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Desperate Mom Can't Resist Men

If you saw Sunday's Desperate Housewives, you know Lesley Ann Warren is a major handful as Susan's mother, Sophie. As the wacky actress told last week, she's got five episodes' worth of trouble to get into. Care to know what's in store for the remaining four? Just read on. Otherwise, stop now, because there's some serious spoilage ahead...

In her next episode, Sophie gets sweet on the ice-cream man when his truck comes rolling down Wisteria Lane. "Then I pick up two guys at a club and bring them home — one for me and one for Susan," Warren laughs. "Of course, I [am] drunk at the time."

Come May 1, Bob Newhart returns as Morty, Sophie's ex who owns the pancake house. Yes, he's back, even though she left him — and bit him! "There is an exciting surprise coming from Ne read more


The verdict is in on the case of Grey's Anatomy vs. Boston Legal, and ABC is siding with the docs. The network announced Friday that it's keeping its new medical smash Grey's Anatomy on Sundays at 10 pm/ET through the end of the season. As a result, Boston Legal — which was slated to reclaim the time slot at the end of the month — will stay adjourned until fall. ABC president Stephen McPherson says Legal's five remaining episodes will be tacked on to next season's total, giving the network "the amazing luxury of bringing Boston Legal back with an unheard-of 27 original episodes." Unless something better comes along again. read more


Anna Nicole Smith apparently likes her body too much to risk a run-in with seal killers. Citing safety concerns, the model-turned-TrimSpa addict has canceled a PETA-sponsored trip to Canada to protest the brutal killing of seals. According to a PETA rep, the seal hunters have begun attacking many of the protesters and PETA "felt it just wasn't safe to put her in that position." Instead, Smith plans to protest the slaughter by passing out on her bathroom floor for a week. read more


Fox is expanding Wednesday's American Idol results show to one hour, preempting Life on a Stick after just two airings. Rumor has it the move was designed to blunt NBC's premiere of Revelations and test the staying power of Paula Abdul's new antidepressants. read more


Fran Drescher's new WB comedy Living with Fran enjoyed solid sampling in its Friday-night debut, retaining 90 percent of its Reba lead-in... Beyonce Knowles is in talks to headline DreamWorks' big-screen adaptation of Dreamgirls, per Variety. read more

Your Apprentice Questions Answered!

Ask Donald Trump how the third season of The Apprentice is going and he'll cry, "People love it!" He'll also point out that it won its time slot a few episodes back with a mere clip show. Yet while it's true that millions are still tuning in, many of those fans have issues with the show (see, we do read your e-mails). So we presented your questions to Trump, face-to-face. Here's what he had to say.
Why are we seeing less of the tasks this season?
They are more complex. Remember, we started off selling lemonade and things like that. But suddenly, because of the success of the show, we've had Burger King, Pepsi, Crest. Pontiac is coming in shortly. They're launching a car on the show. We like that, because it's corporate America, which is great. [Also], people love the boardroom interaction better than the tasks. So we've shortened the tasks and lengthened the boardroom.

Do you wa read more


Matthew McConaughey's action flick Sahara debuted at No. 1 at the weekend box office with $18.5 million, a surprisingly strong bow considering how badly it sucked. In contrast, the Drew Barrymore-Jimmy Fallon baseball romance Fever Pitch opened at No. 3 with $13 million, a surprisingly weak debut considering how much it didn't suck. I don't get it. read more

Wingman Tim Daly Has Eyes For You

For Tim Daly, Eyes is the prize. The former Wings star seems perfectly suited to play Harlan Judd, the wiseacre boss in ABC's new high-tech private-eye drama (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET). Though it debuted to lackluster ratings, its clever combination of cop show, workplace comedy and nighttime sudser makes it one of the most unique series in prime time. Here, gives Daly a thorough Eyes examination. Eyes is unlike any other drama on TV right now, blending lots of different genres. How do you describe it?
Tim Daly:
It's a fantastic combination of a procedural — how do private eyes gather information on people? — and a character drama. [That's] the thing that makes it interesting to me. These are real, vivid, well-drawn characters who are very human and flawed. That's what sets this apart. In a certain way, it's like read more


In an out-of-this-world development, UPN has renewed cult fave Veronica Mars for a second season. Check out Wednesday's Ask Ausiello for star Kristen Bell's reaction and scoop on Season 2. In the meantime, UPN is pleading with Mars fans to start sending in real $2 bills. read more


It looks like Apprentice finalist Chris Shelton forgot to take his Ritalin over the weekend. The tantrum-prone, tobacco-chewin' 22-year-old — one of Donald Trump's six remaining tycoon wannabes — was arrested early Sunday morning for disorderly conduct following a disturbance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, according to Although the exact nature of the incident was not known, given Shelton's history of spontaneous convulsions, not to mention his corpselike mug shot (shown at right), is gonna go out on a limb and assume alcohol, heavy dippin' and persistent voices played a role. read more

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