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Army Wives episodes

Jun 09, 2013: All or Nothing
Jun 02, 2013: Damaged
May 19, 2013: Adjustment Period
May 12, 2013: Reckoning
May 05, 2013: Blood and Treasure
Apr 28, 2013: Jackpot
Apr 21, 2013: Brace for Impact
Apr 14, 2013: Losing Battles
Apr 07, 2013: Disarmament
Mar 31, 2013: Hearth and Home
Mar 24, 2013: Blowback
Mar 17, 2013: From the Ashes
Mar 10, 2013: Ashes to Ashes
Sep 09, 2012: Onward
Aug 26, 2012: Domestic Maneuvers
Aug 19, 2012: Handicap
Aug 12, 2012: The War at Home
Aug 05, 2012: Centennial
Jul 22, 2012: Baby Steps
Jul 15, 2012: Hello Stranger
Jul 08, 2012: Battle Scars
Jul 01, 2012: Tough Love
Jun 24, 2012: Fatal Reaction
May 20, 2012: General Complications
May 13, 2012: Blood Relative
May 06, 2012: Fallout
Apr 29, 2012: After Action Report
Apr 22, 2012: Non-Combatants
Apr 15, 2012: Casualties
Apr 08, 2012: System Failure
Apr 01, 2012: Viral
Mar 25, 2012: True Colors
Mar 18, 2012: Learning Curve
Mar 11, 2012: The Best of Friends
Mar 04, 2012: Perchance to Dream
Mar 04, 2012: Winds of War
Jun 12, 2011: Farewell to Arms
Jun 05, 2011: Firefight
May 22, 2011: Drop Zone
May 15, 2011: Battle Buddies
May 08, 2011: Countermeasures
May 01, 2011: Supporting Arms
Apr 17, 2011: Strategic Alliances
Apr 10, 2011: Walking Wounded
Apr 03, 2011: Soldier On
Mar 27, 2011: On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
Mar 20, 2011: Movement to Contact
Mar 13, 2011: Command Presence
Mar 06, 2011: Line of Departure
Aug 22, 2010: Forward March
Aug 15, 2010: Murder in Charleston
Aug 08, 2010: Mud, Sweat & Tears
Aug 01, 2010: Hearts & Minds
Jul 25, 2010: AWOL
Jul 18, 2010: Army Strong
Jul 11, 2010: Change of Station
Jun 27, 2010: Safety First
Jun 20, 2010: Trial & Error
Jun 13, 2010: New Orders
Jun 06, 2010: Over and Out
May 23, 2010: Heavy Losses
May 16, 2010: Evasive Maneuvers
May 09, 2010: Guns & Roses
May 02, 2010: Be All You Can Be
Apr 25, 2010: Homefront
Apr 18, 2010: Scars & Stripes
Apr 11, 2010: Collateral Damage
Dec 05, 2009: The Army Wives It's Your Choice Marathon!
Oct 11, 2009: Fields of Fire
Oct 04, 2009: Fire in the Hole
Sep 27, 2009: Shrapnel and Alibis
Sep 20, 2009: As Time Goes By...
Sep 13, 2009: Need to Know Basis
Aug 30, 2009: Duty to Inform
Aug 23, 2009: First Response
Aug 16, 2009: Operation: Tango
Aug 09, 2009: M.I.A.
Aug 02, 2009: Coming Home
Jul 26, 2009: Post and Prejudice
Jul 19, 2009: Onward Christian Soldier
Jul 12, 2009: Family Readiness
Jul 05, 2009: Disengagement
Jun 28, 2009: Incoming
Jun 21, 2009: Moving Out
Jun 14, 2009: About Face
Jun 07, 2009: Best Laid Plans
Nov 02, 2008: Last Minute Changes
Oct 26, 2008: Departures, Arrivals
Oct 19, 2008: All in the Family
Oct 12, 2008: Transitions
Oct 05, 2008: Thank You for Letting Me Share
Sep 21, 2008: Payback
Sep 14, 2008: Safe Havens
Sep 07, 2008: Great Expectations
Aug 17, 2008: Mothers & Wives
Aug 10, 2008: Duplicity
Aug 03, 2008: Casting Out the Net
Jul 27, 2008: Loyalties
Jul 20, 2008: Uncharted Territory
Jul 13, 2008: Thicker Than Water
Jul 06, 2008: The Hero Returns
Jun 29, 2008: Leaving the Tribe
Jun 22, 2008: The Messenger
Jun 15, 2008: Strangers in a Strange Land
Jun 08, 2008: Would You Know My Name
Aug 26, 2007: Goodbye Stranger
Aug 19, 2007: Rules of Engagement
Aug 12, 2007: Truth and Consequences
Aug 05, 2007: Dirty Laundry
Jul 29, 2007: Nobody's Perfect
Jul 22, 2007: Only the Lonely
Jul 15, 2007: Hail & Farewell
Jul 08, 2007: Who We Are
Jul 01, 2007: Independence Day
Jun 24, 2007: One of Our Own
Jun 17, 2007: The Art of Separation
Jun 10, 2007: After Birth
Jun 03, 2007: A Tribe Is Born

