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Mar 31, 2014: Last Forever Part Two
Mar 31, 2014: Last Forever Part One
Mar 31, 2014: Last Forever Parts One and Two
Mar 27, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 8
Mar 24, 2014: The End of the Aisle
Mar 20, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 7
Mar 17, 2014: Gary Blauman
Mar 13, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 6
Mar 10, 2014: Daisy
Mar 07, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 5
Mar 03, 2014: Vesuvius
Feb 27, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 4
Feb 24, 2014: Rally
Feb 20, 2014: Best of Season 3
Feb 06, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 2
Feb 03, 2014: Sunrise
Jan 30, 2014: Viewer's Choice - From Season 1
Jan 27, 2014: How Your Mother Met Me
Jan 20, 2014: Unpause
Jan 13, 2014: Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
Dec 16, 2013: Bass Player Wanted
Dec 02, 2013: The Rehearsal Dinner
Nov 25, 2013: Bedtime Stories
Nov 18, 2013: Mom and Dad
Nov 11, 2013: Platonish
Nov 04, 2013: The Lighthouse
Oct 28, 2013: No Questions Asked
Oct 21, 2013: Knight Vision
Oct 14, 2013: The Poker Game
Oct 07, 2013: The Broken Code
Sep 30, 2013: Last Time in New York
Sep 23, 2013: Coming Back
Sep 23, 2013: The Locket
May 13, 2013: Something New
May 06, 2013: Something Old
Apr 29, 2013: The Bro Mitzvah
Apr 15, 2013: Romeward Bound
Mar 25, 2013: The Time Travelers
Mar 18, 2013: The Fortress
Feb 25, 2013: Weekend at Barney's
Feb 18, 2013: The Ashtray
Feb 11, 2013: Bad Crazy
Feb 04, 2013: P.S. I Love You
Jan 21, 2013: Ring Up
Jan 14, 2013: Band or DJ?
Dec 17, 2012: The Final Page, Part Two
Dec 17, 2012: The Final Page, Part One
Dec 10, 2012: The Over-Correction
Dec 03, 2012: Lobster Crawl
Nov 26, 2012: Twelve Horny Women
Nov 19, 2012: The Stamp Tramp
Nov 12, 2012: Splitsville
Oct 29, 2012: The Autumn of Break-Ups
Oct 15, 2012: Who Wants to Be a Godparent
Oct 08, 2012: Nannies
Oct 01, 2012: The Pre-Nup
Sep 24, 2012: Farhampton
May 14, 2012: The Magician's Code, Part 2
May 14, 2012: The Magician's Code, Part 1
May 14, 2012: The Magician's Code
Apr 30, 2012: Good Crazy
Apr 16, 2012: Now We're Even
Apr 09, 2012: Trilogy Time
Mar 19, 2012: The Broath
Feb 27, 2012: Karma
Feb 20, 2012: No Pressure
Feb 13, 2012: The Drunk Train
Feb 06, 2012: The Burning Beekeeper
Jan 16, 2012: 46 Minutes
Jan 02, 2012: Tailgate
Dec 05, 2011: Symphony of Illumination
Nov 21, 2011: The Rebound Girl
Nov 14, 2011: Tick, Tick, Tick
Nov 07, 2011: Disaster Averted
Oct 31, 2011: The Slutty Pumpkin Returns
Oct 24, 2011: Noretta
Oct 17, 2011: Mystery Vs. History
Oct 10, 2011: Field Trip
Oct 03, 2011: The Stinson Missile Crisis
Sep 26, 2011: The Ducky Tie
Sep 19, 2011: The Naked Truth
Sep 19, 2011: The Best Man
May 16, 2011: Challenge Accepted
May 09, 2011: Landmarks
May 02, 2011: The Perfect Cocktail
Apr 18, 2011: Hopeless
Apr 11, 2011: The Exploding Meatball Sub
Mar 21, 2011: Legendaddy
Feb 28, 2011: A Change of Heart
Feb 21, 2011: Garbage Island
Feb 14, 2011: Desperation Day
Feb 07, 2011: Oh Honey
Jan 17, 2011: Last Words
Jan 03, 2011: Bad News
Dec 13, 2010: False Positive
Dec 06, 2010: The Mermaid Theory
Nov 22, 2010: Blitzgiving
Nov 15, 2010: Glitter
Nov 08, 2010: Natural History
Nov 01, 2010: Canning Randy
Oct 25, 2010: Baby Talk
Oct 18, 2010: Architect of Destruction
Oct 11, 2010: Subway Wars
Oct 04, 2010: Unfinished
Sep 27, 2010: Cleaning House
Sep 20, 2010: Big Days
May 24, 2010: Doppelgangers
May 17, 2010: The Wedding Bride
May 10, 2010: Robots Vs. Wrestlers
May 03, 2010: Twin Beds
Apr 19, 2010: Home Wreckers
Apr 12, 2010: Zoo or False
Mar 22, 2010: Say Cheese
Mar 08, 2010: Of Course
Mar 01, 2010: Hooked
Feb 08, 2010: Rabbit or Duck
Feb 01, 2010: The Perfect Week
Jan 18, 2010: Jenkins
Jan 11, 2010: Girls vs. Suits
Dec 14, 2009: Last Cigarette Ever
Dec 07, 2009: The Window
Nov 23, 2009: Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
Nov 16, 2009: The Playbook
Nov 09, 2009: The Rough Patch
Nov 02, 2009: Bagpipes
Oct 19, 2009: Duel Citizenship
Oct 12, 2009: The Sexless Innkeeper
Oct 05, 2009: Robin 101
Sep 28, 2009: Double Date
Sep 21, 2009: Definitions
May 18, 2009: The Leap
May 11, 2009: As Fast as She Can
May 04, 2009: Right Place Right Time
Apr 27, 2009: The Three Days Rule
Apr 13, 2009: Mosbius Designs
Mar 30, 2009: Murtaugh
Mar 23, 2009: Old King Clancy
Mar 16, 2009: The Front Porch
Mar 09, 2009: Sorry, Bro
Mar 02, 2009: The Stinsons
Feb 02, 2009: The Possimpible
Jan 19, 2009: Three Days of Snow
Jan 12, 2009: Benefits
Dec 15, 2008: Little Minnesota
Dec 08, 2008: The Fight
Nov 24, 2008: The Naked Man
Nov 17, 2008: Woooo!
Nov 10, 2008: Not a Father's Day
Nov 03, 2008: Happily Ever After
Oct 20, 2008: Shelter Island
Oct 13, 2008: Intervention
Oct 06, 2008: I Heart NJ
Sep 29, 2008: The Best Burger in New York
Sep 22, 2008: Do I Know You?
May 19, 2008: Miracles
May 12, 2008: Everything Must Go
May 05, 2008: Rebound Bro
Apr 28, 2008: The Goat
Apr 21, 2008: Sandcastles in the Sand
Apr 14, 2008: The Chain of Screaming
Mar 31, 2008: The Bracket
Mar 24, 2008: Ten Sessions
Mar 17, 2008: No Tomorrow
Dec 11, 2007: The Platinum Rule
Nov 26, 2007: The Yips
Nov 19, 2007: Slapsgiving
Nov 12, 2007: Spoiler Alert
Nov 05, 2007: Dowisetrepla
Oct 29, 2007: I'm Not That Guy
Oct 22, 2007: How I Met Everyone Else
Oct 15, 2007: Little Boys
Oct 08, 2007: Third Wheel
Oct 01, 2007: We're Not From Here
Sep 24, 2007: Wait for It
May 14, 2007: Something Blue
May 07, 2007: Something Borrowed
Apr 30, 2007: Showdown
Apr 10, 2007: Bachelor Party
Mar 20, 2007: Moving Day
Feb 27, 2007: Arrivederci, Fiero
Feb 19, 2007: Stuff
Feb 12, 2007: Lucky Penny
Feb 06, 2007: Monday Night Football
Jan 22, 2007: Columns
Jan 08, 2007: First Time in New York
Dec 11, 2006: How Lily Stole Christmas
Nov 27, 2006: Single Stamina
Nov 20, 2006: Slap Bet
Nov 13, 2006: Atlantic City
Nov 06, 2006: Swarley
Oct 23, 2006: Aldrin Justice
Oct 16, 2006: World's Greatest Couple
Oct 09, 2006: Ted Mosby, Architect
Oct 02, 2006: Brunch
Sep 25, 2006: The Scorpion and the Toad
Sep 18, 2006: Where Were We?
May 15, 2006: Come On
May 08, 2006: Milk
May 02, 2006: Best Prom Ever
Apr 24, 2006: Mary the Paralegal
Apr 11, 2006: Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM
Mar 21, 2006: Life Among the Gorillas
Mar 07, 2006: Cupcake
Feb 28, 2006: Game Night
Feb 06, 2006: Zip, Zip, Zip
Jan 24, 2006: Drumroll Please
Jan 10, 2006: The Wedding
Dec 19, 2005: The Limo
Nov 29, 2005: The Pineapple Incident
Nov 22, 2005: Belly Full of Turkey
Nov 14, 2005: The Duel
Nov 07, 2005: Matchmaker
Oct 25, 2005: The Slutty Pumpkin
Oct 17, 2005: Okay Awesome
Oct 10, 2005: Return of the Shirt
Oct 03, 2005: The Sweet Taste of Liberty
Sep 26, 2005: Purple Giraffe
Sep 19, 2005: Pilot Episode

