NCIS: Los Angeles Episodes

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NCIS: Los Angeles episodes

Jan 05, 2015: Spiral
Dec 15, 2014: Humbug
Dec 08, 2014: Reign Fall
Nov 24, 2014: Traitor
Nov 17, 2014: The Grey Man
Nov 10, 2014: Leipei
Nov 03, 2014: SEAL Hunter
Oct 27, 2014: Black Budget
Oct 20, 2014: The 3rd Choir
Oct 13, 2014: Praesidium
Oct 06, 2014: Inelegant Heart
Sep 29, 2014: Deep Trouble, Part II
May 13, 2014: Deep Trouble
May 06, 2014: Exposure
Apr 29, 2014: One More Chance
Apr 15, 2014: Three Hearts
Apr 08, 2014: Windfall
Apr 01, 2014: Spoils of War
Mar 25, 2014: Zero Days
Mar 18, 2014: Between the Lines
Mar 04, 2014: Fish Out of Water
Feb 25, 2014: Tuhon
Feb 04, 2014: War Cries
Jan 14, 2014: Allegiance
Dec 17, 2013: Merry Evasion
Dec 10, 2013: Iron Curtain Rising
Nov 26, 2013: The Frozen Lake
Nov 19, 2013: Recovery
Nov 12, 2013: Fallout
Nov 05, 2013: The Livelong Day
Oct 29, 2013: Big Brother
Oct 22, 2013: Unwritten Rule
Oct 15, 2013: Reznikov, N.
Oct 08, 2013: Omni
Oct 01, 2013: Impact
Sep 24, 2013: Ascension
May 14, 2013: Descent
May 07, 2013: Parley
Apr 30, 2013: Raven & the Swans
Apr 23, 2013: Resurrection
Apr 09, 2013: Purity
Mar 26, 2013: Red: Part Two
Mar 19, 2013: Red: Part One
Mar 05, 2013: Wanted
Feb 26, 2013: Lokhay
Feb 19, 2013: History
Feb 05, 2013: Kill House
Jan 29, 2013: The Chosen One
Jan 15, 2013: Paper Soldiers
Jan 08, 2013: Drive
Dec 18, 2012: Free Ride
Dec 11, 2012: The Gold Standard
Nov 27, 2012: Collateral
Nov 20, 2012: Skin Deep
Nov 13, 2012: Rude Awakenings
Oct 30, 2012: Out of the Past
Oct 23, 2012: Dead Body Politic
Oct 09, 2012: The Fifth Man
Oct 02, 2012: Recruit
Sep 25, 2012: Endgame
May 15, 2012: Sans Voir
May 15, 2012: Sans Voir
May 15, 2012: Sans Voir
May 08, 2012: Neighborhood Watch
May 01, 2012: Touch of Death
Apr 10, 2012: Patriot Acts
Mar 27, 2012: Vengeance
Mar 20, 2012: The Dragon and the Fairy
Feb 28, 2012: Blye, K., Part 2
Feb 21, 2012: Blye, K.
Feb 14, 2012: Crimeleon
Feb 07, 2012: Partners
Jan 10, 2012: Exit Strategy
Jan 03, 2012: The Watchers
Dec 13, 2011: Higher Power
Nov 22, 2011: The Debt
Nov 15, 2011: Betrayal
Nov 08, 2011: Greed
Nov 01, 2011: Honor
Oct 25, 2011: Lone Wolf
Oct 18, 2011: Sacrifice
Oct 11, 2011: Deadline
Oct 04, 2011: Backstopped
Sep 27, 2011: Cyber Threat
Sep 20, 2011: Lange, H.
May 17, 2011: Familia
May 10, 2011: Imposters
May 03, 2011: Plan B
Apr 12, 2011: Rocket Man
Mar 29, 2011: The Job
Mar 22, 2011: Enemy Within
Mar 01, 2011: Harm's Way
Feb 22, 2011: Personal
Feb 15, 2011: Empty Quiver
Feb 08, 2011: Tin Soldiers
Feb 01, 2011: Lockup
Jan 18, 2011: Archangel
Jan 11, 2011: Overwatch
Dec 14, 2010: Disorder
Nov 23, 2010: Deliverance
Nov 16, 2010: Absolution
Nov 09, 2010: Bounty
Oct 26, 2010: Anonymous
Oct 19, 2010: Standoff
Oct 12, 2010: Little Angels
Oct 05, 2010: Special Delivery
Sep 28, 2010: Borderline
Sep 21, 2010: Black Widow
Sep 21, 2010: Human Traffic
May 25, 2010: Callen G.
May 18, 2010: Burned
May 11, 2010: Hunted
May 04, 2010: Found
Apr 27, 2010: Fame
Apr 06, 2010: Hand-to-Hand
Mar 16, 2010: Blood Brothers
Mar 09, 2010: Full Throttle
Mar 02, 2010: Chinatown
Feb 09, 2010: The Bank Job
Feb 02, 2010: LD50
Jan 26, 2010: Missing
Jan 12, 2010: Past Lives
Jan 05, 2010: Breach
Dec 15, 2009: Brimstone
Nov 24, 2009: Random on Purpose
Nov 17, 2009: Ambush
Nov 10, 2009: Pushback
Nov 03, 2009: Keepin' It Real
Oct 20, 2009: Killshot
Oct 13, 2009: Search and Destroy
Oct 06, 2009: Predator
Sep 29, 2009: The Only Easy Day Is Yesterday
Sep 22, 2009: Identity

