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Waterloo Season 7, Episode 7

Don receives a troubling letter; Pete butts heads with Cutler; Roger gets an unexpected phone call; and a risky venture entails a new future for Peggy. read more

The Strategy Season 7, Episode 6

Peggy does research for a pitch; Pete is invited to join an exclusive club; Joan seeks time spent with a friend. read more

The Runaways Season 7, Episode 5

Don gets a visitor from his past; Stan embarrasses a superior; Peggy helps Ginsberg with a problem; Harry discovers a new ally at the agency. read more

The Monolith Season 7, Episode 4

Sterling Cooper & Partners prepares for a guest; Don calls an old friend; Roger confronts problems at home; Pete underestimates Peggy. read more

Field Trip Season 7, Episode 3

Don takes an impromptu trip; Betty has lunch with a friend; Harry lobbies for a cause; the partners consider a questionable asset. read more

A Day's Work Season 7, Episode 2

Peggy receives flowers at the office; Pete navigates the politics of new business; Joan is put in an awkward situation. read more

Time Zones Season 7, Episode 1

The Season 7 opener finds Don making a new friend, and Joan meeting a client for drinks. Elsewhere, Peggy hears some impressive new work, and Roger experiences a strange phone call. read more

In Care Of Season 6, Episode 13

In the series 6 finale, Don has a problem. read more

The Quality of Mercy Season 6, Episode 12

The partners disagree on a new campaign; Don takes a day off. read more

Favors Season 6, Episode 11

Betty plans for Sally's future, while Peggy encounters trouble at home. read more

A Tale of Two Cities Season 6, Episode 10

The agency works to keep a client; Joan is caught off guard. read more

The Better Half Season 6, Episode 9

Roger is plagued by a recurring dream; Joan goes to the beach. read more

The Crash Season 6, Episode 8

Don is disrupted by a surprise visitor; Peggy looks for inspiration. read more

Man With a Plan Season 6, Episode 7

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce tries to placate competing clients; Pete is blindsided by an unexpected guest. read more

For Immediate Release Season 6, Episode 6

Roger changes tack to make new business; Pete has an awkward run-in with a client. read more

The Flood Season 6, Episode 5

Peggy plans for the future, while Roger courts a potential client. read more

To Have and to Hold Season 6, Episode 4

The partners try to keep a secret campaign under wraps, while Joan gets a visit from an old friend. read more

Collaborators Season 6, Episode 3

Don has a difference of opinion with a client, while Peggy has problems motivating the staff. read more

The Doorway Season 6, Episode 2

Conclusion. Roger receives some unnerving news; and Betty welcomes a houseguest. read more

The Doorway Season 6, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Don launches a new campaign in the sixth-series opener. read more

The Doorway

In the Season 6 premiere, Don launches a new campaign, while Roger receives some unnerving news and Betty welcomes a houseguest. read more

The Phantom Season 5, Episode 13

Season 5 concludes with opportunities abounding for everyone at the agency, while Pete encounters an interesting stranger on a train. read more

Commissions and Fees Season 5, Episode 12

Don receives an intriguing lead and follows up on it. read more

The Other Woman Season 5, Episode 11

Don deals with a challenging pitch, while Peggy ponders taking a trip. read more

Christmas Waltz Season 5, Episode 10

Christmas proves rewarding to many at the agency; Harry does a good turn for a friend. read more

Dark Shadows Season 5, Episode 9

Don's competitive nature comes to the fore; Roger pursues some new clients; Sally is met with a challenge. read more

Lady Lazarus Season 5, Episode 8

Peggy reluctantly harbors a secret; Pete steps up for a friend; Don gets a surprise. read more

At the Codfish Ball Season 5, Episode 7

Don, Roger and Pete team up to rustle up some new clients; Sally lends a hand to a relative. read more

Far Away Places Season 5, Episode 6

Peggy has a tough time during a particularly formidable pitch; Don calls on a potential client. read more

Signal 30 Season 5, Episode 5

Lane makes an interesting friend; Pete plays host to an assortment of guests. read more

Mystery Date Season 5, Episode 4

Don has an encounter with someone from the past; Joan comes to a momentous decision. Meanwhile, Roger increases Peggy's workload. read more

