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Question: Any Everwood scoop? ...

Question: Any Everwood scoop? — Kate

Ausiello: Yes! In yet another worldwide Ask Ausiello exclusive, exec producer Rina Mimoun has released the first official Everwood spoiler of the new season: "We're starting off the season with a wedding and a big airport kiss. If you want to find out who's getting hitched and who's getting kissed, you'll have to come find us on Thursday nights at 9 pm/ET this fall." I'll be there, Rina!

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Question: Wait, is it not ...

Question: Wait, is it not true that Rob Lowe will be back on The West Wing, or not true that Martin Sheen made it possible (Ask Ausiello 6/15)? I'm trying to read between the lines for some shred of hope in this rumor! — Erin

Ausiello: Neither one is true. Rob is starring in a London stage revival of A Few Good Men thru December.

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Question: Did you tell Sarah ...

Question: Did you tell Sarah that she could pet your Kermit in last week's AA? That's disgusting! I thought this was a family website. — Jason

Ausiello: It is a family website, but AA remains a sovereign entity and, as such, doesn't have to adhere to the normal codes of decency. That being said, sometimes a Kermit is just a Kermit.

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Question: I just read in your ...

Question: I just read in your Entertainment News column that Keri Russell got the part in MI3. That's so great! Since you're such good pals with her, does she have any plans on returning to TV? I would love to see her in a weekly series again. — Kerri

Ausiello: She has no TV gigs on the horizon, but she just finished shooting Butterfly, a Grimm Love Story, an independent film based on the Internet cannibal movement. She plays an American student who, while researching the life of a cannibal killer for her graduate thesis, becomes obsessed with him and his unique lifestyle. "It's definitely the darkest thing I've ever done," she recently told me. "It's kind of shocking and graphic. But stylistically, it's beautiful."

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Question: First, let me say I ...

Question: First, let me say I look forward to Wednesdays now just to read your column! I know you're as upset as I am that American Dreams was canceled. Do you know if NBC is going to air the alternate series ending that Jonathan Prince said was already filmed? I just hate the way the last show ended! — Sue S.

Ausiello: First, let me say you exceeded AA's newly imposed 50-word question limit. (Celebs, as always, are exempted from this rule.) Second, let me explain that I made an exception in this instance and only in this instance because you started off by giving me mad props. But third — and most important — don't let it happen again. In case you haven't heard, I've got Acronym Contests to organize a lot on my plate. But back to your question: An NBC spokesperson says "we would like to give the fans closure" and a Dreams wrap-up special "is under read more

Question: Do you know if and ...

Question: Do you know if and when the Quentin Tarantino-helmed season finale of CSI will air again? — Cortney

Ausiello: CBS doesn't have an re-air date yet.

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Question: Will Kim Raver be ...

Question: Will Kim Raver be back next season on 24? — Sarah

Ausiello: Her manager says it "may" happen, although nothing is set in stone.

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Question: While I enjoy James ...

Question: While I enjoy James Marsters too, that has to be "The Most Heinous Poem I Have Ever Read in My Life." On par with Britney Spears' infamous "Letter of Truth." Not good, Sarah. Not good at all. — Lauren, Napa Valley, Calif.

Ausiello: I'll tell you what is good, Lauren from Napa Valley, Calif., — you won the freakin' contest! Check your mailbox for a clarinet pencil and a random issue of TV Guide! Congrats!

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Question: Does it stand for ...

Question: Does it stand for "The Most Horrific Poem I Have Ever Read In My Life?" If so, that's kinda mean! It wasn't that bad. No, wait, I read it again; it was. — Ashley

Ausiello: Yeah, the more you read it, the worse it gets. And you almost had it, Ash.

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Question: Do you actually ...

Question: Do you actually send people the prizes you promise, or are you just a liar? — Jeff

Ausiello: That's how nasty rumors get started, Jeff. Yes, I most definitely send AA readers their booty, and I have the pictures to prove it.

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