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Ghost Whisperer episodes

May 21, 2010: The Children's Parade
May 14, 2010: Dead Ringer
May 07, 2010: Blood Money
Apr 30, 2010: Lethal Combination
Apr 09, 2010: Dead Eye
Apr 02, 2010: On Thin Ice
Mar 12, 2010: Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
Mar 05, 2010: Implosion
Feb 05, 2010: Dead to Me
Jan 22, 2010: Living Nightmare
Jan 15, 2010: Blessings in Disguise
Jan 08, 2010: Dead Air
Dec 04, 2009: Excessive Forces
Nov 20, 2009: Lost in the Shadows
Nov 13, 2009: Dead Listing
Nov 06, 2009: Devil's Bargain
Oct 30, 2009: Head Over Heels
Oct 23, 2009: Cause for Alarm
Oct 16, 2009: Do Over
Oct 09, 2009: Til Death Do Us Start
Oct 02, 2009: See No Evil
Sep 25, 2009: Birthday Presence
May 15, 2009: The Book of Changes
May 08, 2009: Endless Love
May 01, 2009: Cursed
Apr 24, 2009: Stage Fright
Apr 10, 2009: Thrilled to Death
Mar 13, 2009: Leap of Faith
Mar 06, 2009: Delusions of Grandview
Feb 27, 2009: Ghost Busted
Feb 13, 2009: Greek Tragedy
Feb 06, 2009: Slow Burn
Jan 23, 2009: Body of Water
Jan 16, 2009: This Joint's Haunted
Jan 09, 2009: Life on the Line
Dec 19, 2008: Ball and Chain
Dec 05, 2008: Pieces of You
Nov 21, 2008: Heart and Soul
Nov 14, 2008: Threshold
Nov 07, 2008: Imaginary Friends and Enemies
Oct 31, 2008: Bloodline
Oct 24, 2008: Save Our Souls
Oct 17, 2008: Ghost in the Machine
Oct 10, 2008: Big Chills
Oct 03, 2008: Firestarter
May 16, 2008: Pater Familias
May 09, 2008: Stranglehold
May 02, 2008: Deadbeat Dads
Apr 25, 2008: Horror Show
Apr 11, 2008: The Gravesitter
Apr 04, 2008: Home but Not Alone
Jan 18, 2008: First Do No Harm
Jan 11, 2008: Slam
Dec 15, 2007: Holiday Spirit
Nov 23, 2007: All Ghosts Lead to Grandview
Nov 16, 2007: Bad Blood
Nov 09, 2007: Unhappy Medium
Nov 02, 2007: Double Exposure
Oct 26, 2007: Weight of What Was
Oct 19, 2007: No Safe Place
Oct 12, 2007: Haunted Hero
Oct 05, 2007: Don't Try This at Home
Sep 28, 2007: The Underneath
May 11, 2007: The Gathering
May 04, 2007: The Prophet
Apr 27, 2007: The Collector
Apr 06, 2007: Delia's First Ghost
Mar 30, 2007: Children of Ghosts
Feb 23, 2007: The Walk-In
Feb 16, 2007: The Cradle Will Rock
Feb 09, 2007: Mean Ghost
Feb 02, 2007: Speed Demon
Jan 12, 2007: Deja Boo
Jan 05, 2007: Dead to Rights
Dec 15, 2006: Cat's Claw
Nov 24, 2006: Giving Up the Ghost
Nov 17, 2006: The Curse of the Ninth
Nov 10, 2006: The Night We Met
Nov 03, 2006: A Vicious Cycle
Oct 27, 2006: The Woman of His Dreams
Oct 20, 2006: A Grave Matter
Oct 13, 2006: The Ghost Within
Oct 06, 2006: Drowned Lives
Sep 29, 2006: Love Still Won't Die
Sep 22, 2006: Love Never Dies
May 05, 2006: The One
Apr 28, 2006: Free Fall
Apr 07, 2006: The Vanishing
Mar 31, 2006: Fury
Mar 10, 2006: Miss Fortune
Mar 03, 2006: Demon Child
Feb 03, 2006: Dead Man's Ridge
Jan 27, 2006: Melinda's First Ghost
Jan 13, 2006: Last Execution
Jan 06, 2006: Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
Dec 16, 2005: Undead Comic
Dec 09, 2005: Shadow Boxer
Nov 25, 2005: Ghost Bride
Nov 18, 2005: Voices
Nov 11, 2005: On the Wings of a Dove
Nov 04, 2005: Hope and Mercy
Oct 28, 2005: Homecoming
Oct 21, 2005: Lost Boys
Oct 14, 2005: Mended Hearts
Oct 07, 2005: Ghost, Interrupted
Sep 30, 2005: The Crossing
Sep 23, 2005: Pilot Episode

