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Sep 01, 2014: Kim's Journey to the Altar
Aug 31, 2014: Rocking the Cradle
Aug 17, 2014: Secrets of a Double Life
Aug 10, 2014: Design for Disaster
Aug 03, 2014: A Thailand Vacation Part 3
Jul 27, 2014: A Thailand Vacation Part 2
Jul 20, 2014: A Thailand Vacation Part 1
Jul 13, 2014: Move It or Lose It
Jul 06, 2014: Playing Dirty
Jun 29, 2014: The Vienna Incidents
Jun 22, 2014: Doggy Blu's
Jun 15, 2014: Color Me Lonely
Jun 08, 2014: Let It Go
Mar 09, 2014: The Courage to Change
Feb 23, 2014: 2 Birthdays & a Yard Sale
Feb 16, 2014: A Surprise Engagement Part 2
Feb 09, 2014: A Surprise Engagement Part 1
Jan 26, 2014: And All That Jazzzzzzz
Jan 20, 2014: How to Deal
Jan 19, 2014: Loving & Letting Go
Dec 01, 2013: A Very Merry Christmas
Nov 10, 2013: Kylie's Sweet 16
Nov 03, 2013: Close Encounters of the Kardashian Kind
Oct 27, 2013: All Signs Point to North
Oct 13, 2013: Paparazzi & Papas
Oct 06, 2013: More to the Story
Sep 29, 2013: Baby Shower Blues
Sep 01, 2013: Backdoor Bruiser
Aug 25, 2013: The Kardashian Chainsaw Massacre
Aug 18, 2013: Kris's Mother-in-Law
Aug 11, 2013: Life's a Beach House
Aug 04, 2013: Opa!
Jul 28, 2013: Greece Him Up
Jul 21, 2013: Greece Is the Word
Jul 14, 2013: Home Is Where Your Mom Is
Jul 07, 2013: Some Moms Just Wanna Have Fun
Jun 30, 2013: I Will Fix You
Jun 23, 2013: Papa, Can You Hear Me?
Jun 16, 2013: Agree to Disagree
Jun 09, 2013: Enough Is Enough
Jun 02, 2013: We're Having a Baby!
Oct 28, 2012: Dishing It Out
Sep 16, 2012: Baby, Baby, Baby
Sep 09, 2012: Cuts Both Ways
Sep 02, 2012: Kardashian Therapy
Aug 26, 2012: Kardashian Therapy
Aug 19, 2012: Tales From the Kardashian Krypt
Aug 05, 2012: Mothers & Daughters
Jul 29, 2012: Parent Trapped
Jul 22, 2012: Affairs of the Everhart
Jul 15, 2012: The Royal Treatment
Jul 09, 2012: Sometimes You Need to Adjust: Part Two
Jul 08, 2012: Sometimes You Need to Adjust
Jul 01, 2012: The Dominican Republic, Part Two
Jun 24, 2012: The Dominican Republic, Part One
Jun 17, 2012: The Man in the Memoir
Jun 10, 2012: The Family That Plays Together
May 28, 2012: Everybody's Wigging Out
May 27, 2012: Momager Dearest
May 20, 2012: Who's Your Daddy
Dec 19, 2011: Kendall's Sweet 16
Oct 10, 2011: Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event Part 2
Oct 09, 2011: Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event Part 1
Oct 09, 2011: Kim's Fairytale Wedding
Sep 05, 2011: The Proposal
Sep 04, 2011: Trouble in Paradise
Aug 28, 2011: Getting to Know You
Aug 21, 2011: The Family Vacation
Aug 14, 2011: Talk to My Agent
Aug 07, 2011: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Jul 31, 2011: The Have and the Have Nots
Jul 24, 2011: Kendall Goes on Birth Control
Jul 17, 2011: Thicker Than Water
Jul 10, 2011: Out of Wedlock
Jun 26, 2011: The Former Mrs. Jenner
Jun 19, 2011: Kim Becomes a Stage Mom
Jun 12, 2011: Family vs. Money
Dec 20, 2010: Junk in the Trunk 2
Oct 24, 2010: The Kardashians Take NYC
Oct 17, 2010: Dash No More
Oct 10, 2010: Kris "The Cougar" Jenner
Oct 03, 2010: No Boys Allowed
Sep 26, 2010: Match Made in Hell
Sep 19, 2010: Kourt Goes A.W.O.L.
Sep 12, 2010: Botox and Cigarettes
Sep 06, 2010: My Bodyguard
Sep 05, 2010: The Missing Ring
Aug 29, 2010: Blind Date
Aug 22, 2010: Kim's House Party
Feb 21, 2010: Delivering Baby Mason
Feb 15, 2010: Blame It on the Alcohol
Feb 14, 2010: I Want Your Sex
Jan 31, 2010: Weekend From Hell
Jan 24, 2010: Body Blows
Jan 10, 2010: Must Love Dogs
Jan 03, 2010: Shape Up or Ship Out
Dec 27, 2009: Baby Blues
Dec 20, 2009: Hot Cup of Love
Dec 13, 2009: Scott on the Rocks
Nov 08, 2009: The Wedding
May 25, 2009: Double Trouble
May 25, 2009: What's Yours Is Mine
May 17, 2009: Meet the Kardashians
May 10, 2009: Leaving the Nest
May 03, 2009: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Apr 26, 2009: The Two Year Itch
Apr 19, 2009: Cinderella Story
Apr 05, 2009: All for One and One for Kim
Mar 29, 2009: Pussycat Vision
Mar 22, 2009: I'd Rather Go Naked...Or Shopping
Mar 15, 2009: Kourt's First Cover
Mar 08, 2009: Free Khloe
May 25, 2008: Junk in the Trunk
May 18, 2008: A New Perspective in New Orleans
May 11, 2008: Kim's Calendar for Reggie
May 04, 2008: Kardashian Family Vacation
Apr 27, 2008: Kardashian Civil War
Apr 13, 2008: Learning Self Defense
Apr 06, 2008: Khloe's Blind Dates
Mar 30, 2008: Kris the Cheerleader
Mar 23, 2008: Khloe Wants to Act
Mar 16, 2008: Rob's New Girlfriend
Mar 09, 2008: Kim Becomes a Diva
Dec 02, 2007: The Price of Fame
Nov 25, 2007: Helping Hand
Nov 19, 2007: You Are So Pregnant Dude
Nov 12, 2007: Remembering Dad
Nov 04, 2007: Birthday Suit
Oct 29, 2007: Brody in the House
Oct 22, 2007: Managing Mom
Oct 14, 2007: I'm Watching You
Oct 14, 2007: I'm Watching You

