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Question: I wanted to find ...

Question: I wanted to find out if you know Tom Cruise's address so I can write to him. I realize that you don't usually post this on your site, but hoped you might send me an e-mail with some info. — Betty

Ausiello: OK, but please don't tell him I gave it to you. OK? Here you go: Tom Cruise, 543 Stalker Lane, Stalker City, CA, 90210.

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Question: Which will air ...

Question: Which will air first: The Apprentice or The Apprentice: Martha Stewart? — Kirby

Ausiello: Well, they're both taping simultaneously this spring, so NBC can go either way. My guess is they'll want to start with Martha in the fall and save Donald for winter.

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Question: Got any American ...

Question: Got any American Idol scoop? — Connie S.

Ausiello: Will a blind item do? One particular chanteuse — who has expressed a love of country — has already been pegged the bitch of the group by her fellow crooners.

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Question: When will Tru ...

Question: When will Tru Calling be back on? The show hasn't been yanked, has it? — Mary

Ausiello: I wondered what happened to you guys. I was beginning to worry.

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Question: Dude, where is the ...

Question: Dude, where is the Alias scoop you promised in last week's Ask Ausiello? I read and read and read... but there was nothing! Just tell me already. — Chad

Ausiello: Check again, Chad. It's in there.

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Question: Will Tara Reid be ...

Question: Will Tara Reid be making any more appearances on Scrubs this season? — Chris

Ausiello: Lord, I hope not.

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Question: I read your column ...

Question: I read your column three times this week, and I didn't find the Alias spoiler you were touting. What gives? — Kia

Ausiello: You'll be hearing from Chad soon.

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Question: Now that NYPD Blue ...

Question: Now that NYPD Blue is over (sob!), where is the gorgeous Mark-Paul Gosselaar gonna go?!? — Molly

Ausiello: To Vegas, baby. As reported in Entertainment News, the ex-Saved by the Beller just got hitched to an as-yet-untitled Fox dramedy set in a Sin City wedding chapel.

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Question: CBS kept telling ...

Question: CBS kept telling viewers not to miss the first 10 minutes of last week's special 90-minute CSI Miami, but once the opening credits and first batch of commercials ended, we were already eight minutes in! What's that all about? — Dave

Ausiello: Beats me, but would a little scoop help ease your frustration? My itchy Miami mole tells me that Calleigh (Emily Procter) is gonna get a stalker, and "audiences will be surprised by who it is." Also, the first episode of May sweeps will be a Memento-structured, nonlinear episode and, before the year is done, look for Horatio to settle the score with Stetler — for good.

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Question: Why was your name ...

Question: Why was your name conspicuously missing from Paris Hilton's published address book? — Darlene

Ausiello: It wasn't. I'm listed under my alias, "Hot." Paris did that to protect my privacy in the event she hacked into her own Sidekick to get some publicity.

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