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Question: Everyone's talking ...

Question: Everyone's talking about Behrooz being MIA on 24 (as they should), but what about the fate of President Keeler since Air Force One was shot down? Will he recover next season or will milquetoast-in-chief Logan still be in charge? — Neil

Ausiello: According to my spies, President Keeler was actually gonna bite it in the finale, but producers had a change of heart. Not sure who'll be in the Oval Office when Season 5 starts, but I hope it's not that doofus Logan. I mean, he makes Joanne look like Ken Jennings.

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Question: There seems to be a ...

Question: There seems to be a glaring omission in TV Guide's Dream Emmy Ballot. Where is Mariska Hargitay's name under Best Lead Actress in a Drama? — Megan

Ausiello: Let's just say I wasn't the only one who weighed in on the Dream Emmy Ballot and leave it at that, OK?

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Question: Got any spoilers ...

Question: Got any spoilers for next season's Gilmore Girls? Anything at all? — Morgan

Ausiello: Nope. Amy Sherman-Palladino's still enjoying a little R&R. Must be nice.

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Question: I'm an aspiring ...

Question: I'm an aspiring journalist, and seeing that you are so awesomely successful in the business, I was wondering if you had any advice? — KG

Ausiello: Just work hard, never lose perspective and don't be afraid to sleep your way to the top.

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Question: Any chance you ...

Question: Any chance you could get the name of the actor leaving Lost in October due to a contract dispute? Or at least a not-so-subtle hint? Fans are literally going nuts debating this. — Darin Cragen

Ausiello: Well, they can relax. Turns out the source of that rumor — an alleged interview J.J. Abrams did on L.A. radio station KROQ — was bogus. Just like that whole Samuel L. Jackson/IMDb thing. A good rule of thumb moving forward? Take any/all Lost rumors/spoilers with a grain of salt. (Unless, of course, you read them in AA.)

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Question: Will ABC be putting ...

Question: Will ABC be putting out a Lost CD? — Chris

Ausiello: It's been talked about, but there are no concrete plans at the moment. Seems like a no-brainer given the whole Driveshaft thing, no?

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Question: Do you know when ...

Question: Do you know when The O.C. season premiere is? — Lauren

Ausiello: It looks like August.

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Question: Will Kim Raver be ...

Question: Will Kim Raver be back next season on 24, or have the producers found a new leading lady for Kiefer Sutherland? — Joe

Ausiello: That's TBDBTPTBAFA24. The first person to guess what that stands for wins a mint-condition iPod Beach Volleyball Smurf. Good luck!

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Question: Is Sela Ward going ...

Question: Is Sela Ward going to be a regular on House next season? — Christy

Ausiello: No, but she will be appearing in around six episodes.

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Question: Do you have any ...

Question: Do you have any good Grey's Anatomy spoilers? I was thrilled in the season finale where Meredith discovers that Dr. Shepherd is married! — Jenna

Ausiello: Wait until Meredith finds out that the MIA missus is getting a job at the hospital!

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