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Question: There was a quote ...

Question: There was a quote in Latin on the ranch sign that the Texas rangers took to Montana and back in Lonesome Dove. I believe it was something like "uva uvam vivendo varia fit." I don't believe anyone ever said what it meant and I am quite curious to know. Thank you for your help. — Liz C., Tallahassee, Fla.

Televisionary: That's not just "something like" what the Hat Creek Cattle Company sign read on the acclaimed TV miniseries, Liz — it's exactly what it said. (Nice memory you've got there.)

Thing is, in the language of the cowboys, it don't mean nuthin' — as it's written, anyway. When he made the sign, Augustus McCrae (Robert Duvall) no doubt meant to use the phrase "uva uvam videndo varia fit." That's a Juvenal quote which, translated, says that a grape changes color — or ripens — when it sees another grape. Larry McMurtry fans seem to think the wr read more

Question: My friend seems to ...

Question: My friend seems to think that on One Tree Hill the character of Jake is a different actor than before. I am positive that it is the same one. Could you please settle our debate? Thanks. — Kelly

Televisionary: That I can, Kelly. As far as I know, the role has always been played by Bryan Greenberg.

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Paris Hilton's Sidekick is under attack — and I'm not referring to Nicole Richie. A vengeful hacker has infiltrated the Simple Life star's T-Mobile Sidekick account and posted the entire contents — including private numbers and e-mail addresses of her celeb friends — online. Among the famous whose digits are making their way around the Web: Eminem, Fred Durst, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Gilmore Girls star Jared Padalecki, some dude named Cory and former Buffy star Seth Green. "Fred Durst's voice mail was full," wrote a poster on "Lindsay Lohan's rang and rang and I chickened out and hung up." Added another: "I just called Christina Aguilera. We're going on a date tomorrow." Paris' little black book also contained private photos, notes and e-mail addresses for Usher, Stephen King and The Insider's Pat O'Brien. Noticeably missing from her read more

Question: I was reading your ...

Question: I was reading your Northern Exposure column, which reminded me of Joshua Brand and John Falsey, who created that show. Didn't they also do a show called A Year in the Life? Or was that just a miniseries? Thank you. — Larry P., Portsmouth, N.H.

Televisionary: It was both, Larry, which for some reason reminds me of the old SNL gag about Shimmer: "It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!" But I digress.

Brand and Falsey, who also cocreated the acclaimed series St. Elsewhere and I'll Fly Away, came up with the idea of a miniseries depicting the events in the lives of an American family over the course of a year (hence the name). When it aired on NBC in December 1986, it was hailed for its quali read more

Question: What is the name of ...

Question: What is the name of the theme song for the show House? — Debbie, Lomita, Cal.

Televisionary: I could swear I've answered this one before, but I guess not. That's Massive Attack's "Teardrop," and you'll find it on their 1998 release Mezzanine (Virgin). (Worth noting: That's the Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser handling the singing duties.)

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Chris Rock is clarifying his "controversial" claim that straight men don't watch the Oscars. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday, the future Academy Awards emcee said he doesn't "know any straight men who aren't in show business that have ever watched the Oscars." ....With a scorecard in front of them. read more


Shortly after Michael Jackson returned to court Tuesday after a week's delay, the judge in his molestation trial assured prospective jurors that the pop star was indeed puking his brains out. "He really did have the flu," he said. "I talked to his doctor.... I wouldn't let anyone take advantage of us that way." Meanwhile, the defense has added several names to its star-studded witness list, including Macaulay Culkin, Eddie Murphy and Smokey Robinson. What's Brooke Shields, chopped liver? read more


Smallville's Tom Welling and Lost's Maggie Grace have been tapped to star in a remake of John Carpenter's classic spooker The Fog, per The Hollywood Reporter. In other movie news, Susan Sarandon is joining the cast of Mr. Woodcock, a big-screen comedy about a young man (Seann William Scott) who returns home to stop his mom (Sarandon) from marrying his hated high school gym teacher (Billy Bob Thornton). And Variety reports that Ice Cube is in talks to succeed Cary Grant in a remake of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. read more

American Idol What were these...

American Idol
What were these guys thinking? You get one shot at a multimillion-dollar recording contract. Simon can make or break you with just one nasty little comment. ("That was _____" Fill in the blank with one of the following adjectives: boring/horrendous/off-key/amateurish/boy-bandish.) So for the love of god, don't do Richard Marx (I'm talking to you, Clay wanna-be Anthony Fedorov). Or Michael freakin' Bolton. (Too late, Joseph Murena.) Even the guys with great voices made some bizarre picks. I was very impressed with dreadlocked cutie Anwar Robinson, but "Moon River"? How about some Marvin Gaye instead? And although Simon, Randy and Paula were impressed with Bo Bice, a soul classic ("Drift Away") was a complete mismatch for the self-described rocker. That said, Constantine Maroulis sang the hell out of "Kiss from read more

Question: OK, Televisionary, ...

Question: OK, Televisionary, this question you can put in the who really cares?/get a life category, but I was watching a Wally Gator cartoon on Boomerang and wondered: Why does Wally's theme song say something about the swamp when he lives in the zoo? — Ken, Gaithersburg, Md.

Televisionary: Who really cares, Ken? Get a life! (Kidding. Besides, it ain't like I have the right to say that to anyone.) Truth be told? I don't know. Because swamp rhymes with romp and zoo doesn't? Sorry, babe — that's all I got.

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