Last Forever Part Two Season 9, Episode 24

Conclusion. In the series finale, Ted finishes telling his children the tale of how he and their mother finally became a couple. Also, details of what the future held for Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily are revealed. read more

Last Forever Part One Season 9, Episode 23

Part 1 of 2. In the series finale, Ted tells his children the conclusion to the tale of how he and their mother finally became a couple. Also, details of what the future held for Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily are revealed. read more

Last Forever Parts One and Two

In the series finale, Ted tells his children the conclusion to the tale of how he and their mother finally became a couple. Also, details of what the future held for Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily are revealed. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 8

Viewers choose favorite episodes from Season 8. read more

The End of the Aisle Season 9, Episode 22

Half an hour before their nuptials, Barney and Robin both suffer panic attacks, while Marshall and Lily take the occasion to rewrite their original wedding vows. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 7

Viewers select favorite episodes from Season 7. read more

Gary Blauman Season 9, Episode 21

The wedding-day arrival of enigmatic Gary Blauman throws the gang into an uproar as they all recall their various encounters with him. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 6

Viewers select favorite episodes from Season 6. read more

Daisy Season 9, Episode 20

Marshall recruits Ted and Barney to help him to get to the bottom of the mystery of where Lily disappeared to when she bolted in the middle of their argument. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 5

Viewers select favorite episodes from Season 5. read more

Vesuvius Season 9, Episode 19

Lily and Robin have a wedding-day disagreement; Barney is fit to be tied over what suit to wear; and the gang screens a film Ted told them not to watch. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 4

Viewers vote for favorite episodes. read more

Rally Season 9, Episode 18

On the day of his wedding, Barney is suffering from a horrific hangover, and the gang tries to concoct a, wait for it, legendary Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir, but finding the bizarre ingredients proves to be a challenge. read more

Best of Season 3

Viewers vote for favorite episodes from Season 3. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 2

Viewers vote for favorite episodes. read more

Sunrise Season 9, Episode 17

On the day of the wedding, a tipsy Barney goes missing, and while out searching for him, Ted and Robin recall Ted's former relationships. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall clear up their on-going issues; and Barney imparts his women-meeting wisdom and techniques to two young wannabe ladies' men. read more

Viewer's Choice - From Season 1

Viewer's vote their favorite episodes. read more

How Your Mother Met Me Season 9, Episode 16

Recalling what has been going with Ted's future wife over the past eight years before Robin and Barney's wedding weekend. read more

Unpause Season 9, Episode 15

After Barney overimbibes and goes on a truth-telling spree, Robin and Ted grill him about long-held secrets, while Marshall goes to extreme lengths to dodge an altercation with Lily. read more

Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra Season 9, Episode 14

In their ongoing slaphappy "Slap Bet," Marshall plans to land one final smashing blow to soon-to-be-married Barney. read more

Bass Player Wanted Season 9, Episode 13

A guy at the wedding intentionally stirs up trouble among the gang; and the prodigal Marshall finally makes it to the Farhampton Inn. read more

The Rehearsal Dinner Season 9, Episode 12

Barney is shooting to have the rehearsal dinner at a laser-tag venue, while Lily is upset when Ted fails to live up to a promise. read more

Bedtime Stories Season 9, Episode 11

To get his restless son to go to sleep, Marshall tells him three tales in rhyme: "Mosby at the Bat," "Robin Takes the Cake" and "Barney Stinson, Player King of New York City." read more

Mom and Dad Season 9, Episode 10

Robin is concerned about what's on Barney's mind after his father arrives at the hotel, while Ted is up in arms when one of his wedding chores doesn't go as planned and he believes he was sabotaged. read more

Platonish Season 9, Episode 9

In flashbacks, the gang contemplates the future of the love triangle among Ted, Robin and Barney, while Lily and Robin issue a series of challenges to Barney. read more

The Lighthouse Season 9, Episode 8

Robin and Loretta's disagreement escalates, and Barney is trapped in the middle, while Marshall and Daphne discover a stowaway on their trip, and Ted takes Cassie on a date to a lighthouse. read more

No Questions Asked Season 9, Episode 7

Lily receives a troubling text message from Marshall's traveling companion, Daphne, so he recruits the rest of the gang to help get the message removed before his wife sees it. read more

Knight Vision Season 9, Episode 6

Ted hits the dating jackpot when he gets to choose among three women as a companion for the wedding weekend, while Robin and Barney don't see eye to eye with the minister, and Marshall discovers some interesting information about his traveling companion, Daphne. read more

The Poker Game Season 9, Episode 5

Barney receives family-relationship advice from Lily when Robin has a disagreement with Barney's mother and brother, while Ted and Marshall disagree over wedding gifts and thank-you-note etiquette. read more

The Broken Code Season 9, Episode 4

Barney discovers Ted still harbors feelings for Robin and decides to hit him where it hurts, at the best-man poker game. Meanwhile, Lily comes to realize that she is Robin's only girlfriend. read more

Last Time in New York Season 9, Episode 3

Lily finds a to-do list of things Ted hopes to accomplish before moving from New York to Chicago, while soon-to-be-married Robin and Barney steel themselves for the arrival of their relatives. read more

Coming Back Season 9, Episode 2

Robin is concerned about how Barney will take bad news about his brother, while Marshall scrambles to find transportation to the wedding, and an uncomfortable Ted deals with flying solo in a romantic hotel. read more

