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Question: Is Dean going to be ...

Question: Is Dean going to be back on Gilmore Girls this season? Please say yes! — Meeko

Ausiello: A WB spokesperson insists that "Dean is not returning this season" — despite the fact that he's currently being featured in promos for the April 19 episode. Methinks someone over there has been hitting the Jesus Juice a little too hard, no? Long story short: Yes, he'll be back.

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Question: I'm a famous person ...

Question: I'm a famous person and I'm reading your column. — Anonymous

Ausiello: Prove it, ya big wimp.

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Question: Why is there so ...

Question: Why is there so much riding on whether TV Guide's current Gilmore Girls' covers sell well (Ask Ausiello 3/30)? I'm buying two of each cover, by the way. — Alicia

Ausiello: If I told you it was because my job was on the line, would you run out and buy as many copies as you could squeeze into a hatchback — and urge your friends and enemies to do the same? If so, let me tell you in no uncertain terms, Alicia: My job is on the line. Oh, and speaking of GG, don't forget to enter's first-ever Ask Ausiello sweepstakes for a chance to win a script from Gilmore Girls' April 26 episode signed by the entire cast, including special guest star, me! Click here for more!

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Question: Has there been any ...

Question: Has there been any word on whether or not Soapnet will buy the rights to air Santa Barbara? — Tanya

Ausiello: I pester them about this at least once a month, and every time I get the same icy response: "No, sorry." Rumor has it the show's hit-rich soundtrack is rendering the whole thing cost-prohibitive for the fledgling suds network. I'm thisclose to buying the whole damn library myself and hosting a Santa Barbara Festival in New York City's Bryant Park this summer.

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Question: Any news on whether ...

Question: Any news on whether Charmed is ending with a season or series finale in May? Has executive producer Brad Kern written two endings? — Sara

Ausiello: This is all Mr. Kern would tell me: "This is the ultimate cliffhanger. One way or the other the 'Charmed Ones' will never be the same." Interpret as you like.

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Question: Is FX going to make ...

Question: Is FX going to make Rescue Me clean up its language this season? — Matt Roush

Ausiello: Hardly. In fact, I hear exec producers Denis Leary and Peter Tolan plan to spend an entire episode debating the merits of a certain four-letter word that rhymes with swat. I say "plan" because I don't think they've told FX yet.

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Question: Can you tell me ...

Question: Can you tell me when the Gilmore Girls season finale is? My friends and I are planning a party and we need to order the invitations! Thanks! — Christa

Ausiello: It's May 17, Christa. Are you gonna have a press line at this shindig? If so, fax me a celeb tip sheet ASAP and I'll see about assigning a reporter to cover it.

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Question: Now that Lost is ...

Question: Now that Lost is expanding its season finale to two hours (Ask Ausiello 3/30), what does this mean for Alias? Don't tell me now that they finally got Lena Olin back, they have to cut down her episode to an hour? — Aaron Barker

Ausiello: Good news, Aaron. An ABC rep confirms that Episodes 21 and 22 — which originally were going to be combined into one 90-minute finale — will air as separate one-hour episodes on May 18 and May 25. As a result, it appears Irina's one-episode stint has now turned into two. I can only imagine what that's going to do to Ms. Olin's asking price.

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Question: Any What I Like ...

Question: Any What I Like About You scoop? — Nick

Ausiello: Luke Perry is in talks to become a semiregular presence next season. That's assuming there is a next season.

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Question: Is this the right ...

Question: Is this the right place for questions? The feedback box? Or do I have to actually e-mail you? You never seem to answer them when I put them here. — Shamita

Ausiello: No, you screwed up again, Shamita. How many times do I have to tell you: Slide the question under the door and I'll get to it when I get to it.

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