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The Tonys Season 2, Episode 17

The Tony Awards take place in the series 2 finale, and everyone eagerly awaits the results. read more

The Nominations Season 2, Episode 16

Tom crosses a Tony voter; Ivy deals with troubling news; Derek's past affects everyone involved with "Hit List." read more

The Nominations; The Tonys

In the second-season finale, Tom crosses a Tony voter, and Ivy deals with troubling news. Then, the Tony Awards finally take place, and everyone eagerly awaits the results. read more

The Transfer Season 2, Episode 15

A tribute night is held to honor Tom and Julia's work, which pleases Tom, but Julia appears to be preoccupied with "Hit List." Elsewhere, Ivy is hesitant to perform a risqué number; and the cast of "Hit List" deal with a devastating betrayal. read more

The Phenomenon Season 2, Episode 14

A surprising incident occurs and connects "Bombshell" and "Hit List." read more

The Producers Season 2, Episode 13

Jimmy gets destructive and jeopardizes "Hit List," so Derek, Ana and Kyle try to get him to refocus. Elsewhere, Tom and Julia consider ending their partnership as the "Bombshell" cast and crew go into overdrive to make the show a success. read more

Opening Night Season 2, Episode 12

"Bombshell" has its opening night, and a jittery Ivy gets some unexpected encouragement. Meanwhile, Tom and Julia set their sights on a new project; Jimmy shares details about his background with Karen; and Eileen's issues with Richard cause problems. read more

The Dress Rehearsal Season 2, Episode 11

Tom's overeagerness may hurt "Bombshell" as he and Julia prepare the show for previews. Meanwhile, Ivy has an on-stage blunder, which leads her to make an important decision; and Karen begins to question Derek's true motives. read more

The Surprise Party Season 2, Episode 10

Tom's plans for Ivy's party include a surprise guest: Liza Minnelli. Elsewhere, the tension among Karen, Jimmy and Derek intensifies; Richard wants Eileen to spend less time working; and Julia is unexpectedly pulled away from "Bombshell." read more

The Parents Season 2, Episode 9

Tom tries to eases the tension between Leigh and Ivy when Leigh is cast in "Bombshell." Meanwhile, Jimmy and Karen's bond is tested; and as the public gets a taste of "Hit List," Derek uncovers information concerning Jimmy's background. read more

The Bells and Whistles Season 2, Episode 8

Ivy brings Sam back to New York City, making things uncomfortable for Tom. Elsewhere, Jimmy finds himself at odds with Derek regarding "Hit List"; and Ana and Karen struggle with being assertive. read more

Musical Chairs Season 2, Episode 7

Karen, Tom, Julia and Derek adapt to a new environment, where clashes arise. Meanwhile, pressure mounts at "Liaisons"; and Katie's assistance leads Eileen to discover how to salvage "Bombshell." read more

The Fringe Season 2, Episode 6

Derek and Karen reach a turning point, so one of them makes a tough decision. Meanwhile, problems emerge in Jerry and Eileen's partnership; complications arise at the "Hit List" debut at the Fringe Festival; and Ivy attempts to save her and Terry's show. read more

The Read-Through Season 2, Episode 5

Tom informs Julia that he has doubts about Peter, which intensifies Julia's concerns. Meanwhile, the first reading for "Hit List" takes place; Ivy's hopes are dashed when she meets her new costar; and Karen is unsure if she can place her trust in Jimmy. read more

The Song Season 2, Episode 4

Jimmy's ego may sabotage a big opportunity for him and Kyle. Meanwhile, Ronnie has a difficult time dealing with her domineering mom; and the stakes are high for "Bombshell" as Eileen faces an ethical dilemma. read more

The Dramaturg Season 2, Episode 3

Tom and Julia must work with an unwanted collaborator. Meanwhile, Derek tries to win over Ronnie; Jimmy and Kyle get ready to present their work; and an old pal helps Ivy move forward. read more

The Fallout Season 2, Episode 2

Eileen crashes a gala hosted by the American Theater Wing and has Ivy sing at it. Meanwhile, Derek is fired from "The Wiz" after some dancers accuse him of sexual harassment; and Karen tries to get Jimmy to share his songs with her. read more

On Broadway Season 2, Episode 1

"Bombshell" runs into financial trouble that threatens the production. Meanwhile, Karen is mentored by a Broadway star and discovers a new artist in an unexpected place; and Julia faces a personal crisis with her husband. read more

