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1994, TV Show

Episode Detail: The Western: America's Story - Think Tank

Examining the Western's role in American history and folklore. Guests include Scott Simmon, co-director of film studies at the University of California at Davis; R. Philip Loy, author of “Westerns and American Culture, 1930-55”; and Holly George-Warren, author of “Cowboy: How Hollywood Invented the Wild West.”

Episodes: Think Tank (232)

10/1/2009: David Rubenstein: Is Capitalism in Crisis?
9/24/2009: David Rubenstein: Is Capitalism in Crisis?
7/30/2009: Rand: A Unique Think Tank
7/16/2009: Are There Too Many Lawyers?
7/2/2009: Can Nuclear Do It?
6/11/2009: Health Care Reform
5/14/2009: Fighting Words
5/7/2009: Fighting Words
4/23/2009: Andrew Wyeth: His Art and Legacy
4/16/2009: The Mind of Netanyahu
4/9/2009: Are We Winning the War on Poverty?
4/2/2009: Stop the Presses...Forever?
3/26/2009: Democratic Capitalism
3/19/2009: Democratic Capitalism
2/19/2009: Is the Fairness Doctrine Fair?
1/29/2009: Unions In America
1/22/2009: Bailouts: Good Policy or Bad?
1/15/2009: Can We Energize Our Energy Policy?
12/11/2008: Robert Hormats
11/21/2008: S. J. Perelman
10/16/2008: Grading Our Classrooms
10/9/2008: Real Economics
10/2/2008: November 5th, 2008
9/11/2008: Can We Cure Health Care?
9/4/2008: LBJ's Legacy
8/14/2008: The Olympic Politics of Sport
8/8/2008: Election '08: What We Do and Don't Know
7/24/2008: The World of Herb London
7/17/2008: Is the Media Machine Broken?
7/10/2008: What's a NeoCon? And Why Does It Matter?
6/26/2008: There's No Place Like Your Home
6/19/2008: Lobby Is Not a 4-Letter Word
6/12/2008: William Safire: A Gem of an American
5/22/2008: Israel at 60
5/15/2008: Israel at 60
5/8/2008: Israel at 60
4/17/2008: Ben Stein's America
4/10/2008: Digging Up History
4/3/2008: Are We What We Eat?
3/27/2008: Lipset and Friends
3/20/2008: Lipset and Friends
2/28/2008: American Entertainment: Quo Vadis?
2/21/2008: Michael Gerson: Heroic Conservatism
2/14/2008: Jacob Frenkel
1/31/2008: Global or Verbal Warming
1/24/2008: James Q. Wilson
1/17/2008: James Q. Wilson
12/27/2007: Tom Wolfe
12/13/2007: Frontiers of Technology with Elon Musk
11/22/2007: Feeling Secure in a Time of Terror
11/15/2007: Demographics: Continuity or Change
11/8/2007: Akbar Ahmed: Journey Into Islam
11/1/2007: Sports: Is it Just a Game?
10/25/2007: Breaking Barriers: College Basketball in the 1950s
10/18/2007: Albert Shanker: Tough Liberal
10/11/2007: 1788 Through 1800: The Great Upheaval
9/20/2007: Economic Bubbles With Daniel Gross
9/13/2007: Reconciling God and Science
9/6/2007: Reconciling God and Science
8/30/2007: Public Diplomacy and the War of Ideas
7/26/2007: Saving Immigration Reform
7/19/2007: The World of William Cohen
7/12/2007: The Cohens: Love in Black and White
6/28/2007: Elaine Kamarck: The End of Government ... As We Know It
6/21/2007: Robert Novak, The Prince of Darkness
6/14/2007: Robert Novak, The Prince of Darkness
5/24/2007: The American Musical
5/17/2007: The American Musical
5/10/2007: One Nation, One Standard
4/19/2007: America, Quo Vadis?
4/12/2007: America, Quo Vadis?
4/5/2007: The Ethiopian Exodus
2/22/2007: The Ethiopian Exodus
12/14/2006: The Future of Neo-Conservatism
11/17/2006: The Market for Human Organs?
11/10/2006: Uncovering Clemente, 'Baseball’s Last Hero'
10/19/2006: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
10/12/2006: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
9/21/2006: 2006 Mid-Term Elections: The GOP on the Ropes?
9/14/2006: Financial Finagling
9/7/2006: Financial Finagling
8/31/2006: Has Spitzer Saved Wall Street?
7/27/2006: After Katrina
7/20/2006: After Katrina
7/13/2006: The Future of the Constitution
7/6/2006: The Future of the Constitution
6/29/2006: Has Neoconservatism Failed or Succeeded?
6/22/2006: Has Neoconservatism Failed or Succeeded?
6/15/2006: Social Policy with Karl Zinsmeister
5/18/2006: The Unknown Iraq
5/11/2006: Fixing Immigration
5/4/2006: Fixing Immigration
4/13/2006: James Fallows on America
4/6/2006: Civil Rights, Then and Now
3/30/2006: Civil Rights, Then and Now
3/9/2006: John Rawls
2/23/2006: Reagan's Imagination
2/16/2006: Reagan's Imagination
2/9/2006: Getting It Right in Iraq
1/27/2006: Congressional Corruption Cancer
1/19/2006: Corruption: Then and Now
1/12/2006: The Real Mark Twain
1/5/2006: The Real Mark Twain
12/16/2005: Politics, 2006
11/24/2005: 21st Century Science
11/18/2005: 21st Century Science
11/10/2005: Ford's Fundamentals