The Locket Season 9, Episode 1

In the Season 9 premiere, it's Robin and Barney's wedding weekend on Long Island, where the couple make an unsettling family discovery, while Marshall is winging it back East for the big day, but runs into some problems, and Lily has a confrontation with Ted over his long-standing attachment to Robin. read more

Something New Season 8, Episode 24

The Season 8 finale is set just before Robin and Barney's wedding, with Ted taking Lily to see the house he's been fixing up, and Robin and Barney settling in for a treasured night of relaxation that is rudely interrupted by an obnoxious couple. Meanwhile, Marshall and the baby take a last-minute trip to see his family in Minnesota. read more

Something Old Season 8, Episode 23

Years ago in Central Park, Robin buried a "something old" for her wedding, but now she can't locate it. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily ask Ted to help them pack for Italy; and Barney spends some bonding time with Robin Sr. read more

The Bro Mitzvah Season 8, Episode 22

Barney's bachelor party has the gang pulling out all the stops in an effort to make it legendary. read more

Romeward Bound Season 8, Episode 21

Lily must decide if she's willing to ship out to Rome to be the Captain's art consultant. read more

The Time Travelers Season 8, Episode 20

Futuristic doppelgängers of Barney and Ted try to persuade them to attend a Robots vs. Wrestlers competition. Meanwhile, Marshall and Robin engage in a dance-off. read more

The Fortress Season 8, Episode 19

Robin would like Barney to sell his bachelor pad so they can get a place of their own, but he is somewhat reluctant and goes to great lengths to sabotage any potential sale. Meanwhile, Lily's art-consultant position with the Captain impacts her relationship her husband. read more

Weekend at Barney's Season 8, Episode 18

Barney's legendary relationship playbook, which Robin thought was destroyed, rears its head when Ted and Jeanette break up and Barney decides to use his chick manual to help Ted find a new girlfriend. read more

The Ashtray Season 8, Episode 17

Ted gets a weird and surprising call from the Captain, which launches the gang into a series of recollections about the last perplexing encounter they had with him. read more

Bad Crazy Season 8, Episode 16

Ted is gun-shy about breaking up with his wacky new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Robin finally breaks down and holds baby Marvin, and finds herself becoming incredibly attached to the little guy. read more

P.S. I Love You Season 8, Episode 15

Barney discovers a lost episode of a behind-the-music show that features Canadian teen singing sensation Robin Sparkles (aka Robin), and includes a new video and another intriguing revelation from her past. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily suspect that Ted's new girlfriend is a stalker. read more

Ring Up Season 8, Episode 14

Barney believes it would be in Ted's best interest to continue dating his much younger, much more uninhibited girlfriend, despite having very little in common with her. Meanwhile, Robin adjusts to the powerful dynamic of wearing an engagement ring. read more

Band or DJ? Season 8, Episode 13

Despite having already popped the question, Robin insists that Barney seek her father's permission before the couple can announce their engagement. Meanwhile, a conflicted Ted throws himself into the planning of the their wedding. read more

The Final Page, Part Two Season 8, Episode 12

Conclusion. Christmas approaches and Ted wrestles with whether to tell Robin about Barney's intentions involving Patrice, while Marshall and Lily get an early Yule gift, a night away from Marvin, but a case of separation anxiety strikes and threatens to ruin the evening. read more

The Final Page, Part One Season 8, Episode 11

Part 1 of 2. Robin takes steps to have Patrice fired from WWN, while Marshall puts a jinx on Barney. Later, Ted invites his architecture professor to the dedication of the GNB building; and Marshall and Lily bump into an oddball acquaintance from college. read more

The Over-Correction Season 8, Episode 10

Barney's developing relationship with Patrice leaves Robin questioning his motives, while Marshall's widowed mother gets back into the dating pool, but he thinks she may be swimming with a shark. read more

Lobster Crawl Season 8, Episode 9

A determined Robin contemplates one last fling with Barney and devises a scheme to entice him into an assignation. Meanwhile, Ted steps in as Marvin's nanny, and Marshall and Lily realize there's a definite motive behind the move. read more

Twelve Horny Women Season 8, Episode 8

In the most important case of his career, Marshall is pitted against his old friend Brad. Meanwhile, the gang recall youthful entanglements with the law and debate over who was the most notorious teenage delinquent. read more

The Stamp Tramp Season 8, Episode 7

Marshall recommends an old law-school buddy for a position at the firm, but the job interview doesn't quite work out, and Marshall needs to square things with the boss. Meanwhile, Robin helps Barney get back into the swing of things on the gentlemen's-club circuit. read more

Splitsville Season 8, Episode 6

Robin has a problem pulling the trigger on breaking up with Nick, so Barney steps in to help out, while new parents Lily and Marshall look for a way to schedule some private time for themselves. read more

The Autumn of Break-Ups Season 8, Episode 5

With a rash of relationships on rocky ground, Ted and Victoria find themselves at a romantic crossroads, while Robin thinks Barney's screwy when he decides to employ a dog as his wingman. read more

Who Wants to Be a Godparent Season 8, Episode 4

Unable to decide which of their friends would make the best godparents to Marvin, Lily and Marshall put them all to a test. read more

Nannies Season 8, Episode 3

Lily and Marshall have trouble finding a nanny for Marvin and learn that it is due to an elaborate scheme Barney invented to meet women. Meanwhile, Robin and Ted argue over who is in a more serious relationship. read more

The Pre-Nup Season 8, Episode 2

Barney's extensive and comprehensive prenup leads the guys to put forth their own relationship principles, which their significant others do not find agreeable. Meanwhile, an incensed Quinn responds with her own prenup. read more

Farhampton Season 8, Episode 1

The sitcom rings in Season 8 with wedding bells for the impending nuptials of Barney and Robin, but concerns that one or both of them will get cold feet cloud the happy time. Meanwhile, all the matrimonial jitters trigger Ted's memories of Victoria's wedding day and how he insisted that she leave her fiancé a note after deciding to leave him at the altar. read more

The Magician's Code, Part 2 Season 7, Episode 24

In the conclusion of the two-part Season 7 finale, a jump to the future finds the gang celebrating Barney's wedding and reminiscing about how they emboldened Ted to seek true love and do whatever it takes to get back with the one that got away. read more

The Magician's Code, Part 1 Season 7, Episode 23

In Part 1 of the two-part Season 7 finale, Marshall is partying in Atlantic City with Barney when Lily goes into labor, so the frantic father-to-be scrambles to get back to New York in time for the birth. Meanwhile, Robin and Ted try to distract Lily from her painful contractions. read more

The Magician's Code

The seventh season ends with Lily going into labor while Marshall is partying in Atlantic City. Later, things jump to the future as the gang gather for Barney's wedding and reminisce about how they emboldened Ted to find his true love and track down the one that got away. read more

Good Crazy Season 7, Episode 22

Marshall and Lily butt heads over how best to prepare for parenthood. Meanwhile, Ted deals with the aftermath of his fallout with Robin. read more

Now We're Even Season 7, Episode 21

With Ted settled in a new apartment, Barney decides they should be bros-about-town and go out every night. Meanwhile, Lily has a risqué dream about someone other than Marshall; and Robin's career hits a high point. read more

Trilogy Time Season 7, Episode 20

Speculations run wild as Ted, Barney and Marshall imagine what their lives will be like three years down the road. read more

The Broath Season 7, Episode 19

The gang try to break up Barney and Quinn after learning that the couple plan to move in together. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin argue over subletting her apartment. read more