Spiral Season 6, Episode 12

Callen is taken hostage when terrorists take control of a building where he is working undercover to investigate an arms dealer. When the NCIS team arrive, they discover the entire building is wired with explosives. read more

Humbug Season 6, Episode 11

A burglary occurs at a cyber-security company, but Callen is forced to steer clear of the investigation when Hetty tells him that his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses. Meanwhile, the team discuss their personal holiday travel plans. read more

Reign Fall Season 6, Episode 10

Sam reflects on his relationship with his father when the team investigate the murders of marines who have sons in military academies. read more

Traitor Season 6, Episode 9

Hetty orders a lockdown after Granger is poisoned by the mole and Eric becomes one of the seven suspects in the case. read more

The Grey Man Season 6, Episode 8

Kensi and Deeks investigate the murder of a homeless man, who was a former marine and CIA agent. The probe reveals the victim had connections to the Mexican cartel. read more

Leipei Season 6, Episode 7

A man is murdered by a small drone, and the investigation reveals he was connected to a terrorist group that is planning an attack on Long Beach. With time running out, Nell uses her drone expertise to try to prevent a disaster. read more

SEAL Hunter Season 6, Episode 6

Sam is arrested for murdering a woman, but Callen and Granger work to clear his name. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks discover a link between the victim and a student from Sam's past. read more

Black Budget Season 6, Episode 5

Callen and Sam travel to Mexico to track down the only employee who escaped a professional hit at the Department of Defense. Back in the States, the rest of the NCIS team work to uncover the motive behind the shooting. read more

The 3rd Choir Season 6, Episode 4

The team members desperately search the city when they learn that someone from their past is targeting one of their own. Meanwhile, operational psychologist Nate Getz visits Nell to help her through a traumatic experience. read more

Praesidium Season 6, Episode 3

Hetty receives some shocking news from NCIS director Leon Vance while she is investigated by the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Nell goes undercover as Hetty to protect a fellow team member. read more

Inelegant Heart Season 6, Episode 2

The team discover that one of their own is compromised when they investigate the murder of a Navy contractor who was involved in illegal transactions involving confidential data. Meanwhile, Hetty is placed under investigation in Washington, D.C., and representatives from the Department of Justice arrive in Los Angeles to investigate the team. read more

Deep Trouble, Part II Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 begins with Callen and Sam becoming trapped in an armed submarine that terrorists aim at an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Meanwhile, Hetty defies orders and forgoes a trip to Washington, D.C., to help locate Callen and Sam, and prevent the attack from being carried out. read more

Deep Trouble Season 5, Episode 24

Season 5 ends with the team learning that a cartel plans to transport billions of dollars worth of cocaine from Colombia to the U.S. using a submarine. Callen and Sam are assigned the task of locating the missing vessel. Meanwhile, Hetty is called to Washington in response to the mission in Afghanistan. read more

Exposure Season 5, Episode 23

A deadly explosion at a military-sponsored charity event is investigated, as is a news reporter's claim of who is responsible. read more

One More Chance Season 5, Episode 22

A 10-year-old girl Sam once provided protection detail for in Saudi Arabia goes missing, and he's convinced her disappearance is directly connected to the theft of software for a new unmanned-aerial vehicle being developed by her engineer father. read more

