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Question: So you moved into a ...

Question: So you moved into a new apartment, huh? Having an apartment-warming party? Are we invited? — Hannah

Ausiello: I've gotta stop revealing so much personal information during's Podcasts. It's true, I recently moved into a new apartment and yes, plans are under way for some kind of bash that involves the exchange of Crate & Barrel gift cards for cheap light hors d'oeuvres and tap water assorted beverages, although due to safety reasons space limitations, AA readers will not be invited. There is, however, something in-the-works for the fall that may allow AA faithful to meet me in person. Hopefully, I'll have more to share on that later this summer.

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Question: Lost spoilers, ...

Question: Lost spoilers, pretty please!! — Caroline

Ausiello: Don't beg, Caroline. It's beneath what little dignity you have. Anyway, producers Damon Lindelof and Javier Grillo-Marxuach apparently let the scoop fly at the first ever Lost convention in Burbank, Calif., two weeks ago. Among the Season 2 tidbits dropped by the duo: The marooned passengers will find the tail section of the plane, as well as the survivors who were seated there, prompting Charlie to declare, "Look — it's the chick from Girlfight!" Sawyer will survive the bullet wound he sustained on the raft; and those pirates are, in fact, "the Others." Also, Lindelof confirmed that Oceanic Flight 815 "did not crash by accident. It crashed for a very specific reason." (Yeah, to save ABC)

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Question: TMHPIHERIML stands ...

Question: TMHPIHERIML stands for "The Most Horrible Poem I Have Ever Heard in My Life." If not, it ought to. However, I totally agree with the PBTP. — Vickie

Ausiello: "Point Behind The Poem"? Hey, these things are fun!

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Question: "The Most Hideous ...

Question: "The Most Hideous Poem I Have Ever Read In My Life?" Do I win? Can I have the CSI coffin instead of the clarinet pencil? — Kristie

Ausiello: Enough with the CSI coffin! That highly sought-after piece of TV history has already been put on eBay in my display case. Besides, you were one word off.

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Question: "The Most Horrible ...

Question: "The Most Horrible Poem I... something." I lose. — Sophie

Ausiello: It was a valiant effort, Sophie.

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Question: You have my dream ...

Question: You have my dream job! How cool is it to talk about television all day long? I would love to get paid for that. How did you ever get this job? — Karina

Ausiello: ISWATRP. OK, that's the last one. Seriously, no more after this. The first person to guess correctly what it stands for wins a mint-condition Safari Smurf and one of my TV Guide business cards with my phone number and e-mail address scratched out. And this time, the contest will be cut off today (Wednesday) at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time (that's 10 am for the folks on the West Coast). Good luck! And seriously, this is the last one.

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Question: Any idea if they ...

Question: Any idea if they are going to release Veronica Mars Season 1 on DVD this summer? — Jason

Ausiello: Confession time: I lied when I said the Rob Thomas interview was run in its entirety. The truth is, I decided to save the DVD stuff for next week's AA. Don't hate me.

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Question: Season 2 Battlestar ...

Question: Season 2 Battlestar Galactica scoop? — Gerald

Ausiello: Two new Cylons will be introduced, and one of them may be played by an actor/actress who previously worked with one of the show's producers. Hmmm...

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Question: Dude! Did you hear ...

Question: Dude! Did you hear about a 24 movie being in the works? Make my day and tell me this is true. — E. Golant

Ausiello: It's true that the idea has come up (Entertainment News 6/19), but it's just in the discussion stage.

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Question: Enough with these ...

Question: Enough with these acronyms. Seriously, dude, it's making my head hurt. Instead of wasting about five or six questions in your AA column on this useless junk, why don't you get the lead singer of Matchbox 20 on the phone and ask him about the upcoming season of Veronica Mars. — Eugene

Ausiello: Sounds like someone couldn't figure out what TMHPIHERIML stood for. No worries, Euge. I'm sure you possess other nonessential skills. Now, regarding my fruitless efforts to get Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas on the phone to discuss the show's alleged Season 2 overhaul, there's been a major development on that front. After weeks of going through the proper channels to set up the interview and getting nowhere, I was contacted by Rob himself! Turns out he read the latest SOS I posted in last week's AA and tracked me down. That's the kind of stunt that earns people titles like "The C read more

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