Kim's Journey to the Altar Season 9, Episode 21

The days leading up to Kim and Kanye's wedding find the couple hosting an adventure for their close friends and family, which takes everyone from Paris to Italy. read more

Rocking the Cradle Season 9, Episode 20

Scott shuts down and tries to run away when Kourtney surprises him with unexpected news: She's pregnant with baby No. 3. Meanwhile, Kim is busy ironing out the final details of her wedding when major drama erupts between her and Brody over the logistics of her big day. read more

Secrets of a Double Life Season 9, Episode 19

When Khloé appears to be living a secret life with a new group of friends and a guy, Kim and Kourtney make it their mission to get to the bottom of things. Meanwhile, a determined Kris wants to help plan Kim and Kanye's wedding, but risks upsetting her daughter by doing so. read more

Design for Disaster Season 9, Episode 18

Kourtney helps Khloé decorate her house, but Khloé gets upset when she receives a hefty bill for her sister's services. Meanwhile, Kris helps her mom overcome her fear of using medical marijuana, but when Bruce finds out he gets angry and wants the stuff out of his house. read more

A Thailand Vacation Part 3 Season 9, Episode 17

Conclusion. Kim struggles to find a way to help a young girl she meets when the family visit an orphanage in Thailand; Brody and Brandon make it their mission to cheer up Khloé, and decide a vacation fling is just what she needs to forget about her troubles and heartbreak. read more

