Extreme Homes Episodes

1997, TV Show

Episode Detail: Water Tower, Fire Station - Extreme Homes

A former firehouse that's now a home; a former San Francisco water tower that's been converted into an apartment.

Episodes: Extreme Homes (189)

12/12/2014: Magical, Puzzle, Palace    Season 4, Episode 10
11/14/2014: Abstract, Flying, Waterfall    Season 4, Episode 9
10/24/2014: Storybook, Eyebrow, Boxes    Season 4, Episode 8
9/26/2014: UFO, Flower, Ship Shape    Season 4, Episode 7
9/26/2014: Stone, Stilts, Fortress    Season 5, Episode 3
8/29/2014: Mushroom, Pie, Foam, Fins    Season 4, Episode 6
8/1/2014: Jigsaw, Bubble, Spires    Season 5, Episode 2
7/11/2014: Glass, Shark, Fortress    Season 5, Episode 1
6/6/2014: Egg Shaped, Laser, Jungle    Season 4, Episode 5
5/23/2014: Extreme Homes Including a Tree Hugger and Spaces Inspired by Noah's Ark, a Spider, and More    Season 4, Episode 4
4/4/2014: Shipwreck, Leaf, Butterfly    Season 4, Episode 3
3/21/2014: Fairy Tale, Veiled, Whale    Season 4, Episode 2
3/7/2014: Waves, Airship, Chaos    Season 4, Episode 1
9/29/2013: Mystery, Mosaic, Fantasy    Season 3, Episode 13
9/22/2013: Cartoon, Chateau, Bottles    Season 3, Episode 12
9/20/2013: Yoga, Ocean Liner, Fossils    Season 3, Episode 11
9/15/2013: Rotating, Carnival, Bones    Season 3, Episode 10
9/13/2013: Space Age, Caves, Rubber Roof    Season 3, Episode 9
9/8/2013: Alien, Egg, Tattoo    Season 3, Episode 8
6/28/2013: Pyramid, Dream, Cliffhanger    Season 3, Episode 7
5/19/2013: Sled, Temple, Houseboat    Season 3, Episode 6
5/12/2013: Rocks, Canvas, Celebrity    Season 3, Episode 5
4/21/2013: Fish Bowl, Beehive, Piano    Season 3, Episode 4
4/14/2013: Dragon, Spaceship, Teepee    Season 3, Episode 3
3/24/2013: Petals, Boulders, Sail    Season 3, Episode 2
3/17/2013: Maze, Tank, Chalkboard    Season 3, Episode 1
3/8/2013: Extreme Homes
1/1/2013: Greenhouse, Nest, Secret Agent
12/27/2012: Pod House, Shell, Nomad Cube
12/20/2012: Bridge, Wedge, Cloud
12/13/2012: Castle, Factory, Cliffside
12/6/2012: Zigzag, Gryphon, Nest
11/29/2012: Flashlights, Triangles, Holes
11/23/2012: Mud, Cave, Snake
11/22/2012: Hollywood, Ruins, PVC Bubbles
11/15/2012: Bubbles, Bottles, Bookcases
11/15/2012: Cliffhanger, Pod, Hammock
11/1/2012: Sculpture, Snake, Boat, Plow
10/25/2012: Upside Down, Wave, Spaceship
10/19/2012: Hideaway, Body House, Pyramid
10/11/2012: Mailbox, Tomb Site, Spaceship
10/4/2012: Rolling Dice, Scorpion, Bunker
8/31/2012: Extreme Homes
8/17/2012: Extreme Homes
1/1/2012: Extreme Homes
4/7/2003: Teepee House, Kansas City; Octagon House, Florida
3/30/2003: New Mexico Shark House, Welsh Estate, Creative California Contemporary
3/23/2003: Argentina Silo House, Illinois Aluminum House, Napa Valley Cedar Box House
3/16/2003: Illinois Corn Crib, Hollywood Swimming Club, English Hops House
3/9/2003: New Jersey Moon House, New Mexico Spider House, Texas Schoolhouse
3/2/2003: Windmill House, Stilt House, Nautilus Earthship House
2/23/2003: Floating Lodge, Pullman Car in the Bay, Argentina Boat House
2/16/2003: New Mexico Beer Can House, Kansas Tire House, Oregon Navy House
2/12/2003: Sushi Cadillac House; Stargazing House
2/11/2003: Teepee House; Cactus House
2/10/2003: Caboose Cottage, British Train Station Bed-and-Breakfast, Argentina Train House
2/8/2003: Tilted Cube; Wing House
2/6/2003: Funnel House
2/6/2003: Mirror Apartment
2/5/2003: Cableland and Millark Mill Houses
2/2/2003: California Cyclotron, Wisconsin Saucer, Iowa High-Rise
1/19/2003: Feline Paradise, Mother Goose House of Hazard, South African Stables
1/12/2003: James Hubbell Design, Italy in Napa Valley, 19th Century Church
1/5/2003: Magician's Lair, Georgia Pagoda, Pipe Organ
12/8/2002: Australian Nature House, Palm Springs Mountain House
11/28/2002: Multi-Directional House & The Mill
11/27/2002: Jigsaw Puzzle House; Shipwreck House
11/26/2002: Old Railway Station House; Tower Bungalow; Glass Box
11/25/2002: Towing Shop House; Organic House
11/4/2002: Floating Angle, Buddha House, Organic House
10/28/2002: Ore Bin, Mined Out House, Old Mining Town
'30s Steel House
Auto Repair and Bridge House
Nautilus House and Nancy Drew House
Plane/Boat House, Firehouse, Car House
Mushroom House, Umbrella House, Fairy Tale House
Fish House, Recycled Dwelling
Former Bank, Teepee Burner
Water Tower, Fire Station
Ore Bin, Italian Villa