Three Hearts Season 5, Episode 21

An undercover NCIS agent is taken into custody when he is suspected of working for the smuggler he is supposed to be investigating. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks discuss their relationship when Kensi returns to the field. read more

Windfall Season 5, Episode 20

Nell joins Deeks in the field to investigate a case involving a former marine who is being hunted by members of Al Qaeda for embezzling money from Iraq. Meanwhile, Eric is assigned a new partner in Ops. read more

Spoils of War Season 5, Episode 19

Hetty sends the team on a rescue mission to Afghanistan when she learns that Kensi Blye has disappeared and that the Taliban may be holding her captive. read more

Zero Days Season 5, Episode 18

Eric believes the computer system that controls Russian missiles is at risk when he overhears a computer systems expert being attacked during online game play. Meanwhile, Kensi is shocked when a familiar face from her past shows up in Afghanistan. read more

Between the Lines Season 5, Episode 17

The NCIS team search for a mole when a local gang is able to identify and execute an undercover agent. Meanwhile, Granger fears the worst when Kensi disappears in Afghanistan. read more

Fish Out of Water Season 5, Episode 16

An explosion at a fish market is investigated. The team partner with an undercover DEA agent to determine whether it was an act of terrorism or a botched drug smuggling deal. Meanwhile, Granger and Kensi probe a helicopter crash in Afghanistan that may be tied to their ongoing search for the infamous white ghost. read more

Tuhon Season 5, Episode 15

Sam and Callen go to Mexico to find a retired assassin they encountered on their first case together. The man is a suspect in the murder of a diplomat. Meanwhile, Nate and Deeks stay in Los Angeles to assist with the investigation. read more

War Cries Season 5, Episode 14

Two private military contractors are murdered and the team's investigation leads to a suspect who puts one of their own in grave danger. Meanwhile, Sam arranges a blind date for Callen. read more

Allegiance Season 5, Episode 13

A federal agent tied to an ancient system of money transfer is murdered in Los Angeles. Kensi and Granger join the investigation in Afghanistan to help crack the case. read more

Merry Evasion Season 5, Episode 12

A senator's daughter is the victim of a home invasion. The team investigate to determine if it was a random crime or a targeted attack due to her father's crackdown on international cyber warfare. Meanwhile, Kensi's holiday spirit changes after she receives a surprise Christmas gift. read more

Iron Curtain Rising Season 5, Episode 11

A former Romanian communist leader and suspected war criminal is discovered to be living in Los Angeles under a false identity and the NCIS team must locate him before he disappears again. read more

The Frozen Lake Season 5, Episode 10

Callen and Sam get a Gurkha, an elite Nepali solider specializing in knife fighting, to help them retrieve a missing thumb drive. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks struggle to find balance in their relationship. read more

Recovery Season 5, Episode 9

Kensi works undercover as a nutritionist and Deeks poses as a new patient at a rehab center to investigate the death of a Navy officer. read more

Fallout Season 5, Episode 8

A terrorist attack on Los Angeles is imminent after a nuclear detection device is stolen. The case reconnects Hetty with someone from her past and the relationship jeopardizes her career. read more

The Livelong Day Season 5, Episode 7

The investigation into the murder of a security guard at a train yard uncovers a terrorist threat aimed at a Los Angeles-based train. read more

Big Brother Season 5, Episode 6

Callen goes undercover at a prestigious high school after a 15-year-old hacker compromises terrorist missions. read more

Unwritten Rule Season 5, Episode 5

A former Navy officer's girlfriend is kidnapped and her abductors demand classified intelligence before they will release her. Meanwhile, Deeks unknowingly breaks one of Hetty's rules. read more

Reznikov, N. Season 5, Episode 4

The team investigates the kidnapping case of a man who claims to be Callen's father. read more

Omni Season 5, Episode 3

The death of a bio tech CEO is investigated. The probe reveals that the victim's company is working on a classified vaccine project. Meanwhile, Deeks struggles with his emotions when he returns to work in the field. read more

Impact Season 5, Episode 2

Hetty calls upon operational psychologist Nate Getz to help Sam and Deeks cope with their traumatic experience. Meanwhile, a retired Navy admiral and a controversial journalist are murdered aboard a private jet. read more

Ascension Season 5, Episode 1

Season 5 begins with the team searching for stolen nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Sam and Deeks are hospitalized after being tortured. read more

