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Question: First, why are you ...

Question: First, why are you so mean to Lena Olin? She's the best! Second, any news on her potential return to Alias? — Liz

Ausiello: Mean? Me? I don't know what you're talking about. And yes, there is some news on her possible May sweeps comeback. I hear issues concerning parking validation could derail the deal: Olin is asking for two hours free with a $10 commissary purchase, but as of now, ABC is only offering her a three-day bus pass.

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Question: According to ...

Question: According to, their fundraising efforts have caused a halt in the teardown of the Enterprise sets. True? — Peter

Ausiello: Yes, it's true that the sets weren't immediately dismantled after production ended. But no, it wasn't because of any kind of fan campaign to keep the show alive. My crusted-over Enterprise mole says there's typically a period after principal photography wraps to break down and store sets. The decision to end the series is final. It may be time to move on.

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It appears the Baretta reunion movie is back on! In a stunning verdict Wednesday, actor Robert Blake was acquitted of murder in the 2001 shooting death of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. The jury also found Blake innocent of one count of trying to hire someone to kill Bakley, but they deadlocked on a second solicitation charge. read more

Question: Any idea when we'll ...

Question: Any idea when we'll finally see a new episode of Desperate Housewives? It feels like years! I'm having serious withdrawal. — Sue

Ausiello: March 27. The episode is titled "The Ladies Who Lunch" and features the return of Sharon Lawrence's S&M vixen Maisy Gibbons. Elsewhere, Gabrielle's plumbing goes out and she doesn't have the money to fix it, and Lynette's twins are blamed for a lice epidemic at their school. Isn't it about time she had these kids put down?

And on that note, I gotta go work on my Gilmore Girls cover story (!!!!) A big thanks to all you non-Gilmore fans for putting up with all the Stars Hollow excess in this week's AA. I promise, next week I'll limit GG to one, possibly two questions. Three at the most. No more than four. Seriously, four's the max.

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Question: Just wanted to say ...

Question: Just wanted to say I saw you on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann Monday night. You looked adorable and did a great job talking about American Idol. I was proud of you! Can't wait for this week's column. — Jaime

Ausiello: Thanks for that, Jaime. That's much nicer than the reader who said I looked like "a hamster on steroids."

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Question: Are Rory and Logan ...

Question: Are Rory and Logan getting married on Gilmore Girls? Is that the crisis? — Fran

Ausiello: Nope.

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Question: I'd like to know if ...

Question: I'd like to know if Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia are still dating. — Mary Jane

Ausiello: Yes, but it was like pulling teeth to get Alexis to talk about him. I did manage to get her to tell me that "everything's great."

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Question: Do you think Matt ...

Question: Do you think Matt Czuchry (Logan) will be back on Gilmore Girls next year? — Sarah

Ausiello: Yes. "I don't know what the formal wording of the deal is," Amy says, "but he's on the show for the entire season." In a completely unrelated matter, my colleague Bonnie Vaughan has kindly asked me to solicit burning questions for Donald Trump about this season's Apprentice for an upcoming issue of TV Guide. So, if you got any, send 'em to me ASAP! As an extra incentive, Bonnie has agreed to pay me 20 cents for every Trump-related question I forward her from an Ask Ausiello reader. C'mon, help make me rich, folks!

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Question: Will we get to see ...

Question: Will we get to see Drew Fuller on Charmed before the season ends? — Jul

Ausiello: He hasn't shown up in any of the scripts up to Episode 21, so it's looking doubtful. But maybe this'll interest you: Wes Ramsey just started shooting Episode 20, in which he'll will reprise his role from last season as Future Wyatt.

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Are Survivor's Kim and Jeff in Love?

Forget The Apprentice. The real test of book smarts vs. street smarts played out on last week's Survivor: Palau, where the Ulong tribe's never-ending losing streak forced the remaining members to choose between the well-educated Kim Mullen and James Miller, an often unintelligible steel worker. The tribe opted to off Kim — a 25-year-old grad student from Ohio — because of her tendency to rest on her duff while others busted their butts. Here, she rings up to defend her lazy ways and set the record straight about canoodling with fellow reject Jeff Wilson. Where did you go wrong?
Kim Mullen:
Let's see... Where did it go right? It started off good and then just went downhill. If I had done my part and won my match in th read more

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