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Episode Detail: National Geographic: On Assignment - National Geographic: On Assignment

Christine Baranski narrates a report on courtship and mating among finches, fruit flies, bluebirds and beetles (and people). Also: effects of the Soufriere volcano on the people of Montserrat. Robert Urich is the host.

Episodes: National Geographic: On Assignment (231)

6/22/2005: Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria
3/3/2005: Feast of the Giant Sharks
2/24/2005: Looters
11/8/2004: Egypt's Hidden Treasures
11/8/2004: Nights with Leopards
7/24/2004: Amazon Bronze
4/6/2004: Cairo Unveiled
3/26/2004: The 3rd Sex
3/25/2004: A Dolphin Named Cupid
3/24/2004: NASCAR Dreams
3/23/2004: Endangered Mermaids
3/22/2004: Deep Flight
3/22/2004: Still in the Saddle
12/4/2003: Remembering World War II
12/4/2003: Dangerous Jobs
12/2/2003: America's Best Places
12/1/2003: Our Worst Fears
11/20/2003: True Originals
11/19/2003: Hidden World of Asmat
11/18/2003: Voodoo
11/17/2003: Exotic Pets
11/14/2003: Diving with Seals
11/14/2003: Into the Andes
11/13/2003: Master and Commander: The Lure of the Sea
10/31/2003: Bump in the Night
10/30/2003: To the Limit
10/29/2003: Musical Journey
10/28/2003: Caring for Killers
10/27/2003: Hidden New York
10/21/2003: Cameramen Who Dared
10/15/2003: Avenue of the Volcanoes
7/15/2003: Return of the Mountain Lion
7/14/2003: Rat Wars
6/28/2003: Visions of the Deep
6/21/2003: Rescue Dogs
6/19/2003: Savage Salties
6/18/2003: The Return of the Cossacks
6/14/2003: Race for the Palio
6/14/2003: Landslide!
6/12/2003: Jungle Pilots
6/7/2003: Passion for Africa
6/2/2003: Velvet Killers
5/31/2003: Okavango Diary
5/29/2003: Season of the Salmon
5/28/2003: Tango!
5/27/2003: Spunky Monkey
5/17/2003: In the Footsteps of Robinson Crusoe
5/10/2003: High Peak Rescue
5/3/2003: Combat Cameramen
10/29/2002: Fantastic Voyage
7/14/2002: Mongoose Murders
6/6/2002: Giants of the Deep
5/15/2002: Crossing the Empty Quarter
5/14/2002: Gorillas on the Edge
5/12/2002: Mystery Tomb of Abusir
5/10/2002: Pirates of Whydah
5/9/2002: Fearsome Frogs
5/6/2002: Sea Bears of the Diamond Coast
4/25/2002: Journey Through the Underworld
4/24/2002: Golden Lions of the Rain Forest
4/23/2002: Dinosaur Fever
4/22/2002: Animal Minds
4/19/2002: Animal Attraction
4/11/2002: Parrot Passions
4/10/2002: Paradise Lost
4/9/2002: Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans
3/28/2002: Iran: Behind the Veil
3/17/2002: Stikine River Fever
3/17/2002: Ice Mummies
2/4/2002: Mummies of Gold
1/31/2002: Racing the Distance
1/30/2002: Crocodile Wild
1/29/2002: Cheetah Chase
5/2/2001: Land of the Anaconda; Snake Charmers
11/27/1999: National Geographic: On Assignment
10/2/1999: National Geographic: On Assignment
7/31/1999: Jungle Pilots; Fire Bombers; Sky Shooters
Reptile Rampage
Under the Big Top
Deadly Encounters
The Long Night of the Lion; Cape Disappointment; Atlantic Dash
Dancing with Stingrays; Thai Climb; Delaware Bay Banquet
1987 February Mel Fisher
Kingdom of the Crabs; Quest for the Blue Mountain; Skiing Extreme
To the Top; Tokyo Fish Market; Our God Is a Woman
The Body Snatchers; Gravity Never Sleeps; Navajo Sand Painting
1987 May
Half a Mile Down; Jungle Flying Machine; Sheer Courage
Monterey Bay Aquarium; Barnstormers; Brooklyn's Pigeon Game
Opal Dreaming; Danger in Descent; Old-Time River Run
1988 February
Sumo Wrestler; Flying on Ice; Archaeological Detectives
Jihad: Afghanistan's Holy War
Unearthing the Mole; Going in Style; Cave Divers of Wakulla
White Wolf
Macumba: World of the Spirits; Skipjacks; London Cabbies
The Day the Reindeer Died; Human-Powered Vehicles; Humpbacks of Hawaii; Cajun Carver
North to the Pole; Diving with Doubilet
Falconer; Holy Stone; Pygmy Chimps: Star Students
The Coastal Lagoons; The River Valleys; The Maya Mountains;
Chasm of Gloom; Juju Music; No Bridge Too Old
Cameras on the Move; Brazil's Wildlife in Watercolor; Life by the Fingertips
1987 April
Tale of the Pregnant Male; Master Blasters; Bear Talk
Crocodile River; Seal Sanctuary; Battle of the Big Chiefs
Big City Bike Messengers; Dolphin Talk; Singapore Street Opera
The Taj Hotel; Ama Divers; Mohawks High Up
Brutal Kinship
Search for the Battleship Bismarck
Backstage at the Beaver Pond; Bee Alert; Hula: Dance of Legends
Birdnesters of Thailand; Kamikaze; Treetop Raft
Firefighters; Giant Octopus
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
Phantoms of the Night; Angle of Attack; Nuisance Alligators
Big City Raccoons; Guns to Order; Way of the Wodaabe
Crocodiles: Here Be Dragons
Shark Trackers; Herculaneum: Voices of the Past; Nature of the Congo
