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Question: OK, everyone tells ...

Question: OK, everyone tells me that I look like Avril Lavigne! I know that you have that show Look-a-Like and I want to see if you think that I look like her. E-mail me back to let me know what I have to do in order to get on the show. Thank you. — Melody, Houston, Tex.

Televisionary: Bad news first, Melody. First off, as it says up top, I don't do the private e-mail thing. Even worse, the show's wrapped production, so you can't be on it — for now, at least. The good news? The TV Guide Channel is still looking for look-alike people to use for promos and such, and you can submit a shot of yourself on their page.

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Question: What can you tell ...

Question: What can you tell me about The New Dick Van Dyke Show that was on CBS in the early '70s? — Don

Televisionary: I can tell you that it debuted in September 1971 on CBS, with Van Dyke playing Phoenix, Ariz., talk-show host Dick Preston. Preston worked at fictional TV station KXIV, and his manager (Marty Brill) and his manager's wife (Nancy Dussault) were pals who helped provide the laughs, along with Preston's sister/secretary (Fannie Flagg). On the home front, Hope Lange was Preston's missus, Angela Powell was his nine-year-old daughter and Michael Shea was his son, though that last role was eventually taken over by Wendell Burton.

After two seasons, the show was reworked and Dick and his clan relocated to Hollywood so he could head up a soap opera. With the switch came new colleagues, including Barry Gordon, Dick van Patten and Barbara Rush. Preston's new neighbors/friends were read more

Meet Simon Cowell's Kitchen Cousin

Ask Gordon Ramsay, the British celebrity chef famous for his eviscerating tongue-lashings, if he's as rude as TV's other notorious verbal abuser and he doesn't miss a beat. "I make Simon Cowell look like a poodle," declares the pot-stirring star of Hell's Kitchen, debuting tonight at 9 pm/ET on Fox.

Once you've seen him in action — stalking his charges in the kitchen, his eyes ablaze like lumps of burning coal, spewing forth a constant stream of expletives — it's clear he's not lying. In fact, he's being modest. Gordon Ramsay makes Simon Cowell look like a goldfish.

Ramsay, 38, is the undisputed hard man of cookery. A muscular former professional soccer player with a face that, in repose, could easily scare small children, Ramsay — married with four children himself — stands out from the usual salad tossers and oil drizzlers. His talent is also larger than life: He's earned a total of seven Michelin stars.

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It looks like Janice Dickinson is in the running to become America's next out-of-work former supermodel. UPN announced Thursday that Dickinson is being replaced on America's Next Top Model by '60s runway icon Twiggy. A network rep says Dickinson is "leaving to pursue other projects" including VH1's Surreal Life" as well as a TV production deal and a new book. Our sources, however, say the ol' bat was angling for a pay raise and didn't get along with host Tyra Banks. Who are you gonna believe? read more


Is Sarah Chalke exiting Scrubs? Well, you'd certainly think so considering the May 10 season finale ended with her Elliott character accepting a job at another hospital. Well, as first reported in Ask Ausiello, executive producer Bill Lawrence assures us that not only will Chalke be back next fall, but Elliott's new workplace will become a regular part of the show. "I imagine we'll see [Sarah] the same amount as before," he says, adding that the change of scenery will allow Elliott to "reinvent" herself. "Even though she'll still be friends with [J.D., Turk and Carla], she can completely redefine who she is." OK, just please tell me Tara Reid doesn't work there, too. read more

Apprentice Runner-Up Mouths Off

While Apprentice winner Kendra Todd already sounds like a Trump Organization flack in her interviews, second-place finisher Tana Goertz calls it like she sees it. In this exclusive Q&A with, the 37-year-old Mary Kay makeup hawker doesn't gloss over her opinions of her fellow Apprenti, trust us! What happened? You were doing so well until your final task with the Olympics event.
Tana Goertz:
The Olympics task went over beautifully, so I'm not even going to let anyone tarnish that task. It was impeccable. The day of the event, everything ran like clockwork. I just think Mr. Trump knew who he wanted [as the Apprentice] and that was the bottom line.

TVG: Do you think it came down to education?
I don't know. I thought that they would hire a "street smarts" person, because the world wants to see a "street smarts" person succeed. But I' read more


Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to star in a big-screen adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, per The Hollywood Reporter... After 34 years on CBS, the annual Country Music Association awards (the CMA's) will move to ABC next year... Paul Bettany (Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander) has joined the cast of The Da Vinci Code. He'll play that creepy albino dude, Silas. (I know it's a stretch, but go ahead and enter your own Paula Abdul joke here.) read more

Will Top Model's Baddie Make Good?

Although we're stoked that soft-spoken Naima Mora won the fourth edition of America's Next Top Model, we have to admit that, week in and week out, it was the mischief made by third-place finisher Keenyah Hill that really amused us. One minute the 19-year-old California girl would be knocking the knockout who'd eventually beat her, the next she'd turn on her constant companion, Brittany Brower. Truly, no one was safe around this sharp-tongued stunner. And bless her heart, the only thing she approached with greater hunger than the competition itself was fresh chow on the dinner table. Join us now as attempts to serve this diva-in-the-making some food for thought. Keenyah, how are you doing? You seemed to take it really hard to have come so close...
Keenyah Hill:
Yeah, so close! And then to be just flushed down the toilet was very hard. But I got ov read more


Just when we thought Michael Jackson's molestation trial was nearing its grand finale, the judge has permitted jurors to watch a tape of the singer's accuser talking to police for the first time about the alleged abuse. If that happens, the defense says it wants to call the boy back to the witness stand for cross-examination. The case had been expected to go to the jury next week, but that now appears unlikely. In a separate development, the judge refused to grant a prosecution request to show a picture of Jackson's genitalia taken during the 1993 investigation. The accuser in that case said he could identify certain unusual markings of Jacko's, thus proving their relationship was more than just casual. The judge, however, said "the prejudicial effect would far outweigh any probative value." More importantly, that's no way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. read more


Angelina Jolie says she "thinks the world" of her Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Brad Pitt, but insists they never slept together. "To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive," she says in the July issue of Marie Claire. "I could not look at myself in the morning if I did that." It's worth noting that Jolie recently had all the mirrors in her house removed. read more

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