Descent Season 4, Episode 24

The fourth season ends with a nuclear explosion in the Pacific. The event reignites a search for stolen nuclear weapons, and leads Hetty to shuffle partnerships. She sends Callen and Kensi overseas and leaves Sam and Deeks as a stateside team. read more

Parley Season 4, Episode 23

Deeks goes undercover to obtain information on a former arms dealer who is seeking to get back in business. In the process, Deeks befriends a female source who takes the investigation in a dangerous direction. Meanwhile, Kensi runs surveillance on Deeks and the woman, and confronts some difficult emotions that surface. read more

Raven & the Swans Season 4, Episode 22

Callen questions Hetty's motives when the team is assigned a missing person's case that involves an undercover agent from her past. read more

Resurrection Season 4, Episode 21

Kensi and Deeks are sent to Mexico to investigate the theft of a cartel boss's body, after a DEA special task force brings the ruthless criminal down. Back at home, Callen and Sam look into whether there is a leak in the DEA. read more

Purity Season 4, Episode 20

A Navy lieutenant dies and a pilot is hospitalized after they both drink from a communal water jug that is laced with cyanide. The team investigates to determine whether it is an isolated incident or an early test for large-scale water contamination. read more

Red: Part Two Season 4, Episode 19

Conclusion. Callen and Sam join forces with NCIS: Red, a mobile team of agents who live together and investigate crimes in various locations, to track down a terrorist. read more

Red: Part One Season 4, Episode 18

Part 1 of 2. Callen and Sam fly to Idaho and join forces with NCIS: Red, a mobile team of agents who live together and investigate crimes in various locations, when a murder weapon found there matches one used in a national security case in Los Angeles. read more

Wanted Season 4, Episode 17

Sam's wife is called to resume her former CIA cover when a hit on a Russian mob boss leads the NCIS team to suspect Sidorov. read more

Lokhay Season 4, Episode 16

Sam helps an Afghan elder, who assisted him years ago when he was wounded on a mission, search for the man's missing nephew. read more

History Season 4, Episode 15

The team questions the lone survivor of a former terrorist organization to determine whether the group is re-forming. read more

Kill House Season 4, Episode 14

Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks work undercover as an elite tactical force to investigate an ambush that is linked to a drug lord with terrorist connections. read more

The Chosen One Season 4, Episode 13

Callen goes undercover to infiltrate a terrorist group that is recruiting foreign fighters to help carry out an attack in the U.S. read more

Paper Soldiers Season 4, Episode 12

A marine's distraught widow questions the circumstances surrounding his death in combat, so Sam and Callen investigate to determine if there is a cover-up. Meanwhile, the team fears that Hetty is ordering another brutal evaluation when she brings in a psychologist. read more

Drive Season 4, Episode 11

A woman from Deeks' past becomes the target of an international car-stealing operation that is linked to a global terrorist ring. Kensi works undercover at an auto-body shop to investigate the case. read more

Free Ride Season 4, Episode 10

Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks spend Christmas aboard an aircraft carrier investigating the death of a fellow NCIS special agent. Back at headquarters, Nell and Eric enjoy the holiday; and Hetty takes a trip. read more

The Gold Standard Season 4, Episode 9

The team investigates a heist executed by gunmen wearing costumes that could directly impact the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, Kensi isn't thrilled when Granger insists that she join him on a case. read more

Collateral Season 4, Episode 8

A retired CIA agent, who was also a millionaire, is murdered. The investigation reveals Hetty may know more about the case than she is willing to acknowledge. read more

Skin Deep Season 4, Episode 7

The team investigates a crime that was posted on the Internet involving a surfer and a dead Navy scientist. read more

Rude Awakenings Season 4, Episode 6

Conclusion. Sam's most private secrets are threatened to be revealed during the continued investigation into the death of a CIA agent who once worked with Sam. read more

Out of the Past Season 4, Episode 5

Part 1 of 2. A CIA agent who once worked with Sam is found dead of an apparent suicide, but Sam suspects foul play. read more

Dead Body Politic Season 4, Episode 4

A senatorial candidate's aide is killed while crossing a street, and the team must determine whether it was an accident or murder. read more

The Fifth Man Season 4, Episode 3

The team investigates a compromised Intel operation after four people connected to the classified project are killed when an explosion occurs at a diner. read more