A Thailand Vacation Part 2 Season 9, Episode 16

Part 2 of 3. The family vacation to Thailand continues to be full of drama, beginning when Kendall and Kylie run off and can't be found. Meanwhile, Khloé is crumbling under the pressure of feeling like everyone expects her to be Rob's keeper; at the same time, Brody has revenge on his mind after being teased about walking in on Kim taking sexy selfie photos. read more

A Thailand Vacation Part 1 Season 9, Episode 15

Part 1 of 2. A family vacation to Thailand gets off to a rough start when Kourtney, Scott and Rob decide to bail out on the trip. Meanwhile, Kris and Bruce find it difficult to get along; and things take a turn for the awkward when Brody walks in on Kim taking a sexy selfie for Kanye. read more

Move It or Lose It Season 9, Episode 14

Khloé struggles with moving out of the home she shared with Lamar, and making matters worse is the discovery that expensive jewelry was stolen from their house. Later, she travels with Kim and Kourtney to New York City to check on their Dash store; at the same time, Bruce stumbles in his attempt to bond with Brody. read more

Playing Dirty Season 9, Episode 13

Kris thinks Kourtney needs to put her foot down when it comes to Scott and his lavish plans for a new backyard. Meanwhile, Kim and Khloé get down and dirty when they participate in a mud run. read more

The Vienna Incidents Season 9, Episode 12

Kim and Kris are shocked by racist comments during a trip to Vienna; and Kourtney looks for reasons to delay the move into her new home. read more

Doggy Blu's Season 9, Episode 11

Khloé decides she needs an attitude adjustment after seeing that her bad behavior is rubbing off on her sweet little sister. Meanwhile, Kendall's lack of responsibility for her dog puts her and Kris in a messy situation; and Kourtney doesn't exactly approve of Scott's newest luxury vehicle. read more

Color Me Lonely Season 9, Episode 10

Kris worries about Bruce getting lonely now that they are separated, and so she goes out of her way to make sure he has company; at the same time, Scott and Kourtney inherit a painting that could be worth millions of dollars. read more

Let It Go Season 9, Episode 9

The family tries to figure out why Kourtney seems to lack emotion; at the same time, Khloé is slow to start packing after she accepts an offer on her house; and Kris goes above and beyond to prove to Kim that she's still got it. read more

The Courage to Change Season 9, Episode 8

Khloé makes a choice about her complicated relationship with Lamar; at the same time, Kourtney takes Scott to Arizona for a spa getaway; and Rob receives some worrisome news about his health. read more

2 Birthdays & a Yard Sale Season 9, Episode 7

As Kendall gets ready to turn 18, she makes plans to move out of the house; and Bruce plays off his upcoming birthday like it's no big deal. Meanwhile, Kourtney wants the family to hold a yard sale. read more

A Surprise Engagement Part 2 Season 9, Episode 6

Conclusion. The family gather in San Francisco to surprise Kim on her birthday, but she's in for an even bigger stunner from Kanye, who's planning to propose. Meanwhile, Scott travels to New York to be with his father and sick mother. read more

A Surprise Engagement Part 1 Season 9, Episode 5

Part 1 of 2. The family learn about a surprise Kanye West is planning for Kim's birthday; Kris is in full panic mode over Kim's house (or lack there of) situation; and Kourtney and Khloé decide it's time to exact some revenge on a judgmental Kim. read more

And All That Jazzzzzzz Season 9, Episode 4

Khloé considers becoming roommates with Rob; Kris takes singing and dancing lessons in pursuit of her dreams of Broadway; and Kourtney decides to sneak off to Las Vegas to catch Scott in a lie. read more

How to Deal Season 9, Episode 3

Khloé finds an interview containing negative comments about her family hurtful; Kris gets Kim's pal Jonathan to sneak away with her to Sonoma; and Scott takes up karate to satisfy his couples therapy homework. read more

Loving & Letting Go Season 9, Episode 2

Kris and Bruce make important decisions about their future together; at the same time, Khloe deals with changes in her relationship with Lamar. read more

A Very Merry Christmas Season 9, Episode 1

The family celebrate Christmas by gathering together for the annual photo holiday card, and later they exchange gifts. read more

