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Question: This "column" is ...

Question: This "column" is stupid. If I wanted to read nothing but sarcastic comments, I'd write to myself and have a better time. — Larry Bills

Ausiello: Sounds like someone's still bitter about not finding that Alias spoiler.

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Question: So, how did you ...

Question: So, how did you like Alyson Hannigan's performance on Veronica Mars? — Taunja

Ausiello: If I'm being completely honest, I thought she was a little stiff. You may recall, Aly told me she suffered a bit of a panic attack during shooting and, I hate to say it, but it kinda-sorta showed. But I'm confident she'll more than redeem herself when her second episode airs April 19.

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Question: It is awesome that ...

Question: It is awesome that you're such a Scrubs champion and are keeping the Carla-Turk surprise a surprise, but... could you spoil those of us who are interested in the Janitor-Elliot story line? The March 2 episode really brought to a head the seamless development of their friendship/one-sided-crush (or is it?), and I'm dying to know if that's the last we'll hear of the story line. Man, I love Scrubs. So hard. — Jess

Ausiello: I haven't revealed the Carla-Turk twist that "changes everything" mostly because I assumed you guys had figured it out by now. Surely, you have figured it out by now, right? Anyway, if Scrubs continues to explore a Janitor-Elliot flirtation, it will remain a one-sided affair. Bill Lawrence is on the verge of hiring a new (possibly long-term) love interest for Sarah Chalke.

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Question: The first season of ...

Question: The first season of Project Runway is over. You've got to know by now whether it's coming back or not?! — Melissa

Ausiello: The deal is still being worked on, but rest assured, Missy, the show will be back for a second season. My colleague Matt Roush thinks the delay has something to do with all the upheaval over at Miramax, and I'm inclined to agree with him.

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Question: I'm amazed at the ...

Question: I'm amazed at the number of people who failed to spot your touted Alias spoiler on the first read-through of your Feb. 23 column! Their lack of reading comprehension or eye for detail makes me almost more frightened for this country than the Jaywalking segments on The Tonight Show! — Laura

Ausiello: And would you believe some of them still can't find it?

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Question: What is former Ed ...

Question: What is former Ed star Julie Bowen up to? I haven't even seen one of her Neutrogena ads in a while and I miss her. — Ryan

Ausiello: Jules will appear in the last five episodes of John Stamos' new ABC comedy Jake in Progress.

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Question: I keep hearing ...

Question: I keep hearing rumors about a CSI episode taking place in London. Any truth? — Shelly

Ausiello: Yes and no. It was planned originally for November sweeps, but then all the cast upheaval squeezed the schedule and made it impossible. So, not only did George and Jorja screw themselves out of a raise, but their antics cost them — and their costars — a free trip across the pond as well. Nice work, kids!

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Question: You're gonna be on ...

Question: You're gonna be on Gilmore Girls?!?!? I can't tell you how jealous I am! But I can tell you that if "Dragonfly Inn Guest No. 6" needs an, um, "partner," I can have my bags packed at a moment's notice. I think Stars Hollow is ready — they're a progressive little town. — Bryan

Ausiello: Don't take this the wrong way, Bryan, but this is my time to shine. Me, me, me, me, me, me!

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Question: Where can I send my ...

Question: Where can I send my donation for your Santa Barbara Reunion fund? — Kathleen

Ausiello: Until I can set up something official, please send your cash contributions to TV Guide's New York headquarters. Just put "Attn: Michael Ausiello's Belated B-Day Fund" in the corner of the envelope.

On that note, I've gotta go catch my flight to Stars Hollow. Speaking of which, if you have any questions for Lauren, Alexis, Scott, Matt or Amy, send them to me ASAP and I'll do my best to get them answered Friday when I'm on the set preparing for my close-up. And no matter what ends up happening with my role, it's nice to know I'll always be a star in your eyes. It's not enough, but it's nice.

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Question: Are Sara and ...

Question: Are Sara and Grissom ever going to get together on CSI? — Susan

Ausiello: Beats me. This much I can tell you: The pair will take center stage in a May sweeps episode set at a mental institution. I'm told the loony surroundings will stir some painful memories for Sara and reveal more about her troubled past.

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