. — Pat

Ausiello: Yeah, Greg is a total class act. Definitely one of the nicest, sweetest, most genuine guys in the biz. And unlike some people, he thought I would have made a great Ben. Told me so at my audition.

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Question: I think Hugh Smell ...

Question: I think Hugh Smell is an idiot (Ask Ausiello 2/2). Ninety-nine percent of the people who read your columns think you're funny, cute and smart. Hey, Hugh Smell — you smell! — Caroline L.

Ausiello: Don't hold back, Carol — let 'im have it!

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Question: Matt, I know I ...

Question: Matt, I know I already wrote in this week, but how funny was last week's Joey? — Chase

Ausiello: Thanks for writing in, Chase, but I should point out that my name is Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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