No one likes when their favorite character is unexpectedly killed off, especially if the death occurs in a season finale or during sweeps. There was no time for goodbyes when Michael opened a box and found Sarah's head in it on Prison Break, for example. And what to make of Bobby dying on Dallas, only to show up again in the shower, years later?

"Dead" Is a Relative Term on Lost


The final scene of Wednesday night's episode of Lost was a whopper. Within the context of the time-jumping series, we already knew we might meet younger versions of certain characters. But did we ever think that presumed-dead characters would pop up on the time-traveling island, alive and well?

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Does Character Death Always Result in Shark-Jumping?

Prison Break, Sarah Wayne Callies

No one likes their favorite character to leave a show, let alone die. On Season 3 of Prison Break, the head of someone who seemed to be Dr. Sarah Tancredi was shipped to Michael in a box. Fans were shocked and upset that they never had the chance to be together — and some even considered it a jump the shark moment. But her character appeared at the beginning of Season 4, alive and well. Does death always result in shark-jumping, or does it sometimes move a story forward?

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