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Question: Any info on who's ...

Question: Any info on who's going to take over as captain of the Farmington district now that Glenn Close has decided to bail? — Bill

Ausiello: I asked Shield creator Shawn Ryan whether he would consider bringing in another A-lister to replace Close next season, and here's what he said: "I don't know. That won't be the first priority. There's no desire on my part to just flatly try to hire an A-lister for the sake of hiring somebody. We feel the show stood on its own for three seasons before Glenn Close; it was the quality of the show that drew Glenn Close to it. So as much as she added, we don't feel like we can't move on without her. We'll see what happens." Personally, I'd like to see CCH (pronounced "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!") get her chance in the hot seat.

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Question: Did you know that ...

Question: Did you know that there's an awesome campaign going right now to raise money to place a "For Your Consideration" Emmy ad for Lauren Graham in The Hollywood Reporter? Fans have raised more than $1000 in less than a week! — Stacey

Ausiello: This is the first I'm hearing of it. Are they using TV Guide's quote from the Dream Emmy Ballot? Because it was tailor-made for this kind of thing. Also, who's creating this ad? I hope it's a professional designer, because, no offense, I've seen some of these fan-funded ads and, well, I worry that they do more harm than good. That said, I'm a sucker for a worthy cause, so count me in for $50 provided the contribution is tax deductable.

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Question: George Eads was ...

Question: George Eads was awesome in the season finale of CSI. Do you think his performance is Emmy material? — Elly

Ausiello: Maybe in a less competitive year, Elly. But as you can see by TV Guide's just-released Dream Emmy Ballot, the supporting actor in a drama category is overstuffed with worthy candidates.

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Question: Since Jake in ...

Question: Since Jake in Progress has been renewed, does that mean that cutie Julie Bowen will be back, too? — John

Ausiello: Not likely, considering she's joining the cast of Boston Legal as a series regular. But don't rule out a guest appearance or two if the scheduling can be worked out.

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Question: I was so shocked to ...

Question: I was so shocked to see Kate (Sasha Alexander) killed off on NCIS! Did Sasha want to leave the show? — Josh

Ausiello: Based on the avalanche of e-mails I received just seconds after the finale aired last week, I don't think anyone saw that killer twist coming. But to answer your question, yeah, Sasha wanted out. Series creator Donald Bellisario told my colleague Mary Murphy that Sasha approached him in March and asked to be released from her contract. "She came in with tears in her eyes," he recalls, "and said, 'I never worked this hard in my life. I just don't have the stamina to do it [anymore].'" So, Bellisario says he was faced with two choices: make the actress honor her contract or write her exit into the story. "And since NCIS deals with the reality of what happens in the biz — and people die — I decided it was better to let her die in a very impactful way read more

Question: Will Logan (Matt ...

Question: Will Logan (Matt Czuchry) become a regular next season on Gilmore Girls? — Adriana

Ausiello: He'll be back for the entire season, but I'm not sure he'll technically be considered a regular.

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Question: I just heard your ...

Question: I just heard your most recent Podcast, and I wanted to know if it is audio only, or should I be seeing you and the rest of the panel? — John

Ausiello: No, it's just an audio thing. But if you wanna try to create a visual, next time you're listening to one of our shows, close your eyes and picture Happy Hour at Mos Eisley Cantina. That's us.

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Question: What's the shocker ...

Question: What's the shocker in the first 10 minutes of the new season of Rescue Me? Violent death? — Andrew

Ausiello: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! (More space) Yes, a major character bites it. But, alas — there's a twist.

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Question: What was your ...

Question: What was your favorite season finale last week? — Zak

Ausiello: Just from last week's batch? Let's see... 24, followed by Everwood, Lost, House and Alias. If we open it up to the entire month of May, the list would look like this: Veronica Mars, Deadwood, 24, the 5/18 AA, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Lost, House, Alias and CSI.

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Question: Yo, Mike ? 'sup, ...

Question: Yo, Mike — 'sup, dude! — Jason

Ausiello: Oh, not too much. Just sitting all alone in the office on Memorial Day writing AA. You?

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