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Question: I just heard a ...

Question: I just heard a vicious rumor that Jason Wiles will be leaving Third Watch. True? — Mel

Ausiello: That is a vicious rumor, Mel. Rest assured: The show's rep insists "Jason is on the show throughout the season, just like the rest of the cast."

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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to Wild Card on Lifetime? I miss it. — Gail

Ausiello: Lifetime is still on the fence about another season.

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Question: So what do I have ...

Question: So what do I have to do to help this "no-holds-barred Internet campaign" to get Lauren Graham cast as Wonder Woman? — Luiza

Ausiello: You just did it, Izzy.

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Question: You are the ...

Question: You are the highlight of my Wednesdays. My question: When will we find out what the deal is with Claire's baby on Lost? — Tammy

Ausiello: I'm hoping the truth comes out next Wednesday, when the show returns with its first original episode in, like, forever. The more pressing issue is whether Claire's even carrying that little demon spawn. Remember, we only saw her from the chest up at the end of the last episode. For all we know, cuckoo Ethan could have fetus-napped the thing. Claire's portrayer, Emilie de Ravin, didn't shed much light on the mystery when we spoke last week, although she did offer up this cryptic clue: "To put it discreetly, everything's at a standstill right now for Claire. She's having some hard times — even more so than [before]." And don't look for an immediate rekindling of the flirtation between her and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan). "I don't think Claire's looking for any kind of relationship right now," she read more

Question: How can I get a ...

Question: How can I get a Nielsen box in my home? Is there something special I need to do? — Maureen

Ausiello: For starters, you can track down some dude named A.C. and sleep with him.

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Question: Mike, what gives!? ...

Question: Mike, what gives!? You hinted at scoop on what the return of Julian McMahon on Charmed would mean for Alyssa Milano's Phoebe — and then nothing! — Anita Moinfo

Ausiello: Oops, my bad. Here's what exec producer Brad Kern told me: "To be as cryptic as possible, he's coming back to save the very love that he thinks he may have destroyed in Phoebe. Even if he's destined to an eternal penance for all that he's done, he wants to make sure that Phoebe's love survives."

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Question: In your esteemed ...

Question: In your esteemed opinion, what are the chances of Veronica Mars returning for a second season? — Moira Denning

Ausiello: If Alyson Hannigan joins the cast full-time: 50/50. If Alyson Hannigan doesn't join the cast full-time: 20/80.

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Question: Geez, who do I have ...

Question: Geez, who do I have to sleep with to get printed in this column? — Misty

Ausiello: My editor, Hugh Whore.

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Question: What has Alexis ...

Question: What has Alexis Denisof been up to since Angel went off the air? — Jennifer

Ausiello: Let's ask his wife, Veronica Mars guest star Alyson Hannigan: "He is experiencing his very first pilot season," she told me on the telephone last week, "which is really cute. Because he came out here and basically just booked things, which led to him being on Buffy and then on Angel. There are all these casting directors out there who have never met him." Aly says she's trying to convince her hubby to "go for comedy because he's very funny, but he's more secure with the one-hour drama. I'm like, "Come on, honey — just try the comedy." (Look for more from my interview with Hannigan in the next AA.)

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Question: I am planning on ...

Question: I am planning on enlarging your picture to fit on my bedroom door. — Brenda

Ausiello: My pal Hugh Stalker can help out with that.

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