All or Nothing Season 7, Episode 13

Tim goes missing, and Holly reaches out to the tribe and Tim's platoon for help. Meanwhile, Denise catches Michael in a compromising position; Latasha and Quincy receive news about his military career; and Roland and Joan prepare to say good-bye to Fort Marshall. read more

Damaged Season 7, Episode 12

Latasha worries about Quincy's future in the Army; Gloria agrees to go on a date with Hector; Denise volunteers for a relief mission to an earthquake-ravaged country; Holly becomes concerned about Tim's behavior; Michael and Kat share a moment. read more

Adjustment Period Season 7, Episode 11

The men return from Afghanistan, including Tim, but he struggles to readjust to life on the home front. Meanwhile, Quincy's injuries put his army career in jeopardy; Joan makes a decision about the Army War College; and Gloria fears that Hector may be seriously hurt. read more

Reckoning Season 7, Episode 10

The troops receive orders to return to Fort Marshall; Maggie bonds with Caroline after getting her out of a tough situation; Latasha worries about unexpected expenses; Hector gets sad news from the home front; Gloria searches for a new apartment. read more

Blood and Treasure Season 7, Episode 9

The tribe gathers for Claudia Joy's dedication ceremony; Denise encounters an emergency at the hospital; Michael and Kat bond at a non-work function; Patrick reluctantly breaks up with Gloria; Roland gives Joan an ultimatum; Maggie learns that Caroline has been lying to her. read more

Jackpot Season 7, Episode 8

Gloria discovers that Holly possesses a hidden talent that could help raise money for Claudia Joy's garden. Meanwhile, Hector learns about Gloria and Patrick; and Michael unknowingly encourages Kat's daughter, a Citadel cadet, to switch from Air Force to Army. read more

Brace for Impact Season 7, Episode 7

Gloria ends her relationship with Patrick; Denise tries to ease the tension between Gloria and Jackie; Michael clashes with a new female Air Force colonel; Joan gets reprimanded at work; Maggie tries to bond with Caroline; Eddie and Patrick arrive in Afghanistan. read more

Losing Battles Season 7, Episode 6

Denise helps Michael sort through Claudia Joy's clothes; Caroline insists on living with her real mother after Eddie is deployed; Pat tells Gloria that he is being deployed the next day; Joan finds it difficult to juggle work and parenthood when David gets sick from his new drug regimen. read more

Disarmament Season 7, Episode 5

Gloria meets a new guy at the Hump bar; Jackie's son comes home with some surprising news; Denise and Frank celebrate another anniversary apart; Joan has a disagreement with Latasha and Maggie after the boys get in trouble again; Holly is disappointed when she can't talk to Tim after his squad is ambushed. read more

Hearth and Home Season 7, Episode 4

Joan adjusts to life at home after being pulled from combat; Gloria receives her divorce papers; Denise cares for Latasha's son when he is rushed to the emergency room; Maggie and Eddie's blended family bump heads; the soldiers in Afghanistan are moved to a remote and dangerous outpost. read more

Blowback Season 7, Episode 3

News of an explosion in Afghanistan rocks Fort Marshall; Joan is surprised by her new orders; Denise gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to watch David and Sara Elizabeth; Latasha, Maggie and Denise are brought together when their boys get into trouble; Jackie worries that Kevin is returning to battle too soon. read more

From the Ashes Season 7, Episode 2

The tribe comes together to say good-bye to a loved one. Meanwhile, Roxy and Gloria befriend a young army wife; Roland is presented with an opportunity to expand his research work; and a fight breaks out at the Hump. read more