Karma Season 7, Episode 18

Despite the bare facts being revealed about Quinn's exotic profession, Barney realizes he has feelings for the young lady and sets out to win her over. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall welcome Robin to the suburbs and Ted wonders what to do about Robin's empty room. read more

No Pressure Season 7, Episode 17

Ted rocks Robin with a personal declaration about how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Barney tries to dig up some personal dirt on Lily and Marshall. read more

The Drunk Train Season 7, Episode 16

While joining Lily and Marshall on a Valentine's Day getaway to Vermont, Robin and Kevin entertain the notion of taking their relationship to another level. Meanwhile, a blind date provides Barney with an eye-opening revelation. read more

The Burning Beekeeper Season 7, Episode 15

Lily asks for her father's help when she and Marshall decide to throw a housewarming party; Marshall's boss gets under Ted's skin and the two nearly come to blows; and Barney puts the moves on a wacky divorcée. read more

46 Minutes Season 7, Episode 14

Lily and Marshall's official move to the suburbs hits a snag when her pushy father flat-out refuses to move out of their new digs. Meanwhile, Ted, Barney and Robin deal with their friends' exodus from the city by hitting a strip club. read more

Tailgate Season 7, Episode 13

Marshall visits his father's grave to carry on their tailgating tradition. Meanwhile, Barney and Ted open a bar; and Robin fills in for an inebriated news anchor. read more

Symphony of Illumination Season 7, Episode 12

Robin hears bad news but hides it from everyone; and Marshall hangs Christmas decorations with a little help from his neighbor. read more

The Rebound Girl Season 7, Episode 11

Ted and Barney make a life-altering decision; and Robin tries to talk Lily and Marshall out of moving to Long Island. read more

Tick, Tick, Tick Season 7, Episode 10

Robin and Barney keeps secrets from their respective significant others; and Marshall, Lily and Ted go to a concert. read more

Disaster Averted Season 7, Episode 9

The friends recall their memories of Hurricane Irene; and Barney tries to get out of wearing the ducky tie. read more

The Slutty Pumpkin Returns Season 7, Episode 8

The Slutty Pumpkin, played by Katie Holmes, returns, after Ted has searched for her every year at the same costume party since the Halloween they met and he lost her phone number. read more

Noretta Season 7, Episode 7

The gang discovers that their significant others remind them of their parents; and Barney and Nora's romantic night is plagued by mishaps. read more

Mystery Vs. History Season 7, Episode 6

Ted goes on a date without checking her out online first; and Lily and Marshall come to terms with the question of knowing the gender of their baby. read more

Field Trip Season 7, Episode 5

Ted takes his class out on a field trip, but it ends badly; and Marshall thinks his boss is too weak in a settlement with a million-dollar company, and he decides to take action. read more

The Stinson Missile Crisis Season 7, Episode 4

Robin gets therapy by order of the court when she assaults a woman out to sabotage Barney's relationship; and Ted gets overly involved in Lily's pregnancy. read more

The Ducky Tie Season 7, Episode 3

Ted meets an old girlfriend he had cheated on and tries to make up for his unfaithfulness; and Barney makes a bet with Lily and Marshall that could have Marshall wearing Barney's ducky tie. read more

The Naked Truth Season 7, Episode 2

Marshall gets his dream job, but is terrified that videos from his past will surface and crush his hopes; and Ted doesn't know who to invite to the Architects Ball. read more

The Best Man Season 7, Episode 1

In the seventh-season opener, Barney's mystery wedding prompts the friends to reminisce about Punchy's wedding and Marshall and Lily's pregnancy announcement; and Robin considers revealing her hidden feelings to Barney. read more

Challenge Accepted Season 6, Episode 24

In the sixth-season finale, Ted is the best man at a wedding that changes his life; Marshall fears that he may become the victim of food poisoning; and Barney and Robin bond. read more

Landmarks Season 6, Episode 23

Ted makes a tough decision that has a dramatic impact on his relationship with Zoey. read more

The Perfect Cocktail Season 6, Episode 22

Ted plans a romantic weekend with Zoey, while Marshall and Barney bicker over the fate of the Arcadian Hotel. read more

Hopeless Season 6, Episode 21

Barney attempts to bond with his dad and asks his friends to lie about their lives in order to make his life sound more exciting. read more

The Exploding Meatball Sub Season 6, Episode 20

Marshall quits his job to volunteer for an environmental organization; and Ted and Zoey's opposing views on the Arcadia are troubling for their relationship. read more

Legendaddy Season 6, Episode 19

Barney finally meets his dad (played by John Lithgow); and the pals think of things they should all know by now as adults, but don't. read more

A Change of Heart Season 6, Episode 18

Barney realizes he has heartfelt affection for Nora, and he thinks that something is wrong with him; and Robin dates a guy who acts like a dog. read more

Garbage Island Season 6, Episode 17

Marshall becomes obsessed with saving the environment after he sees a documentary about garbage; Ted runs into the Captain; and Robin makes Barney confront his feelings for the woman who was his first Valentine's Day date. read more

Desperation Day Season 6, Episode 16

Valentine's Day plans include Lily surprising Marshall, Robin bonding with girlfriends, and Ted and Zoey figuring out where they stand in their relationship. Meanwhile, Barney calls Feb. 13 "Desperation Day," a holiday for desperate women. read more

Oh Honey Season 6, Episode 15

Zoey arranges a date for Ted with her cousin, played by Katy Perry; and Ted realizes he has feelings for Zoey, and tells his friends he needs an intervention. read more

Last Words Season 6, Episode 14

The gang goes to Minnesota with Marshall, who meets a bully who terrorized him in high school. read more

Bad News Season 6, Episode 13

Marshall and Lily see a fertility specialist when they fear they'll never be able to have a baby; and Robin begins a new job. read more

False Positive Season 6, Episode 12

Lily and Marshall receive shocking news that prompts the gang to reflect on their own lives; Robin gets a new job; and Ted begins carrying out tasks as Punchy's best man. Alex Trebek has a cameo. read more

The Mermaid Theory Season 6, Episode 11

Ted befriends "The Captain," Zoey's husband, and invites him to hang out with him and Zoey, hoping they can all be friends. read more

Blitzgiving Season 6, Episode 10

Ted spends Thanksgiving with Zoey after his plans to make dinner for his friends are foiled when they spend the night with a college friend, "The Blitz," who brings bad luck wherever he goes. read more

Glitter Season 6, Episode 9

The friends learn more about Robin's past as Canadian teen star "Robin Sparkles," and they encourage her to reunite with her former costar, Jessica Glitter. read more

Natural History Season 6, Episode 8

Ted meets Zoey's husband, the Captain (Kyle MacLachlan), when the gang goes to a fund-raiser at the Natural History Museum. read more

Canning Randy Season 6, Episode 7

Zoey enrolls in Ted's class and tries to sway his students into joining her in saving the Arcadian. read more

Baby Talk Season 6, Episode 6

Without telling each other, Marshall and Lily research to see if it's possible to choose the gender of their child; and Robin grows more frustrated with her new coanchor, Becky. read more

Architect of Destruction Season 6, Episode 5

Ted has a crisis when he falls for a beautiful woman who wants to save a landmark building that's being destroyed to make room for a building he's designing. read more

Subway Wars Season 6, Episode 4

Robin sets out to prove she's a real New Yorker by racing everyone to a downtown restaurant. Maury Povich has a cameo. read more

