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Being Teen Dads

Teen dads are profiled. read more

Being Amber: A Teen Mom Special

Amber looks back on her troubled past; and reconnects with her daughter. read more

Being Catelynn: A Teen Mom Special

Catelynn looks back on her decision to put her daughter up for adoption; and she questions whether she'll get married. read more

Being Farrah: A Teen Mom Special

Farrah is confronted about choices from her past by her mom and daughter. read more

Being Maci

An update on Maci Bookout and her son, Bentley. read more

Amber Behind Bars

Amber Portwood ("Teen Mom") discusses her family and life at the Rockville Correctional Facility in Rockville, Ind. read more

Ask the Moms

The teen moms field questions from fans of the series. read more

Farewell Special

Memorable moments from the series are recalled by the teen moms. Included: never-before-seen footage; original casting tapes. read more

Season 4 Unseen Moments Season 4, Episode 15

Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts this look at never-before-seen moments from Season 4. read more

Series Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew Season 4, Episode 14

Maci discusses the status of her relationship with Kyle, and Gary reflects on his journey with Amber in the conclusion of this series-finale special, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky. Also: Leah, Bentley and Sophia share the stage one last time. read more

Series Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew Season 4, Episode 13

Part 1 of 2. Catelynn, Tyler and Farrah reflect on their journeys in this series-finale special, which looks back at the last four seasons. Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts. read more

Wake Up Season 4, Episode 12

In the series finale, Ryan confronts Maci about their custody arrangement, while Amber has second thoughts about giving Gary full custody of Leah. Also: Farrah misses Sophia; Catelynn and Tyler reflect on the adoption. read more

For the Best Season 4, Episode 11

Maci and Ryan fight over Bentley's birthday; Farrah spends time with Sophia before leaving for a month; Amber and Gary agree on a custody plan for Leah; Catelynn and Tyler help their parents deal with their issues. read more

Change of Plans Season 4, Episode 10

Farrah visits Texas and challenges Daniel about their relationship; Maci and Ryan fight over Ryan's new girlfriend; Amber searches for a new home for herself and Leah; Catelynn and Tyler have difficulty making a decision about college. read more

By the Rules Season 4, Episode 9

Farrah's mom meets her new boyfriend; Catelynn supports her mother as Tyler's dad goes to court; Bentley struggles to adjust to Maci's new house; sharing custody of Leah continues to be a problem for Amber and Gary. read more

The Next Step Season 4, Episode 8

Maci and Kyle consider buying a home; Farrah introduces Sophia to her new beau; a fight breaks out between Catelynn and Tyler's parents; Amber tries to see her daughter. read more

Fresh Start Season 4, Episode 7

Amber goes home after completing two months in rehab; Farrah starts dating a new guy; Maci and Ryan clash over Bentley attending preschool; Tyler pressures Catelynn to go to college. read more

Temper Tantrums Season 4, Episode 6

Maci enrolls Bentley in preschool; Farrah's mom and sister visit, and a huge blowup ensues; Amber considers checking out of rehab early; Catelynn and Tyler face issues with Butch. read more

Homecoming Season 4, Episode 5

Farrah visits her parents and becomes annoyed with their concerns for Sophia; Catelynn attends a birth-parent support group with her grandmother; Amber and Gary work on their relationship issues; Maci has a hard time choosing her classes. read more

Strike Out Season 4, Episode 4

Amber's visited by Leah and Gary in rehab; Farrah's asked out by her neighbor; Catelynn and Tyler debate letting Butch move back into their home; Maci tags along on Ryan's family vacation. read more

The Places You'll Go Season 4, Episode 3

Catelynn and Tyler graduate high school; Amber awaits a visit from Gary and Leah in rehab; Farrah deals with her parents' overbearing concerns; Maci considers joining Ryan on his family vacation. read more

Letting Go Season 4, Episode 2

Catelynn and Tyler have an emotional visit with their daughter, Carly; Amber misses her daughter, Leah, during her first weeks of rehab; Farrah says good-bye to her life in Iowa; a disagreement with Ryan disrupts Maci and Kyle's relationship. read more

Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, Amber prepares to go to rehab; Maci enrolls Bentley in day care; Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Carly's second birthday; and Farrah has a change of heart about leaving Sophia behind when she moves. read more

Catching Up With the Girls of Teen Mom

A look back at Maci, Catelynn, Farrah and Amber's stories, from the first season of "16 & Pregnant" through three seasons of "Teen Mom." read more

Season 3 Unseen Moments Season 3, Episode 16

Dr. Drew hosts this look at never-before-seen moments from Season 3. read more

Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part Two Season 3, Episode 15

