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A 38-year-old Nashville man who was to be featured on an upcoming episode of ABC's Wife Swap was arrested after he allegedly smacked his 13-year-old daughter in the face. Yanni Panagiotakis was charged with domestic assault and the episode was scrapped. Until sweeps. read more


Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence has tapped Ed actor Josh Randall to play Elliott's (Sarah Chalke) new and possibly long-term boyfriend. His first of at least three episodes airs at the end of April. And get this: One of those episodes may also feature the return of his former Ed costar Tom Cavanagh as J.D.'s older bro. I see a $10 bet in this show's future. read more

SUNDAYDeadwood "Even in an Eden...


"Even in an Eden like this, wrongs sometimes occur." — Sol Star

That they do, Sol, but at least in the beginning of this hour, we seem to get a brief respite from the mayhem. Here we have a setup episode, which, given the action we've seen in Deadwood's previous two weeks, is perfectly understandable. And it's some good setting-up, too. A scary power broker's operative shows up in town; the hapless E.B. tries to con him, and Joanie and Maddie have ideas of their own (which I'm betting have better odds than E.B.'s quick-to-form disaster). In the meantime, Alma's planning to make E.B. as miserable as she can, even though he's already doing a great job of it on his own.

And oh, the painful climax. Remember when I said that all of Al's ills couldn't have happened to a nicer guy? If you're thinking I'll say the same about tonight's li read more


A 38-year-old Nashville man who was to be featured on an upcoming episode of ABC's Wife Swap was arrested after he allegedly smacked his 13-year-old daughter in the face. Yanni Panagiotakis was charged with domestic assault and the episode was scrapped. Until sweeps. read more


Los Angeles prosecutors are straight up now telling Paula Abdul, "You're busted, beyotch!" The American Idol train wreck was fined $1675 and sentenced to two years probation Thursday after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of hit-and-run. Last December, Abdul sideswiped another car on a Los Angeles freeway and then sped away without stopping. The judge has yet to rule on a second felony charge of clapping like a seal on national TV. read more

Justice Served on 48 Hours, Mystery

Crime is paying for 48 Hours Mystery.

After fighting each year for a spot on the prime-time schedule, the long-running newsmagazine is looking more secure since it's been turned into what could be called CSI: CBS News.

The show still has its single-topic format, but gone are the long-winded intros by a CBS anchor, so viewers now get right into the story.

The changes have resulted in decent ratings and a different kind of show for CBS News. While 60 Minutes wouldn't touch the Laci Peterson murder case — which has offered up endless fodder for lurid supermarket tabloid covers — 48 Hours Mystery dove right in.

But the show is at its best when it takes a Law & Order-esque look at less high-profile whodunits drawn from real life, such as the murder of a Williamsport, Penn., woman by her surgeon husband.

This week's episode (Saturday at 10 pm/ET on CBS) features the grisly tale of an una read more


Barney Martin, best known for his role as Jerry Seinfeld's father Morty on Seinfeld, died Monday at his home in Studio City, Calif. He was 82. Before becoming an actor, Martin worked for 20 years as a New York City police detective. He is survived by his wife and son. read more

Can Stallone Save The Contender?

With less than championship ratings, NBC's The Contender is definitely on the ropes. Unwilling to admit defeat, cohosts Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard rushed this week to create a one-hour special that will air just before Sunday night's regularly scheduled episode. On Thursday afternoon, these two tough superstars, both significantly dressed in black, met for an exclusive interview at a Los Angeles boxing club. Despite your star power and a tremendous amount of on-air promotion, The Contender has not lived up to expectations in the ratings. Why?
Sylvester Stallone:
Other networks were dropping nuclear weapons on us. They were trying to see if we had the legs to survive.
Sugar Ray Leonard: Based upon what we have been up against, with the other networks doing everything they can to break us down, we stayed strong.
Stallone: [Fox's] The Next Great Champ put a negative spin on boxin read more


A controversial revote couldn't change the inevitable for Mikalah Gordon. The 17-year-old Las Vegas resident became the latest American Idol contestant booted from the competition Thursday night. Fighting back tears, Fran Drescher's doppelg&#228nger mouthed a big "Thank you" to the audience before proclaiming "This is just the beginning." Of the end, sweetie. read more

Why This Amazing Racer Hates Rob

If nothing else, Susan and Patrick Vaughn made history for being the first mother-son team to run The Amazing Race (Tuesdays, 9pm/ET on CBS). After a strong start, the twosome had trouble keeping up with the rest of the pack, and a defective boat finally sunk their chances this week. Here, the Philiminated mom and her openly gay son tell about their often-contentious relationship — and Patrick reveals how he really feels about "media whores" Rob and Amber. So Patrick, you were down in the dumps in your last episode. Having watched it, do you regret being so defeatist?
Patrick Vaughn:
I definitely shouldn't have expressed it so much, but we were so far behind. It seemed like every little comment I made was aired. Maybe I did talk about it a lot. [Laughs] It was that whole boat thing — that did it for us. When our read more

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