Classic AWA Wrestling Episodes

2001, TV Show

Episode Detail: "Baby Bull" White - Classic AWA Wrestling

Baby Bull White.

Episodes: Classic AWA Wrestling (92)

6/9/2011: RPM's vs. Badd Company
6/8/2011: Badd Company
9/1/2010: Harley Race vs. Larry Zybysko
8/31/2010: Marty Jannetty/Rick Martel
8/25/2010: Sgt. Slaughter/Sherri Martel vs. Candi Divine
8/2/2010: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka/Curt Hennig/Super Ninja
3/20/2010: Badd Company/Brian Knobbs
3/6/2010: Hulk Hogan/Jesse Ventura
2/3/2010: Lord Littlebrook vs. Little Mr. T
1/15/2010: Wahoo McDaniel vs. Curt Henning
12/29/2009: Col. DeBeers/Larry Zybyszko
12/5/2009: Scott Hall/Nick Bockwinkel
11/3/2009: Greg Gagne vs. Badd Company
9/19/2009: The Fabulous Freebirds vs. The Road Warriors
9/4/2009: The Rock 'n' Roll Express
8/23/2009: Larry Zybysko vs. Nikita Koloff
8/3/2009: DDP/Col. DeBeers/The Diamond Exchange
7/31/2009: Leon White
7/29/2009: Tully Blanchard
6/20/2009: Eric Bischoff/The Baron
6/6/2009: "Cowboy" Bob Orton
5/30/2009: Curt Henning vs. Mr. Magnificent
5/30/2009: Adrian Adonis/Greg Gagne
5/18/2009: Badd Company/Wahoo McDaniel
5/16/2009: Samoans/The Midnight Rockers
5/2/2009: "Playboy" Buddy Rose/Sherri Martel
4/19/2009: Scott Hall/Curt Henning/Arn Anderson
4/19/2009: "Baby Bull" White
4/19/2009: The Midnight Rockers/Curt Henning
4/19/2009: Greg Gagne/Sherri Martell/Col. DeBeers
4/19/2009: The Midnight Rockers/Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
4/19/2009: Curt Henning/Super Ninja
4/18/2009: Nick Bockwinkel/Curt Henning
4/18/2009: Larry Zybysko vs. Curt Henning/The Rockers
4/13/2009: Badd Company/Madusa/Wahoo McDaniel
4/11/2009: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka/"Playboy" Buddy Rose
4/6/2009: Sgt. Slaughter/Jerry Lawler/Michael Hayes
3/31/2009: The Midnight Rockers vs. Orton and Adonis
3/29/2009: The Baron/The Midnight Rockers
3/24/2009: Sgt. Slaughter/Curt Henning
3/23/2009: Cactus Jack/The Guerrero Brothers
3/12/2009: Greg Gagne/Curt Henning/The Midnight Express
3/9/2009: Larry Zybysko/The Midnight Rockers
3/6/2009: Robert Gibson and Greg Gagne vs. Badd Company
3/5/2009: Rock 'n' Roll RPMs vs. Badd Company
3/2/2009: Scott Hall/Curt Henning/Jimmy Snuka
2/27/2009: Badd Company/DDP/Sgt. Slaughter
2/26/2009: Wendi Richter/Terry Adonis
2/25/2009: Badd Company/Jerry Lawler
2/24/2009: Wahoo McDaniel/Jerry Lawler
2/23/2009: Buddy Rose/Greg Gagne/Nick Bockwinkel
2/21/2009: Sgt. Slaughter/The Midnight Rockers
2/18/2009: Jerry Lawler/Paul Diamond
2/17/2009: Jerry Lawler/Chief Jay Strongbow
2/16/2009: Curt Henning/Larry Zybysko
2/12/2009: Curt Henning/Badd Company
2/7/2009: Shawn Michaels/Scott Hall
2/7/2009: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Curt Henning
2/2/2009: Larry Zybysko/Marty Jannetty/Scott Hall
2/1/2009: Greg Gagne/The Midnight Express
1/22/2009: The Midnight Rockers/The Rock 'n' Roll Express
1/13/2009: Greg Gagne vs. Adrian Adonis
1/12/2009: The Rock 'n' Roll Express/Badd Company
1/9/2009: The Nasty Boys/Adrian Adonis
1/7/2009: Cactus Jack/Scott Steiner
1/6/2009: The Rock 'n' Roll Express/DDP
1/4/2009: Cousin Luke
1/2/2009: Kerry Von Erich
11/23/2008: Wahoo McDaniel/DDP/Badd Company
11/23/2008: Top Guns/Baron Von Raschke
11/20/2008: Wendi Richter
11/20/2008: Badd Company
11/13/2008: DDP/Col. DeBeers
11/8/2008: Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Henning
11/6/2008: Jerry Lawler
11/1/2008: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka/The Rockers
10/30/2008: Wahoo McDaniel
10/29/2008: Curt Henning
6/14/2003: Todd Okerlund Hours
3/22/2003: SuperClash: Night of Champions
3/21/2002: Mid-Atlantic
3/9/2002: Buddy Colt
2/21/2002: NWA Heavyweight Championship
2/7/2002: Legend of Dory Funk Jr.
1/30/2002: Ladies of the AWA
1/19/2002: SuperClash 2: Battle by the Bay
9/27/2001: The Midnight Rockers
9/27/2001: Best of Superclash
9/20/2001: Classic Interviews of the AWA
9/19/2001: Jessie Ventura
9/13/2001: Best of Classic AWA Wrestling
9/12/2001: Hulk Hogan

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Premiered: September 12, 2001
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Premise: Top moments and grapplers from the American Wrestling Association are recalled. The AWA operated mostly in the Midwest and had its heyday during the 1970s and '80s.

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