Ashes to Ashes Season 7, Episode 1

The seventh season begins with Fort Marshall soldiers and workers mourning the loss of one of their own. read more

Onward Season 6, Episode 23

News spreads that Fort Marshall will merge with an Air Force base; Kevin experiences a medical breakthrough; the troops return to Afghanistan; Joan makes an important decision regarding her career; Charlie and Nicole investigate adoption. read more

Domestic Maneuvers Season 6, Episode 22

Roxy and Trevor plan for the future; Roland's treatment of Marcus causes problems with Joan; Sophie becomes the target of Kevin's frustration; fertility issues leave Charlie and Nicole feeling discouraged; and Gloria returns to take on new duties at the bar. read more

Handicap Season 6, Episode 21

Kevin is forced to return home, and he takes his frustration out on Jackie. Meanwhile, Roland treats Marcus without telling Joan; and Trevor gets new orders. read more

The War at Home Season 6, Episode 20

The tribe deals with consequences from the centennial celebration; Roxy and Trevor take Drew home from the hospital; Denise and Roland suspect that one of David's friends is being abused; Gloria confides in Jackie about her impending divorce. read more

Centennial Season 6, Episode 19

Military dignitaries visit Fort Marshall to celebrate its centennial. Meanwhile, Hector and Gloria deal with the repercussions of Penny's return; and Roxy and Trevor worry about the health of their babies. read more

Baby Steps Season 6, Episode 18

Roxy goes into labor, and she and Trevor argue about his military career. Meanwhile, Denise considers becoming a nurse practitioner; and Jackie becomes frustrated with how easily Sophie manipulates her father. read more

Hello Stranger Season 6, Episode 17

Pamela and Chase invite Roxy and Trevor to meet them in Miami; an arrogant doctor blames Tanya for a patient's near death; Jackie's daughter visits from boarding school for the first time. read more

Battle Scars Season 6, Episode 16

Claudia Joy helps retired veterans with their legal problems; Roxy worries about Cody's depression; Trevor urges Hector to see a marriage counselor; Nicole gets upset when Charlie breaks the news of their engagement to Nicole's unsupportive mom. read more

Tough Love Season 6, Episode 15

Trevor's buddy Cory arrives at Fort Marshall with his wife to have surgery on his burn injuries; Hector tries to reconcile with Gloria; Jackie gives Claudia Joy lessons at the gun range; Denise attempts to move past the beach-house shooting. read more

Fatal Reaction Season 6, Episode 14

Claudia Joy recovers from surgery; David communicates with Marcus behind Roland and Joan's back; Trevor worries that Roxy is taking on too much while pregnant; a beach trip turns into a terrifying ordeal for two wives. read more

General Complications Season 6, Episode 13

Michael is promoted to Corps Commander, and Audrey tells CJ that she helped get him the promotion and she wants payback. Meanwhile, Frank questions his resolve as a soldier; Roland and Joan struggle with David's desire to spend time with his biological father. read more

Blood Relative Season 6, Episode 12

Denise offers C.J. her kidney, but Frank thinks it's too risky. Meanwhile, Roland and Joan meet with C.J. to discuss the legal issues surrounding David's biological father; and Hector tells Gloria she should quit work because he doesn't like her flirting with customers. read more

Fallout Season 6, Episode 11

Roland meets a man who claims to be David's biological father; Michael investigates the incident at the African orphanage; Jackie sinks deeper into her prescription-pill addiction; Frank continues to be haunted by the orphans. read more

After Action Report Season 6, Episode 10

Denise worries about Frank when he returns restless from Africa; Jackie is overwhelmed with her Army duties; Roxy and Trevor give financial help to Gloria and Hector; Roland and Joan invite Charlie and Nicole over for dinner. read more

Non-Combatants Season 6, Episode 9

Nicole negotiates a resolution to the conflict with the militia in Africa, but then she is wounded. Meanwhile, Frank, Trevor and Hector evacuate the last remaining Americans but are forced to leave behind local orphans. read more

Casualties Season 6, Episode 8

Tanya and Dr. Hanson try to save the life of a wounded soldier. Meanwhile, Denise and Jackie visit the injured man's family; Roland learns that Charlie is in a relationship; and troops confront a tribal militia outside a medical clinic. read more

System Failure Season 6, Episode 7

Claudia Joy experiences medical complications related to her diabetes. Meanwhile, Frank gets involved in a political upheaval in Africa; and Finn's birthday is celebrated. read more

