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1996, TV Show

Episode Detail: Uncommon Knowledge - Uncommon Knowledge

Topic: U.S. aid to Colombia. Guests include Paul Boeker, president, Institute of the Americas; Rep. Doug Ose (R-Cal.); and Mathea Falco, president, Drug Strategies.

Episodes: Uncommon Knowledge (258)

7/22/2005: The Best Defense: Preventive War
7/15/2005: Holding Court: The Legacy of the Rehnquist Court
7/8/2005: Love and Marriage: Marriage in Modern America
7/1/2005: Speak No Evil: Freedom of Speech on Campus
6/24/2005: Alexander the Great: Alexander Hamilton
6/17/2005: Pay It Forward: Social Security Reform
6/10/2005: Hitch-Cocked: A Conversation with Christopher Hitchens
6/3/2005: Inalienable Rites? Gay Marriage in the Courts
5/27/2005: Tort and Retort: Tort Reform
5/20/2005: Give Me Civil Liberties or Give Me...Safety?: Should the Patriot Act Be Renewed?
5/13/2005: The Bottomless Well: Are We Running Out of Energy?
5/6/2005: The French Kiss-Off: The History of French and American Relations
4/29/2005: Land of Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln and American History
4/22/2005: A Healthy Debate: Health Care Reform
4/15/2005: Making the Grade: The No Child Left Behind Act
4/8/2005: Monkey Business: Evolution and Intelligent Design
3/30/2005: The Electoral College's Excellent Adventure: Should We Abolish the Electoral College?
2/25/2005: Rial Politik
2/18/2005: Latin America Goes South: Political Reform in Latin America
2/11/2005: Commanding Heights: American Empire
2/4/2005: Who Needs the United Nations?
1/28/2005: Great Expectations: The Future of the European Union
1/21/2005: Homeland Insecurity
1/14/2005: Divorce, Transatlantic Style?
1/7/2005: An American Hiroshima
12/31/2004: A Line in the Test Tube
11/26/2004: Viva La Difference
11/19/2004: Time Has Come Today
11/12/2004: What, U.S. Worry?
11/5/2004: Unconventional Wisdom
10/29/2004: Sleeping with the Enemy
10/22/2004: The Next Great Leap
10/15/2004: A Space Case
10/8/2004: Is the New Left History?
10/1/2004: The Right Nation
9/24/2004: Mind the Gap
9/17/2004: Helter Swelter
9/10/2004: Around the World in 80 Ways
9/3/2004: Red and Blue All Over: The Political Divide in America
6/25/2004: Trading Places
6/18/2004: Iraq of Ages
6/11/2004: For a Few Dollars More
6/4/2004: Migration Headache
5/28/2004: Heaven Can Wait
5/21/2004: Down by Law
5/14/2004: Land of the Setting Sun?
5/7/2004: A Military Makeover
4/30/2004: Another Brick in the Wall
4/23/2004: Rock My Worldview
4/16/2004: A Slave to the System?
4/9/2004: Give War a Chance?
4/2/2004: A Crash Course in Dubyanomics
2/27/2004: Putin the Terrible?
2/20/2004: Of Burkhas and Ballots
2/12/2004: Prophets and Losses
2/6/2004: High Wire Act
1/30/2004: The High (and Mighty) Court
1/23/2004: Bush Almighty
1/16/2004: The Reluctant Empire
1/9/2004: Patriot Games
1/2/2004: Korean Beef
11/28/2003: Southern Exposure
11/21/2003: A Family Tradition
11/14/2003: Just Say Yes?
11/7/2003: Judging the Judges
10/31/2003: An Empire for Liberty?
10/24/2003: A Less Perfect Union?
10/17/2003: Robert's Rules of Order
10/10/2003: Playing Hardball with Soft Money
10/3/2003: Power to the People
9/26/2003: A Shock to the System
9/19/2003: In Defense of Liberalism
9/12/2003: Six Days of War
9/5/2003: Democracy Now?
7/25/2003: The Fight on the Right
7/18/2003: Stop the MADness
7/14/2003: Does Orwell Matter?
7/4/2003: Peaceable Kingdom
6/27/2003: Great Expectations
6/20/2003: The Whole World Is Watching
6/13/2003: Pigs at the Trough?
6/6/2003: Carnage and Culture
5/30/2003: Castles Made of Sand
5/23/2003: A Fork in the Road
5/16/2003: Off to the Races
5/9/2003: Behind Closed Doors
5/2/2003: Empire State Building?
4/25/2003: Thinking Green or Thinking Greenbacks?
4/18/2003: Leadership in Wartime
4/11/2003: Debt and Taxes
4/4/2003: The Empire Strikes First?
2/28/2003: The Population Bomb Redux: Is Population Growth a Problem?
2/21/2003: Reagan's War: Who Won the Cold War?
2/14/2003: The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the State of the Environment
2/7/2003: Pulling Out the Roots: The Roots of Terrorism
1/31/2003: With Death Do Us Part? Reforming the Death Penalty
12/28/2002: Going Around in Circles: The Future of NASA
12/21/2002: Attack of the Clones: The Ethics of Human Cloning
12/14/2002: Worth the Fighting For: A Conversation with John McCain
12/7/2002: Out for a Constitutional: The Supreme Court and the Constitution
11/30/2002: Law and Order: Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism
11/23/2002: Pope and Circumstance: The Legacy of Pope John Paul II
11/16/2002: Culture Clash: A Talk with Hernando De Soto
11/9/2002: Europe Swings: Why Is Europe Moving to the Right?
11/2/2002: Prognosis Negative: Health Care System in Crisis
10/26/2002: Trading Places: Is Free Trade Faltering?
