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Question: So, what's the big ...

Question: So, what's the big plot twist that "changes everything" for the fantastic four on Scrubs later this season? — Scott

Ausiello: Ah, you're referring to my Ausiello Report item in this week's TV Guide magazine. All I can say is it involves Carla and Turk. BTW, my hairy Scrubs mole reappeared just in time to give me some scoop on the first-season DVD (due May 17). The three-disc set will feature an original documentary by Zach Braff titled A Day in the Life of a Newbie that'll show what it's like to be a new actor on TV's funniest comedy. Other extras will include a gag reel, deleted scenes and a 9-minute montage that will reveal Neil Flynn to be one of the best improvisers in the world.

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Question: Could you please ...

Question: Could you please mention our campaign at — ROCKAMANIAC

Ausiello: Your total is $24.95. Please pay at the register.

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Question: Are you still ...

Question: Are you still losing weight? You look great! — Lisa M.

Ausiello: Thanks, Lisa! Actually, I'm trying to lose a few extra pounds to get in shape for an audition next week. It's for a new show on FX called Starved. I hear they're looking for actors who are at least 60 lbs. below their ideal body weight. Suffice it to say, I've got some binging and purging to do. Now, provided a deal can be hammered out, Alias' May sweeps teaser can best be summed up in six words: Irina Derevko returns from the dead. Check out next week's TV Guide magazine for more.

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Question: Any chance Eugene ...

Question: Any chance Eugene (Steve Harris) will show up on Boston Legal as a judge? He was my favorite character on The Practice. — Tom Dennis

Ausiello: I heard that David E. Kelley was interested in using him, but he wanted his same per-episode salary from The Practice and Legal just couldn't afford it (read: Murphy Brown ain't cheap!).

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Question: Is Heather Graham ...

Question: Is Heather Graham returning to Scrubs anytime soon? Cuz she was awesome! — Andrew K.

Ausiello: Yep, she'll be back for one more episode, airing later this season.

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Question: Just want to wish ...

Question: Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday! — Alyssa

Ausiello: Damn — I really didn't want that out there. Now everyone's gonna wanna give me nice presents. Why'd you have to open your big mouth, Alyssa? Why?!?!?!?!?!

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Question: What, no Alias dirt ...

Question: What, no Alias dirt this week? What good are you? — Chris

Ausiello: Patience, my friend. It's coming.

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Question: Any Veronica Mars ...

Question: Any Veronica Mars scoops? — Matt

Ausiello: Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns up in the April 12 episode. That's all I got for now.

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Question: I gave up soda for ...

Question: I gave up soda for Lent, and as I stood in front of the beverage cooler in the grocery store looking for some thirst-quenching refreshment, decided to give Diet Snapple a try. Knowing how much you rave about the Diet Raspberry Tea, I thought I'd try that, but can you believe they were out? I picked up a Diet Cranberry-Raspberry and was pleasantly surprised! Yummy! Couldn't believe it was diet — and only 10 calories! Have you tried it, or are you a strict Diet Raspberry Tea drinker only? — Dianne

Ausiello: I'm a fairly strict Diet Raspberry Tea addict, er, drinker. However, if I'm really desperate (read: The store is out of Diet Raspberry Tea or the stock they do have is out of date), I'll grab a Diet Lemon Tea. Speaking of Snapple, I've been faced with a rather serious ethical dilemma that I feel compelled to share with you all. I no longer feel like I can sing the praises of Diet Raspberry Tea in light of the company's decision not to read more

Question: How dare you insult ...

Question: How dare you insult Queer As Folk (Ask Ausiello 2/16)! Mike, I thought you had class. — Val

Ausiello: Ladies and gentleman, we have a first-time reader! All together now, "Welcome, Val."

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