Viral Season 6, Episode 6

David is involved in a sports-related accident with a classmate, which leads to controversy. Meanwhile, Claudia Joy's dislike for Jackie damages her relationship with Denise; Trevor and Roxy offer advice to a soldier and his wife. read more

True Colors Season 6, Episode 5

Roxy is given an opportunity to be more involved in the Army; tension escalates between Claudia Joy and Jackie; Gen. Clarke chastises Joan for not combining the bases quickly enough. read more

Learning Curve Season 6, Episode 4

Claudia Joy is threatened by Denise's friendship with Jackie Clarke and confides in an old friend; Roland is given a unique opportunity at the Youth Activities Center; Roxy adjusts to her duties as an officer's wife. read more

The Best of Friends Season 6, Episode 3

Trevor has difficulty adjusting to new houseguests; Denise encounters an old friend on the base; Pamela struggles with being so far away from Chase. read more

Perchance to Dream Season 6, Episode 2

Denise fights for her life after a hurricane hits the hospital; Pamela searches for a place to live after her apartment building is destroyed; Joan gets overwhelmed trying to manage the aftereffects of the storm. read more

Winds of War Season 6, Episode 1

The sixth season begins with the tribe preparing to leave Fort Marshall, but Roxy isn't prepared to move. Meanwhile, Joan gets the fort ready for a hurricane; and Denise and Frank celebrate Molly's first birthday. read more

Farewell to Arms Season 5, Episode 13

Claudia Joy has difficulty dealing with the way people are treating her and Michael; Joan finds it tough to bond with David; Roxy's truck stop nears completion; and Denise attempts to help Tanya cope with life without Jeremy. read more

Firefight Season 5, Episode 12

Emmalin and Michael's disagreement about their futures puts Claudia Joy in the middle. Meanwhile, Denise goes back to work, and Trevor contemplates attending Officer Candidate School. read more

Drop Zone Season 5, Episode 11

Denise realizes that she misses being a nurse; Pamela fears a performance evaluation from Boone; and Claudia Joy suspects both Emmalin and Michael are preoccupied despite being back home. read more

Battle Buddies Season 5, Episode 10

Trevor allows his marital issues to affect his work, and Roxy looks to Denise for help. Meanwhile, Joan and Roland consider adopting a child with health issues. read more

Countermeasures Season 5, Episode 9

Denise supports Jeremy's friends while dealing with her own sadness; Roxy tries to inform Trevor about her truck-stop plans; and Joan and Roland's adoption plans take an unexpected turn. read more

Supporting Arms Season 5, Episode 8

Claudia Joy faces unexpected health issues; Pamela worries about Whit's interactions with Finn and TJ; Joan and Roland do some family planning. read more

Strategic Alliances Season 5, Episode 7

An Army wife facing deportation gets help from Claudia Joy and Chandler; Roxy makes headway with her plans for a truck stop; and Roland and Joan babysit Molly when Denise gets the flu. read more

Walking Wounded Season 5, Episode 6

Claudia Joy copes with memories of Amanda; Roxy considers expanding her business; Pamela and Chase monitor their behavior in front of their kids; and Roland doubts his professional skills. read more

Soldier On Season 5, Episode 5

The aftermath of an unexpected loss leads to life-changing decisions for the wives. read more

On Behalf of a Grateful Nation Season 5, Episode 4

The wives support each other as one Fort Marshall family must deal with an unexpected loss. read more

Movement to Contact Season 5, Episode 3

Claudia Joy butts heads with Chandler on her first day of work; Joan worries about appearances when Sara Elizabeth is accepted into an exclusive preschool; Roxy frets about her friendship with Pam when their kids get into a fight; Tanya gets nervous about the wedding when she realizes how little she knows about Jeremy. read more

Command Presence Season 5, Episode 2

Claudia Joy graduates from law school and Professor Chandler offers her an associate position at his firm. Meanwhile, Pamela comes to a decision about her future, and an overwhelmed Joan has difficulty settling in to her new job. read more

Line of Departure Season 5, Episode 1

In the Season 5 opener, Denise prepares to meet Jeremy's fiancée while caring for her newborn. Meanwhile, Emmalin leaves for college; Pamela mulls over a job offer in Atlanta and a second chance with Chase; Joan and Roland discuss the future of their relationship; and T.J.'s behavior challenges Roxy. read more