Tea Leaves Season 5, Episode 3

Peggy receives new responsibilities as the firm makes a concentrated push to increase business. Later, Don and Harry go the extra mile for a big client. read more

A Little Kiss Season 5, Episode 2

Conclusion. Don is greeted with a surprise; Roger and Pete clash; and Joan has a run-in with a houseguest. read more

A Little Kiss Season 5, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Don is greeted with a surprise; Roger and Pete clash; and Joan has a run-in with a houseguest. read more

A Little Kiss

Don is greeted with a surprise in the Season 5 opener. Meanwhile, Roger and Pete clash; and Joan has a run-in with a houseguest. read more

Tomorrowland Season 4, Episode 13

In the Season 4 finale, a surprising opportunity rears its head for both Don and Peggy, leaving them with life-altering decisions to make. read more

Blowing Smoke Season 4, Episode 12

While trying to navigate a crisis, Don encounters an old friend. read more

Chinese Wall Season 4, Episode 11

An all-hands meeting is called at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and the gossip starts to fly about an important client leaving the agency and that possibly more will follow. Meanwhile, a competing firm attempts to poach select SCDP employees; Peggy has a passionate romp with Abe and later tries her hand at wooing the Playtex people. read more

Hands and Knees Season 4, Episode 10

Betty is a bit unsettled when a surprise visitor stops at the Francis home. read more

The Beautiful Girls Season 4, Episode 9

A romantic gesture in the form of a thoughtful gift could lead to professional problems for Peggy. read more

The Summer Man Season 4, Episode 8

Peggy and Joan are forced to deal with some insulting office behavior; Don and his date Bethany (Anna Camp) have an uncomfortable encounter with Betty and her husband at a fancy restaurant. Later, during a late-night business meeting, Don invites Faye (Cara Buono) to dine with him, and dinner turns into a bit more than either had expected. read more

The Suitcase Season 4, Episode 7

A rapidly approaching deadline causes consternation and throws things into a tizzy at the agency. read more

Waldorf Stories Season 4, Episode 6

Peggy and her new creative partner don't see eye-to-eye; Don pitches a client under an unusual set of circumstances. read more

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword Season 4, Episode 5

Don and Pete disregard Roger's expectations in an effort to land an important new client. read more

The Rejected Season 4, Episode 4

When Pete receives an edict from Roger and Lane, he finds himself confronting personal dilemmas at work and on the home front. Meanwhile, Peggy befriends Joyce, a photo editor at Life magazine, who invites the copywriter to a party at a downtown loft, where Peggy gets hit on from a number of sides. And Faye's self-deprecating remarks at a focus-group meeting don't sit well with Don. read more

The Good News Season 4, Episode 3

Don plans a jaunt to Acapulco, while back at the office, Lane and Joan get into a serious disagreement. read more

Christmas Comes but Once a Year Season 4, Episode 2

The agency's Christmas party is nearly spoiled by the late arrival of a surprise and not-so-welcome visitor. read more

Public Relations Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 opener, Don's reluctance to talk about himself jettisons a prestigious trade-paper interview that the company was hoping would be a boon to business. Meanwhile, the "wholesome" manufacturer of two-piece swimsuits wants to hire the firm but doesn't want a sexy ad campaign; Pete and Peggy stage a stunt in an effort to secure more money from a meat-company client; and Roger plays Cupid for Don. read more

Shut the Door. Have a Seat Season 3, Episode 13

In the third-season finale, Don has a pivotal meeting with Connie (Chelcie Ross); Betty is the beneficiary of some interesting advice; and Pete has a serious sit-down with some clients. read more

The Grown Ups Season 3, Episode 12

A candidate makes an impression on Don; Peggy's taste in men proves questionable; and Pete faces a major decision about his career. read more

The Gypsy and the Hobo Season 3, Episode 11

Sterling Cooper welcomes back a prodigal client; Betty and the children take a trip; Joan and Greg make plans for their future. read more

The Color Blue Season 3, Episode 10

Sterling Cooper celebrates a company milestone; Peggy competes with Paul for an account. read more