Kylie's Sweet 16 Season 8, Episode 20

Season 8 comes to a close with Kylie choosing to plan her Sweet 16 party sans the help of Kris, who has her hands full babysitting a pig. At the same time, Khloe and Rob have a serious powwow about their current situation. read more

Close Encounters of the Kardashian Kind Season 8, Episode 19

Khloe distracts herself from troubles at home by hunting for aliens on a camping trip with Bruce; and Kris asks for her family's support as she prepares to launch her new talk show. read more

All Signs Point to North Season 8, Episode 18

Kim's delivery date is moved up, so Kris gets busy preparing the house for her new granddaughter's arrival. Meanwhile, Brody advises Bruce on a burgeoning friendship; and Khloe tries to come to terms with what's happening in her life. read more

Paparazzi & Papas Season 8, Episode 17

Concerned about the restless paparazzi and her approaching due date, the family strongly encourage Kim to come up with a plan for when she goes into labor. Meanwhile, Khloe and Kourtney play matchmaker for their grandmother who they try to set up on a blind date. read more

More to the Story Season 8, Episode 16

Kim wants Khloe to consider adopting a baby, however Khloe's mind is on other things; at the same time, Bruce is on a covert mission to train Khloe's dog; and Kris has a sneaking suspicion that Scott sold the scooter she gave him. read more

Baby Shower Blues Season 8, Episode 15

Although Kim says she doesn't want one, Khloe and Kourtney decide to throw a surprise baby shower for their pregnant sis. At the same time, Khloe's acting self-conscious about her body; and Kris and Kylie scheme to get rid of Bruce's gun. read more

Backdoor Bruiser Season 8, Episode 14

Khloe tries to figure out why she's having memory problems; Kris finds it odd that Kendall is spending so much time with the Jenner side of the family; and everyone gets in on the search for an old sex tape starring Bruce. read more

The Kardashian Chainsaw Massacre Season 8, Episode 13

Rob picks up a new hobby—chainsaw art—and he does it in Khloe's backyard. Elsewhere, Kim decides to pay back her family for being judgmental by secretly feeding them placenta; and Bruce takes Jimmy Fallon's jokes a little too personally. read more

Kris's Mother-in-Law Season 8, Episode 12

Kris worries about a visit from Bruce's mom; Kim goes out of her way to get into Kylie's fashion blog; and the family plan one last Todd Kraines prank. read more

Life's a Beach House Season 8, Episode 11

Kendall tries to convince Kris that a beach house would be the ideal place to escape their hectic lives, while Brandon and Brody go behind Kris's back and start work on Bruce's backyard putting green. Elsewhere, Khloe worries that Lamar's sexy photo shoot could lead to embarrassment. read more

Opa! Season 8, Episode 10

As the family vacation to Greece nears its end, Scott finally shows up. Meanwhile, Kendall feels left out of the fun and regrets not being able to bond with Brody; at the same time, the Jenner men make their pitch for a putting green to be built back at home. read more

Greece Him Up Season 8, Episode 9

The Kardashian family's Grecian getaway continues with Brody confronting an overly friendly Kris about unfinished business; at the same time, Khloe and Kourtney decide to make the most of their vacation by conquering their fears. read more

Greece Is the Word Season 8, Episode 8

Tensions between Kris and Brody threaten to spoil a family vacation to Greece. At the same time, Kim receives news about her divorce, while Khloe and Scott plan a surprise for Kourtney. read more

Home Is Where Your Mom Is Season 8, Episode 7

Kim is in need of a place to stay after learning her new home won't be ready in time for the baby's arrival; and Kourtney finds it curious that Scott is spending so much time with her pregnant sis. Elsewhere, a Ping-Pong tournament gets Bruce and Brandon's competitive juices flowing. read more

Some Moms Just Wanna Have Fun Season 8, Episode 6

Khloe feels left out when Kourtney and Kim bond over babies so she turns to Kris to enjoy a night out. Meanwhile, Leah experiences trouble finishing her and Brandon's new music release. read more

I Will Fix You Season 8, Episode 5

A worried Kris tries to change Rob's behavior; Khloe works to mend the strained relationship between Kendall and Kylie; and Scott's fears threaten to put an end to his racing career. read more