Forward March Season 4, Episode 18

Season 4 ends as Denise goes into labor during a phone call with Jeremy; Claudia Joy receives disturbing news as Emmalin prepares for graduation; Pamela reconsiders her future after a talk with Gina; and Joan must make a life-altering decision. read more

Murder in Charleston Season 4, Episode 17

Pamela becomes involved in a murder case and is tasked with accompanying an out-of-town detective (Gabrielle Union) around Charleston. Elsewhere, Michael informs Claudia Joy he won't be in contact for several days because of a mission. read more

Mud, Sweat & Tears Season 4, Episode 16

Dr. Jill Biden (as herself) visits the fort and discusses challenges faced by military families with a deployed relative; Denise is caught in the middle when her sisters come to visit and bicker throughout their stay; Trevor's unit runs into trouble; and Roland aids Chase as he attends therapy. read more

Hearts & Minds Season 4, Episode 15

A very pregnant Denise stresses over Frank and Jeremy's absence; Joan's doctor allows her to spend a day alone with Sarah Elizabeth; Emmalin prepares a video to submit to college coaches; and Pamela tries speed dating. read more

AWOL Season 4, Episode 14

An AWOL solider is arrested after missing her deployment, and Grant Chandler (Harry Hamlin) takes on the case. Elsewhere, Jeremy falls for a nurse in Afghanistan. read more

Army Strong Season 4, Episode 13

Pamela considers dating again; Joan's tough recovery keeps her from deploying with her unit; Denise and Frank learn the baby's gender. read more

Change of Station Season 4, Episode 12

The Pentagon sends orders that impact everyone on base; Emmalin receives bad news about her knee injury; Pamela is uneasy about Chase's new female neighbor; and Trevor puts TJ in charge at home. read more

Safety First Season 4, Episode 11

Denise starts working at dispatch and recruits Pamela to help find a troubled caller; Trevor's leadership earns him the respect of his men, including Jeremy; Joan gets answers from her doctor about her condition; and Fort Marshall tries to make it through its 99th day without a death. read more

Trial & Error Season 4, Episode 10

Claudia Joy and Michael are on opposite sides of the courtroom when she assists a public-advocacy lawyer (Harry Hamlin) in a case against the Army. Elsewhere, Jeremy helps Denise with housework while Frank is away; Joan worries about her health; and Pamela begins a new job. read more

New Orders Season 4, Episode 9

Six months into the future, the Sherwoods await a new child; Pamela lives off base and faces financial problems; Claudia Joy struggles at law school; Roland tries to reconnect with his emotionally distant wife; and Roxy thinks her fertility issues are resolved. read more

Over and Out Season 4, Episode 8

Joan receives good news about going home; Emmalin suffers an injury to her leg that could threaten her college-hockey aspirations; and Pamela and Chase recognize the impact their problems are having on their children. read more

Heavy Losses Season 4, Episode 7

Pamela is suspicious of Chase's new approach to their relationship; Trevor turns to Roland for guidance when he has trouble dealing with the complications in Roxy's pregnancy; Claudia Joy has an interview for law school with the dean of admissions; and Jeremy asks for Denise's permission to reenlist after he receives a promotion to specialist. read more

Evasive Maneuvers Season 4, Episode 6

Pamela helps Claudia Joy organize a USO concert at Fort Marshall featuring Wynonna Judd and Five for Fighting; Joan tries to keep troop morale high in Iraq; and an abused Army wife (Gina Rodriguez) is encouraged to get help. read more

Guns & Roses Season 4, Episode 5

A surprise visit from Michael's aunt (Ann-Margret) upsets plans for Claudia Joy's annual Mother's Day brunch; Roland plans a special celebration for Joan's first Mother's Day, despite her being overseas; and Trevor's Mother's Day plans for Roxy go awry. read more

Be All You Can Be Season 4, Episode 4

Claudia Joy bumps into an old friend while visiting a college with Emmalin; Roland plans a party for Sara Elizabeth's first birthday; Pamela researches divorce proceedings; and Denise responds to a domestic-abuse call. read more

Homefront Season 4, Episode 3

Claudia Joy hosts an Army Spouse of the Year breakfast, where she witnesses fellow finalist Lenore's very catty behavior; Emmalin opts to hang out with a new girl on post instead of spending time with her father; Roland's ex-business partner shows up at the office; and Roxy and Trevor share their baby news with the whole family. read more

