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Question: Please tell me ...

Question: Please tell me there will be a second season of House. — Angie

Ausiello: There will be a second season of House (Entertainment News 3/4).

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Question: Any news on Lena ...

Question: Any news on Lena Olin's possible return to Alias? — Tatiana

Ausiello: Yes! The deal closed last week and Syd's mama will be back for the big 90-minute season finale on May 25. And no one is more relieved than J.J. Abrams. "It's something I've been trying to do for a long time," he says. "I was hoping all year that we would be able to pull this off, and we managed to. I have to give a lot of credit to her agents, who were incredibly helpful in making this happen, because this is certainly a story that we wanted to tell. We're really excited about it."

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Question: Your individual ...

Question: Your individual articles need the capacity to forward. If there is a particular one I want to forward to someone, rather then sending the whole e-mail, instructing them to click on the attachment, look for this or that, click on this or that, blah, blah, blah... — Gretchen Eastwood

Ausiello: E-mail me your credit-card info and I'll take care of it. Apparently I have to do everything around here.

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Survivor's "Psycho" Marine Discharged

Membership in Survivor: Palau's winning tribe has its benefits. Not only did Koror land themselves a swanky hut, courtesy of Home Depot, but their undefeated streak also allowed them to avoid tribal council. That false sense of security ended last week's twist, in which host Jeff Probst made both tribes send one player home. Unsurprisingly, the Koror crew snuffed the torch of their weakest link, 57-year-old Willard Smith. Though he didn't put up much of a fight on the island, the second steps in the door, this smooth-talking lawyer gets off and running on us. Apparently, he's peeved about TV Guide calling him "affluent," among other grievances...

Willard Smith: I said that I didn't need the $1 million, and they assumed that meant I was wealthy. If you don't have a high consumption lifestyle, you don't need that much money. It doesn't mean you are wealthy.

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Survivor's Barfly Angie Swatted

Both the Koror and Ulong tribes voted off members on last week's Survivor: Palau, but things got worse for the rapidly dwindling Ulongers when Koror prevented their planned ouster of Ibrehem by granting him immunity. Scrambling for someone else to cut, Ulong had a tie vote between Bobby Jon Drinkard and Angie Jakusz. In the end, 24-year-old bartender Angie — best known for her freaky tattoos — got her torch snuffed. Here, she bellies up to the bar and shows how she managed to last far longer than we ever expected. The show kept blurring your chest area. What were they hiding? One of your tattoos?
Angie Jakusz:
Nipples. The boobs just kept popping out of that bra — [my] girls were the first to leave. I lost 17 lbs., and it was all in my boobs. I didn't have that much to begin with. "Come back, ladies!"

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Question: You recently said ...

Question: You recently said that there was a 90 percent chance of 24 returning next season (Ask Ausiello 3/9). What's the other 10 percent that could prevent it from coming back? — Dwight

Ausiello: The end of the world, for starters.

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Question: Last I heard there ...

Question: Last I heard there was still a chance that Dead Like Me would be shopped out to another network. Any progress on that front, or has that ship sailed? — Rich

Ausiello: A rep at MGM tells me the studio is "still in discussions with various entities. Hopefully, we'll have some news in the not-too-distant future." Translation: Bon voyage.

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Question: Is it true that ...

Question: Is it true that Star Jones is carrying your love child? — Stacey

Ausiello: Nope, that's just a bunch of free crap she's hiding under her shirt. Speaking of which, today is the freebie queen's 43rd birthday! Not sure what to give the person who has everything not nailed down? How about a George IV silver tray from the Bridezilla's Tiffany registry. It's still competitively priced at $10,500. Click here for details.

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American Idol's Screaming Section

Friends, family and fans of Fox's American Idol contestants have been gathering across America to party, swap stories, cheer and cast votes for their hometown heroes. We dropped in on three of these supercharged events.
Vonzell Solomon's Party
Fort Myers, Fla.
Local postal workers in this Gulf Coast city have been trading in their government-issue duds for the "Vonzell Solomon" uniform, complete with a big, blue button emblazoned with a photo of their favorite AI contestant.

They're out to support Solomon, a 20-year-old mail carrier. What started as a small gathering of coworkers has grown into hundreds of fans turning out to celebrate this local girl at five different places. On a recent Tuesday night, more than 70 people showed up at Hurricane Harry's bar and restaurant for one of the biggest Vonzell gatherings. Amid the faux-tiki hut decorations, fans stomp, clap and jump around as Vonzell belts out "Respect."

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Question: Got any new scoop ...

Question: Got any new scoop on The O.C.? — Danielle

Ausiello: The April 28, Spring Break-themed episode was shot on location in Miami Beach and marks the return of Linda Lavin as Nana. It also features a cameo by TV Guide's own Rochell Thomas. A diary of her O.C. experience will run in an upcoming issue of TV Guide magazine. (Gee, I wonder where she got that idea from?)

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