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Critics be damned, Jerry Bruckheimer is planning a sequel to National Treasure... Grounded for Life costar Ryan Devlin is replacing Maria Menounos as host of ET (Entertainment Tonight) on MTV and ET on VH1, two more of the shows that have kept us from seeing an actual video on either channel since A Flock of Seagulls hit us, baby, for the first time. read more

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Ignoring the fact that Vince had no idea what Smallville was while house-hunting with Tom Welling's realtor, I'm sending up a huge hurray that our "It" boy wised up and signed to do Aquaman so he could afford Marlon Brando's old pad. Now we can get on with the filming, which should be a hoot. Especially with that Gay Pride-meets-ComiCon costume! Plus, that line in the theme song about being a superhero finally makes sense. And let's also get a woo-woo for the writers who cooked up the idea of Drama being banned from the Playboy Mansion pajama party for freeing Hef's monkeys during a Cuervo-fueled night at the grotto with Ralph Macchio and Pauly Shore. Who knew Pauly was such a friend of PETA? Or that the washed up Karate Kid was such a snob, calling Drama an "ex-evening-soap star," like that's a bad thing? Um, hello, Daniel San? Given the state of read more


Batman Begins earned a solid, if not spectacular, $15 million on its first day in theaters Wednesday. Hollywood is hoping the Caped Crusader can reverse the box office's 16-week downturn. read more


Execs at Fox's 24 are thinking about transporting Jack Bauer to the big screen. Jon Cassar, one of the show's producer/directors, told the Calgary Sun that a 24 movie has been discussed, but added that "it could still be two years from now, so it's far too early to say." Should the project pan out, Cassar said it would not follow the show's real-time format entirely. "The first hour will not be in real time," he said. "But then something big will happen and real time will kick in." As will Chloe's inner Terminator. read more


Did you ever wonder how Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle came to live on Wisteria Lane? Well, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has — and he's ready to tell all. "At one point, I would love to do an episode showing the day when all the women moved onto Wisteria Lane," he says. "I don't know if it's a Season 2 thing or a Season 3 thing. But it's something I want to do in the future." Even more appealing to Cherry, such a time warp would allow the scribe to welcome back such deceased Wisterians as Mrs. Huber and Rex. "I would want everyone back," he enthuses. "I would love to always keep my little repertory company as close to me as possible." And as far away from one another as possible. read more


Bo Bice claims he was relieved that Carrie Underwood took home the American Idol crown instead of him. "People ask me, 'What were you thinking while you stood there waiting for them to announce the winner?'" the Southern rocker tells Rolling Stone. His answer? "Please, God, don't let me win this thing... The label 'American Idol' was not for me. I'm not a pop person. It would have been harder to play my kind of music if I had won." Sounds like someone's a little bitter. read more


Couch owners are on high alert this morning amid news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged. At a news conference in Paris Friday morning, Cruise confirmed that he popped the question to his scuba-diving partner just hours earlier, high atop the Eiffel Tower. "Today is a magnificent day for me," he said. "I'm engaged to a magnificent woman." No wedding date has been set: "We haven't discussed that," Cruise added. "One step at a time." Yeah, the last thing they want to do is rush things. read more


Michael Jackson's family is throwing a party this weekend to thank the singer's most loyal fans for their support during the trial. The bash will be held at a casino near Neverland Ranch, although it's not known if Jacko himself will attend. He is, however, confirmed for the after party at Chuck E. Cheese's. read more


Here's a shocker: Oprah Winfrey is filthy rich. With an estimated annual salary of $225 million, the talk-show queen has topped Forbes magazine's 2005 celebrity power list. Winfrey supplants Mel "Moneybags" Gibson, who fell from first to third this year behind Tiger Woods. Rounding out the Top 10 were George Lucas, Shaquille O'Neal, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Elton John and Tom Cruise. read more


This won't be awkward at all: Angelina Jolie's (alleged) current and former lovers will soon be working together. Per Variety, Billy Bob Thornton will star in and Brad Pitt will produce a big-screen adaptation of the book Peace Like a River, which revolves around a family that gets into a deadly spat with some neighborhood thugs. No director is attached, but I hear Jennifer Aniston is interested. read more

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