Scars & Stripes Season 4, Episode 2

Roland worries about not being by Joan's side as she recovers from her injuries in Germany; Denise and Frank stand by Jeremy; Trevor considers getting a second job to alleviate Roxy's financial worries; and Roxy and Claudia Joy work to get the Hump Bar reopened to base personnel. read more

Collateral Damage Season 4, Episode 1

As the fourth season begins, Frank and Denise cope with the aftermath of the shooting incident, and Roland receives upsetting news about Joan's health. Meanwhile, Pamela takes the kids on a last-minute vacation, and Claudia Joy is nominated for Army Spouse of the Year. read more

The Army Wives It's Your Choice Marathon!

Season 3's Top 3 episodes, as selected by fans. read more

Fields of Fire Season 3, Episode 18

The Holdens ready for Michael's promotion ceremony; Pamela's marital woes escalate; and Roland struggles with his additional responsibilities at home and on the job. Meanwhile, Roxy faces financial difficulties; and a grieving Jeremy deals with the aftermath of the incident at the Hump Bar. read more

Fire in the Hole Season 3, Episode 17

Viola (Tonya Pinkins) makes an impressive turn as a guest singer at the Hump Bar; Michael anxiously awaits a visit from a four-star general (Michael Nouri); and Denise plays to win at an annual golf tournament. read more

Shrapnel and Alibis Season 3, Episode 16

Jeremy returns home from Iraq as Joan says good-bye to her family. Meanwhile, Trevor's first recruit is sworn in, and Pamela discovers Chase lied to her. read more

As Time Goes By... Season 3, Episode 15

Roxy and Pamela visit a nursing home, where they meet two senior Army wives who share WWII stories with them through flashbacks. read more

Need to Know Basis Season 3, Episode 14

Pamela get answers to her questions about Chase; Denise pursues a new career as an EMT; Jeremy runs into trouble in Iraq; and Roxy makes a decision about her future with Trevor. read more

Duty to Inform Season 3, Episode 13

Claudia Joy is determined to keep her medical condition a secret; Trevor is challenged by his new role as a recruiter; and Pamela desperately searches for answers about Chase, who was set to return home two weeks ago. read more

First Response Season 3, Episode 12

Claudia Joy receives a shocking diagnosis after she and Denise get into a fender bender; Trevor bonds with TJ on a fishing trip; and Jeremy deals with the aftermath of a fellow soldier's injury. read more

Operation: Tango Season 3, Episode 11

Claudia Joy and Denise escort a former senator's widow (Kelly Bishop) to a groundbreaking ceremony on base; Roxy tries to make a good impression for Finn at a private school; country singer Jack Ingram performs at Roxy's bar; and Roland comforts Joan about her pending deployment. read more

M.I.A. Season 3, Episode 10

Roxy's favorite country singer (Shelby Lynne) stops by the bar seeking employment; Pamela's hunt for her lost wallet puts a damper on Chase's homecoming; and Joan agonizes over the family milestones she'll miss during her deployment. read more

Coming Home Season 3, Episode 9

Michael and Emmalin try to rebuild their relationship by spending some quality time together; Claudia Joy escorts Haneen back home to the Middle East; and Roxy is concerned about Finn's difficulties in school. read more

Post and Prejudice Season 3, Episode 8

The war-games exercise pits Joan and Evan against each other; Claudia Joy and Denise approach the FRG about sponsoring Haneen, who needs further treatment after her surgery; and Pamela advises a young wife on starting her own business. read more

Onward Christian Soldier Season 3, Episode 7

Pamela disagrees with the football coach's methods; Denise and Frank go for counseling; Joan and Evan are on opposing sides during a war-game exercise; and Haneen makes herself at home in the Holdens' house. read more

Family Readiness Season 3, Episode 6

The ladies help Joan and Roland prepare for the christening; Trevor is called upon to care for Lucky the dog; and Terrance and Roland aid an injured Iraqi orphan. read more

Disengagement Season 3, Episode 5

Roxy plans a reopening bash for the bar, but things don't go as well as she had hoped; Pamela's football know-how leads to a job offer with her son's team; Chase comes home early, but finds it difficult to readjust; and Joan decides to christen Sarah Elizabeth before she is deployed. read more

Incoming Season 3, Episode 4

Claudia Joy tries to help Michael bridge the gap between him and Emmalin; Pamela and Chase's move brings out Trevor's insecurities about providing for his family; Roland gets a job offer; and Jeremy has a near miss overseas. read more