11/3/2005: Ford's Fundamentals
10/20/2005: Thinking About Think Tanks
10/13/2005: Thinking About Think Tanks
10/6/2005: Women in the Bible
9/22/2005: Miss Manners: Why Manners Matter
9/15/2005: Ogden Nash Revealed
9/8/2005: Rating Rudy
9/1/2005: Rating Rudy
7/28/2005: Beyond Baseball
7/21/2005: Old Hickory: The Life of Our 7th President
7/14/2005: Old Hickory: The Life of Our 7th President
7/7/2005: The Future of Socialism
6/30/2005: The Truth About the Flat World
6/23/2005: The Truth About the Flat World
6/16/2005: Democracy Unleashed
6/9/2005: Democracy Unleashed
5/26/2005: Russian Democracy?
5/21/2005: Books to Please
5/19/2005: Lobbying 101
5/12/2005: American Greatness
4/28/2005: Michael Dirda: Books to Please
4/7/2005: America Competing
3/31/2005: America Competing
3/24/2005: Iraq: The Bullet and the Ballot
2/24/2005: Iraq: The Bullet and the Ballot
2/17/2005: The Soviet Gulag
2/10/2005: The Life of President Andrew Jackson
2/3/2005: The Life of President Andrew Jackson
1/21/2005: The Future of Energy
1/14/2005: The Saudi-American Alliance
1/6/2005: The Saudi-American Alliance
12/9/2004: Polling on Trial
11/28/2004: Woodrow Wilson
11/18/2004: Russia: Democracy or Dictatorship?
10/21/2004: Woodrow Wilson
10/14/2004: Is America Polarized?
9/30/2004: Fewer People
9/23/2004: Fewer People
9/16/2004: Does the U.N. Work?
9/9/2004: Zbigniew Brzezinski
9/2/2004: John Rawls
7/29/2004: North Korea's Nuclear Threat
7/22/2004: How Alexander Hamilton Shaped America
7/15/2004: How Alexander Hamilton Shaped America
6/24/2004: Becoming American
6/17/2004: Third Party Challenge
6/10/2004: Reagan Remembered
6/3/2004: Is There a Worm in the Apple?
5/20/2004: Islam at the Crossroads
5/13/2004: How Should Humanity Prosper?
5/6/2004: Paris, 1919
4/29/2004: Vulcan Policy
4/21/2004: Duke Ellington: The Sound of America
4/15/2004: The Next Pope
4/8/2004: The Next Pope
4/1/2004: Zbigniew Brzezinski at Large
3/25/2004: Is the U.S. Intelligence Network Effective in the War on Terror?
2/26/2004: Zbigniew Brzezinski at Large
2/19/2004: Opting Out---Mothers and the Workforce
2/5/2004: Henry Kissinger at Large
1/30/2004: Henry Kissinger at Large
1/22/2004: India Ascendant
1/15/2004: The Blending of America
1/8/2004: Cuba After Castro
12/18/2003: The Making of the King James Bible
12/11/2003: Sovereignty on Trial
11/20/2003: The Future of Warfare
11/13/2003: Paris 1919
10/30/2003: Immigration: Curse or Blessing?
10/23/2003: Immigration: Curse or Blessing?
10/15/2003: Is There an Imperial International Court?
10/9/2003: Iraqi Hearts and Minds
9/25/2003: Primary Pandemonium
9/18/2003: Direct Democracy or Mob Rule?
9/11/2003: The Future of Freedom
9/4/2003: The Atlantic Rift
8/14/2003: The Fascinating Rhythm of George Gershwin
7/31/2003: Rethinking Violent Crime
7/17/2003: Iran
7/4/2003: Taxes
6/27/2003: Taxes
6/12/2003: Textbook PC
6/6/2003: The Gulag: What We Know and Why It Matters
5/29/2003: Was Ben Franklin the First American?
5/22/2003: The Western: America's Story
5/15/2003: The Western: America's Story
5/1/2003: Can There Be Too Much Democracy?
4/24/2003: Can There Be Too Much Democracy?
4/10/2003: Allan Meltzer's Fed Ed
4/3/2003: Daniel Patrick Moynihan: In His Own Words
3/27/2003: The Scottish Enlightenment
3/13/2003: Pat Buchanan
2/27/2003: Is The Oasis Vanishing?
2/20/2003: Gregg Easterbrook: The Progress Paradox
2/6/2003: A Sense of the Senate
1/23/2003: Orwell's Century
1/16/2003: Will Europe and America Get Along?
1/2/2003: The Supreme Court
12/12/2002: Biologist Edward O. Wilson
12/5/2002: Is George Washington Still the Indispensible Man?
11/28/2002: Was Norman Rockwell a Great Artist?
11/21/2002: What Do We Know About the Bible?
11/14/2002: Think Tank
11/7/2002: Think Tank
10/24/2002: Does Welfare Reform Need Reform?
10/17/2002: Think Tank
10/10/2002: Sustainable Development
10/3/2002: In the Wake of the Plague
9/26/2002: Unexpected Dissident: Andrei Sakharov
9/19/2002: The Congress---2002
9/5/2002: Changing Our Schools
9/5/2002: Changing Our Schools: A Think Tank Special
8/29/2002: The New Russia
8/15/2002: Population Explosion or Birth Dearth?
7/25/2002: Is the West in Decline?
7/18/2002: Science and the Soul
7/11/2002: The Bush Doctrine
7/4/2002: Who Was John Philip Sousa?
6/20/2002: Think Tank
5/30/2002: Irving Berlin's America
7/12/2001: April 1865: Was It the Month That Saved America?
4/22/2000: The Legacy of Ronald Reagan
Can the States Do It Better?
Affirmative Action
Irving Berlin's America

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