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2000, TV Show

Episode Detail: Taking Vegas - The Investigators

The extraordinary story of MIT student Kevin Lewis, who in the early '90s put together a team of fellow students to take on Las Vegas casinos at the blackjack tables, is told. The group worked in teams that employed an advanced form of card-counting to ensure that they'd walk away richer than when they sat down. Included: the insights of Lewis, and author Ben Mezrich (“Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions”).

Episodes: The Investigators (241)

11/20/2009: Other People's Money
4/17/2009: Prime Suspect
12/27/2008: Robert Blake: Fallen Star
3/25/2008: The Preacher's Wife
3/18/2008: The Suitcase Murder
3/7/2008: Murder on Heartglow Lane
3/1/2008: Lone Fugitive
12/18/2007: Deadly Returns
12/11/2007: Dead or Alive
12/4/2007: Interview with the Devil
12/3/2007: Mystery of the Polka King
11/27/2007: The Eerie Massacre
11/22/2007: Family Secrets
11/13/2007: The Devil Inside
11/6/2007: Lethal Beauty
10/31/2007: An Empty Grave
10/30/2007: The Kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart
10/23/2007: Toy Soldier
10/17/2007: Soundtrack for Murder
5/25/2007: The Black Widower
5/12/2007: Deadly Exposure
4/27/2007: The Wrong Man: Condemned in Texas
4/20/2007: The Wrong Man: A Question of Time
4/13/2007: The Wrong Man: Double Exposure
4/6/2007: The Wrong Man: A Cry for Help
3/26/2007: Into the Woods
2/16/2007: Canyon of Secrets
1/26/2007: Mad Scientist
1/19/2007: Thin Blue Line
12/22/2006: Downloading the Devil
12/5/2006: The Chief
10/30/2006: Strange Felony Files
10/16/2006: Grave Robber
8/17/2006: JonBenet: A Closer Look
6/27/2006: Lost in the Woods
6/23/2006: Chance Encounter
6/16/2006: Pattern of Deception
5/25/2006: Deadly Lesson
4/27/2006: A Date to Die For
4/23/2006: Hollywood Stalkers
4/20/2006: Tracing Audrey
3/16/2006: Helzer Skelter
3/15/2006: Special Forces
3/2/2006: Bones of Contention
2/23/2006: The Wrong Man? John Patrick McCreary
1/26/2006: Fire and Ice
1/12/2006: Evil Eyes
12/15/2005: Revenge Ride
12/14/2005: The Wrong Man? Mistaken Identity
12/5/2005: Deadly Alliance
12/1/2005: Nowhere to Hide
11/17/2005: Behind the Mask
11/3/2005: Murder in a Small Town
10/27/2005: Murder in the Quarter
9/15/2005: Death of a Rising Star
9/13/2005: The Whistle Blower
9/8/2005: Stalkers in the Shadows
8/12/2005: Friendly Fire
8/4/2005: Scott Peterson: A Deadly Game
8/4/2005: Military Secrets
7/29/2005: Uniform Justice---Burning Secret
7/22/2005: Uniform Justice---Broken Honor
7/14/2005: The Wrong Man? Dennis Dechaine
6/23/2005: Chasing the Cat
6/3/2005: The Tell-Tale Bomb
5/26/2005: Deep Secrets
5/12/2005: Death in the Heartland
3/24/2005: Twisted Plot
3/6/2005: Hunting BTK
3/2/2005: The Devil's Courthouse
2/10/2005: Double-Cross
1/7/2005: Shelley Shannon: An Obsession
12/22/2004: Heartshot
9/16/2004: A Daughter's Love
7/8/2004: Pretty Poison
7/2/2004: Alien Conspiracy
5/27/2004: Raffi Kodikian: Death in the Desert
5/26/2004: Shelley Shannon: An Unlikely Terrorist
5/26/2004: Mind Games
5/20/2004: Missing in Atlanta
5/20/2004: Trail of Deceit
5/13/2004: Troubled Waters
5/12/2004: Clara Harris---Deadly Drive
4/29/2004: A Mother on Death Row
4/21/2004: Trail of Clues
4/14/2004: The Wrong Man? A Mother's Cry
4/7/2004: The Witching Hour
4/4/2004: Mystery at Yosemite: Cary Stayner
3/25/2004: Reasonable Fear
3/19/2004: A Dangerous Game
3/5/2004: Money, Murder & Mystery
2/24/2004: Video Vigilantes
2/7/2004: Las Vegas CSU: Against All Odds
1/22/2004: Inside the Yellow Line
11/16/2003: Black Dahlia Unmasked
11/12/2003: Fakers and Takers
11/6/2003: Wrong Man? Henry Chichester
10/31/2003: Railroaded in Texas
10/18/2003: Stranger at My Door
10/16/2003: Taking Vegas
10/13/2003: Held Hostage
9/20/2003: Murder, Las Vegas Style: Ted Binion
9/18/2003: Uniform Justice
9/14/2003: An Officer and a Gentleman?
9/5/2003: Hide and Seek
8/20/2003: Caught Redhanded
7/22/2003: The Killing Fields
7/14/2003: Crying Foul
7/12/2003: The Sounds of Silence
6/26/2003: Trenchcoat Gang
6/20/2003: The Love Connection
6/19/2003: Into Thin Air
4/27/2003: Betrayal of Trust
4/4/2003: Mob Turncoat: Sammy 'the Bull' Gravano
3/12/2003: Women in Control: Inside the Tombs
3/6/2003: The Gang That Couldn't Spend Straight
3/5/2003: The Man Who Lives with Monsters: Robert Ressler
2/21/2003: Wrong Man? Edward Lee Elmore