Papa, Can You Hear Me? Season 8, Episode 4

Bruce deals with his hearing loss; Scott learns of a woman with cancer who wants to meet him; Khloe introduces a new puppy to the family; and Kris is concerned that she might have a stalker. read more

Agree to Disagree Season 8, Episode 3

Bruce and Kris argue about whether or not to have a firearm in the house, a debate that the entire family ends up joining. Meanwhile, in the midst of dealing with her divorce, Kim suffers a health scare. read more

Enough Is Enough Season 8, Episode 2

Kim and Khloe defend their mom against allegations made by tabloid magazines; at the same time, Bruce has a heart-to-heart chat with Brody about problems they've had in the past; and Kim offers to help Rob lose some weight. read more

We're Having a Baby! Season 8, Episode 1

Season 8 begins with Kim's family overjoyed about her pregnancy, however, Kim seems a little less excited. At the same time, Bruce considers getting a space he can call his own; and Kourtney is encouraged by Scott to make a backdoor deal. read more

Dishing It Out Season 7, Episode 19

The family gather for a potluck, at which they recall some of their most outrageous moments and reveal never-before-seen clips. read more

Baby, Baby, Baby Season 7, Episode 18

The family prepare to welcome Kourtney's new baby. Meanwhile, Khloe investigates why she can't conceive; and Kim starts the process to freeze her eggs. read more

Cuts Both Ways Season 7, Episode 17

Scott considers getting a vasectomy; Kris undergoes surgery to replace her breast implants; Kim asks Khloe to go with her to a fertility clinic. read more

Kardashian Therapy Season 7, Episode 16

Conclusion. Kim tries to work out issues with her sisters; Kendall and Kylie ask to be homeschooled; Kim joins Khloe and Lamar on a trip to Queens. read more

Kardashian Therapy Season 7, Episode 15

Part 1 of 2. Oprah Winfrey visits to interview the Kardashian clan, and Rob breaks down during a family therapy session. read more

Tales From the Kardashian Krypt Season 7, Episode 14

Kris makes arrangements for her funeral; Kim learns that Khloe is her nephew's guardian. read more

Mothers & Daughters Season 7, Episode 13

The girls urge Kris to visit her sick mother in San Diego; Kourtney investigates water birth; Bruce checks into a sleep clinic. read more

Parent Trapped Season 7, Episode 12

The kids force Kris and Bruce to work out their differences; Kim makes Lamar see a dentist; Rob fears he is losing his hair. read more

Affairs of the Everhart Season 7, Episode 11

Bruce plays golf with model Angie Everhart; Rob moves back in with Khloe and Lamar. read more

The Royal Treatment Season 7, Episode 10

Scott visits London with Kim and Rob; Kris tries to get Khloe to see Bruce's dark side. read more

Sometimes You Need to Adjust: Part Two Season 7, Episode 9

Conclusion. Kim is reluctant to talk about her relationship with Kanye West; Khloe continues to feel pressure from her family and must decide whether to return to New York to attend the opening of Scott's restaurant. read more

Sometimes You Need to Adjust Season 7, Episode 8

Part 1 of 2. Khloe returns to Los Angeles due to increasing demands on her time from her family. Meanwhile, Scott tries to behave when he attends a sweet-16 birthday party in New York. read more

The Dominican Republic, Part Two Season 7, Episode 7

Conclusion. The family vacation in the Dominican Republic. While there, Kris wakes up with a mysterious medical condition, and Scott begins to feel like an outcast. read more

The Dominican Republic, Part One Season 7, Episode 6

Part 1 of 2. The family's Dominican Republic vacation gets off to a rocky start when Kourtney causes herself, Kim and Scott to miss their flight. read more

The Man in the Memoir Season 7, Episode 5

Kris runs into the man she had an affair with more than 20 years ago and considers arranging a meeting with him. Meanwhile, Kim and Scott hang out together, much to Kourtney's dismay; and Kendall and Kylie ruin their mom's carpet. read more

The Family That Plays Together Season 7, Episode 4

Bruce tries to get Kris to sign his son, Brandon, to her music-management company; Kourtney rebuffs Scott's romantic gestures; Kris attempts to get the whole family to play tennis. read more