The Children's Parade Season 5, Episode 22

In the fifth-season finale, Melinda confronts a poltergeist in the hospital, initiating a final battle with the forces that threaten Melinda and her son. read more

Dead Ringer Season 5, Episode 21

A ghost turns up alive while Melinda is trying to help her, and Melinda lands in a revenge plot and discovers enemies she didn't know she had. read more

Blood Money Season 5, Episode 20

Melinda helps the ghost of a boy who was kidnapped, but her life is threatened in the process. read more

Lethal Combination Season 5, Episode 19

A ghost makes an accusation against a nanny, claiming she's evil, but Melinda needs more than the ghost's word, so she sets out to investigate the situation. read more

Dead Eye Season 5, Episode 18

A ghost dressed as a clown haunts Melinda, and she discovers that he was a private investigator, but she needs to learn more about his last case in order to give the spirit closure. read more

On Thin Ice Season 5, Episode 17

A ghost controls the pen of a graphic novelist and creates violent scenarios that come true. read more

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows Season 5, Episode 16

Melinda rescues a child ghost who has been trapped in a house for years by violent spirits. read more

Implosion Season 5, Episode 15

A ghost tells Melinda about a secret munitions dump containing unexploded bombs, and then reveals that one of the bombs is missing and that someone will die as a result. read more

Dead to Me Season 5, Episode 14

Ned's occult-anthropology professor (Margaret Cho) is stalked by a secret-admirer ghost. read more

Living Nightmare Season 5, Episode 13

A ghost haunts a patient in the hospital. read more

Blessings in Disguise Season 5, Episode 12

A family hides a secret that Melinda must discover before it destroys the family, and also destroy a young couple who have recently fallen in love. read more

Dead Air Season 5, Episode 11

The Grandview radio station is haunted by a ghost seeking revenge over a broadcast in which secrets regarding his death were revealed. read more

Excessive Forces Season 5, Episode 10

Melinda investigates when the ghost of a high-school student claims a policeman murdered him. The teen's death was ruled to be the result of a skateboarding accident. read more

Lost in the Shadows Season 5, Episode 9

Melinda worries about Aiden when he's befriended by the ghost of a girl who died from leukemia. read more

Dead Listing Season 5, Episode 8

A ghost takes Melinda to his murdered body, entangling Melinda in a criminal mystery. read more

Devil's Bargain Season 5, Episode 7

Jim thinks that one of his colleagues could be involved in a med student's disappearance; and Melinda worries when Aiden mentions that he's afraid of "the shadows." read more

Head Over Heels Season 5, Episode 6

The headless horseman from Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" comes to life and haunts Melinda, and she fears for Aiden when the book shows up at his school. read more

Cause for Alarm Season 5, Episode 5

Melinda helps one of Eli's patients (Chad Lowe), who thinks his sister's ghost is haunting him. Meanwhile, Jim and Melinda are concerned when Aiden mentions his new friends, who are something other than ghosts. read more

Do Over Season 5, Episode 4

Melinda goes to a hospital morgue that is being haunted by the ghost of a surgeon who is reliving a failed surgery. read more

Til Death Do Us Start Season 5, Episode 3

Eli's father has a heart attack, and the traumatic event leads Eli to a reunion with his deceased mother who carried a secret to her grave 10 years earlier and hasn't been able to cross over. read more

