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Question: What's the latest ...

Question: What's the latest on Arrested Development? Will we get a third season? — Jen

Ausiello: I don't want to jinx things, but I'm hearing that we will.

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Question: Who's gonna die in ...

Question: Who's gonna die in Smallville's season finale? Is it Lana? — Gabby

Ausiello: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: (More space) YES, IT'S LANA!! Actually, that's a lie. I was just messin' with Erin. Read my April 20 column again. The answer's in there.

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Randy Quaid Shares Elvis' Secret Woes

Long before joining TV Guide, this reporter was working at the Sahara-Tahoe Hotel Casino in 1971 when Elvis Presley made his "northern Nevada debut." The casino was festooned with placards proclaiming "Elvis Summer Festival." And every front-of-the-house employee, from the craps dealers to the house-maids, was issued an Elvis Summer Festival Styrofoam faux straw hat. Failure to wear the hat while on shift meant termination — on orders from "Colonel" Tom Parker.

"That sounds right," says Randy Quaid, who's winning critical raves as the King's almost equally legendary manager in CBS' two-part Elvis miniseries. (Tonight's conclusion airs at 8 pm/ET.) "That's carnival time, with the straw hats and the banners. [Parker's] PR came from the tricks he learned when he promoted carnivals. He was the advance man, and he would go into the town a couple of weeks before the carnival arrived, put up all the poster displays, make deals with the grocer and v read more

Question: Any news on whether ...

Question: Any news on whether or not Judging Amy is returning for another season? — Andee

Ausiello: If it does, it won't be on Tuesdays at 10 pm. Mark my words.

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Question: No question. Just ...

Question: No question. Just wanted you to know you have a great column! — Chris Carter

Ausiello: Thanks! And I'll return the compliment by saying I really enjoyed that alien show you did for Fox a few years back.

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Question: Do you have any ...

Question: Do you have any news on CBS' Big Brother 6 and when it'll be airing? Is it going to be an All-Stars type of show? — Gina

Ausiello: Nope, there'll be another crop of no-name fame whores when it debuts July 6. The real star of the sixth edition will be the new two-story house CBS constructed on the Yes, Dear set. I hear Julie Chen is beside herself with excitement.

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Question: I missed you lots. ...

Question: I missed you lots. — Dawn

Ausiello: All joking aside, I kinda missed me, too.

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Question: Mike, please put ...

Question: Mike, please put more space between the words "MAJOR SPOILER ALERT" and the actual spoiler. It's almost impossible to read the warning and then keep from glancing at the next sentence. — Erin

Ausiello: Will do, Erin.

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Question: So, Paul's death on ...

Question: So, Paul's death on 24 means one more male recurring character is gonna get whacked, right? — Jeff

Ausiello: Wise man, you are.

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Question: I didn't think I ...

Question: I didn't think I would mind missing a week of your column, but I did. Can you make sure that next time you take a vacation (and yes, everyone, including you, deserves one) you write your column ahead of time. — Trish

Ausiello: Are you trying to get me to crack under pressure like Dave Chappelle? Because if you are, it's working.

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