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Question: Why won't you ...

Question: Why won't you answer any of my Numbers questions? Either you don't like the show or you don't like me. — Sarah

Ausiello: I like to think the answer falls somewhere in the middle. Regardless, I did some digging and found out that although CBS hasn't officially renewed the show, the network has told the producers to start planning for a second season.

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Question: So, any good ...

Question: So, any good spoilers for House? And, if they pay you enough to answer two questions at a time, when is the season finale? — Morgan

Ausiello: No scoops as of this moment, but I'm expecting a call from series creator David Shore any minute now, so send in your questions. And regarding your second question... Oh, there's the phone now — this might be him!

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Question: Have you heard ...

Question: Have you heard anything about a second season for Veronica Mars? — Tony

Ausiello: At this point it could go either way. I'm told UPN execs will be looking very closely at the ratings for Veronica's final seven original episodes, which began airing last night. Long-story-short: Nancy Drew's fate rests in the hands of the 2,000 American households with Nielsen boxes. Scary but true.

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Question: I know you have ...

Question: I know you have some ER scoop for me! — Jaclyn

Ausiello: Is my phone bugged? Because I just hung up with Madchen Amick (that's who was calling earlier), who told me that she's returning April 21 to tie up loose ends following her big February breakup with Carter. "This is like a last [goodbye] before they go their separate ways," said Amick, who, earlier that same night, will make the second of her five guest appearances on Joey. Won't viewers be confused? Jokes the former Twin Peakian: "I'll just have to make an announcement at the beginning of the night [explaining] it all."

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Question: What if you had a ...

Question: What if you had a huge scoop about a show but nobody asked the right question that week? I am certain you would plant the question you needed yourself and attach it to a made-up name — and I am willing to bet you have already done this. Spill the truth! — Joshua

Ausiello: I don't think I like what you're insinuating, Josh. If I hadn't retired my "I can't believe you're asking me this. It's insulting, honestly. It's absolutely insulting" Award you so would have won it this week. Listen to me carefully when I say I have never — ever — planted a question and then attached a faux name to it. That's beneath this column's dignity.

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Question: I like your column ...

Question: I like your column a lot and get great laughs out of it. I'm very surprised, however, that you failed to wish Keri Russell a happy bir... (interrupted) — Sandy

Ausiello: Keri, please forgive me! I don't know what I was thinking. Happy Birthday! Call me! Hey, there's the phone now — this might be her!

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Question: Anything good ...

Question: Anything good coming up on CSI: NY? — Michael Ausiello

Ausiello: I was wondering when someone was gonna get around to asking me about this show! I've actually got a huge scoop about the show's season finale. Gary Sinise's Mac will find himself to be part of the evidence in a murder/robbery case.

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Question: Any news at all on ...

Question: Any news at all on a third season of Carniv&#224le? — Tmac

Ausiello: Nope. I'm trying desperately to get exec producer Daniel Knauf on the horn to help me dissect Sunday's second-season finale, which, let's face it, was pure genius. If you haven't had a chance to read Matt Roush's morning-after Dispatch on the subject, please do so as soon as you're done with AA. I agree with everything he wrote, save for the part about being at peace if this is the end. Listen carefully, HBO: I will not be at peace if this is the end — I will be at war!

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Question: Oh, my god! Please ...

Question: Oh, my god! Please tell me CSI isn't going after Matthew Perry as Catherine's new love interest (Ask Ausiello 3/23). That's just this side of child molestation. Ewwww! Please tell me I'm wrong. — Judy

Ausiello: You're wrong.

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Question: I think I am ...

Question: I think I am falling in love with you. I can't thank you enough for your efforts on this Spike movie (Ask Ausiello 3/23). Boy, you leave no stone unturned, do you? If this film ever gets made, I think you should not only show up in the credits, but a cameo would be cool. — Kathy

Ausiello: Hey, wanna be my agent? I'm looking for some new representation. Here are the terms: You get a .10 percent cut of any/all jobs you secure on my behalf. A Deadwood handshake will seal the deal.

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