Everybody's Wigging Out Season 7, Episode 3

Kim starts wearing wigs; Rob hurts Bruce's feelings when he says he never had a male role model growing up; Kris gives in to road rage. read more

Momager Dearest Season 7, Episode 2

Kourtney takes her grudge against Kris to a new level; Kim wants payback after Bruce forces her to overcome her fears; Kendall and Kylie begin work for Seventeen magazine. read more

Who's Your Daddy Season 7, Episode 1

The 7th season begins with Kris pursuing a DNA test to prove Khloe's paternity. Meanwhile, Kourtney angers Kim when she takes over relocating DASH; and Bruce goes to extreme measures to get his family's attention. read more

Kendall's Sweet 16 Season 6, Episode 16

Kendall's 16th birthday party is held. read more

Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event Part 2 Season 6, Episode 15

Conclusion. Kim marries NBA player Kris Humphries. read more

Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event Part 1 Season 6, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. Kim announces that she wants to get married right away, which causes her mom to move up her planned plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Khloe voices concerns about Kris Humphries, who is feeling left out of the wedding plans. read more

Kim's Fairytale Wedding

Kim's wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries. read more

The Proposal Season 6, Episode 13

Kris Humphries plans to ask Kim to marry him, but an argument between the two makes him wonder if he is proceeding too quickly. read more

Trouble in Paradise Season 6, Episode 12

Rob feels insecure about not having a career and it causes him to lash out at Kim while they are in Bora Bora. And Kourtney gives Scott an ultimatum. read more

Getting to Know You Season 6, Episode 11

Kris has self-image issues that threaten the anniversary celebration in Bora Bora; and Kourtney tries to get Scott and Rob to reconcile. read more

The Family Vacation Season 6, Episode 10

The family goes to Bora-Bora to celebrate Bruce and Kris's 20th anniversary; and Kim's new boyfriend causes problems when he pushes Kim too far. read more

Talk to My Agent Season 6, Episode 9

Kris gets mad at Scott when he attempts to become Kylie and Kendall's manager; and Kim is embarrassed that she doesn't know how to dance. read more

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas Season 6, Episode 8

Scott goes to Vegas, and Kourtney is afraid that he'll be lured back to his old lifestyle; Kylie and Kendall think Kris is meddling in their lives. read more

The Have and the Have Nots Season 6, Episode 7

Bruce tries to get his daughters to see how blessed they are. read more

Kendall Goes on Birth Control Season 6, Episode 6

Bruce learns that Kendall is taking birth-control pills; Kim discovers a serious rash on her legs and worries that it may affect her career. read more

Thicker Than Water Season 6, Episode 5

Rob reveals to Kourtney his true feelings about Scott. Meanwhile, Kris suspects Bruce is losing his hearing and insists that he see a doctor. read more

Out of Wedlock Season 6, Episode 4

Kourtney contemplates having another child; Kris is ordained to perform a friend's wedding. read more

The Former Mrs. Jenner Season 6, Episode 3

Kris decides to change her last name back to Kardashian, much to Bruce's dismay; Kim gets an X-ray of her buttocks to prove to the public that they are real. read more

Kim Becomes a Stage Mom Season 6, Episode 2

Kim tries to help Kendall with her modeling career in New York, but she pushes her too hard. Meanwhile, Kris and Scott fight when he won't allow her to have a key to the house he shares with Kourtney. read more

Family vs. Money Season 6, Episode 1

The sixth season begins with Khloe hesitating to befriend Kim's new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kourtney arranges a family gathering that goes terribly awry. read more

Junk in the Trunk 2 Season 5, Episode 12

The Kardashians look back at their favorite moments from the series and view some previously unaired footage. read more

The Kardashians Take NYC Season 5, Episode 11

The family visit New York City for the July 4 weekend, and Kim meets with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush and tells him about her latest love interest, Miles Austin. read more

Dash No More Season 5, Episode 10

Kourtney wants to end her involvement with the Dash stores when her sisters bow out of their latest store opening in New York; Kim accepts a date with the NFL's Miles Austin. read more