See No Evil Season 5, Episode 2

A chain e-mail with a malevolent force threatens the residents of Grandview. read more

Birthday Presence Season 5, Episode 1

In the fifth-season opener, Melinda gives birth to a boy, who has her gift of seeing the dead. read more

The Book of Changes Season 4, Episode 23

In the fourth-season finale, Melinda fears for her unborn child after a surprising visitation by a ghost. Carl the Watcher: David Clennon. Josh Bedford: Bruce Davison. read more

Endless Love Season 4, Episode 22

While making wedding-day preparations, Melinda finds time to help a girl who claims she's been visited by vampires. Serena Westen: Alexa Vega. Jenn Westen: Gail O'Grady. read more

Cursed Season 4, Episode 21

A girl's dollhouse is haunted by ghosts. read more

Stage Fright Season 4, Episode 20

When a soap opera shoots scenes in Grandview, a young and restless ghost haunts the beautiful cast and causes trouble on the set. Grant Harper: Thad Luckinbill. Brook Dennis: Amelia Heinle. read more

Thrilled to Death Season 4, Episode 19

Melinda and Eli help a ghost as he tries to settle a matter with a mysterious woman (Hilary Duff) who may be connected to another man's death. read more

Leap of Faith Season 4, Episode 18

Sam rescues Melinda from a life-threatening situation that nearly kills him as well. Ben Tillman: Mark Pellegrino. Anne Tillman: Stephanie Michels. read more

Delusions of Grandview Season 4, Episode 17

Melinda shocks Sam with a revelation that leaves their relationship faltering. read more

Ghost Busted Season 4, Episode 16

Melinda reveals her special abilities to Sam, who has an unexpected reaction to the news. read more

Greek Tragedy Season 4, Episode 15

Melinda's secret could be exposed when Sam catches her in some lies and begins to question his relationship with her. Courtney: Sarah Ramos. read more

Slow Burn Season 4, Episode 14

Melinda deals with the ghost of an overbearing mom. read more

Body of Water Season 4, Episode 13

Melinda faces a mass haunting that falls on the entire town following the unearthing of a grave. Nikki Peck: Teri Polo. read more

This Joint's Haunted Season 4, Episode 12

Sam travels into his past with a ghost and runs into misadventures along the way. Nikki: Teri Polo. read more

Life on the Line Season 4, Episode 11

Melinda tries to bring healing to a family suffering in the aftermath of a freak accident. Elsewhere, Delia endures her first haunting. Elena Bancroft: Sharon Lawrence. Doug Bancroft: Kyle Secor. read more

Ball and Chain Season 4, Episode 10

Melinda helps a disillusioned ghost accept the truth about her past marriage. Sam Lucas: Kenneth Mitchell. Tammy: Rena Sofer. read more

Pieces of You Season 4, Episode 9

Melinda discovers the secret behind the disappearance of a girl who has been missing for 12 years. read more

Heart and Soul Season 4, Episode 8

Melinda believes Jim's spirit is in the body of another man who had a brush with death. The man recovers but has amnesia, and Delia and Eli doubt Melinda's theory. read more

Threshold Season 4, Episode 7

In the midst of a personal crisis, Melinda reaches out to help a teenage ghost as she begins to doubt the worth of her special gift. Faith: Joanna Cassidy. Caitlin: Alexa Nikolas. read more

Imaginary Friends and Enemies Season 4, Episode 6

A child's pretend friend wreaks havoc at a wedding, and Melinda must play hide-and-seek to settle the spirit. read more

Bloodline Season 4, Episode 5

Melinda tries to learn why the ghost of a high-school athlete is following a family that is not her own. read more

Save Our Souls Season 4, Episode 4

While Melinda tries to enjoy a romantic cruise with Jim, she encounters an angry ghost who is haunting a newlywed couple. Betty: Katherine LaNasa. Julia: Hillary Tuck. Rich: Seamus Dever. read more