Conclusion. Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with Catelynn and Maci about their experiences in the third season. read more

Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part One Season 3, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with Farrah and Amber about their experiences in the third season. read more

Pros & Cons Season 3, Episode 13

Season 3 finale: Maci tries to cut Ryan out of her life; Farrah makes a decision about moving away; Amber and Gary try to get the no-contact order lifted; Tyler's dad moves in with Tyler and Catelynn. read more

Teen Dads Season 3, Episode 12

The young dads of "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" come together for the first time to discuss their experiences. Host: Dr. Drew Pinsky. read more

Time Out Season 3, Episode 11

Catelynn finishes high school; Maci battles Ryan over custody; Amber and Gary struggle with a no-contact order; Farrah's parents want her to leave Sophia behind when she moves away. read more

Stay With Me Season 3, Episode 10

Amber spends a night in jail; Catelynn and Tyler have a falling-out; Farrah considers moving to Florida; Maci gets overwhelmed with all of her responsibilities. read more

As Long As We're Together Season 3, Episode 9

Amber reaches out to Gary on the anniversary of a tragedy; Catelynn reunites with her dad; Farrah fights with her parents; Maci considers dropping out of school. read more

Taking It Up a Notch Season 3, Episode 8

Amber goes on a date; Catelynn and Tyler get ready for Christmas; Farrah tells her parents she wants to move to California; and Maci makes a shocking announcement. read more

Without You Season 3, Episode 7

Farrah takes Sophia to visit Sophia's dad's grave; Amber has an argument with her mom; Catelynn and Tyler graduate; Maci struggles with her schoolwork. read more

Terrible Twos Season 3, Episode 6

Gary refuses to celebrate Leah's birthday with Amber; Catelynn copes with her fears about adoption; Maci's ex finds out that her boyfriend is living with her; Farrah gets a puppy. read more

Trick or Treat Season 3, Episode 5

Maci and Ryan fight over who gets Bentley on his birthday; Catelynn and Tyler go job hunting; Amber breaks down over being separated from Leah; Farrah struggles to spend time with Sophia. read more

Trials and Tribulations Season 3, Episode 4

Farrah goes to court; Maci decides to move back home to Chattanooga; Amber and Gary meet with Child Protective Services; and Catelynn tries to fix her relationship with her mom. read more

The Last Straw Season 3, Episode 3

Tyler's dad is released from jail; Amber worries that she'll lose custody after finding out she's being investigated; Ryan wants to meet Maci's new boyfriend. read more

To Be With You Season 3, Episode 2

Amber and Gary move in together, while Maci considers letting her boyfriend move in to make ends meet. Elsewhere, Farrah struggles with being away from her daughter, and Tyler's family questions his decision to live with Catelynn. read more

Taking It Slow Season 3, Episode 1

In the Season 3 opener, Maci confronts her ex about child support; Catelynn and Tyler consider moving in together; Amber must choose between her new boyfriend and her baby's father; and Farrah considers a big change. read more

Preview of the Upcoming Season of Teen Mom

A preview of the upcoming season of "Teen Mom," which will continue to follow the stories of "16 & Pregnant" cast members Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah. read more

Baby Talk Season 2, Episode 15

Memorable moments from Season 2 are recalled by the teen moms. read more

Finale Special: Check-Up With Dr. Drew Season 2, Episode 14

Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with the young moms about their experiences in the second season. read more

See You Later Season 2, Episode 13

Catelynn and Tyler reunite with their daughter one year after her adoption in the Season 2 finale. Also: Amber and Gary try to work out a custody agreement; Farrah's mom sets her up on a date; and Maci and Ryan get into a heated battle over parental rights. read more

Unseen Moments 2 Season 2, Episode 12

Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts this look at never-before-seen moments from Season 2. read more

Too Much Too Soon Season 2, Episode 11

Catelynn and Tyler learn they'll get to visit their daughter; Farrah gets the results of Sophia's DNA test; Amber breaks up with Gary; and Maci confronts Kyle about her new life in Nashville. read more

Lashing Out Season 2, Episode 10

Gary incites Amber's anger when he threatens to take Leah away; Catelynn and Tyler learn they won't graduate on time; Maci attempts to set up visitation arrangements with Ryan; and Farrah has an emotional reunion. read more

Family Bonds Season 2, Episode 9

Maci and Bentley move to Nashville to live with her boyfriend, and Ryan does not take the news well; Farrah contacts Sophia's dad's family; and Catelynn and Tyler find out that Butch is in jail again. read more