Wee Small Hours Season 3, Episode 9

Client satisfaction proves to be difficult for both Don and Sal; Betty decides to host a fund-raiser. read more

Souvenir Season 3, Episode 8

Don decides to include Betty on a company business trip; Pete lends a hand to a neighbor in his apartment building. read more

Seven Twenty Three Season 3, Episode 7

Betty becomes involved in local politics; a troubling incident leads Don to begin thinking about his future; and Peggy is on the receiving end of an exquisite gift. read more

Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency Season 3, Episode 6

A surprise visitor shows up at Sterling Cooper; Sally gets spooked by something (or someone); and Joan is the recipient of some surprising news. read more

The Fog Season 3, Episode 5

Concern over Sally's behavior causes Don and Betty to act; opportunistic Pete tries to work a new angle into his business dealings; and an odd dream has a strange effect on Betty. read more

The Arrangements Season 3, Episode 4

Don crosses paths with his father-in-law (Ryan Cutrona); Peggy searches for a new roommate; and a new client with money to throw around is very excited about doing business with the firm. read more

My Old Kentucky Home Season 3, Episode 3

A mandatory overtime session leaves the writers trying to stave off late-night boredom; Roger throws a party, and Joan and Greg host one of their own; and Sally and Grandpa have a run-in. read more

Love Among the Ruins Season 3, Episode 2

Betty's father pays a visit; the Drapers dine with the stuffy new British boss (Jared Harris) and his snobby wife; the firm contemplates whether to accede to an unusual request from a client; Roger takes charge of arranging a wedding; and Peggy's personal involvement in a campaign leaves her greatly affected. read more

Out of Town Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Pete and Ken are among those affected by the corporate changes at the firm. Meanwhile, Sal accompanies Don on a business trip to Baltimore, where both men succumb to the powers of persuasive seduction. read more

Meditations in an Emergency Season 2, Episode 13

As the second season ends, things get bumpy at Sterling Cooper while Don is away; Betty receives some upsetting news. read more

The Mountain King Season 2, Episode 12

An old friend and Don renew acquaintances; Pete's personal problems impact a major account; Joan introduces her fiancé around the office. read more

The Jet Set Season 2, Episode 11

Don takes a business trip to Los Angeles, where he hooks up with some interesting new acquaintances; Peggy's in the mood for an office romance; Duck contemplates the future at Sterling Cooper. read more

The Inheritance Season 2, Episode 10

Betty visits her ailing father; Paul's girlfriend, Sheila, advises him about his civic responsibilities; Pete's mother tries to put the kibosh on an important family move that he and Trudy are planning. read more

Six Month Leave Season 2, Episode 9

Freddy Rumsen strikes out during a pitch meeting with his team; ever-eager Pete seizes a chance to exploit an opportunity at the office; an old friend is the beneficiary of Don's loyalty; Sara Beth proves to be a welcome ally for Betty. read more

A Night to Remember Season 2, Episode 8

Father Gill tries to convince Peggy to volunteer her talents to a church project; Duck and Don team to woo a foreign-beer client by marketing to a new demographic; Harry turns to an unlikely source for help when his department is overloaded with work. read more

The Gold Violin Season 2, Episode 7

Don steps up in class and purchases a new set of wheels that is more appropriate for a big-time executive; Pete, Harry and Ken put their heads together to land new accounts; a serious error by Don's secretary could reflect poorly on Joan; the staff reacts to the new objet d'art in Cooper's office. read more

Maidenform Season 2, Episode 6

Don and Duck attempt to make peace at the office; Peggy tries to find a way to participate in the high-level after-hours meetings being held by the executives; one of Duck's family members visits his office. read more

The New Girl Season 2, Episode 5

Joan might have found Don a perfect secretary; Peggy comes to the rescue when Don finds himself in the middle of personal issues between a TV comedian and the man's wife; Pete and his wife see a fertility specialist to deal with her inability to conceive. read more

Three Sundays Season 2, Episode 4

Peggy's family entertains a new priest assigned to their parish; Freddy and Ken wine and dine a client; the agency staff pitches in to prepare for an under-the-gun pitch meeting. read more

