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Question: Can I just say that ...

Question: Can I just say that you're my favorite and can we be best friends? — Val

Ausiello: Yes, you can definitely say I am your favorite, Val. No harm in that.

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Question: When is the ...

Question: When is the underrated Scrubs going to be released on DVD? That show freakin' rules! Thanks and stay cool. — Mike Reyes

Ausiello: I have an e-mail in to exec producer Bill Lawrence about this, but as of Tuesday at 6 pm/ET he still hadn't gotten back to me. You'd think he was off making the best damn comedy show on television or something.

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Question: Do you know how ...

Question: Do you know how long Chris (Milo Ventimiglia) will be on American Dreams? — Jamie K.

Ausiello: Well, his mom (played by Daphne Zuniga) is gonna be around all season, so I think that bodes well for Milo/Chris. If you haven't done so already, read Ben Katner's interview with Zuniga. The ex-Melrose Place babe comes off as quite the little quipmeister.

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Question: I can't seem to get ...

Question: I can't seem to get an answer to this question: What happened to John Jackson, the admiral on JAG? He just seems to have disappeared. Without him, the show is boring. — Frank

Ausiello: According to a CBS rep, Jackson decided it was time to move on, which led to his character's retirement last May.

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Question: Hey, I just started ...

Question: Hey, I just started reading your column. I find it entertaining, although very confusing. — Melissa

Ausiello: What could be so confusing? People ask me questions and I answer them.

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Question: Why is nobody ...

Question: Why is nobody talking about the fact that Eminem lip-synced on Saturday Night Live [the weekend after Ashlee]? Is everyone scaredy cats of him or what? — Shawn

Ausiello: That's a horrible thing to say about one of the greatest artists of our time. How dare you!

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Question: Do you know what ...

Question: Do you know what the deal is with a Marissa/Ryan reunion on The O.C.? — Jordan

Ausiello: Don't hold your breath.

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Question: I am a huge fan of ...

Question: I am a huge fan of HBO's Carnivale. When will the new season start? — Collette

Ausiello: Jan. 9, Collette. I'm trying to get HBO to donate a few copies of the first season DVD for an upcoming "Ask Ausiello" giveaway, but I think they're concerned I'll use them as Christmas gifts instead. And I'd be lying if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind.

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Question: How come you don't ...

Question: How come you don't date your "Ask Ausiello" readers? — Rachel

Ausiello: The same reason I don't accuse Eminem of lip-syncing: They scare me.

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Question: Sorry, I didn't ...

Question: Sorry, I didn't know about the no-caps rule ("Ask Ausiello" 11/03). Here's the question again: About five years ago there was a new comedy with a popular, older male lead. The show was a hit, but after only about five episodes, the male lead suddenly died. Can you tell me who the actor was? — Lori

Ausiello: Thanks for resubmitting with your caps lock off, Lori. Much appreciated. Now for an answer to your question, I turn "Ask Ausiello" over to Daenery...

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