2/1/2003: Fatal Encounter
1/31/2003: The New Profilers
1/30/2003: Daddy Dearest
1/25/2003: For Better or for Worse
1/17/2003: The Negotiator
1/8/2003: Incriminating Evidence: New Frontiers in Forensics
12/30/2002: The Wrong Man? Marty Tanklef
12/30/2002: Fatal Betrayal: Beth Carpenter
12/28/2002: Anatomy of a Murder
12/23/2002: Badge of Dishonor
12/19/2002: Lovers' Leap
12/18/2002: The Romeo and Juliet Murders
12/12/2002: North Mission Road I
12/12/2002: North Mission Road II
12/12/2002: Cold Clues
12/12/2002: Cold Clues
12/11/2002: Digging for Clues: The Story of Forensic Science
11/29/2002: Wrong Man Walking
11/27/2002: Risky Business
11/27/2002: Danger on the Job
11/13/2002: Wrestling with Death
11/12/2002: Killer Television
11/8/2002: JonBenet: A Second Look
11/3/2002: Casino Capers
10/31/2002: Dark Shadows
10/30/2002: Casino Crime
10/28/2002: Rikers: Tales from Jail
10/23/2002: Patty Hearst and the SLA
10/23/2002: From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman
10/21/2002: Robert Ressler: The Man Who Lives with Monsters
10/17/2002: Mystery in a Small Town
10/16/2002: Cold Clues
10/12/2002: A Father on Trial
10/9/2002: Obsession
10/2/2002: The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll
9/25/2002: Tangled Web
9/23/2002: A Doctor's Demons: Richard Sharpe
9/9/2002: Hadden Clark: Dark Secrets
9/8/2002: Maximum Security
9/4/2002: What the Doctor Ordered
9/3/2002: Ghosts of Attica
8/29/2002: Overboard
8/28/2002: The Disappearance of Dawn Magyar
8/13/2002: Decoy Squad
8/9/2002: Trouble in Paradise
8/6/2002: L.A. Vice
8/5/2002: A Son's Revenge: Edmund Kemper
8/3/2002: 'Til Death Do Us Part
8/1/2002: The Wrong Man? Stuart Heaton
7/30/2002: Evidence in the Ashes: Inside the ATF
7/23/2002: New Profilers
7/17/2002: Prison Squad
7/11/2002: The Chameleon
7/9/2002: Rookies
7/2/2002: Murder for Hire
6/27/2002: Deadly Enterprise
6/21/2002: Dangerous Mind
6/20/2002: Without Remorse
6/8/2002: A Perfect Murder?
6/7/2002: A Cop on Trial
5/24/2002: Missing
5/17/2002: Love and Murder
4/24/2002: Sins of the Father
4/19/2002: Memphis Homicide: You Can Run But You Can't Hide
4/18/2002: Memphis Homicide: Death of a Dream
4/17/2002: Memphis Homicide: Meet John Doe
4/12/2002: The Greatest Murder Story Never Told
4/10/2002: Decoy Squad
4/5/2002: Deadly Devotion: Diane Zamora
4/4/2002: Co-ed Killer - Edmund Kemper
3/31/2002: Deadly Crossroads
3/29/2002: Women in Prison: Revolving Door
3/28/2002: Women in Prison: Motherhood Behind Bars
3/26/2002: Deadly Predators
3/20/2002: L.A. Vice
3/19/2002: Deadly Force
3/14/2002: Tomato Patch Murders
3/5/2002: Dangerous High: The Meth Explosion
3/2/2002: Six Months to Live: Richardson vs. Missouri
2/8/2002: From Beyond the Grave
1/29/2002: Operation Sting
1/23/2002: Naked Ambition
1/22/2002: Inside the Chase
1/16/2002: The Sleepwalking Killer
1/15/2002: Hard Time, No Crime
1/10/2002: Good Girl, Bad Girl
1/3/2002: A Husband's Secret
12/26/2001: Fatal Attraction
12/25/2001: Double Jeopardy
12/21/2001: Inside a Stalker's Mind
12/20/2001: Command and Control: Inside Riker's Island II
12/19/2001: Sex, Sports and the Mob
12/19/2001: Command and Control
12/18/2001: Video Justice
12/12/2001: Firestarter: John Orr
12/7/2001: Crimes of the Heart
12/6/2001: Osama Bin Laden on Trial
12/5/2001: Little Boy Lost
11/1/2001: Meeting with a Killler
10/26/2001: Murder in Paradise
10/24/2001: Burning Question: The Pioneer Hotel
10/18/2001: Thrill Killer
10/17/2001: Fatal Passion
10/10/2001: Cliff Hanger
10/4/2001: Teen Killer
10/2/2001: Shots in the Dark
9/25/2001: Crime Against America: The Investigation
8/29/2001: Deadly Guru: Ira Einhorn
8/26/2001: Escape from Death Row
8/24/2001: Prescription for Murder
8/20/2001: A Daughter's Rage
7/27/2001: Evil Twin
7/27/2001: Abandoned at Birth
7/16/2001: Hunt for a Serial Killer
5/29/2001: The Scoutmaster's Secret
5/18/2001: The Killer's Wife
5/11/2001: A Body to Die For
5/2/2001: Friendly Terror
4/10/2001: Interrogation of Michael Crowe
12/11/2000: Mother on Death Row: Darlie Routier
2/14/2000: Prisoners of Love
Head Cases
Miami Manhunt

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Premise: A criminal-justice documentary series that also reviews a broad range of cases, some well known (like the Black Dahlia murder mystery and the JonBenet Ramsey killing), others not.


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