Moving Out Season 3, Episode 3

Claudia Joy house hunts as Emmalin's rebellious ways continue. Pamela is also on the lookout for a new place because her kids no longer want to share a room. Elsewhere, Roland is confronted by an outside therapist about the care available for soldiers and Trevor's career is jeopardized by a bad call he makes during a drill. read more

About Face Season 3, Episode 2

Denise tries to learn Frank's fate after his unit runs into trouble in Iraq. She turns to Claudia Joy for help, but her friend is busy reestablishing a home base after deciding to stay in town with Emmalin. read more

Best Laid Plans Season 3, Episode 1

The third season begins with a desperate search for Emmalin, who has run off to get married just as Claudia Joy and Michael are planning to depart for Brussels. Faced with losing the bar, Roxy does whatever she can to work an equitable deal with Collin (Ivan Sergei). And Denise deals with the aftermath of her affair. read more

Last Minute Changes Season 2, Episode 19

The second season wraps up with the Holdens dealing with big changes. Meanwhile, Pamela wonders about her decision to marry into the Army; Betty's long-lost nephew arrives unexpectedly at the bar to see Roxy; and Roland must help a former patient. read more

Departures, Arrivals Season 2, Episode 18

When Joan returns to work she and Roland realize how much parenthood has changed their lives. Meanwhile, things are looking good for Michael on the job, and Roxy's mother drops by. read more

All in the Family Season 2, Episode 17

Roxy's mother comes back with a man on her arm; Joan and Roland leave their daughter with Claudia Joy and Michael for a date night; and Pamela works with Roxy at the bar to keep her mind off Chase. read more

Transitions Season 2, Episode 16

A young wife (Rumer Willis) whose husband is blind finds a friend in Denise; Joan and Roland search for a nanny; and Emmalin runs into her pen pal, Logan (Paul Wesley). read more

Thank You for Letting Me Share Season 2, Episode 15

A new wife (Mayte Garcia) arrives on base and her competitive streak puts her at odds with Claudia Joy. Meanwhile, Roland and Joan are happy to have Roland's mother visit until she criticizes his parenting skills; and Michael is upset to learn about Denise's relationship with Getti. read more

Payback Season 2, Episode 14

Trevor receives a medal for his actions in Iraq; Pamela confronts her stalker; and Denise gets away to reflect on her marriage. read more

Safe Havens Season 2, Episode 13

Roland learns about Trevor's addiction; the Holdens are visited by an old friend (Alex Fernandez); Pamela's stalker gets close to her kids at the playground; and Denise and Frank discuss their relationship after an emotional farewell to their son. read more

Great Expectations Season 2, Episode 12

Claudia Joy's father visits; Roxy plans a baby shower for Joan, who is growing overly anxious about motherhood; Pamela deals with a fan who begins to stalk her. read more

Mothers & Wives Season 2, Episode 11

Claudia Joy is suspicious of an unexpected visit from her mother (Marsha Mason); Roland counsels a teen who lost his father in combat; and Roxy panics before she can take the GED exam. read more

Duplicity Season 2, Episode 10

Joan is confined to bed rest because of pregnancy complications; Trevor learns he can't return to combat; Pamela continues to bond with new friend Brenda (Tawny Cypress); and Frank notices a change in Denise. read more

Casting Out the Net Season 2, Episode 9

Michael investigates the link between drugs at Emmalin's high school and the military; Frank has a two-week leave; Trevor plans a luxurious surprise for Roxy, who also enrolls in Roland's class. read more

Loyalties Season 2, Episode 8

Roxy hires a new waitress (Ana Ortiz) for the bar; Roland runs into trouble with a student; and Chase and other Delta Force members are arrested. read more

Uncharted Territory Season 2, Episode 7

The Burtons learn the gender of their baby; Roxy prepares to reopen the bar under a new name; Jeremy returns to the post; Pamela and Chase go to a cookout with other Delta Force families. read more

Thicker Than Water Season 2, Episode 6

Denise is the subject of gossip when she is seen off the base with Getti; Betty discovers her cancer is spreading, so she plans her dream vacation; and Roland spends time at the maternity ward with Denise to get parenting advice. read more

The Hero Returns Season 2, Episode 5

Trevor is uneasy with his new hero status; Frank is concerned about Denise, who is enamored with her new motorcycle; and Joan's maternity-leave replacement arrives. read more