Kris "The Cougar" Jenner Season 5, Episode 9

Kris flirts with her handsome personal trainer and things get out of hand; Kim's competitive nature gets her into trouble with Kourtney. read more

No Boys Allowed Season 5, Episode 8

Kourtney and Scott struggle to have another baby; Bruce has difficulty accepting that Kylie has male friends. read more

Match Made in Hell Season 5, Episode 7

Rob starts dating Khloe's best friend; Kris considers managing the pop band BG5. read more

Kourt Goes A.W.O.L. Season 5, Episode 6

Kourtney house hunts in New York City, while her family try to keep her in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Bruce struggles with getting his dog neutered. read more

Botox and Cigarettes Season 5, Episode 5

Kim receives Botox injections because she is fearful of aging and has a bad physical reaction to it. Meanwhile, Kris is discovered smoking and Kourtney tries to get her to quit. read more

My Bodyguard Season 5, Episode 4

Kim develops a crush on her Australian bodyguard; Khloe teaches Lamar how to swim. read more

The Missing Ring Season 5, Episode 3

Khloe loses her engagement ring and is afraid to tell Lamar about it. read more

Blind Date Season 5, Episode 2

Kris sets Kim up on a blind date with an athlete; Khloe deals with the pressure of having Lamar in the NBA playoffs. read more

Kim's House Party Season 5, Episode 1

The fifth season begins with Kim reluctantly hosting a housewarming party in her new home after her mom talks her into it. Meanwhile, Kourtney considers moving out of Khloe's house because her sister won't let Scott visit. read more

Delivering Baby Mason Season 4, Episode 11

Kourtney gives birth to her baby boy and renews her relationship with Scott; Kim tries to manage her life better after fainting from exhaustion. read more

Blame It on the Alcohol Season 4, Episode 10

Kourtney breaks up with Scott after he gets drunk on Kim's birthday in Las Vegas. read more

I Want Your Sex Season 4, Episode 9

Khloe makes a "love tape" for husband Lamar; Kourtney learns to enjoy sex again while pregnant. read more

Weekend From Hell Season 4, Episode 8

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe take an ill-fated weekend trip to Santa Barbara. Back at home, Kylie becomes jealous of Kendall. read more

Body Blows Season 4, Episode 7

Bruce volunteers the family to help out at a charity boxing event; Kourtney babysits for some friends and learns a valuable lesson in child care. read more

Must Love Dogs Season 4, Episode 6

Kim takes in a stray Chihuahua and is devastated when she must give it up; Bruce pressures Rob to move out of the house. read more

Shape Up or Ship Out Season 4, Episode 5

Kourtney confronts Scott when he fails to take her pregnancy seriously; Kris takes away Bruce's ATM card, which leads him to demand financial independence. read more

Baby Blues Season 4, Episode 4

Khloe thinks she might be pregnant; Kim's lying ways catch up with her. read more

Hot Cup of Love Season 4, Episode 3

Khloe gets help for her anger issues toward Scott; Rob is admitted to a hospital after he accidentally takes an unknown substance. read more

Scott on the Rocks Season 4, Episode 2

The fourth season begins with Kourtney and Scott dealing with her family's anger toward him. read more

The Wedding Season 4, Episode 1

Khloe marries NBA star Lamar Odom. read more

Double Trouble Season 3, Episode 12

Kourtney and Khloe both experience heartbreak when they deal with ending relationships. read more

What's Yours Is Mine Season 3, Episode 11

Kourtney borrows various items from Kim without asking, leading to a rift in their relationship. read more

Meet the Kardashians Season 3, Episode 10

Bruce undergoes plastic surgery; the Kardashians meet Adrienne Bailon's family for the first time when they all go camping together. read more

Leaving the Nest Season 3, Episode 9

Khloe searches for an apartment in New York City; Kris' daughters get her a monkey to pacify her desire to have a baby. read more

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Season 3, Episode 8

Khloe hosts a fashion show in New York City; Kim is faced with the difficult decision of choosing between her boyfriend and her career. read more