Ghost in the Machine Season 4, Episode 3

Ned introduces Melinda to online gaming, and she discovers a ghost stalking young women in a game. Alise Jones: Vanessa Marano. Phoenix: James Immekus. read more

Big Chills Season 4, Episode 2

Melinda uncovers dark secrets among a circle of her high-school classmates after one of them dies unexpectedly. Grace Adams: Rachael Leigh Cook. Ryan Keller: Jason London. Haylie Wayne: Anna Silk. read more

Firestarter Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 opener, Melinda meets psychology professor Eli James (Jamie Kennedy) after Jim rescues him from a fire at the university. Melinda soon discovers Eli's near-death experience has given him the ability to hear ghosts but not see them. Fiona: Alona Tal. read more

Pater Familias Season 3, Episode 18

In the Season 3 finale, Melinda finally discovers why her father vanished, and why her mother kept the truth hidden. Beth Gordon: Anne Archer. Tom Gordon: Martin Donovan. Gabriel Lawrence: Ignacio Serricchio. read more

Stranglehold Season 3, Episode 17

Melinda looks into a 1979 murder trial prosecuted by her father, hoping to find a connection to his disappearance. read more

Deadbeat Dads Season 3, Episode 16

Payne's former flame (Nikki Cox) and her son show up, and so does his wife's jealous ghost. read more

Horror Show Season 3, Episode 15

A college student dies while filming a movie, prompting Melinda to investigate. read more

The Gravesitter Season 3, Episode 14

A series of break-ins leads Melinda to the town blogger, who knows her secret and intends to tell. Lisa Benzing: Carly Schroeder. Henry Benzing: Slade Pearce. read more

Home but Not Alone Season 3, Episode 13

Ned's girlfriend believes the spirit of her father is haunting her, so Melinda steps in to help. read more

First Do No Harm Season 3, Episode 12

Melinda deals with an angry ghost who blames Jim for his death in a gas explosion. read more

Slam Season 3, Episode 11

Melinda goes to Ned's new high school to investigate what appears to be a series of hauntings. read more

Holiday Spirit Season 3, Episode 10

A ghost who thinks he is Santa Claus keeps Melinda away from her family and friends during the holidays, as she's busy trying to help him remember who he really is and remind him of the true meaning of Christmas. read more

All Ghosts Lead to Grandview Season 3, Episode 9

Melinda meets a young girl who may have the same ability to talk to spirits. Becca Cahill: Makenzie Vega. Grandma: June Squibb. Gabriel Lawrence: Ignacio Serricchio. read more

Bad Blood Season 3, Episode 8

Melinda is suspicious of a country home recently purchased by Delia's friend. Steve Sinclair: Alan Ruck. Marlo Sinclair: Kay Panabaker. Liz Sinclair: Stacy Edwards. read more

Unhappy Medium Season 3, Episode 7

A man who claims to be a medium is working a case involving a missing socialite, but Melinda is suspicious of him and decides to look into the disappearance herself. Casey Edgars: Orlando Jones. Syndey Drake: Austin Highsmith. read more

Double Exposure Season 3, Episode 6

Professor Payne begins dating a colleague at the university, but her extreme camera shyness perplexes him. Professor Claudia Pollili: Victoria Pratt. read more

Weight of What Was Season 3, Episode 5

Melinda continues to research the past as Gabriel (Ignacio Serricchio) returns, leading her to an underworld beneath Grandview. Amy Acker, Kris Lemche. read more

No Safe Place Season 3, Episode 4

Melinda puts herself in danger when she attempts to help a stalking victim. Shane Carson: Josh Hopkins. Colleen Finn: Sarah Utterback. Richard Vahn: Joseph C. Phillips. Thea: T. Lopez. read more

Haunted Hero Season 3, Episode 3

An Iraq War veteran needs assistance from Melinda after he returns home haunted by spirits that have accompanied him. Real-life soldiers William Owen, Mike Siembruzch, Dustin Senella, Josh Cannon and Sgt. Tom Kane appear in the episode. read more

