The Beachcombers Episodes

1994, TV Show

Episode Detail: Second Growth - The Beachcombers

Graham protests against loggers on Putnam Island.

Episodes: The Beachcombers (211)

3/12/2013: Computer Error
2/2/2011: Mutiny
2/1/2011: A Bearish Market
3/2/2005: Jet Boat
3/1/2005: Molly's Reach
2/28/2005: Partners
11/18/2003: Potter's Treasure
11/17/2003: Not for Sale
11/16/2003: Night Flyers
11/15/2003: 16 Elephants
11/14/2003: 16 Elephants
11/13/2003: The Syndicate
11/12/2003: Jenny
11/11/2003: Jenny
11/11/2003: Embattlement
11/10/2003: The Mystery
11/9/2003: Small Craft Warning
11/8/2003: The Gift
11/7/2003: Gibsons Party
9/21/2003: Dinner for Two
2/20/2003: Lone Wolf
2/20/2003: Wrong Stuff
2/19/2003: Biker
2/15/2003: Silicon Smith and the Wall of Death
2/14/2003: Stolen Moments
2/13/2003: House Divided
2/12/2003: Ariel
2/11/2003: Channel Swimmer
2/10/2003: Redemption
2/9/2003: Picking Up the Pieces
2/8/2003: A Light Touch
6/3/2002: Old Wounds
6/3/2002: Ghost Story
5/31/2002: Robokid
5/30/2002: Constance
5/29/2002: Futures
5/28/2002: Outward Bound
5/27/2002: Hot Stuff
5/27/2002: Outlaw
5/24/2002: Second Growth
5/23/2002: Security Systems
5/22/2002: Skeletor & Weirdly Works
5/20/2002: The Corporal & Doctor
5/20/2002: Club Laundromat
2/28/2002: Elephant Diary
1/18/2002: Miserable Sinner
1/17/2002: Local Heroes
1/16/2002: Options
1/15/2002: Hooray for Mollywood
1/13/2002: Freezer Full of Beef
1/12/2002: A Long Way Home
1/11/2002: Stars of Wonder
1/10/2002: Disposable People
1/9/2002: Beyond the Limit
1/8/2002: Sunday Drive
1/7/2002: Trial Balloon
1/6/2002: Kelly & Kate
1/5/2002: Pricking of My Thumbs
1/4/2002: Sign of the Times
12/31/2001: Burning with Guilt
12/30/2001: Free Ascent
12/29/2001: Mystery Tour
12/28/2001: Homme Fatale
12/27/2001: Unlikely Allies
12/26/2001: Alekos
12/25/2001: Not Just Another Pretty Face
12/24/2001: Kiss of the Dragon
12/23/2001: Tricky Moves
12/22/2001: Father's Day
12/21/2001: A Slice of Red Herring
12/20/2001: Blue Plate Special
12/19/2001: Opera Barge
12/18/2001: Better Late than Never
12/17/2001: Better Late than Never
12/16/2001: Fireman's Ball
12/3/2001: Plain Sailing
12/2/2001: And in This Corner
11/7/1999: Loud and Proud
11/6/1999: One Man's Dreams
10/31/1999: Twice the Pleasure
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Nick Takes a Vacation
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The Singing Death Man
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Wheeler Dealer
Aces High
Aces High
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The Courtship
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The Great Bicycle Race
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The Serpents Tooth
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Wave of the Future
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Nobody's Boy
The Tray Tree
The Royal Couple
No Ones Shepard
The Talking Stick
Rover's Dream
Father Was a Truck Driving Man
Home Sweet Home
The Lovely Miss Peachum
A Boat for Mr. Kokubo
A Family Christmas
You're Halfway Home Kid
No Home Is an Island
The World's Oldest Runaway
Blue Mountain, White Jewels
Eye in the Sky
Lessons in Love
Return to Medusa
Some Bees Sting
The Hermit of Shaman Island
Without Words
Never Can Say Goodbye
Gibson's Challenge Cup
Meadow Muffins
A Boy and His Dog

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Premiered: 1994, on Trio
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Premise: This durable Canadian series focuses on life in a British Columbia coastal community called Gibson's Landing, where fishermen, loggers and others ply their trade. 'The Beachcombers' ran on the CBC from 1972 to 1990 and was the longest-running series in Canadian history.


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