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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to the UPN sitcom Second Time Around? — Bree

Ausiello: UPN only ordered 13 episodes of the show, and all 13 have aired. The network has an option for a second season, but don't look for them to exercise it. The ratings sorta sucked.

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Question: Do you have any ...

Question: Do you have any scoop on Numbers? I think David Krumholtz is soooo cute — but not as cute as you, of course. — Cat

Ausiello: Nice save, Cat. Here's some Numbers dish: In a March episode, we're gonna meet Don's (Rob Morrow) former fiancée, and she's gonna look a lot like Sarah Wayne Callies from WB's Tarzan. Now, here's some Krumholtz dish: He's currently single and can be seen dancing in his undies to "Luck Be a Lady" in Slums of Beverly Hills. I guess we know what Cat'll be doing tonight. (Mrrroooow!)

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Question: As an insider, I ...

Question: As an insider, I wonder if you would let fans know the reason David James Elliott decided to leave JAG. — Shirley

Ausiello: Who says it was his decision to leave? Certainly not JAG creator Donald Bellisario. How would I know that? Because I snuck a peek at next week's TV Guide magazine, in which Bellisario drops a bombshell about Elliott's exit that will almost certainly have JAG fans calling for the exec's court-martial.

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Question: What are your ...

Question: What are your thoughts on the Alex-Marissa pairing on The O.C.? — Sabrina

Ausiello: Let's put it this way: I'm actually starting to like Marissa. And that's no small feat.

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Question: Melanie Griffith? ...

Question: Melanie Griffith? Yuck! — Shelly

Ausiello: OK, Milk Money was a mistake. I'll give you that.

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Question: Got Everwood scoop? ...

Question: Got Everwood scoop? — Anita K.

Ausiello: Words cannot express how much I'm loving this show right now. It kills me that more people aren't watching it. The relationship between Andy and Amanda — that's Treat Williams and Anne Heche to you — is one of the most complex, smartly scripted, best-performed adult romances on the tube right now. In a perfect world, last Monday's episode, in which we got a glimpse into Amanda's troubled marriage, would net Emmy nods for Williams, Heche and writer Barbie Kligman. Unfortunately, ex-Celestia just landed a sitcom deal with WB so she's not long for Andy's world. On the bright side, her impending exit will (spoiler alert!) set the stage for Andy finally to confront his feelings for Nina in the season finale. Hallelujah!

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Question: I love a man who ...

Question: I love a man who makes me laugh. Are you married? — Sandra

Ausiello: No, I'm not married. Are you proposing? If so, what does the dowry situation look like?

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Question: Tell me honestly: ...

Question: Tell me honestly: What do you think the chances are of WB doing a Spike TV movie? — Renee

Ausiello: While I have her on the phone, let me ask Ms. Hannigan: "That's a great idea. I just talked to somebody today who was saying, 'Why don't they do a Spike movie?' That's who they should do — forget Angel or Buffy! Do the James Marsters movie. That would be huge. He's bigger than anybody!" No argument here.

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Question: What TV shows do ...

Question: What TV shows do you think should be be put out of their misery? — Elizabeth

Ausiello: Oh, where to begin... I know — Queer as Folk! Other stick-fork-worthy programs include The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Quintuplets, Listen Up and the original Law & Order.

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Question: With David James ...

Question: With David James Elliott leaving, is JAG gonna leave us hanging with Mac and Harm? I have watched this show since the beginning and I need closure! — Lori

Ausiello: You'll get your closure. Hallelujah!

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