Unfinished Season 6, Episode 3

When Ted turns down Barney's offer for a building-design job, Barney tries to woo him with all of the seduction methods he uses on women; and a lonely and drunk Robin calls Don. read more

Cleaning House Season 6, Episode 2

The gang helps Barney move his mom out of her home and he discovers secrets his mom has kept from him; Robin builds Ted up to a blind date. read more

Big Days Season 6, Episode 1

In the sixth-season opener, Ted runs into Cindy (Rachel Bilson), whom he dated briefly--and who is also the roommate of his future wife; Robin is having a difficult time getting over Don; and Marshall can't stop talking about starting a family. read more

Doppelgangers Season 5, Episode 24

In the fifth-season finale, Marshall and Lily make a vow to try to have a baby if they see Barney's doppelgänger; and Robin is offered her dream job. read more

The Wedding Bride Season 5, Episode 23

Ted goes on a movie date and realizes the film's loosely based on his relationship with Stella, and it's written by Tony, the man for whom Stella left Ted at the altar. read more

Robots Vs. Wrestlers Season 5, Episode 22

The friends crash an upscale party attended by prominent intellectuals, and Ted tries to show off his brainier side. Arianna Huffington, Peter Bogdanovich and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz have cameos. read more

Twin Beds Season 5, Episode 21

Ted and Barney fight, claiming they both love Robin, while Robin realizes she's over them; and Lily and Marshall decide to get twin beds. read more

Home Wreckers Season 5, Episode 20

Ted attends his mom's wedding and is troubled by her affectionate relationship with the groom, which prompts Ted to make an impulsive decision regarding his life. read more

Zoo or False Season 5, Episode 19

Marshall gets mugged, prompting Lily to want to get a gun, so Marshall comes up with a crazy story about the crime in the hope that it will change her mind. read more

Say Cheese Season 5, Episode 18

Ted wrecks Lily's birthday by bringing a date to her celebration dinner, and Lily does her best to keep the woman out of the annual group photo. Karen: Laura Prepon. Natalie: Anne Dudek. read more

Of Course Season 5, Episode 17

Still hurting from the way Barney ended their romance, Robin gets back at him by getting a beautiful self-help author, played by Jennifer Lopez, to turn the tables on Barney. read more

Hooked Season 5, Episode 16

Ted's friends think he's being strung along by a woman (played by Carrie Underwood) and it makes them reflect on their own similar experiences. read more

Rabbit or Duck Season 5, Episode 15

Lily and Marshall are tasked with setting Ted up on a blind date for Valentine's Day, and they only have a week to find the perfect woman. Meanwhile, Robin's invited to a party by her obnoxious colleague. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms appear as themselves, providing voice-over commentary on Barney's dating life. read more

The Perfect Week Season 5, Episode 14

Barney challenges himself to bed seven women in seven days. Jim Nantz and New York Yankee Nick Swisher have cameos. read more

Jenkins Season 5, Episode 13

Marshall tries to prove to Lily that a beautiful colleague (Amanda Peet) kissed him; Robin discovers that she's the subject of a drinking game. read more

Girls vs. Suits Season 5, Episode 12

Barney has to decide between his trademark suits or a beautiful bartender (Stacy Keibler) in the 100th episode, which includes a musical number by the cast called "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit." Cindy: Rachel Bilson. Tim: Tim Gunn. read more

Last Cigarette Ever Season 5, Episode 11

The friends try to quit smoking; Robin is bothered by a coworker. Harvey Fierstein provides Lily's smoking voice. read more

The Window Season 5, Episode 10

The gang helps Ted out when he finds the perfect girl (JoAnna Garcia) is available to date; and Marshall finds a letter he wrote when he was young, and it has a dramatic effect on him. read more

Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap Season 5, Episode 9

Marshall gives Ted and Robin one of his "Slap Bet" slaps to be used on Barney; and Lily's estranged father (Chris Elliot) visits her for Thanksgiving. read more

The Playbook Season 5, Episode 8

Barney and Robin break up, and Barney gets serious about dating again by consulting his "playbook" containing all of his greatest techniques. read more

The Rough Patch Season 5, Episode 7

Barney and Robin's romance falters, and Lily comes up with a scheme to break up the unhappy couple that involves a little help from Robin's celebrity friend, Alan Thicke (who appears in a cameo). read more

Bagpipes Season 5, Episode 6

Barney, thinking he and Robin are the perfect couple, gives relationship advice to Marshall, which turns out to be a big mistake. read more

Duel Citizenship Season 5, Episode 5

Barney tries to persuade Robin to become a U.S. citizen; and Ted and Marshall's road trip hits a bump when Lily decides to come along. Kenny Rogers provides the narration on an audio book the friends listen to on their trip. read more

The Sexless Innkeeper Season 5, Episode 4

Marshall and Lily hope that Robin and Barney will be their new double-date friends, but they are a little too enthusiastic, prompting Robin and Barney to break up with them. read more

Robin 101 Season 5, Episode 3

Robin thinks Barney's cheating, but she soon sees it's just the opposite: He's spending his nights getting lessons from Ted on how to date Robin. read more

Double Date Season 5, Episode 2

Ted goes on a blind date and realizes he went out with the woman before on an arranged date seven years earlier; and Barney takes Marshall on a guys' night out. read more

Definitions Season 5, Episode 1

In the fifth-season opener, the friends discover that Barney and Robin are secretly a couple; and Ted stresses over his first lecture as a Columbia professor. read more

The Leap Season 4, Episode 24

In the fourth-season finale, Ted works feverishly to promote his business while Marshall tries to get him to the roof for a surprise 31st birthday party. read more

As Fast as She Can Season 4, Episode 23

An acquaintance of Ted's feels guilty about a previous wrong and tries to atone for it by helping Ted get a job. Meanwhile, Barney thinks he can talk his way out of a speeding ticket. read more

Right Place Right Time Season 4, Episode 22

Ted runs into an old flame and learns a life lesson about destiny. Meanwhile, Barney celebrates his 200th. No need to explain more. Milt: Dan Castellaneta. read more

The Three Days Rule Season 4, Episode 21

Ted starts texting a woman (Rebecca Budig) he recently met, breaking one of Barney and Marshall's relationship rules, so the pair pretend to be the woman to play a joke on Ted. read more

Mosbius Designs Season 4, Episode 20

Ted sets up his architecture firm in his apartment and hires an intern, who ends up getting a little too chummy with Ted's friends. read more

Murtaugh Season 4, Episode 19

Ted's list of "things the gang's too old to do" prompts Barney to attempt everything on the list within 24 hours just to prove Ted wrong. read more

Old King Clancy Season 4, Episode 18

Barney and Marshall dream up an intricate lie to protect Ted from finding out he's lost an important job. read more

The Front Porch Season 4, Episode 17

When Ted's girlfriend, Karen (Laura Prepon), finds a woman's earring in his bed, Ted learns that Lily put it there. Worse, it turns out she's been sabotaging his relationships for years. read more

Sorry, Bro Season 4, Episode 16

Ted reunites with his college girlfriend (Laura Prepon), prompting Lily and Marshall to reveal how much they loathed the snooty woman. read more

The Stinsons Season 4, Episode 15

When Barney inexplicably leaves MacLaren's, the gang thinks he has a girlfriend. Loretta: Frances Conroy. Margaret: Brooke D'Orsay. read more

The Possimpible Season 4, Episode 14

Robin has only four days to find a job or she'll be deported, and Barney steps in to help by producing her video résumé. read more