Recruit Season 4, Episode 2

The body of a retired marine is found at a bomb-making compound in Afghanistan, following a drone strike on the facility. The team investigates to determine why the soldier was there and if he betrayed the U.S. read more

Endgame Season 4, Episode 1

The fourth season begins with Callen being placed on suspension for the public shooting of the Chameleon. Meanwhile, Hetty adjusts to retired life. read more

Sans Voir Season 3, Episode 25

Conclusion. The third season concludes with the team being drawn into a deadly mind game with a master criminal motivated by revenge. read more

Sans Voir Season 3, Episode 24

Part 1 of 2. The third season concludes with the team being drawn into a deadly mind game with a master criminal motivated by revenge. read more

Sans Voir

The third season concludes with the team being drawn into a deadly mind game with a master criminal motivated by revenge. read more

Neighborhood Watch Season 3, Episode 23

Kensi and Deeks work undercover as a married couple to expose a Russian sleeper cell in a suburban neighborhood. read more

Touch of Death Season 3, Episode 21

A crossover episode that began on "Hawaii Five-0" concludes with Sam, Callen, Danny and Chin Ho traveling to the mainland to track a suspect carrying a deadly virus. read more

Patriot Acts Season 3, Episode 20

A marine is suspected of creating a chemical bomb. The NCIS team work with the FBI's domestic-terrorist task force to hunt down the terrorist. read more

Vengeance Season 3, Episode 19

The murder of a Navy intelligence officer is investigated, and the evidence suggests that a member of a Navy SEALs team about to depart on a hostage rescue mission may be responsible. read more

The Dragon and the Fairy Season 3, Episode 18

A man is gunned down outside of the Vietnamese consulate just prior to an international conference at the venue that the Secretary of the Navy is to attend. The team investigates to determine whether the shooting is an isolated incident or a terrorist attack. read more

Blye, K., Part 2 Season 3, Episode 17

Conclusion. The team try to clear Kensi Blye of murder charges, but their task is made more difficult when a private meeting between Blye and a CIA agent turns deadly. read more

Blye, K. Season 3, Episode 16

Part 1 of 2. Kensi Blye is taken into custody as the lead suspect in a murder case involving her late father's sniper unit. Real-life NCIS director Mark D. Clookie appears. read more

Crimeleon Season 3, Episode 15

The NCIS team hunts an international killer who is able to transform himself like a chameleon to avoid capture, from country to country. read more

Partners Season 3, Episode 14

A diplomatic-service van transporting contents that could threaten national security is hijacked. Meanwhile, Callen and Sam celebrate five years as partners but face a tough challenge when they work undercover on a case. read more

Exit Strategy Season 3, Episode 13

Jada Khaled is abducted during an ambush, and the team rushes to save her. read more

The Watchers Season 3, Episode 12

Nell goes undercover when a researcher for the defense department is murdered and she's asked to replace him. read more

Higher Power Season 3, Episode 11

The team searches for a classified device that was stolen from a college research facility and has the capability of destroying Los Angeles. read more

The Debt Season 3, Episode 10

Hetty is forced to fire Deeks when he makes a costly error during a stakeout; and Kensi is caught off guard by emotions that arise when she has to say good-bye to her partner. read more

Betrayal Season 3, Episode 9

Sam disappears in the Sudan during an undercover mission with the CIA. read more

Greed Season 3, Episode 8

The agents travel to Mexico to find a box containing deadly material. read more

Honor Season 3, Episode 7

The team sets out to determine if a marine is a killer or the victim of an international setup. read more

Lone Wolf Season 3, Episode 6

A former Navy intelligence officer is murdered, and the agents discover his double life and a possible threat to national security. read more

Sacrifice Season 3, Episode 5

The team works with the LAPD when a drug raid leads to a wanted terrorist. Meanwhile, someone steals Sam's most prized possession. read more

Deadline Season 3, Episode 4

The murder of a news reporter leads the agents to a Libyan resistance movement; and Hetty reveals to Callen some details about his past. read more

Backstopped Season 3, Episode 3

The death of a marine in a car explosion has Sam going undercover as a bomb specialist to find stolen bombs before they're detonated in Los Angeles. read more

Cyber Threat Season 3, Episode 2

A national-security threat arises when the creator of software linked to a cyber attack vanishes, and the team works with the National Security Agency to find the man. Meanwhile, Callen keeps looking for answers about his past. read more