Elephant Seals; Tale of the Crayfish; Master Archer
Vampire Bats; To Catch a Cobra; Deathtrap
The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall
Aliens from Inner Space; Raw Power; Legion of the Damned
Air Boss; Royal Tomb of the Maya; Jungle Countdown
Day of the Lion; Don't Even Think of Parking Here; Emperor Penguins
Scorpions; When the Earth Quakes; Kite Krazy
Honey Hunters; Gorilla Watch; Canyon of the Deep
Serpent Festival; Lights! Camera! Bugs!; The Subterraneans
A Taste for Blood; The Great Camel Race; Peruvian Canals
The Secret Leopard
Mountains of Fire
Lost City of the Maya; The Improbable Ostrich; Crazy Banana
Jungle Kayakers; Cheetah: Sprint for Survival; Portait in Rawhide: Duff Severe
Flamingo Odyssey; Within Deep Waters; Warriors of the Golden Gate
Rattlesnake Roundup; Fires of War; Sky Surfer
Seasons of Survival; Flamingo Island; Gauchos
Zaire River Journey; Facing the Shark; Peru's Noble Horse
Jungle Spirits of Madagascar; Amazon Bronze; Fastest Claw on the Reef
Survival! The Shackleton Story; Lifesize; White Water Wizards
Savage Paradise; Lost Empire of Tiwanaku
Secret World of the Chimpanzee
Sea Lions of Patagonia; Jitterbug!; It's Magic
Crater of the Rain God
In Search of the Killer Whale; Rattlesnakes and Squirrels; Filming the Invisible
Dr. Cockroach; Grand Canyon Mule Train; Singing Apes of Thailand
Born Wild; Baseclimb; Swans: The Tireless Voyagers
U-Boats: Terror on Our Shores; Secret Subs of Pearl Harbor
1994 February
1994 April
1994 January
1994 March
1994 July
1994 September
1994 May
1994 June
1994 November
1994 October
1995 February
1995 March
1994 December
1995 January
1995 April
1995 July
1995 August
1995 October
1995 November
Who Built the Pyramids?; Cairo Unveiled
National Geographic: On Assignment
1995 December
Wolves of the Air; Kenya; Wedding Dress
MIR 18; Ndoki Adventure; Elephant Birth
Bear Attack; Seasons of the Cobra; Grey Reef Sharks
Hunt for the Great White Shark; Making of Hunt for the Great White Shark
Height of Courage; Storm Chasers
National Geographic: On Assignment
National Geographic: On Assignment
Yellowstone; Realm of the Coyote; Wild Chimpanzees
Sea Nasties; Lighthouse to Go; Rodeo Clowns
Spell of the Tiger; Mystery of the Inca Mummy
Bee Man; Sumo: Dance of the Gargantuans; Pet Wrap
National Geographic: On Assignment
National Geographic: On Assignment
National Geographic: On Assignment
Wings over the Serengeti; Flying off the Rooftops
National Geographic: On Assignment
National Geographic: On Assignment
National Geographic: On Assignment
Tsunami! Killer Waves; Alaska Challenge
Lords of the Everglades; Storming the North Pole
Savage Garden; The Making of Savage Garden
Snow Monkey Roundup
Spitting Mad; Wild Camel of the Andes; Tiger's Eye
Stock Car Fever; High Peak Rescue; Harleys to Hanoi
Inside NFL Films; The Idol Makers; Wave Soaring
King Cobra; A Passion for Pythons
Realm of the Great White Bear; Bear Bandits
Painted Dogs of the Okavango; Dirt Racers
National Geographic: On Assignment
Chimp Rescue; Saving JJ; Zoo Dentist
National Geographic: On Assignment
The Secret Life of Cats; Street Dogs
Pharoahs Voyage for Eternity; Gondolas of Venice; Dragon Boats
Human-Powered Flying Machine; Old Skull, New Look; Monhegan Trap Day
Punk Puffins and Hard Rock; Photographer of the Year; Veterinary Vanguard
1994 August
The Photographers; Arson Dog
The Urban Gorilla
Frog-eating Bats; Roller Coaster!; A Rainforest in Borneo
Back to the Sea; Parrot Fashion; Zoo Builders
Visions of the Deep; Neon Lights; Bush Babies
1995 June
Whale Roundup; Corsica Yak; Toxic SWAT
A Savage Kind of Love; New Matadors; Cover Story
Killer Whales of the Fjord; Looters!; Camels
The Polar Bear; Smoke Jumpers; Merlin's Bats
The Kangaroo Question; En Garde in Milan; Peru's Treasure Tomb
Deep Flight; Rescue Dogs; Wonder Dog
African Elephants; Submarine Races; Angkor Wat: Temple Under Seige
Earthbound Flyers; Holland in Bloom; Sylvia Earle: Portrait of an Aquanaut
If Hitler Had the Bomb; Fire!; Making of Fire!
National Geographic: On Assignment
When All Things Stop; Caesarea Maritima: Herod's Harbor; Explorer II: Balloons
Urban Gator; Gator Doc; Braving Brazil
Morocco's River Rose; Masterpieces in Chalk; The World Series of Birding
Ravening Hordes; Stalking the Moments; Destroyers
Lightning!; School for Feds; Creatures of the Volcano
Disaster!; Dinosaur Egg Hunt
1995 May
1995 September
Mountain Lions; New Lords of Tikal; Route 66
Tornado Alley; African Meerkats; The Great Kite Flight
Greyhounds: Running for Their Lives; Bloodhounds on the Scent

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