Don't Try This at Home Season 3, Episode 2

When a college student falls into a fright-induced coma, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) recognizes similarities to the “Bloody Mary” urban legend and begins to look for answers. Allison: Courtnee Draper. Rachel Fordham: Mae Whitman. read more

The Underneath Season 3, Episode 1

As the third season begins, Melinda searches into her family history and makes the surprising discovery that she has a deeper connection to Grandview than she realized. read more

The Gathering Season 2, Episode 22

In the conclusion of the two-part second-season finale, Melinda tries to decipher clues left by the ghost prophet (Vivian Wu), who hints that the dark may be growing stronger than the light. Ethan Clark: Julian Sands. Gabriel Rance: Ignacio Serricchio. read more

The Prophet Season 2, Episode 21

Part 1 of 2. A ghostly prophet (Vivian Wu) shows ominous visions to Melinda, who is concerned because Gabriel continues to stay in town. Ethan Clark: Julian Sands. read more

The Collector Season 2, Episode 20

Melinda meets a man with abilities similar to her own and starts to befriend him, but her curiosity turns to caution when she discovers his connection to Professor Payne's wife. read more

Delia's First Ghost Season 2, Episode 19

Ned is haunted by an angry spirit after he pulls some pranks and Melinda is at a loss as to how to handle the situation without telling Delia. Meanwhile, Tim is determined to win Delia's affections after he sees her dating other men. D.W. Moffett, Fredric Lane. read more

Children of Ghosts Season 2, Episode 18

A teen is haunted by a dangerous spirit, so Melinda takes her in to help. Meanwhile, Homer the ghost dog returns, so Melinda turns to the “Dog Whisperer” (Cesar Millan) for advice. read more

The Walk-In Season 2, Episode 17

A corpse in the morgue is reanimated when it is possessed by another's ghost. Melinda soon discovers this was not a random act, as the invading spirit has a list of things to do and wants to use this specific body to get them done. So much so, the spirit may have contributed to the man's untimely death. Jay Mohr, Jamie Bamber, Dan Byrd. read more

The Cradle Will Rock Season 2, Episode 16

A jewelry-store employee dies shortly after a robbery and his spirit contacts Melinda for help to get a message to his widow. But the ghost's request turns out to be more of a threat as he puts Melinda's life in danger until she agrees to his demands. read more

Mean Ghost Season 2, Episode 15

The vengeful spirit of a cheerleader is attacking her former squad to prevent them from winning the championship without her. Melinda learns the ghost blames her friends for her death, but something else might be influencing her actions, a coven of social outcasts who have targeted the popular girls with negative rituals and spells. Mary J. Blige guest stars as the girls' coach. read more

Speed Demon Season 2, Episode 14

The ghost of a street racer has a fatal plan for his fiancée, who he believes killed him in a race a year ago. It seems the couple delighted in playing pranks on each other, but the last one caused him to wreck, and he now wants revenge. At a loss on how to help, Melinda visits Professor Payne and learns there is another couple having problems. read more

Deja Boo Season 2, Episode 13

A ghost who can recall his previous lives appears to be destined for another reincarnation as the child of Melinda's pregnant friend---but the spirit doesn't want to return and actively seeks to harm the unborn baby. The situation cools Jim's interest in starting a family, but it might be too late as Melinda begins to exhibit telltale symptoms. read more

Dead to Rights Season 2, Episode 12

Melinda receives odd spirit signals that cause her to feel trapped and bound, but there is no ghost to be seen. Her usual low-key sleuthing methods come up empty, but she speeds up her investigation when a strange message appears---written on Jim's back. read more

Cat's Claw Season 2, Episode 11

The ghost of a professor (Reed Diamond) who died on a jungle expedition has attached himself to a fellow professor, his former assistant who is now getting sole credit for their work. Meanwhile, Dr. Payne demands an explanation from Melinda after experiencing one weird phenomenon too many as his keys and books begin to move and hide themselves. read more

Giving Up the Ghost Season 2, Episode 10

A high-school baseball pitcher is possessed by the spirit of a former major leaguer (Christopher Wiehl) who wants another shot at the game after his untimely death, which involved the boy's coach (John Mese). read more