Lange, H. Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, the team searches for Hetty in Romania, and Callen learns something new about his past. read more

Familia Season 2, Episode 24

In the second-season finale, the team searches for Hetty by trying to discover what prompted her resignation and disappearance. read more

Imposters Season 2, Episode 23

A Navy SEAL imposter's death gives the team a lead on a missing canister used to make deadly bombs. read more

Plan B Season 2, Episode 22

Deeks goes undercover to protect a friend who is the principal informant in an arms-trafficking case. read more

Rocket Man Season 2, Episode 21

Eric goes undercover in the field for the first time after a rocket-engine expert is killed and Hetty wants to ensure that classified satellite technology is safe. read more

The Job Season 2, Episode 20

A botched Marine-base theft has Kensi going undercover as a thief to determine what the criminals were trying to steal. read more

Enemy Within Season 2, Episode 19

A naval intelligence officer responsible for tracking a Venezuelan politician vanishes, and the agents believe the politician's life could be in danger. read more

Harm's Way Season 2, Episode 18

Sam and Callen go to Yemen to hunt a terrorist leader and rescue the abducted son of a Saudi prince. read more

Personal Season 2, Episode 17

Deeks is shot when a convenience store is robbed and the investigation centers on whether he was the target or an innocent bystander. read more

Empty Quiver Season 2, Episode 16

Corrupt cops are targeted when it's suspected they're working with military personnel, and Sam and Callen go undercover as California highway patrol officers to stop the operation. read more

Tin Soldiers Season 2, Episode 15

Callen catches a home invader at his house, but the situation leads to a bigger case involving counterfeit computer chips entering the U.S. read more

Lockup Season 2, Episode 14

Sam goes undercover in prison to stop a group of international terrorists responsible for bombings around the world. read more

Archangel Season 2, Episode 13

The team looks for a hacker who stole Pentagon documents that were uploaded to a blog before the person gets the decryption code to the wrong people. read more

Overwatch Season 2, Episode 12

The team investigates the theft of a body with a Navy identification marking from an autopsy room, and they uncover an experimental Navy tracking system. read more

Disorder Season 2, Episode 11

Kensi takes a case personally when she bonds with a witness, a former naval intelligence officer suffering from post traumatic stress disorder who is the only survivor of a shootout. read more

Deliverance Season 2, Episode 10

Conclusion. The teams continues to search for the black book containing top-level secrets. read more

Absolution Season 2, Episode 9

Part 1 of 2. When an antiques dealer is murdered, Hetty sends the team on a search for a missing book that contains top-secret information. read more

Bounty Season 2, Episode 8

A former Army sergeant who was responsible for tracking high-profile targets is kidnapped and murdered, and the case has the team hunting for terrorists. read more

Anonymous Season 2, Episode 7

A state department employee and a plastic surgeon are killed by terrorists whose faces were surgically altered, and the team tries to find the only witness who can identify their new faces. read more

Standoff Season 2, Episode 6

A navy recruitment center is taken over by an armed woman, and the team responds, only to find out that the woman is Callen's former partner, Tracy Keller. read more

Little Angels Season 2, Episode 5

The team races against the clock when a videotape shows the kidnapped daughter of a naval commander being buried alive. read more

Special Delivery Season 2, Episode 4

A marine with high security clearance is found dead in a parking lot in Beverly Hills, and one of his hands is missing. read more

Borderline Season 2, Episode 3

Derek and Kensi partner on a mission to find three marines who disappeared after their Humvee was ambushed in the desert. read more

Black Widow Season 2, Episode 2

An agent is killed by a secret hit squad, and the team works quickly before another agent is murdered. read more

Human Traffic Season 2, Episode 1

In the second-season opener, an agent vanishes while on an assignment, and the team, along with new liaison Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), works with the LAPD in a case involving human trafficking in order to find the agent. read more

Callen G. Season 1, Episode 24

In the first-season finale, Callen has something personal at stake in his search for a woman who not only knows the location of a fortune to be used to fund a war in the Middle East, but clues to Callen's unknown past. read more

Burned Season 1, Episode 23

Callen's cover is blown and he must sever his ties with NCIS to protect the team, while the team investigates the security leak. read more

Hunted Season 1, Episode 22

The team hunts a terrorist who escaped while in Army custody during a secret transfer in Los Angeles. read more

