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Question: OK. I recently had ...

Question: OK. I recently had a theory about the monster on Lost. The monster is really the dog! Did you ever notice that the dog is either missing or gone when this thing shows up? — Alex Doster

Ausiello: I just assumed he was off licking his privates, but your theory works, too.

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Question: I believe we should ...

Question: I believe we should start off this week's Ask Ausiello with a moment of silence for Lost's Boone. — Sean

Ausiello: I couldn't agree more. [Moment of silen...] Hey, funny story: I finally got around to seeing The Upside of Anger Friday night and the craziest thing happened: Keri's performance literally melted the screen. No joke. Just moments after her big blowout scene with Joan Allen, the film started to melt like a big, black stick of Hotel Bar butter, bringing the movie to a screeching halt! Within five minutes, a Loews staffer entered the theater and announced that the reel was completely ruined. He then presented the mostly angry mob with "Emergency Re-Admit" tickets and invited us to "come back and see the rest of the film another day." Being the stealth swag whore that I am, I managed to grab three passes simply by jumping back into the line when no one was looking. I felt read more

Question: OK, so we've got ...

Question: OK, so we've got the scoop on the other two CSIs. Any good stuff coming up on Miami? — Rox

Ausiello: Yeah, Miami's got some big surprises in store for May sweeps. For starters, Horatio learns that his brother Raymond is not dead and, in this season's final episode, Calleigh quits ballistics after she gets assaulted at a crime scene. Not sure if that means Emily Procter is leaving, but it sure sounds like it.

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Question: You had a ...

Question: You had a conversation with David Shore, creator of the great show House, and that's all you got? You know more! I know you do! — GMJ

Ausiello: Damn, you got me. House's ex (Sela Ward) will be sporting a new beau when she reappears in the cranky doc's life in the season finale. The twist? He's got one of those X-Files-like diseases that only House can remedy. Teases Shore: "House will be put in the unenviable situation of having to save the life of the man who loves the woman he loves." OK, now you know everything I know. Well, almost everything.

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Question: Hey, did you know ...

Question: Hey, did you know you have fans from Holland? — Maurice

Ausiello: That's fantastic! Hey, have they aired Boone's swan song over there yet?

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Question: When is the new ...

Question: When is the new season of The Sopranos supposed to start? My veal and lasagna are getting cold! — Eric Wiegand

Ausiello: Stick 'em in the oven on low heat until April '06, 'cause that's when the new season starts.

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Question: Since J.J. Abrams ...

Question: Since J.J. Abrams likes to recycle actors from his shows... any chance he'll have Keri on Alias? — Lisa M

Ausiello: Nothing planned at this moment, but he does have a role in mind for her in Mission: Impossible 3.

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Question: Who won on The ...

Question: Who won on The Starlet? — Trean

Ausiello: Not Faye Dunaway's agent, that's for sure.

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Question: Two weeks of no ...

Question: Two weeks of no Deadwood scoop? Have you lost your taste for specialty acts and opium? Spill! — Susan M.

Ausiello: Mmmm... opium. We're finally gonna meet this Hearst dude everyone's been talking about, and when we do, he's gonna look a lot like Major Dad.

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Question: Did anyone ever ...

Question: Did anyone ever tell you that you look a little like Travis Wester from Euro Trip? — Dan

Ausiello: No, but I'll add it to the list.

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