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Christian Slater was arrested early Tuesday and charged with third-degree sexual abuse after he allegedly groped a woman's butt on a Manhattan street. The 35-year-old actor — who's currently appearing on Broadway in The Glass Menagerie — faces 60 days in jail if convicted. Meanwhile, it's worth noting that Slater filed for divorce from wife Ryan Haddon earlier this year, so it's not like he was cheating. read more

Question: I have to ask: How ...

Question: I have to ask: How many pervs wanted a direct link to slutty Julie's website (Ask Ausiello 5/25)? — Tiana

Ausiello: Would you believe just two?

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Our 2005 Dream Emmy Ballot

Dear Emmy Voters:
You recently received in the mail a ballot to pick the nominees for the 2005 Primetime Emmy Awards. Now, we realize that you're a busy group of people, so it's probably difficult for you to watch everything on TV. What do you say to letting your friends at TV Guide help you choose whom to recognize this year? Because — let's be real — all we do around here is watch TV. Don't be shy — go ahead and use this handy cheat sheet when filling out your official ballots. We'll see if you listened to us on July 14 when the actual nods are revealed.
The editors of TV Guide
Lead Comedy Actress

Our Nominees...
Kirstie Alley (Kirstie, Fat Actress)
Marcia Cross (Bree, Desperate Housewives)
Lauren Graham (Lorelai, Gilmore Girls)
Eva Longoria (Gabrielle, Desperate Housewives)
Leah Remini (Carrie, The King of Queens)

Cross and L read more

Question: I live in NYC. ...

Question: I live in NYC. Wanna go for some fro-yo sometime? — Kelly

Ausiello: I'll tell you what: Why don't you drop off the cash with our receptionist and I'll get a cone on my way home from work. Deal?

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Question: Is Emily Procter ...

Question: Is Emily Procter coming back to CSI: Miami next season? — Louise

Ausiello: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! (More space) Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Idol's Bo Says No To Makeover

Yeah, Bo Bice technically lost American Idol's title to country girl Carrie Underwood last week. Still, she isn't America's only Southern sweetheart; Bo has scores of boosters, too, including us! When got the 29-year-old Alabaman on the phone for a post-Idol debriefing, the poor dear sounded as if he'd just awoken from a much-needed nap. Maybe his whirlwind week has caught up to Bo, but we couldn't let the runner-up rocker's exhaustion keep us from quizzing him. When can your fans expect an album?
Bo Bice:
Not too long. Should be out soon, hopefully. I'm still in the dark about it... haven't found anything out about it. But as soon as I know, you guys will know.

TVG: Will we get to hear you play guitar?
Oh, yeah. Without a doubt.

TVG: Was it hard to perform without an instrument on Idol, since you're so accustomed to pla read more

Question: Will Tony and ...

Question: Will Tony and Michelle be back on 24 next year? They are one of the best reasons to watch the show! — Amy

Ausiello: Let's just say there was a reason the producers decided not to have Michelle commit suicide in the season finale.

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Question: Am I the only Lost ...

Question: Am I the only Lost fan who heard the rattling noise the Monster was making when Locke was getting carried away? — Bunmi

Ausiello: Nope, I heard it, too. If this thing turns out to be a theme-park ride I'm gonna be really PO'd.

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Question: You should write ...

Question: You should write for Joey. Your lack of humor would fit the show perfectly. — Aldo

Ausiello: Oh yeah, well... your name is Aldo. So there.

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NBC's New York City-based Last Call with Carson Daly is heading West. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Last Call's upcoming fifth season will originate from Studio 9 in Burbank — the same soundstage that was home to Saved by the Bell. Well, if that doesn't raise Carson's game, nothing will. read more

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