The Two Year Itch Season 3, Episode 7

Kourtney accuses Scott of cheating; Khloe gets a biopsy to test for skin cancer. read more

Cinderella Story Season 3, Episode 6

Khloe believes she is adopted, so she gets a DNA test; Rob's sisters confront him over his recent erratic behavior. read more

All for One and One for Kim Season 3, Episode 5

A secret business deal causes friction in the family; Kris searches for a common interest with Bruce. read more

Pussycat Vision Season 3, Episode 4

Kim needs eye surgery just before performing with the Pussycat Dolls; Bruce gets a colonoscopy. read more

I'd Rather Go Naked...Or Shopping Season 3, Episode 3

Khloe agrees to do a nude campaign for PETA; Kim's out-of-control shopping habits cause concern among family members. read more

Kourt's First Cover Season 3, Episode 2

A cover-shoot fiasco leads to friction between Kourtney and Kris; Rob adjusts to living with his girlfriend. read more

Free Khloe Season 3, Episode 1

Khloe gets a prison sentence for a parole violation, causing Kris to confront some unresolved issues concerning her late ex-husband. read more

Junk in the Trunk Season 2, Episode 11

The family members view previously unaired footage and share some of their favorite moments from the series. read more

A New Perspective in New Orleans Season 2, Episode 10

The sisters travel to New Orleans to attend a pool tournament sponsored by Reggie Bush and to visit devastated parts of the city hit by Hurricane Katrina. read more

Kim's Calendar for Reggie Season 2, Episode 9

Kim explodes when she learns a sexy calendar she made for her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, is being made available to the general public; Bruce tries to inspire Khloe and Kourtney. read more

Kardashian Family Vacation Season 2, Episode 8

Kris insists the family take a vacation in Colorado in hopes of putting an end to some bickering, but the trip doesn't go exactly as planned. read more

Kardashian Civil War Season 2, Episode 7

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney get into a fight that threatens to permanently damage their relationships; Bruce feels he is out of touch with the modern generation. read more

Learning Self Defense Season 2, Episode 6

The ladies learn the art of self-defense after a break-in at the shop; Rob drops out of college to become a model. read more

Khloe's Blind Dates Season 2, Episode 5

Khloe is set up on blind dates by her sisters; Kendall hires a handyman to help with chores. read more

Kris the Cheerleader Season 2, Episode 4

Kris attends tryouts to be a cheerleader; Kendall's sisters teach her about puberty. read more

Khloe Wants to Act Season 2, Episode 3

Khloe pursues an acting career, much to Kim's dismay; Bruce receives a fashion makeover. read more

Rob's New Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 2

Rob falls for a pop singer; Kris buys some chickens for the house. read more

Kim Becomes a Diva Season 2, Episode 1

The second season begins with Kourtney discovering that her boyfriend, Scott, may be seeing another woman. To get her mind off him, Kourtney's sisters take her to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. read more

The Price of Fame Season 1, Episode 8

The family deals with a sex scandal. read more

Helping Hand Season 1, Episode 7

The family takes in a homeless man. read more

You Are So Pregnant Dude Season 1, Episode 6

The ladies travel to Las Vegas; Kourtney receives the results of a pregnancy test. read more

Remembering Dad Season 1, Episode 5

Khloe struggles on the anniversary of her dad's death. read more

Birthday Suit Season 1, Episode 4

Kim poses for a Playboy photo shoot. read more

Brody in the House Season 1, Episode 3

The sisters fly to Mexico to model swimwear. read more

Managing Mom Season 1, Episode 2

Kim considers firing her mom as her manager. Meanwhile, Kris hires a nanny to help out at the house. read more

I'm Watching You

Debut: Socialite Kim Kardashian's life is followed. In the opener: Kim appears on “The Tyra Banks Show”; an anniversary party is planned; Kim's sister Kourtney deals with a relationship drama. read more

I'm Watching You Season 1, Episode 1

Kim appears on “The Tyra Banks Show”; an anniversary party is planned; Kim's sister Kourtney deals with a relationship drama. read more

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Premiered: October 14, 2007, on E!
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: The privileged lives of L.A.'s blended Kardashian-Jenner family are chronicled.



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