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After some careful, careful vetting by lawyers, HarperCollins has released Confessions of a Video Vixen, a steamy tell-all — and "cautionary tale," adds the publisher — by music-video dancer Karrine Steffans. The hardcover vividly details the booty-shaker's acquaintances with/evaluations of such "biggies" as Vin Diesel (whom she says has "an enviable eight-pack" — and more), Fred Durst and Sean Combs. This all sounds so juicy, I almost hate to ask: Who is Karrine Steffans? read more


Newly released handwritten notes from jurors in the Michael Jackson case reveal that during deliberations the panel asked for the accuser's entire testimony to be read back to them. Also of note: The jury came thisclose to finding the pop star guilty of plying a minor with alcohol and a lesser count of exposing the public to his face. read more


Disgraced American Idol contestant Corey Clark apologized Tuesday for that weekend breakfast brawl that earned him a citation for battery. Calling the whole thing a "huge misunderstanding," Clark insists it wasn't just his manager he fought with — as police have claimed. "My dancers, crew, management and I were all involved in a food-fight that lasted only a few minutes," he said. "With that said, I would like to apologize to any hotel guests and/or staff that may have been inconvenienced as a result of this situation." If convicted, Clark faces up to six months in jail, a $1000 fine and an exclusive hourlong special on ABC. read more


When it comes to poker, Jennifer Tilly is the real deal. The Bride of Chucky won the Ladies no-limit Texas Hold 'Em event at the World Series of Poker — a first for a celebrity. Tilly — whose boyfriend is poker ace Phil Laak — walked off with $158,625 in winnings. That should keep her off The Surreal Life for another year at least. read more


American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe tells that he fully expects Corey Clark's alleged paramour, Paula Abdul, to rejoin Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson at the judges' table for the show's fifth season. "Certainly Simon is [returning]. And as far as I'm aware, Paula and Randy are as well," Lythgoe tells us. "I have no problem with bringing the three judges back for next season." But bringing back scary Scott Savol in any way, shape or form? Noooo flippin' way, dude. read more


Charmed has tapped 8 Simple Rules star Kaley Cuoco to become a series regular next season. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Cuoco will play a young witch under the tutelage of Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan. As previously reported, Extra's Mark McGrath has also signed on for a multiepisode arc next season. (That's still not a joke, folks.) read more

Rescue Me "Turns out some of yas...

Rescue Me
"Turns out some of yas are just broken-down drunks on the verge of a complete and total mental collapse," says the cop to Tommy after ticketing his truck for the umpteenth time. Well... yeah. Your point being? Then Tommy says if he's ever seen on the Staten Island ferry, shoot him in the head. (Y'know, I used to take the ferry now and then just to enjoy a boat ride. I kinda liked it, so please hold your fire if you ever see me doing it again.) But Tommy's parting line about what the guys trying to sign him up for the barbershop quartet could do with each other after he left provided me with my first laugh-out-loud moment of the evening. Anyway, you think anyone's gonna clue Mike in to the fact that shrieking how you can get any goddamn girl you want in a high-pitched voice might not be the best way to take being dumped? Not a whole lotta pride in that, friend. Nor is calling her up to make fun of her weight (which read more

What a Jeopardy! Champ Watches

Poor Ken Jennings. Last May the record-breaking Jeopardy! brainiac was beaten by former Pennsylvania record-clerk Brad Rutter in the game show's three-day Tournament of Champions. Rutter scored a cool $2 million, while runner-up Jennings walked off the stage with $500,000 and Alex Trebek's undying respect.

Having quit his computer software job, he's gone on to do TV commercials for Cingular and Allstate, designed a board game and even appeared alongside Grover on Sesame Street. When he's not busy with his various and sundry projects, the Type-A personality occasionally permits himself some time to zone out in front of the boob tube. Here, we submit Ken's viewing habits for your amusement.

TV Guide: What are you watching?
Ken Jennings:
I never miss Jeopardy! It's true. [I watch it] to size up the competition. I'm also a big Iron Chef fan — not the American remake but the original. And The Daily Show read more

Tommy Lee Meets Paris Hilton's Mom

Rocker Tommy Lee and socialite Kathy Hilton are NBC's newest reality stars. When they sit down for afternoon tea with TV Guide, worlds collide! In her new series, I Want to Be a Hilton, Kathy Hilton coaches aspiring social climbers in the art of civilized behavior. In Tommy Lee Goes to College (premiering August 16), Tommy Lee does just what the title suggests. We thought it only proper to ask Kathy, the mother of heirheads Paris and Nicky, to teach bad-boy Tommy a lesson in etiquette. Here's what happened.
The Scene: A private dining room in the posh Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. A waiter carefully places fine bone china teacups, silver pots and a three-tiered stand laden with finger sandwiches and pastries on a table for two.

Tommy Lee enters, wearing a striped fuzzy sweater and carrying a hat in his tattooed hand. Across the room, he spies Kathy Hilton, looking elegant in a chic floral frock.

read more

Rescue Me's Fiery Females

The words "Rescue Me" would have had an entirely different meaning for Diane Farr if she'd auditioned for Desperate Housewives. "I told my agent, 'No, I'd really be terrified to be with that many actresses at once,'" Farr says. "Boys are so much easier."

Denis Leary and his fellow firemen may dominate FX's dramedy, but their female costars rival the ladies of Wisteria Lane for sheer fierceness. In addition to Farr, who plays Laura, the fire crew's sole distaff member, three other actresses have major roles this season: Callie Thorne as 9/11 widow Sheila, who's expecting a baby with Leary's Tommy Gavin, her late husband's cousin; Andrea Roth as Tommy's ex-wife Janet, who's run off with their children; and Ashlie Atkinson as Theresa, a self-confident, sexy, plus-size woman carrying on a torrid affair with FDNY hottie Mike, aka "the Probie" (Michael Lombardi). "These women have depth," says Thorne, a veteran of Homicide: Life read more

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