Hello and Goodbye Season 2, Episode 8

Amber and Gary's wedding plans begin to fall apart; Farrah considers moving back home with her mom; Catelynn and Tyler celebrate their daughter's first birthday; and Maci tells her parents that she's moving. read more

Senior Prom Season 2, Episode 7

Catelynn shops for a prom dress, but the experience is ruined by an argument about the adoption; Ryan decides to fight Maci for custody of Bentley; Farrah goes to counseling with her mom; and Gary ruins Amber's birthday plans. read more

Trial and Error Season 2, Episode 6

Farrah tries speed dating; Maci wonders if her new boyfriend is ready for the responsibility of dating a teen mom; Amber works toward her GED; and Catelynn's stepfather enters court-ordered rehab. read more

Secrets & Lies Season 2, Episode 5

Amber and Gary have a huge fight that makes her question their engagement; Catelynn and Tyler's relationship is back on the rocks; Maci's new boyfriend meets her son, Bentley; and Farrah falls victim to a scam. read more

Spring Break Season 2, Episode 4

Amber and Gary take a vacation; Maci has a problem with Ryan's new girlfriend; Farrah's mom is offered a plea bargain for her physical altercation with Farrah; Catelynn learns that Ryan is still angry with her about a past lie. read more

Valentine's Day Season 2, Episode 3

Maci reconnects with an ex on Valentine's Day; Amber and Gary's romantic dinner doesn't go as planned; Farrah opens up about an emotional secret; Catelynn's boyfriend struggles with the adoption. read more

Should I Stay or Should I Go Season 2, Episode 2

Amber's boyfriend considers leaving her for someone else; Farrah struggles to balance work, school and motherhood; Maci wants to move into a house with her college friends; and Catelynn gets caught in a lie. read more

Not Again Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, Amber faces a pregnancy scare; Farrah calls the cops on her own mother; Marci takes her ex to court for child support; and Catelynn moves back home with her family. read more

Unseen Moments Season 1, Episode 10

A look at previously unseen moments from Season 1. Hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky. read more

Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew Season 1, Episode 9

Dr. Drew Pinsky chats with the young moms in front of a studio audience. The girls reflect on their first year of motherhood, and reveal what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling. read more

Happy Birthday Season 1, Episode 8

In the Season 1 finale, Catelynn and Tyler work on letting go of their daughter Carly; Maci and Ryan celebrate Bentley's first birthday; and Amber plans a birthday party for Leah. read more

Baby Steps Season 1, Episode 7

Amber decides she no longer wants to live with Gary; Maci struggles in school; Catelyn and Tyler discuss their future; Farrah wants to move out of her parents' house. read more

Standing Up Season 1, Episode 6

Farrah starts focusing on being a better mom; Catelynn learns her boyfriend's dad may be going to jail; Maci continues to have problems with her boyfriend; and Amber faces her fears and puts her baby in day care. read more

A Little Help Season 1, Episode 5

Maci and Ryan hope talking to a counselor will improve their troubled relationship; Amber considers accepting help from her ex; and Farrah starts to realize she should stay home more with the baby. read more

Moving On Season 1, Episode 4

Catelynn must find a home on her own when her mother moves away; Amber and Gary's relationship continues to unravel; newly single Maci has a change of heart. read more

Fallout Season 1, Episode 3

Catelynn's family refuses to support her decision to put her daughter up for adoption; Amber and her fiancé, Gary, have relationship troubles; Maci struggles to balance motherhood and school; and Farrah learns that dating is not easy. read more

How Many Chances? Season 1, Episode 2

Maci considers ending her engagement; Farrah starts seeing a new guy despite her family's disapproval; Catelynn struggles with her decision to put her daughter up for adoption; and Amber tries to get her GED. read more

Looking for Love Season 1, Episode 1

Four young moms are followed during their first year of motherhood in this "16 and Pregnant" spin-off. In the opener, Maci starts planning her wedding; Catelynn moves back in with her disapproving parents; Farrah starts dating against her family's wishes; and Amber deals with anxiety over being a mom. read more

Catching Up With 16 and Pregnant: The Girls of Teen Mom

A preview of the "16 and Pregnant" spin-off, which will follow four young moms during their first year of motherhood. read more

Teen Mom Episode: "Amber Behind Bars"

Episode Synopsis: Amber Portwood ("Teen Mom") discusses her family and life at the Rockville Correctional Facility in Rockville, Ind.
Original Air Date: Oct 9, 2012
Guest Cast Dr. Drew

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Premise: Young moms are followed in this spin-off of "16 and Pregnant."



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