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Question: So cruel to mislead ...

Question: So cruel to mislead poor readers into thinking "Shhh" is the pronunciation of CCH Pounder's name (Ask Ausiello 5/18) instead of telling them the truth: CCH stands for Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder. So cruel. — Jen

Ausiello: You're still getting it wrong, Jen. It's not "Shhh" it's "Shh." The first "C" is silent. Now try again.

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Question: Your AA ...

Question: Your AA cliff-hanger endings must stop! First the Gilmore Girls, then the Spike movie. Are you that insecure about us returning? — Martin

Ausiello: It's just a sweeps thing, Marty. We'll get back to self-contained episodes starting next week.

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Question: Little confused. ...

Question: Little confused. You reported last week that Arrested Development is being bounced from Sunday to Monday for the first half of the season — but then what? — Martin

Ausiello: That also falls under TBD. I can only assume it'll end up replacing one of Fox's canceled shows.

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Question: Are you going to do ...

Question: Are you going to do any more Podcasts? They're like AA... with voices! — James

Ausiello: Yeah — after a brief hiatus, the Podcast is back! Click here for another sneak preview. And stay tuned for news about our Podcast's official launch soon.

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Question: AA is becoming like ...

Question: AA is becoming like a mini-24 episode. Every column ends with a cliff-hanger. I can't wait for next week! — Oriane

Ausiello: Even better, the previews don't ruin all the big plot twists!

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Question: You are a god! Now ...

Question: You are a god! Now that I've got your attention, what do you think Hugh Laurie's chances of being nominated for an Emmy are? — Chris

Ausiello: I'd put them at around 90 percent. And don't forget — next week we release our (mostly my) fourth annual Dream Emmy Ballot! I can't wait to find out what you guys think of our (mostly my) picks!

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Question: Stupid TiVo didn't ...

Question: Stupid TiVo didn't tape the last part of Gilmore Girls! Tell me what happened! — Jan

Ausiello: Allow me to introduce you to a little column called Michael Ausiello's Entertainment News, Jan.

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Question: Why didn't The ...

Question: Why didn't The Commuters, with Jeri Ryan, make it on CBS' fall schedule? — Mark

Ausiello: According to my spies at CBS, the pilot was good — but not good enough. Remember, this is the network that brought you Center of the Universe, so the bar has been set pretty high.

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Question: So what is up with ...

Question: So what is up with the totally lame Grey's Anatomy opening credits? I love the show, especially cute Patrick Dempsey, but the opening credits don't even match the show's themes. Can you pass on to ABC how totally lame it is? — Heather

Ausiello: Consider it passed.

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Question: Who is at the door ...

Question: Who is at the door in the season finale of Veronica Mars? — Amanda

Ausiello: Only exec producer Rob Thomas knows for sure. "I don't even know," Kristen Bell told us at UPN's upfront. "They haven't told us yet." Adds her costar Teddy Dunn (Duncan): "I don't know anything about next season. All I know is that the first scene will reveal who's at the door."

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