The Curse of the Ninth Season 2, Episode 9

A promising musician (Neil Hopkins) is forced to abandon his dream when a ghostly energy begins attacking him while he plays. Melinda discovers two spirits are attached to the artist, each claiming the other is to blame for the problem. Meanwhile, Delia is intent on celebrating her late husband's birthday, but Ned wants nothing to do with the ceremony. 'N Sync member J.C. Chasez, billed as Joshua Chasez, guest stars. read more

The Night We Met Season 2, Episode 8

Melinda deals with the ghost of an arsonist who set fire to a restaurant---twice. The case reminds her of another blaze five years ago on the night she met Jim. As she prepares to celebrate the anniversary, it appears that he has forgotten the date, but she refuses to give him a hint, hoping he will remember on his own. Warren: Tim Kang. read more

A Vicious Cycle Season 2, Episode 7

Melinda encounters the spirit of a woman (Bess Wohl) who died in a snowstorm 20 years ago after her car slid off a road in a heavily wooded area. The woman wants Melinda's help in finding her young daughter, who was in the car with her on the night of the accident. read more

The Woman of His Dreams Season 2, Episode 6

Jim is haunted by the spirit of a beautiful woman (Amanda Tosch) who appears to him with various Egyptian symbols. With his wife out of town, Jim finds himself in Melinda's shoes as he investigates the mystery while trying to keep the truth behind his questions a secret. Josie: Debi Mazar. Diana: Markie Post. Jim: David Conrad. read more

A Grave Matter Season 2, Episode 5

The spirit of a man (David Paymer) buried in the wrong grave asks for help, but Melinda is angered when she learns the man had abandoned his family, reminding her of her own father. Meanwhile, a ghost begins following Delia and Melinda wonders how to get rid of the bothersome spirit without spilling her secret. read more

The Ghost Within Season 2, Episode 4

Melinda purchases a box filled with mysterious ornaments, and when she touches them, she sees visions that tell her the story of a ghost (Kevin Weisman) who is unable to communicate any other way. Rick Payne: Jay Mohr. read more

Drowned Lives Season 2, Episode 3

The ghost of a drowned girl haunts her home's new owners, clients of Delia's real-estate business. Melinda attempts to help while keeping her ability a secret, which jeopardizes her budding friendship with Delia and the young couple who moved into the haunted house. read more

Love Still Won't Die Season 2, Episode 2

Melinda is contacted by a ghost who is obsessed with her and threatens to harm Jim in order to have Melinda all to himself. Meanwhile, a teen repeatedly attempts to shoplift a pair of concert tickets from the antique shop, bringing Melinda in contact with his mother (Camryn Manheim), who vows to make up for her son's strange behavior. read more

Love Never Dies Season 2, Episode 1

Melinda must find a way to help Andrea, whose earthbound spirit is being menaced by the same entity Melinda has battled before. She seeks assistance from a paranormal professor, hoping to identify the mysterious dark spirit and gain insight into what he wants. Romano: John Walcutt. Rick Payne: Jay Mohr. read more

The One Season 1, Episode 22

Conclusion. Melinda is overwhelmed at the site of a plane crash when hundreds of spirits ask for help. Complicating matters is a menacing entity who tries to keep the souls from crossing over in order to form an army for his own mysterious plans. Melinda is at a loss as to how to persuade the ghosts to enter the light, but finds an unexpected ally who helps her get the information she needs. read more

Free Fall Season 1, Episode 21

Part 1 of two. Melinda is desperate to figure out the meaning of disturbing spirit messages she's receiving, which are accompanied by loud noises and freezing temperatures. She senses something bad is about to happen, but the clues are difficult to decipher. Meanwhile, Andrea prepares for her brother's birthday and buys him an antique watch that mysteriously keeps stopping at the same time. read more

The Vanishing Season 1, Episode 20

After waking up from a coma caused by a head injury that put her in the hospital for a week, Melinda can no longer see or hear spirits. She fears she has lost her gift, but clues lead her to the conclusion that the ghosts are gone, not her ability. Beth: Anne Archer. Grandma: June Squibb. read more