10/19/2002: Continental Divides: Are Europe and America Parting Ways?
10/12/2002: A Crisis of Faith: The Crisis in the Catholic Church
10/5/2002: Words of War: What Kind of War Are We Fighting?
9/28/2002: Winds of Change
9/21/2002: Hebrew Nationalists
9/20/2002: Cross Purposes
9/7/2002: Attention: Deficit Disorder
7/26/2002: For Richer or Poorer
7/19/2002: The Pentagon Strikes Back
7/12/2002: Enemies of the State
7/5/2002: Taking Liberties
6/28/2002: I, Spy: Fixing the CIA
6/21/2002: Strength in Numbers
6/14/2002: The Red and the Blue
6/7/2002: Test Tube America
5/31/2002: In Whose Image?
5/24/2002: Darwin Under the Microscope
5/17/2002: Future Shock
5/10/2002: Educating by Numbers
5/3/2002: Money Rules
4/26/2002: Tough Choices
4/19/2002: Uncommon Knowledge
4/12/2002: A Tale of Two Decades
4/5/2002: Is Homer Dead?
3/29/2002: Fathers Know Best
3/22/2002: Going for Broke
3/15/2002: Rich Man, Poor Man
3/8/2002: All the News That Fits
3/1/2002: Disorder in the Court
3/1/2002: Divisions and Decisions
3/1/2002: The Ghost of Communism Past
2/15/2002: Uncommon Knowledge
2/8/2002: Uncommon Knowledge
2/1/2002: Pop Goes the Culture
1/25/2002: Uncommon Knowledge
1/18/2002: That's Entertainment
1/11/2002: The Grand Old Old Party
1/4/2002: The Future of Europe
12/28/2001: Dire Straits
12/7/2001: Hot, Hot, Hot
11/30/2001: Waging Modern War
11/23/2001: The Good Doctor?
11/16/2001: You Say You Want a Reparation
11/9/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
11/2/2001: Donkey Kong
10/26/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
10/12/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
10/5/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
6/30/2001: Making a Federalist Case
6/23/2001: O Big Brother, Where Art Thou?
6/16/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
6/9/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
6/2/2001: Under the Skin
5/26/2001: The World at (Trade) War
5/19/2001: Death and Taxes
5/12/2001: Hippocrates: Call Your Office
5/5/2001: Exercising the Vote
4/28/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
4/21/2001: Emission Impossible
4/14/2001: The High and the Mighty
4/8/2001: Pay It Backwards
4/7/2001: Taking the Initiative
4/1/2001: Power to the People
3/25/2001: Bye-Bye Bilingual?
3/11/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
3/11/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
2/25/2001: So Sue Me
2/18/2001: Lost for Words
2/11/2001: Uncommon Knowledge
2/4/2001: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
1/28/2001: See Johnny Click
1/21/2001: The Thin Blue Line
1/14/2001: Elephants on Parade: Conservatism in Modern America
1/7/2001: Up in Arms Over the Second Amendment
12/30/2000: How Greedy Is My Valley?
12/23/2000: The Battle for Britain
12/16/2000: Patent on the Fritz
12/9/2000: Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
12/2/2000: Turn out the Lights, the Party's Over
11/25/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
11/18/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
11/11/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
11/6/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
10/28/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
10/21/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
10/7/2000: The Ravaged Century
8/19/2000: Farewell to Arms? Gun Control
8/14/2000: Social Insecurity
8/7/2000: Greening of American Foreign Policy
7/24/2000: Jury on Trial
7/15/2000: Uncommon Knowledge
7/8/2000: School Rivalry
7/2/2000: For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Spanish Civil War
6/24/2000: The Wedding Zinger: The Definition of Marriage
6/17/2000: Primary Colors: The Presidential Primary Season
6/10/2000: This Old House
6/3/2000: That '70s Show
5/27/2000: Milton's Paradise Gained
5/20/2000: The Economy's New Clothes
5/13/2000: Sales of a Death Plan
5/6/2000: No Nukes Is Good Nukes
4/29/2000: Working Hard or Hardly Working
4/23/2000: A Tale of Two Chinas
4/16/2000: Trading on Our Fears
4/7/2000: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
3/31/2000: Fear of International Trying
3/24/2000: Russian to Judgement
3/17/2000: A Level Playing Field
3/10/2000: A Chip Off the Old Bloc
3/3/2000: Doctoring the System
2/20/2000: Wiring for Dollars
2/12/2000: Forts and Firebreaks
2/11/2000: NYPD Blues
2/4/2000: A Bug's Life
1/30/2000: Field of Genes
1/17/2000: You've Come a Long Way, Maybe
1/9/2000: What's Hate Got to Do with It
Welfare Reform
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
National Insecurity
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
On Guard
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Uncommon Knowledge
Playing Hardball
Chained to the Past
Census and Sensibility
Doing Company Time
History in the Streets
You Said You Wanted a Revolution
Take It to the Limits
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