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Question: What is your take ...

Question: What is your take on Medium? I watched both episodes so far and have not been impressed. — Kris

Ausiello: The pilot left me kinda cold, but given the ratings — nearly 16 million watched Monday's episode — I may have to give it another look-see.

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Question: Could you please ...

Question: Could you please ask the Everwood producers when they're finally gonna bring Madison back? — Catherine

Ausiello: She returns Feb. 21, when Ephram runs into Madison while in New York for a Juilliard audition. And yes, the truth about her pregnancy will at last come out — after which the show takes a six-week breather to make room for Summerland. Everwood returns in April with its final six episodes of the season.

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Question: Can I have some ...

Question: Can I have some more West Wing scoops, please? — Linda

Ausiello: Despite what he told us at press tour, John Wells has decided who will succeed Martin Sheen in the Oval Office next season. And don't read anything into the current opening credits.

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Question: Are you sure Alyson ...

Question: Are you sure Alyson Hannigan chose to drop out of Jennifer Love Hewitt's sitcom, In the Game, and not the other way around (Ask Ausiello 1/19)? — Kar

Ausiello: According to ABC prexy Steve McPherson, Aly's role "kind of diminished just based on the storytelling that was going on. She was unhappy and wanted off the show, so we allowed her to leave." Enter Veronica Mars.

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Question: Seeing as this ...

Question: Seeing as this column is the freshest and funniest thing I've seen in ages, why not take it further. Perhaps a sitcom? Just think of it: You, the star, a television columnist torn between his love for his TiVo and his newfound friendship with his single, next-door neighbors (played by Keri and Mariska). I can see the set now, dotted with vintage Smurf decor. Perhaps it could air in the old Tru Calling time slot? I'd watch! — Doug R.

Ausiello: You're gonna put me on Thursday night opposite CSI and The Apprentice!?!? Thanks for nothing.

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Question: You mention that a ...

Question: You mention that a major character will die on Lost. Who would you like to see terminated? — Heather

Ausiello: The paint-by-numbers polar bear. Clearly, J.J. Abrams blew his special-effects budget on that plane crash.

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Question: Any scoop on One ...

Question: Any scoop on One Tree Hill? — Lindsay

Ausiello: Karen finds out about Jules and Dan's secret relationship on March 1.

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Question: When can we expect ...

Question: When can we expect to see Hurley's episode on Lost? — Gretchen

Ausiello: They're shooting it as we speak — and I'm told it's a doozy.

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Question: I need... anything. ...

Question: I need... anything. — Ahmed

Ausiello: Ahmen to that.

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Question: Any more news on a ...

Question: Any more news on a new home for Dead Like Me? — Thaddeus Cultt

Ausiello: Forget about it going to WB. My spies tell me they passed. I'm afraid Dead is, um, dead.

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