Fury Season 1, Episode 19

The spirit of a black man is bent on avenging his wrongful death by literally sucking the life from the judge who refused to hear his case 30 years ago. Melinda tries to uncover the truth and break the cycle of anger and racism that has spread to the man's son and grandson. read more

Miss Fortune Season 1, Episode 18

An angry spirit at a carnival is bent on revenge against those he feels caused his death. Melinda suspects there is more to the story, but her attempts to help are met with threats from the carnival staff---both living and dead. Jim insists the situation is too dangerous, but Melinda stubbornly refuses to give up. read more

Demon Child Season 1, Episode 17

Melinda encounters the angry spirit of a small boy while working at a client's home. The ghost seems intent on harming the woman's infant daughter and attacks the nanny, leaving Melinda in charge of the baby and desperate to get the ghost to move on. read more

Dead Man's Ridge Season 1, Episode 16

Andrea experiences a violent haunting that leaves her shaken and at a loss as to why she is being targeted. Despite Melinda's attempts to help, the ghost is focused on Andrea, who is ill-suited to receiving his messages. Melinda catches a glimpse of the elusive spirit, and Andrea identifies him as a former coworker she barely knew. read more

Melinda's First Ghost Season 1, Episode 15

When the spirit of a shy young girl calls to Melinda by name, she recognizes the ghost as her first encounter with the other side: a fourth-grade classmate she was unable to help at the time. Melinda becomes obsessed with finding the girl and helping her cross over. Meanwhile, Jim and Andrea plan a surprise party for Melinda's birthday, but she doesn't want to celebrate. Sarah: Abigail Breslin. Beth: Anne Archer. Young Melinda: Grace Fulton. Grace: Ann Cusack. read more

Last Execution Season 1, Episode 14

Melinda is contacted by the spirit of an artist who was executed for murder. He is trapped, constantly experiencing his death by hanging, and asks for help to move on, but first he must pass a message to his daughter, who refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Jim must deal with a lawsuit brought against him by a woman he saved when he was off duty. Leslie: Saige Thompson. Rowe: Scott Paulin. Clete: Liam Waite. Melinda: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jim: David Conrad. read more

Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Season 1, Episode 13

When a young man moves in across the street, Melinda witnesses an eerie spirit enter the house as well. Her dogged attempts to sort out the mystery bring threats from both the ghost and the haunted man, giving Jim cause for concern and prompting a fight between him and Melinda about her gift and its priority in their lives. read more

Undead Comic Season 1, Episode 12

Melinda tries to free the unhappy spirit of a comedian who is confused and unable to remember what happened to him. Melinda learns he took his own life, and he now needs forgiveness from those he left behind in order to pass on. Meanwhile, the antique shop's financial success leaves Jim insecure about his own earning abilities. Francie: Katey Sagal. Stan: Steve Landesberg. Marty: Jed Rees. Sandra: Elaine Hendrix. read more

Shadow Boxer Season 1, Episode 11

A recently deceased woman (Sonia Braga) refuses to pass over as long as her 19-year-old son, who's a promising boxer, is at odds with his widowed dad. Melinda agrees to help, against her better judgement, but has a difficult time figuring out how to repair the seemingly inexplicable rift between the once tight-knit men. Teo: Nicholas Gonzalez. Gilbert: Julio Oscar Mechoso. read more

Ghost Bride Season 1, Episode 10

A malevolent ghost in a wedding dress haunts Melinda's bride-to-be friend Lisa, and the spirit is reluctant to move on. Melinda learns the woman died on the day she married the man who's now Lisa's fiancé, and she's determined to break up the couple. Serena: Laura Regan. Lisa: Susan May Pratt. Melinda: Jennifer Love Hewitt. read more

Voices Season 1, Episode 9

Melinda starts experiencing harmful physical side effects after coming in contact with a ghost who can communicate only through electronic devices. While she searches for a way to release the woman's spirit, Jim deals with a visit from his mother, who brings a surprise guest with her. Faith: Christine Baranski. read more