Leaving the Tribe Season 2, Episode 4

Denise befriends a soldier who encourages her to ride a motorcycle; Roland is offered a high-school-counseling position; Roxy takes a job at a shrimp pier; Joan reveals her condition to her troops; and Trevor becomes a hero. read more

The Messenger Season 2, Episode 3

Denise connects with a wounded soldier who reminds her of her carefree past; Katie is upset to learn her father is going on another secret mission; and Claudia Joy becomes the object of a schoolboy crush. read more

Strangers in a Strange Land Season 2, Episode 2

Roxy cares for Betty as she recovers from her bombing injuries; Pamela is upset by Chase's secretive nature; and Joan struggles with her decision to end her pregnancy. read more

Would You Know My Name Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 begins with the aftermath of the bar bombing and the wives' attempts to return to their normal lives. Roxy waits on news about Trevor; and Joan and Roland reassess their marriage. read more

Goodbye Stranger Season 1, Episode 13

The first season ends with an alarming discovery: Munitions are missing, prompting Michael to put the post on high alert and deploy the rest of the soldiers in response to what could be a terrorist plot. read more

Rules of Engagement Season 1, Episode 12

Trevor asks Roxy to quit her job at the bar after a drunken fight breaks out there. Meanwhile, news of Joan's promotion prompts Roland to question her commitment to fixing their marriage. read more

Truth and Consequences Season 1, Episode 11

Frank refuses to see Jeremy before his deployment, but he reconsiders after meeting with Amanda and confronts his son about his abusive behavior. Elsewhere, Roland confesses to Joan. read more

Dirty Laundry Season 1, Episode 10

Claudia Joy is urged to drop ties with her friend Hannah (Ann Cusack), who plans to testify before Congress on the possible friendly fire death of her husband in Afghanistan. read more

Nobody's Perfect Season 1, Episode 9

Joan returns home early, determined to get her marriage back on track. Meanwhile, Denise misses Maj. Weatherford's party, where Claudia Joy overhears a heated dispute between Lenore Baker and her husband moments before he collapses, leaving Michael temporarily in charge at Fort Marshall. read more

Only the Lonely Season 1, Episode 8

The Holdens plan a family vacation to get Amanda away from Jeremy; Denise decides to return to work as a hospital nurse; Pamela runs into an old friend while Roxy makes a new one, a recently widowed single mother who must leave the post due to her husband's death. read more

Hail & Farewell Season 1, Episode 7

Roxy's mother pays an unexpected visit and asks Pamela to help her plan a birthday party for Roxy to prove she has changed. Elsewhere, Jeremy decides to enlist, upsetting his mother, while the Holdens try to stop his budding romance with Amanda by telling her of his past abusive behavior. read more

Who We Are Season 1, Episode 6

Denise gets a surprise; Claudia Joy is concerned about Amanda's relationship with Jeremy; Roxy's mother shows up unannounced. read more

Independence Day Season 1, Episode 5

Roxy learns a secret about Marilyn (Kate Kneeland); Pamela gets bad news at Claudia Joy's Independence Day picnic; Roland asks Col. Holden to be lenient with Joan, who is considering retiring rather than face court-martial. read more

One of Our Own Season 1, Episode 4

Denise waits for news on her husband as word of his downed chopper spreads; Roland and Claudia Joy are held hostage by a disturbed soldier who has a secret past with Joan. read more

The Art of Separation Season 1, Episode 3

Denise confronts her son about his abusive behavior; Roxy runs into her ex, who refuses to sign the paperwork relinquishing his parental rights; Pamela comes clean about her pregnancy in a public announcement; Joan deals with a soldier under her command who has a mental breakdown. read more

After Birth Season 1, Episode 2

Roxy deals with the news that Trevor has been deployed, then helps Denise with defensive training after she catches Jeremy attacking his mother; Pamela is forced to care for the twins while the biological parents are out of town; Joan's erratic behavior causes concern for Roland. read more

A Tribe Is Born Season 1, Episode 1

Roxy moves onto the base after marrying a soldier following a four-day courtship. There she forms an unlikely friendship with a diverse group of spouses, including a powerful colonel's wife. read more

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Premiered: June 03, 2007, on Lifetime
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Ensemble drama centering on the lives of a group of military spouses living on a U.S. Army base.



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