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I know I said last week that I couldn't care less about these rib cages with attitude, but for some reason, they're sucking me in tonight. Perhaps it's because Bora Bora looks like Nirvana compared to my chilly Philly. Or that we're down to the last three wannabes and I know it's going to be done soon. Whatever the case, it won't be over as soon as it was for poor Stacey, of course. But it really was time. Getting all weepy in front of the judges about feeling "not good enough," right after Alicia had her breakdown felt just a wee bit forced. Actually, those tears were about as faux alligator as a cheap pair of Fayva boots. And speaking of, either Shannon or Alicia is going to get the boot next week, so cast your votes, people. Or don't, and respect yourself in the morning. It's your call.

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Question: You said a couple ...

Question: You said a couple weeks ago that you didn't like The L Word. Any chance you've got any promo swag you want to get rid of? — Katie Belcher

Ausiello: Nope, but I might be able to get my hands on some at the show's second season premiere party on Feb. 8. I hear they might be raffling off some Home Depot gift certificates.

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Question: I don't know why ...

Question: I don't know why everyone always tells you that you are cute. You look like Eddie Munster. — Patty

Ausiello: Make up your mind, people: Am I cute or not?

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Question: Can you ...

Question: Can you pleeaaasssse find out if Noah Wyle is going to stick with ER for another season? — Andrea

Ausiello: Big news on that in next week's TV Guide magazine, on sale Feb. 10.

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Question: So, what actually ...

Question: So, what actually came out about ABC's Eyes at the TCA press tour? Nobody is telling me anything! — Tony

Ausiello: The first episode is fantastic. Subsequent episodes, not so much.

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Question: I am not looking ...

Question: I am not looking for TV scoop, I want some Ausiello scoop! — K

Ausiello: Here's something no one knows: I was the original choice to play Ben on Felicity. Don't believe me? Click here.

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Question: Would you go out ...

Question: Would you go out with me? People get over my shortness and bald patch very quickly! — Gene Baker

Ausiello: Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people, Gene.

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Question: When is the next ...

Question: When is the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm going to start? Thanks. — Melissa

Ausiello: September '05.

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Question: Got any 24 scoop? ? ...

Question: Got any 24 scoop? — Ryan S.

Ausiello: Not to get greedy or anything, but is your full name Ryan Seacrest? If so, Ask Ausiello is on a roll this week with the celeb guests! Now for the 24 scoop: Dennis Haysbert tells me that when President Palmer returns for the season's final six episodes, he'll be working "in the private sector." And no, Sherry won't be joining him. "She'd have to come back from the dead," he notes. "Then it would be science fiction."

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Question: What's up? I miss ...

Question: What's up? I miss you! — Linda C.

Ausiello: I've been here, Linda. I've been here.

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