On Broadway; The Fallout

The second season begins with "Bombshell" running into financial trouble that threatens the production. Meanwhile, Karen is mentored by a Broadway star and discovers a new artist in an unexpected place; and Julia faces a personal crisis with her husband. read more

Bombshell Season 1, Episode 15

In the first-season finale, Derek makes a major decision, and it affects both Karen and Ivy. Meanwhile, Tom and Julia scramble to save the show; and Ellis reveals where his loyalties truly lie. read more

Previews Season 1, Episode 14

Rebecca faces a personal crisis as "Bombshell" begins previews, and Tom and Julia rush to tweak the show in response to feedback from the first preview. Meanwhile, Frank deals with Michael's return; and Dev wants to mend his relationship with Karen. read more

Tech Season 1, Episode 13

The production heads to Boston, and Eileen and Julia argue about possibly rehiring Michael. Meanwhile, Derek's bond with Rebecca intensifies; Karen must choose between her boyfriend and the show; and Sam invites Tom to a family dinner. read more

Publicity Season 1, Episode 12

Karen finds Rebecca's charmed life very enticing, but Derek finds Rebecca to be exasperating. Meanwhile, Eileen has her ex-husband meet her new boyfriend; and Julia's son goes missing. read more

The Movie Star Season 1, Episode 11

Karen and Ivy team up to form an awkward alliance when movie star Rebecca Duvall appears on the scene. Meanwhile, Tom and Sam grow closer; and Julia and Frank have to unite to focus on a pressing family matter. read more

Understudy Season 1, Episode 10

A famous celebrity signs on to the show, but problems arise when she gets stuck in Cuba. Meanwhile, Derek tests how much pressure Karen can withstand as an understudy; and Tom and Julia commemorate their anniversary. read more

Hell on Earth Season 1, Episode 9

A top-tier star is sought for the musical. Meanwhile, Eileen wants Tom and Julia to come up with a new name for the show; Karen and Ivy audition for the same orange-juice commercial; and Frank uncovers something unpleasant. read more

The Coup Season 1, Episode 8

Derek plots to steal the musical, and he wants Karen to assist him. Meanwhile, Eileen's daughter makes a surprise visit home; and Ivy is uncertain about her future after the workshop. read more

The Workshop Season 1, Episode 7

The musical is performed in front of potential investors, and Ivy's confidence is weakened by her mom, a Broadway veteran. Meanwhile, Karen is torn between doing the workshop and meeting with a music producer; and repercussions await Julia and Michael. read more

Chemistry Season 1, Episode 6

Vocal problems begin to plague Ivy. Meanwhile, Julia finds it difficult to stay away from Michael; Eileen and Ellis hang out at a downtown dive bar; and Karen books a gig as a Bar Mitzvah singer. read more

Let's Be Bad Season 1, Episode 5

Karen discovers a new acting opportunity while accompanying Dev to a government party. Elsewhere, things grow more complicated between Michael and Julia; Eileen teams up with Ellis; and Ivy worries about her relationship with Derek. read more

The Cost of Art Season 1, Episode 4

Derek hosts a party for a popular young star, reminding Karen she must propel her career. Meanwhile, Eileen tests a crafty way to secure funds; and Tom dates someone new. read more

Enter Mr. DiMaggio Season 1, Episode 3

Casting begins for the Joe DiMaggio character, and the lead contender is hiding something. Meanwhile, Karen returns to her hometown to attend a baby shower; and Eileen's ex-husband pollutes her pool of potential investors. read more

The Callback Season 1, Episode 2

Derek makes the audition process rigorous for Karen and Ivy. Elsewhere, Eileen looks for financial backing; and Julia and Frank hit bureaucratic obstacles with their international adoption plans. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In the series premiere of this musical drama about a group of people staging a Broadway show, a writing duo come up with the idea to base a show on Marilyn Monroe, and an experienced chorus girl competes against a promising newcomer for the lead role. read more

Smash Episode: "The Nominations; The Tonys"

Episode Synopsis: In the second-season finale, Tom crosses a Tony voter, and Ivy deals with troubling news. Then, the Tony Awards finally take place, and everyone eagerly awaits the results.
Original Air Date: May 26, 2013
Guest Cast Ron Rifkin Rosie O'Donnell Cheyenne Jackson Bernadette Peters: Leigh Conroy

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Premiered: February 06, 2012, on NBC
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: A musical drama focusing on a group of people staging a Broadway show about Marilyn Monroe.


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