Three Days of Snow Season 4, Episode 13

A blizzard hits the city as Lily is returning from a trip to Seattle, threatening an airport-reunion ritual between her and Marshall. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney plan to meet two women at MacLaren's, but Carl wants to close early, so the guys volunteer to watch the bar until their dates arrive. read more

Benefits Season 4, Episode 12

Robin and Ted become "friends with benefits," finding it helps them get along better in the apartment; reality stars Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Kendra Wilkinson and Kim Kardashian taunt Marshall from the pages of magazines. read more

Little Minnesota Season 4, Episode 11

Ted's younger sister visits, and he does everything in his power to keep her away from Barney. Meanwhile, Marshall takes Robin to a Minnesota-themed bar. read more

The Fight Season 4, Episode 10

Ted and Barney pick a fight with guys sitting in their favorite booth in an attempt to change how their friends perceive them. Doug: Will Sasso. read more

The Naked Man Season 4, Episode 9

Ted encounters one of Robin's dates sitting naked on her couch, and the guys conclude the unorthodox approach might work for them as well. read more

Woooo! Season 4, Episode 8

Robin reunites with a group of party-hearty single girlfriends known as the "Woo Girls." Meanwhile, Ted submits to Barney a design for his company's new headquarters. Jamie-Lynn Sigler guest stars. read more

Not a Father's Day Season 4, Episode 7

Lily and Marshall contemplate having a baby, and Lily asks Robin and Ted for advice. read more

Happily Ever After Season 4, Episode 6

While out with his friends, Ted bumps into a past acquaintance whom he'd rather avoid, prompting everyone to discuss how they would react in the same situation. Eric Braeden guest stars. read more

Shelter Island Season 4, Episode 5

Ted and Stella decide to get married in three days, but the reappearance of their exes puts a damper on the occasion. Lucy: Darcy Rose Byrnes. Tony: Jason Jones. read more

Intervention Season 4, Episode 4

Ted learns his friends ditched plans for an intervention for his engagement to Stella, but he insists they go through with it anyway. read more

I Heart NJ Season 4, Episode 3

Ted invites his friends to Stella's New Jersey apartment, and he tries to convince them that living outside the city has benefits---until Stella says she wants to live there permanently after they're married. read more

The Best Burger in New York Season 4, Episode 2

Marshall runs into Regis Philbin during his search for the restaurant where he ate his first New York burger. read more

Do I Know You? Season 4, Episode 1

In the fourth-season opener, Stella gives Ted an answer to his proposal, and Barney realizes he's in love with Robin. Stella: Sarah Chalke. Mark Johnson: Kyles Archer. Sexy Blonde: Nicole Taylor. Angela: Dana de Celis. Maxine: Annie Abrams. read more

Miracles Season 3, Episode 20

In the third-season finale, Ted has an accident, and his close call with death finds him reevaluating his life and his relationship with Stella (Sarah Chalke). Nurse: Taira Soo. Customs Officer: Anthony Palermo. Bob Hewitt: John Getz. Bill: Jayden Lund. read more

Everything Must Go Season 3, Episode 19

Britney Spears returns as Abby, who is now dating Barney, and the pair, realizing how much they currently dislike Ted, decide to flaunt their romance in front of him at the bar. Barney, however, goes a bit overboard and does something impulsive. Cafe Guy: Johnny Palermo. Lawrence: Todd Sherry. Walter: Steve Hasley. read more

Rebound Bro Season 3, Episode 18

Ted betrays Stella by sharing an intimate secret with his friends, which threatens his relationship with her. Stella: Sarah Chalke. Randy: Will Forte. Pete: Blair Hickey. Stapleton: Dean West. read more

The Goat Season 3, Episode 17

Barney breaks the "Bro Code" in a matter involving Ted, and he has to deal with the consequences. Little Girl: Destiny Whitlock. Cindy: Megan McNulty. Carol: Alexis Krause. read more

Sandcastles in the Sand Season 3, Episode 16

Robin renews her relationship with an old flame who hurt her in the past, and she's too blind with emotion to see that he's still a loser. Simon: James Van Der Beek. Joel Adams: Michael Kagan. Michelle: Ryan Michelle Bathe. Punchy: Chris Romano. read more

The Chain of Screaming Season 3, Episode 15

When Marshall is verbally berated by his boss, he questions whether the decision to work for a big corporate law firm was the best career move. Ferguson: Jordan Black. Arthur: Bob Odenkirk. Bilson: Bryan Callen. Blauman: Taran Killam. read more

The Bracket Season 3, Episode 14

Barney tries to find the mystery woman who's out to ruin his reputation, and he uses the basketball tournament-bracket template to eliminate 64 suspects, all of whom have reasons to hate him. Mark: Chris Tallman. Holly: Maite Schwartz. Meg: April Bowlby. Anna: Dawn Olivieri. read more

Ten Sessions Season 3, Episode 13

Ted is repeatedly snubbed in his attempts to get a date with Stella (Sarah Chalke), his dermatologist, but her receptionist, Abby (Britney Spears), becomes infatuated with him. read more

No Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 12

Ted decides to live life like Barney on St. Patrick's Day, which probably involves activities that would make a saint blush. Ashlee: Vanessa Minnillo. Mary: Arielle Vandenberg. Stephanie: Mieko Hillman. Bouncer: Terrell Lee. read more

The Platinum Rule Season 3, Episode 11

Ted asks his doctor on a date and his friends try to discourage him from going out with someone he sees regularly by recalling their own horror stories of bad experiences. Laura: Kristen Schaal. Michael: John Sloan. Curt: Hayes MacArthur. Lou: Robert Michael Morris. read more

The Yips Season 3, Episode 10

Barney's timing couldn't be worse---he loses his mojo just as he gets an invite to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show party. Model cameos include Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks and Alessandra Ambrosio. read more

Slapsgiving Season 3, Episode 9

Marshall and Lily host their first Thanksgiving as a married couple, but things don't go smoothly. Meanwhile, Barney becomes preoccupied with the “Slap Bet” and the anxiety of not knowing when the next blow will arrive. Bob: Orson Bean. Younger Bob: Eben Ham. read more

Spoiler Alert Season 3, Episode 8

Ted finds what he thinks is the perfect woman, but his friends all find a flaw. In doing so, however, they reveal their own shortcomings. Cathy: Lindsay Price. Proctor: Ron Butler. Test-Talker: Steve Little. read more

Dowisetrepla Season 3, Episode 7

Marshall and Lily search for an apartment to buy, but it's not the enjoyable newlywed experience they thought it would be, especially when Marshall learns about a financial secret Lily's kept from him. Margaret: Maggie Wheeler. Meg: April Bowlby. Loan Officer: Phill Lewis. read more

I'm Not That Guy Season 3, Episode 6

Marshall's courted by a big law firm and is persuaded to join by a slick lawyer (John Cho), thereby giving up his dream of saving the Earth. Doctor: Jim Jansen. Fantasy Jefferson Coatsworth: Bill J. Stevens. read more

How I Met Everyone Else Season 3, Episode 5

Ted's new girlfriend is jealous when she realizes the story of how they met isn't as exciting as the story of how Ted met his friends, prompting Barney to rank her high on his “Crazy Scale.” read more

Little Boys Season 3, Episode 4

Robin dates a single dad, and to her surprise, bonds with the man's son, which causes her to worry that the relationship is too serious. Doug: Nicholas Roget-King. George: Brad Rowe. Stacey Gusar: Janet Varney. read more

