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Alias baddie Gina Torres has been cast opposite Kristin Davis in ABC's Soccer Moms pilot. Elsewhere, Sara Gilbert has been tapped to headline a potential WB comedy about twin sisters, and Dean Cain will play one of five former frat brothers in the WB sitcom Grown Men. read more


If the sight of lesbians playing tonsil hockey doesn't get dudes to watch The O.C., maybe a light-saber duel will do the trick. Fox has announced plans to premiere an all-new trailer for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith during the March 10 episode of The O.C. The trailer will be released in theaters the following day. read more

Question: Regarding your Feb. ...

Question: Regarding your Feb. 15 column: When you adopt a child, the child becomes yours. There is no reason to refer to someone's child as adopted. Hugh was Carroll's son. That's all you should have said in your answer. — Dawn, Brattleboro, Vt.

Televisionary: I absolutely agree on your first point, but I respectfully disagree on your second. This is a column about information, after all. I received a few pieces of mail saying the same thing you did, but if I'd stated only that he was O'Connor's son, I would've gotten a lot more telling me I'd missed that detail. In providing it, I didn't make any kind of value judgment; nor did I mean to imply one. However, I'm sorry if anyone read it as such.

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The Federal Communications Commission ruled Monday that ABC's uncensored broadcast of Saving Private Ryan last Veterans Day did not violate indecency guidelines. The telecast drew a smattering of complaints, mostly from people who have Cheerios for brains. read more


Wondering why Robin Williams walked onstage at Sunday's Oscars with duct tape over his mouth? Apparently, the acerbic comic had planned to perform an original song mocking conservative critic James C. Dobson's recent contention that SpongeBob was promoting a "pro-homosexual" agenda in an educational video. However, Williams dropped the act after ABC demanded some of the lyrics be changed — including a line that suggested Casper the Friendly Ghost was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Hey, it's not like he accused the Smurfs of being Nazis. read more


I knew Keri Russell was hungry to try new things, but this I didn't see coming: My onetime dinner companion has been cast in Butterfly, a Grimm Love Story, an indie horror flick based on the Internet cannibal movement. Per The Hollywood Reporter, she'll play an American student who, while researching the life of a cannibal killer for her graduate thesis, becomes obsessed with him and his, um, unique lifestyle. (Note to Keri: Next time we meet for drinks only.) read more


A former employee of Lizzie Grubman is suing the legendary lead foot for $6 million. Brenda Loughery claims the PR princess reneged on promises to make her a partner in her company and get her a job on PoweR Girls — Grubman's forthcoming MTV reality show. Grubman's lawyer says his client plans to "vigorously defend" herself. If that's not a euphemism for "hit and run," I don't know what is. read more

Question: Are The Surreal ...

Question: Are The Surreal Life's Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry still dating, and is it getting serious? Thanks! — Cathy, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Televisionary: They were as of last month. As for how serious it is, see for yourself.

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Like most great TV shows and their...

Like most great TV shows and their stars, the Watercooler has had a little work done. Now your favorite columnists will be writing about their favorite shows. So look for their commentary throughout the week, and voice your opinions about last night's TV in our new Watercooler poll.

American Idol
OK, I know what you're thinking and no, you're not crazy. We've shaken up the mix a bit, so now we'll each be covering specific shows instead of specific nights. This way, you get more diversity and I get to weigh-in on every Idol under the sun. (Hey, it beats the 57 Law & Orders, right?) So think of me as the fourth judge, with fewer product placements and less patience for Ryan Seacrest. Just the dirt on who soared, who sucked and who should start packing their bags. Tonight: The boys.

Mario Vazquez: This kid can blow and he's cuter than a box of kittens. But the clap-along-or-die "I read more

Question: Could you end this ...

Question: Could you end this fight? I seem to remember a show, which wasn't on too long, that starred Doug Barr (Howie) from The Fall Guy. I think it was When the Whistle Blows. My brother and dad think I'm crazy. Am I? — Jason G., Flat Rock, Ohio

Televisionary: You guys keep asking me that, and I keep telling you I'm not licensed to make that call. However, I can tell you Barr did indeed appear on ABC's When the Whistle Blows, which debuted on ABC in March 1980.

Barr played Buzz Dillard, a construction worker whose colleagues and cohorts included Randy (Philip Brown), Hunk (Tim Rossovich), Norm (Dolph Sweet), Bulldog (Noble Willingham), Hanrahan (Gary Allen) and Lucy (Susan Buckner), the crew's only woman.

Your brother and dad doubt your sanity because the show wasn't on long enough for them to notice it. The whistle blew just five months af read more

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