Found Season 1, Episode 21

Months after Dom's abduction, the team receives video evidence that he's being held hostage, and they race to rescue him. read more

Fame Season 1, Episode 20

The murder of a Navy officer is connected to a prominent socialite, and the team investigates with the help of LAPD liaison Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen). read more

Hand-to-Hand Season 1, Episode 19

When the murder of a Marine is connected to a mixed-martial-arts gym, Sam goes undercover as a fighter. Several MMA fighters have cameos, including Dan Henderson, Frank Shamrock, Gilbert Melendez, Josh Thomson, K.J. Noons, and Cung Le. read more

Blood Brothers Season 1, Episode 18

The team investigates the death of a Marine in a drive-by shooting, and they believe that the victim's brother may be the next target. read more

Full Throttle Season 1, Episode 17

The team investigates the death of a sailor who died in an underground street race, and they find that his car was sabotaged. read more

Chinatown Season 1, Episode 16

The team suspects that the death of a naval officer ruled as a suicide could be a murder, and that the crime implies a threat to national security. read more

The Bank Job Season 1, Episode 15

Kensi is shot while in a bank during a robbery by three armed criminals who hold hostages. read more

LD50 Season 1, Episode 14

A national-security threat is discovered when the bodies of two criminals posing as marines are found at a site where a deadly toxin was made. read more

Missing Season 1, Episode 13

The team responds to an "agent-needs-assistance" page and discovers at the crime scene that one of their own is in danger. read more

Past Lives Season 1, Episode 12

Callen goes undercover as an old alias from his past to investigate the murder of a recently released convict. read more

Breach Season 1, Episode 11

The case of a murdered petty officer leads Sam to a teen he knows and suspects may have a connection with terrorists. read more

Brimstone Season 1, Episode 10

When a Marine is killed by an exploding cell phone, the team investigates his former unit, which specializes in explosives, to see if its members are suspects or potential victims. read more

Random on Purpose Season 1, Episode 9

Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) joins the Los Angeles team to investigate a chief petty officer's murder that matches the pattern of a serial killer Abby is tracking. read more

Ambush Season 1, Episode 8

The case of a murdered marine leads to a volatile militia group and a stolen missile, and the team must work without Hetty, who is in Washington, D.C., attending a Senate hearing. read more

Pushback Season 1, Episode 7

The case of a murdered Russian woman leads to evidence that could answer questions about why Callen was gunned down. read more

Keepin' It Real Season 1, Episode 6

The investigation into the death of a marine who fell from a rooftop during a party reveals that the man was living a double life. read more

Killshot Season 1, Episode 5

A defense contractor is killed, and the team fears that his classified-software secrets are lost until they find a suspect, whom they also discover is connected to Vance's past. Abby Sciuto: Pauley Perrette. read more

Search and Destroy Season 1, Episode 4

The team searches for a former Marine who murdered an Iraqi businessman he had been hired to protect. read more

Predator Season 1, Episode 3

The team must find a missing unmanned aerial vehicle, taken during a training exercise, before the deadly missile it's carrying is released. read more

The Only Easy Day Is Yesterday Season 1, Episode 2

Hanna has conflicted emotions in the case of a murdered drug dealer when he learns his Navy Seal comrades are involved. read more

Identity Season 1, Episode 1

In the opener of the "NCIS" spin-off following the undercover agents of the NCIS Office of Special Projects, working from a Spanish mission headquarters in Los Angeles, agent G. Callen (Chris O'Donnell) returns to work four months after being shot and joins the team on a kidnapping case. Sam Hanna: LL Cool J. Henrietta Lange: Linda Hunt. read more

NCIS: Los Angeles Episode: "Sans Voir"

Episode Synopsis: The third season concludes with the team being drawn into a deadly mind game with a master criminal motivated by revenge.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2012
Guest Cast William Gregory Lee: Blake Mayfield Jack Kennedy: Earl Mayfield Cooper Thornton: Kelvin Atley Eyal Podell: The Passenger Sarayu Rao: Dr. Susan DePaul Dustin Ingram: Jeff Foster Christopher Lambert: Marcel Janvier Scott MacDonald: Rich Mayfield Brent Briscoe: Motel Manager

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Premise: An "NCIS" spin-off following the undercover agents of the NCIS Office of Special Projects, working from a Spanish mission headquarters in Los Angeles.



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