Third Wheel Season 3, Episode 3

Two beautiful women are attracted to Ted and rather than choose, he begins, with the urging of his friends, to see a new daring possibility. Trudy: Danica McKellar. Rachel: Busy Philipps. Ian: Neil Jackson. Waitress: Christine Woods. read more

We're Not From Here Season 3, Episode 2

After seeing how the ladies are attracted to Robin's Argentinean lover (Enrique Iglesias), Ted and Barney pretend to be out-of-town visitors, hoping the ploy will help them meet women. Lindsay: Nikki Griffin. Australian Backpacker: Damon Gameau. read more

Wait for It Season 3, Episode 1

The third season begins with Robin introducing her new Argentinean lover, Gael (Enrique Iglesias), and Ted hooking up with a wild tattooed woman (Mandy Moore) after going out to party with Barney. Lydia: Amanda Loncar. Steve: Frank Alvarez. read more

Something Blue Season 2, Episode 22

In the second-season finale, Barney finds out at Lily and Marshall's wedding reception that Ted and Robin have a big secret, and he tries to get it out of them. Grandma Lois: K Callan. Waiter: Mark Cirillo. Lucille: Scarlett Lam. read more

Something Borrowed Season 2, Episode 21

Marshall and Lily's wedding is plagued by problems, but Barney, of all people, saves the day. Andrea: Shulie Cowen. Janice: Meagen Fay. Scooter: David Burtka. Brad: Joe Manganiello. read more

Showdown Season 2, Episode 20

Barney, who has always wanted to meet Bob Barker, has his wish fulfilled when he appears on “The Price Is Right.” Bob Barker and Rich Fields appear as themselves. Wendy: Charlene Amoia. Young Barney: Tanner Maguire. read more

Bachelor Party Season 2, Episode 19

Barney scraps Marshall's bachelor-party plans and then disregards his wishes by hiring a stripper. Stuart: Matt Boren. Brad: Joe Manganiello. Grandma Lois: K Callan. Aunt Florence: Patricia Place. Janice: Meagen Fay. read more

Moving Day Season 2, Episode 18

Ted decides to move in with Robin but Barney hijacks the truck filled with Ted's belongings on moving day in an effort to prevent the union. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall find it hard to adjust to not having Ted with them. Sarah: Rachelle Lefevre. Pretty Girl: Jessica Barth. read more

Arrivederci, Fiero Season 2, Episode 17

As Marshall's beloved Fiero prepares to hit 200,000 miles, it stops dead. While the gang wait in the garage for the verdict, they recall, through flashbacks, their Fiero memories, which include the story of how Marshall and Ted became friends. read more

Stuff Season 2, Episode 16

Robin is uneasy with Ted keeping gifts from past lovers in the apartment, so the two of them ask the gang to vote on whether the objects should stay or go. Meanwhile, Lily expects everyone to attend a play she's in. Floppy-Haired Guy: Jason Lopez. read more

Lucky Penny Season 2, Episode 15

Ted misses a flight to Chicago for a job interview, and while he and Robin wait for news of an alternate flight, they recall through flashbacks the sequence of events that caused the mishap, in an effort to find the person responsible. Phyllis: Meredith Scott Lynn. read more

Monday Night Football Season 2, Episode 14

The gang feel obligated to attend a funeral being held while the Super Bowl is being played, and they vow to avoid hearing anything about the game so they can all watch it the next night. Emmitt Smith has a cameo. Doug: Nicholas Roget-King. Producer: Monique Edwards. read more

Columns Season 2, Episode 13

When Ted is constantly insulted by his former boss (Bryan Cranston), who is now working for him on a project, he is told to fire the man, but he finds that a hard thing to do. Meanwhile, Barney offers Lily a lot of money to paint a nude portrait of him. read more

First Time in New York Season 2, Episode 12

Robin wants to tell Ted she loves him, but she can't make the leap. Meanwhile, her sister (Lucy Hale) visits and brings her boyfriend (Ryan Pinkston), and Robin doesn't react well when her sister says she's ready to lose her virginity. Brian: Brian Kubach. read more

How Lily Stole Christmas Season 2, Episode 11

Ted almost ruins Christmas for everyone when, still carrying around anger toward Lily, he calls her a horribly disgusting name. read more

Single Stamina Season 2, Episode 10

Barney's black, gay brother, James (Wayne Brady), visits and Robin, the only one in the group who's never met him, is surprised. But James has a surprise for Barney that he finds hard to accept. Concerned Guy: Jamison Yang. Muscular Guy: Timothy Heinrich. Flamboyant Guy: Michael Cotter. read more

Slap Bet Season 2, Episode 9

Everyone discovers that Robin has an aversion to malls because of a secret from her past, and Ted tries to get her to reveal what happened. Barney is convinced she made a porn film, while Marshall thinks she's married. Reverend: Wayne Nickel. read more

Atlantic City Season 2, Episode 8

Marshall and Lily, together again, decide to elope in Atlantic City, and they gather Barney, Ted and Robin to take part in the wedding. Chinese Man: Jim Lau. Receptionist: Patricia Belcher. Paul: Michael David Cheng. read more

Swarley Season 2, Episode 7

Marshall starts dating a woman (Morena Baccarin) and they really hit it off, but Barney and Ted tell him he has to dump her because she has “crazy eyes.” Lauren: Dana Power. Janine: Vanessa Vander Pluym. Man: Shawn Carter Peterson. read more

Aldrin Justice Season 2, Episode 6

Believing that Marshall's recently divorced professor (Jane Seymour) is giving out poor grades because of unfulfilled sexual needs, Barney sets out to satisfy her; Lily gets a job in Ted's office and tries to teach his insufferable boss (Bryan Cranston) a lesson. read more

World's Greatest Couple Season 2, Episode 5

When Lily's tiny apartment becomes unbearable, Barney uncharacteristically lets her stay with him, then gets her to pretend she's his wife and chase away one-night stands the morning after. Dawn: Valerie Azlynn. Brad: Joe Manganiello. Kara: Aisha Kabia. read more

Ted Mosby, Architect Season 2, Episode 4

Robin and Ted have their first fight after she tells him his architect work stories are boring. Then, believing Ted may be cheating to get back at her, Robin goes to find him. Anna: Dawn Olivieri. Paula: Maria Arce. read more

Brunch Season 2, Episode 3

Ted flies his parents (Michael Gross, Cristine Rose) to New York to celebrate their 30th anniversary and meet Robin, but a brunch outing proves disastrous when Ted learns something startling about his mom and dad. Wendy: Charlene Amoia. Waitress: Noel True. read more

The Scorpion and the Toad Season 2, Episode 2

With Ted no longer looking for love, Barney turns his attention to finding someone new for Marshall to help him forget about Lily. Meanwhile, Robin has a surprise guest. Art Professor: Richard Wharton. Mike: Josh Wingate. Paula: Kelly Mullis. Amy: Aisha Kabia. read more

Where Were We? Season 2, Episode 1

Ted and Robin are now in love, but they have little time to enjoy it. They're too busy trying, along with Barney, to help a depressed Marshall get over losing Lily. George Clinton has a cameo. Odd-Looking Guy: Gilbert John. Marshall: Jason Segel. read more

Come On Season 1, Episode 22

Ted decides to make a final grand gesture to win over Robin. Then he learns she's planning to go on a weekend camping trip that includes her co-anchor, Sandy Rivers (Alexis Denisof), who also has feelings for her. Penelope: Amy Acker. read more