On the Wings of a Dove Season 1, Episode 8

Jim is acting really strange as the five-year anniversary of his dad's death approaches and Melinda fears that his bizarre behavior is caused by a tortured spirit's presence. In between trying to help her husband, Melinda's preoccupied with the return of an old friend (Estella Warren) who brings back painful memories. Julian Borgia: Robert LaSardo. Rachel: Angela Alvarado Rosa. Joseph: J.R. Villarreal. Bobby: Dariush Kashani. read more

Hope and Mercy Season 1, Episode 7

A woman (Erica Leerhsen) who died during a troubled pregnancy refuses to cross over until her husband stops blaming himself for her death. Meanwhile, Andrea deals with a charming scam artist in a surprising manner that reveals more of her past. Brad Paulson: Christian Camargo. Bobby Tooch: Dariush Kashani. Anthony De Angelo: Paul Leydon. read more

Homecoming Season 1, Episode 6

Melinda helps out the unfortunate victim of a deadly bee-swarm attack who's struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was given up for adoption by his birth mother, a woman he desperately wants to find before crossing over. Elsewhere, Andrea tries to please her outwardly successful older brother (Dondre T. Whitfield) during his stay in Grandview. Jason: John Patrick Amedori. Diane: Wendy Phillips. Fran: Katy Selverstone. Sybil: Jeanette Brox. read more

Lost Boys Season 1, Episode 5

Melinda is preparing for an auction at an old inn slated for demolition when the ghosts of three young boys---with a deep-seated distrust of adults---appear to her. The children burned to death when the place was an orphanage in the 1950s and have been haunting it ever since. Elsewhere, an old drinking buddy of Jim's helps him hook up a new furnace. James Patrick. Marty: Terrence Hardy. Vic: Max Jansen. Rat: James Henrie. read more

Mended Hearts Season 1, Episode 4

Fate brings Melinda in contact with a grieving woman (Michelle Nolden) and her dead fiancé, who refuses to cross over until he finds the organ-transplant recipient who received his heart. Melinda aids in the search for that person, and also helps the spirit's earthly love achieve closure. In other happenings, Melinda's antiques business has a $15,000 tax problem. Andrea: Aisha Tyler. Jim: David Conrad. read more

Ghost, Interrupted Season 1, Episode 3

Melinda is haunted by memories of her late grandmother (June Squibb), whose would-be 80th birthday is approaching. At the same time, a drowning victim refuses to “go to the light” until her college-age twin sister is released from a psychiatric facility, which proves difficult. Also, Melinda sets Andrea up on a blind date with one of Jim's hunky fireman buddies. Will: David Ramsey. Zoe/Natalie Harper: Jessica Collins. Tom: AJ Trauth. Steve Harper: Tom Irwin. Andrea: Aisha Tyler. read more

The Crossing Season 1, Episode 2

A 6-year-old boy doesn't understand fully that he died a year ago in a train crash. Melinda hopes that by getting the child's grieving mother (Paula Cale) to explain what happened to him, then maybe he'll cross over. At the same time, Melinda is too distracted to spend any meaningful time with Jim's visiting mom, who's starting to suspect that something is amiss with her daughter-in-law. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Faith Clancy: Christine Baranski. Andrea: Aisha Tyler. Kenny: Joseph Castanon. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

As newlyweds Melinda and Jim are settling into their new home, Melinda receives an unsettling visit from a deceased soldier (Wentworth Miller), who needs assistance locating his loved ones. Melinda: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jim: David Conrad. Andrea: Aisha Tyler. Dan Clancy: Rodney Scott. Michael: Balthazar Getty. read more

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Premise: Newlywed Melinda Gordon tries to help the dead communicate with loved ones, 'but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing.' Most of Melinda's efforts involve resolving conflicts that are preventing the spirits from passing over. The sentimental drama is 'inspired by the work of medium James Van Praagh.'



Ghost Whisperer: Season 3
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Ghost Whisperer: Season 2
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