Cedar Boxes, Junkyard
Recycled Tires, Houseboat
Remote Control, Homemade Robot
Indian Shores Bar, Kentucky Barn
Bowling Ball House, Gristmill
Florida Castle and Ohio Round House
Grounded Boat House, Geodesic Dome
Tree House, Mother Goose
Machine Shop, Big Top
Eyeball Home, Plane/Boat
Old Machine Shop, Pyramid House
Swim Club, Key West Montage
Cliff Dwelling, Pole House
Steel House, Cyclotron House
Rex's Round House, Bunker House
Movie Theatre House, Reflector House
Ship Mast, Fairy Tale House
Hostetler and Cotton Gin
Tape Dispenser House, Neural Network House
Aluminum Boat, Aspen Leaf Houses
Virginia Tilting Cube House, Colorado Ballroom Form House
Arizona Observation Tower, California Wooden Tower House
California Compound, Scandinavia Comes to Wisconsin
California Wing Walk House; Wisconsin Courthouse Castle
Mexican Green House, Baltimore Movie Lot, New Orleans Antiques
Hat House, Drive to Recycle, Simmons Kadlec Residence
Circle in the Sky, Neon Firehouse, Khamneipur House
Dubreuil Loft, Contemporary Bedrock, A&P Orchard
Mexican Whale House, Bridge House, Ron's Playhouse
Castillo Del Sol, Purple Cube House, Omni Quarter House
Divided House, Suburban Sensation, Chouse House
High Tech Hothouse, Urban Bunker, Maloof's Fun House
Woodcake House, Collapsed House, Monolithic Dome
Storefront House, Corrugated House
Buddha House, Park Police House
Nine Dome House, Hayloft House
Hobbit House, County Courthouse
Scandinavian Collage Haus, Observatory Tower House
Ford Dealership, T&T Towing, Auto Junkyard
Wind Whistle House, Arizona Cupola House
Tin Town, Triangle House
Pyramid Valley House, Mountain Glider House
Wingwalk House, Mr. Imagination's Bottle Cap Apartment
Desert Aquarium House, Jumble House
Vyvyan's Castle, Solomon's Castle, Mystery Castle
Vaulted Ceiling House, Bookbinding Factory
Ford Dealership House, Rancho Llamamia
Snail House, Texas Schoolhouse
Sandstone Mesa House, Airplane Hangar
Bakehouse, Billboard House
Chicago Church, Kleiner Garage, Ely's Grist Mill
Church House and Stone Schoolhouse
Aluminum House and Michigan Caboose
Mushroom House/Haunted House
Earth House/Converted Bowling Alley
Spaceship House/Underground House
Japanese House/Gas Station
Tahiti House & School House
Pierce's Ringfort & Mining Village
Oast House & Gamble House
Clydesdale, Ora's Home, Oklahoma Log Cabin
Self Taught Artist, Inside the Bester's Home, Brendan Busch's
Skywood and Auto Repair Shop
Train House
Submarine Tower House and Argentinean
Tic Tac Toe House, Silo House, Factory House
Australian Bush House, Hawaiian House
Boat House, Orphanage House
Millennium Wonderland, One Room Schoolhouse
Pyramid House, Art Museum Home, Flintstone House
Greenhouse, Malibu Sensation, Ruther's Summit
Tram House, House Around a Bath, Jemez Springs UFO
Villa Rosa & Nile House
Ark/Performance/Brick Towers
Wing's Castle, Moroccan House/Rogge House
Sculpture Garden House, Levitation House, Rain Forest
Building a Block House, Paraiso Tucan, Mosaic House
Star House, Deer Shelter House, Amaranto House
Whale House, Suburban Sustainable, Geometry
Crescent Moon House, Twin Peaks House, Tiki Trinket House
Frog House, Louisiana Treehouse and Villa Kenya
Flying Concrete, Space Station, Earthquake
Canadian Simplicity, House for All Seasons, Twist House
Drive In House, Dawnridge, Open Air Casa
Giant House, Beer-Can House
Skinny House, Soaring Eagle House
Car House, Pagoda
Rock House and Hexagonal House
Mystery Castle and Sylvan Hill
Cats' House and Big Block House
Umbrella House and Round Silo House
Hubbell Compound and Planing Mill House
Luna Parc
Mine House
Sliding Water House, Moorish Delight
Semi-Circle, Tempe Block House
Tipi House, Stilt House
Floating House & Towers of Glass
Barn/Silo House & Zaitz Mercantile
Iron and Steel House, Pipe Organ House
Lighthouse and Concrete Block House
Trailer House and Healing House
Flying Saucer House and Harvestore House
Found Object House & Cove Circle House
Wavy House and Stone Column House
Aspen Dome House & Vyvyan Castle
Kleiner Garage & Rosenthal's Windows
Casbah House & Glass House
Potato House & Dick and Jane's Spot

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Premiered: 1997, on HGTV
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A survey of unusual homes, including ones converted from a bowling alley and a train car.


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