Milk Season 1, Episode 21

The day after Ted turns 28, he learns that the dating service he visited months ago has finally found his perfect match. He arranges to meet her, but before she arrives Lily calls and asks him for help during a life crisis. Tracy: Brenda Isaacs-Booth. Butterfield: Nate Torrence. Beautiful Woman: America Olivo. read more

Best Prom Ever Season 1, Episode 20

After booking an exclusive hall for their wedding, Marshall and Lily rush to prepare for the event. Their plans hit a snag when Lily insists on hearing a prospective band before hiring them, but the only place to see them is a local high-school prom, so she decides to sneak in. read more

Mary the Paralegal Season 1, Episode 19

Without asking him, Barney gets Ted a beautiful “escort” (Erinn Bartlett) for Robin's media-awards dinner in an attempt to make Robin jealous and get his two friends together. Sandy: Alexis Denisof. read more

Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM Season 1, Episode 18

A lonely Robin asks Ted to come over after 2 A.M., and on the way there he debates the decision with his friends on the phone and with Victoria in his conscience. Victoria: Ashley Williams. Sandy: Alexis Denisof. read more

Life Among the Gorillas Season 1, Episode 17

Marshall interns at the corporation where Barney works and finds that he is becoming a shallow jerk as he tries to fit in with his Barney-like coworkers. Meanwhile, Ted feels guilty when he receives several gifts from Victoria while he hasn't sent her anything. Blauman: Taran Killam. Bilson: Bryan Callen. read more

Cupcake Season 1, Episode 16

Victoria (Ashley Williams) and Ted have some deciding to do when she tells him she's been offered a fellowship at a culinary institute in Germany and has to leave in a few days. Meanwhile, Barney takes Marshall to his tailor for a wedding suit while Lily looks for a wedding dress. Tailor: Sergey Brusilovsky. read more

Game Night Season 1, Episode 15

Victoria (Ashley Williams) gets to know the gang better on game night, and they are all surprised by Barney, who recalls a sentimental love story from his past that reveals a side to the lothario they've never known. Shannon: Katie Walder. Businessman: Mark Derwin. read more

Zip, Zip, Zip Season 1, Episode 14

Having abstained for weeks, an amorous Ted and Victoria (Ashley Williams) rush back to the apartment, where Lily and Marshall are in the bathroom and don't dare come out and ruin the moment. Meanwhile, Barney, in need of a buddy for the night, asks Robin to go “bro-ing” with him. Robin: Cobie Smulders. read more

Drumroll Please Season 1, Episode 13

At a wedding, there's instant attraction between Ted and a woman (Ashley Williams). Both agree to preserve the evening in memory by not exchanging names or numbers, but Ted falls too hard to let it go and tries to find out her identity. Claudia: Virginia Williams. Tanya: Napiera Groves. read more

The Wedding Season 1, Episode 12

Ted asks an excited Robin to be his date for a wedding, but the emotional bride won't allow him to bring her, telling him he never checked “plus one” on his R.S.V.P. Victoria: Ashley Williams. Stuart: Matt Boren. read more

The Limo Season 1, Episode 11

Ted rents a limo to take the gang out to sample five New Year's Eve parties in a quest to find the perfect celebration. Mary Beth: Kathleen Rose Perkins. Natalya: Natalie Denise Sperl. Moby: J.P. Manoux. Derek: James Tupper. read more

The Pineapple Incident Season 1, Episode 10

Ted's memory is fuzzy as he recalls a time when all he clearly remembers is getting drunk and waking up in bed with a mystery woman---and a pineapple. Trudy: Danica McKellar. Marshall: Jason Segel. Robin: Cobie Smulders. Barney: Neil Patrick Harris. read more

Belly Full of Turkey Season 1, Episode 9

Ted and Robin volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving and are stunned to see Barney's also there helping. Meanwhile, Marshall takes Lily to Minnesota to meet his family. Judy: Suzie Plakson. Marvin Sr.: Bill Fagerbakke. Amanda: Elizabeth Bogush. read more

The Duel Season 1, Episode 8

When Lily moves into the apartment, Ted fears that she and Marshall will edge him out and that they'll get the place after they're married. Waitress: Miki Mia. Katie: Keri Safran. Kevin: Martin Star. Erin: Maya Parish. Moving Man: Brian Petrucelli. read more

Matchmaker Season 1, Episode 7

When a professional matchmaker (Camryn Manheim) tells Ted that his perfect mate was paired with someone months ago, Ted steals the woman's file and meets her. Dr. Sarah O'Brien: Beth Lacke. Barney: Neil Patrick Harris. Lily: Alyson Hannigan. read more

The Slutty Pumpkin Season 1, Episode 6

On Halloween, Ted makes his annual visit to a boring party, where he met his dream woman four years earlier, lost her number and hopes each time that she'll show up. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily go on a double date with Robin and her new boyfriend (Jeremy Gabriel). Carl: Joe Nieves. Hula Girl: Krizia Bajos. read more

Okay Awesome Season 1, Episode 5

Robin takes Ted and Barney with her when she gets VIP passes to an exclusive club, while Marshall and Lily, who decide they need to do grown-up stuff, host a wine-tasting party. Kelly: Vanessa Evigan. Phil: Samm Levine. Chris: Ryan Raddatz. read more

Return of the Shirt Season 1, Episode 4

Ted reconsiders women he rejected in the past, thinking his taste has changed, and decides to call a woman (Anne Dudek) whose heart he broke when he broke up with her---on her birthday. Jackie: Jackie Geary. Steph: Ange Billman. Marshall: Jason Segel. read more

The Sweet Taste of Liberty Season 1, Episode 3

Barney cons Ted into going to the airport to meet women, and the pair end up on a flight to Philadelphia with two prospective dates. Laura: Tiffany Brouwer. Tatiana: Alyshia Ochse. Carl: Joe Nieves. Derrick: Robb Derringer. read more

Purple Giraffe Season 1, Episode 2

Hoping for a second chance after their intense first date, Ted invites Robin to a party, but when she doesn't show up, he throws a party again...and again. Fantasy Girl: Lindsay Schoneweis. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

Marshall announces he's proposing to Lily, prompting Ted to realize that he needs to find love and settle down. read more

How I Met Your Mother Episode: "The Magician's Code"

Episode Synopsis: The seventh season ends with Lily going into labor while Marshall is partying in Atlantic City. Later, things jump to the future as the gang gather for Barney's wedding and reminisce about how they emboldened Ted to find his true love and track down the one that got away.
Original Air Date: May 14, 2012
Guest Cast Becki Newton: Quinn Mike Grief: Bus Driver Chris Elliott: Mickey Max Daniels: Cab Driver Ed Alonzo: Guard No. 2 Brenda Ballard: Fran Renee Taylor: Mrs. Matsen Vivian Smallwood: Leila Peter Gannon: Mr. McIntee Elliot Goldwag: Alfred Lance Barber: Guard No. 1 Ken Takemoto: Elderly Chinese Man Christopher Carroll: Mr. Drury Vicki Lewis: Dr. Sonya Rob Huebel: Mr. Flanigan Francesca Capaldi: 7-Year-Old Lily Frances Conroy: Loretta Bob Saget

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Premise: A man named Ted tells his kids how he met the love of his life, through flashbacks, years in the future. The bored kids sit on the couch and listen as dad regales them with tales of his pursuit of romance. The sitcom's secondary character, Ted's smarmy friend, Barney, is a real standout, often stealing the show.lauren



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