The Benefactor Season 2, Episode 3

Problems surface on the set of a commercial shoot while Don plays hooky from the office; ever-ambitious, career-minded Harry musters support for a sponsorship plagued by controversy; Betty steps in to help Don when he arranges a dinner to placate his upset clients. read more

Flight 1 Season 2, Episode 2

Paul throws a party, then throws his work colleagues for a loop when he introduces them to a special guest; Peggy pays a dinner visit to her family; Duck uses an unorthodox approach to land an airline account, which puts the firm on a conflict-of-interest course. read more

For Those Who Think Young Season 2, Episode 1

The second season opens with Don butting heads about personnel matters with Duck, who wants "younger creative talent"; the staff is up in the air about its approach to an airline-company account; Betty bumps into a former roommate who has begun a surprising new career; Joan is at a loss about where to put the new copy machine. read more

Best of Mad Men

A compilation of clips from the first season of the TV drama, set in the early 1960s, about a group of Madison Ave. advertising men and women and their families. Jon Hamm stars with John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones. read more

The Wheel Season 1, Episode 13

Peggy's colleagues are irked when she's given a new job opportunity; Don's work responsibilities get in the way of his home life; Betty uncovers a surprising secret. read more

Mad Men Highlights

A compilation of scenes from the series that examines the high-powered world of advertising in 1960's New York City, from the board room to the bedroom. read more

Nixon vs. Kennedy Season 1, Episode 12

The Sterling Cooper staff pulls an all-nighter watching Nixon-Kennedy election returns; an ambitious Pete directly challenges Don. read more

Indian Summer Season 1, Episode 11

Peggy is assigned a difficult project; Don seizes the opportunity provided by Roger's latest work woes; a frustrated Pete develops more problems at home and in the office; Betty seeks new relief for her mounting frustrations. read more

Long Weekend Season 1, Episode 10

Don is distraught about losing an important account, so Roger, stuck in the city on Labor Day, tries to cheer him up; Joan and her roommate paint the town. read more

Shoot Season 1, Episode 9

A rival ad agency tries to poach Don from Sterling Cooper, and they involve Betty in their campaign to land him; romantic rivals vie for Peggy's affections. Also, the agency steps up its Nixon presidential campaign in an attempt to counter successful Kennedy promos. read more

The Hobo Code Season 1, Episode 8

Don's mysterious past comes back to haunt him; Peggy celebrates her new work success, but not all of her colleagues and co-workers are pleased or impressed; Salvatore's relationship with a client is questioned. read more

Red in the Face Season 1, Episode 7

A boys' night out for Roger and Don ends badly as Roger's erratic behavior damages their relationship; Pete encounters problems on the home front as he and his bride continue to adjust to being married. read more

Babylon Season 1, Episode 6

Peggy offers superb suggestions during a focus-group session, and her ideas are so well received that her future at the agency looks much brighter; Don asks Rachel's advice about an ad campaign for Israeli tourism. read more

Five G Season 1, Episode 5

Don wins a prestigious award and gets his face splashed on a prominent industry periodical, which triggers some fallout from his past; Ken gets a short story published in a national monthly magazine, inspiring jealousy among his colleagues. read more

New Amsterdam Season 1, Episode 4

Pete oversteps his bounds in dealing with a valuable client, puts his foot in his mouth and gets a lesson from Don in toeing the company line. At home, he gets pressure from his newlywed bride to buy their own apartment unit. read more

Marriage of Figaro Season 1, Episode 3

Pete's return from his honeymoon stirs up conflicted emotions about his bachelor-party dalliance with Peggy; Don and Rachel's business relationship shifts; Betty sets tongues wagging when she invites the neighborhood divorcée to her daughter's birthday party. read more

Ladies Room Season 1, Episode 2

Betty sees a specialist about her ongoing physical problems; a managing partner leans on Don to get involved in the Richard Nixon presidential campaign; Peggy gets some unwanted attention from a copy writer. read more

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Season 1, Episode 1

At an advertising agency in 1960s Manhattan, the creative director has problems coming up with ideas for a tobacco account and crosses swords with the female head of a large department store that she wants to take in a new retail direction. read more

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Premise: A look at the high-powered world of advertising in 1960s New York City, from the boardroom to the bedroom.



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