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Nov 20, 2014: Risk
Nov 13, 2014: Could We Start Again, Please?
Nov 06, 2014: Don't Let's Start
Oct 23, 2014: Bend and Break
Oct 16, 2014: Only Mama Knows
Oct 09, 2014: Got to Be Real
Oct 02, 2014: Puzzle With a Piece Missing
Sep 25, 2014: I Must Have Lost it on the Wind
May 15, 2014: Fear (of the Unknown)
May 08, 2014: Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right
May 01, 2014: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Apr 24, 2014: Change of Heart
Apr 17, 2014: Go It Alone
Apr 10, 2014: I'm Winning
Apr 03, 2014: You Be Illin'
Mar 27, 2014: Do You Know?
Mar 20, 2014: We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Mar 13, 2014: Throwing It All Away
Mar 06, 2014: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Feb 27, 2014: Take It Back
Dec 12, 2013: Get Up, Stand Up
Dec 05, 2013: Man on the Moon
Nov 21, 2013: Somebody That I Used to Know
Nov 14, 2013: Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Nov 07, 2013: Two Against One
Oct 31, 2013: Thriller
Oct 24, 2013: Map of You
Oct 17, 2013: I Bet It Stung
Oct 10, 2013: Puttin' on the Ritz
Oct 03, 2013: Everybody's Crying Mercy
Sep 26, 2013: I Want You With Me
Sep 26, 2013: Seal Our Fate
Sep 26, 2013: Seal Our Fate; I Want You With Me
May 16, 2013: Perfect Storm
May 09, 2013: Readiness Is All
May 02, 2013: Do You Believe in Magic
Apr 25, 2013: Sleeping Monster
Apr 04, 2013: She's Killing Me
Mar 28, 2013: Can't Fight This Feeling
Mar 21, 2013: Idle Hands
Mar 14, 2013: Transplant Wasteland
Feb 21, 2013: This Is Why We Fight
Feb 14, 2013: Hard Bargain
Feb 07, 2013: The Face of Change
Jan 31, 2013: Bad Blood
Jan 24, 2013: Walking on a Dream
Jan 17, 2013: The End Is the Beginning of the End
Dec 13, 2012: Things We Said Today
Dec 06, 2012: Run, Baby, Run
Nov 29, 2012: Love Turns You Upside Down
Nov 22, 2012: I Was Made for Lovin' You
Nov 15, 2012: Second Opinion
Nov 08, 2012: Beautiful Doom
Oct 25, 2012: I Saw Her Standing There
Oct 18, 2012: Love the One You're With
Oct 04, 2012: Remember the Time
Sep 27, 2012: Going, Going, Gone
May 17, 2012: Flight
May 10, 2012: Migration
May 03, 2012: Let the Bad Times Roll
Apr 26, 2012: Moment of Truth
Apr 19, 2012: The Girl With No Name
Apr 12, 2012: Support System
Apr 05, 2012: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Mar 15, 2012: One Step Too Far
Feb 23, 2012: If Only You Were Lonely
Feb 16, 2012: Have You Seen Me Lately?
Feb 09, 2012: All You Need Is Love
Jan 26, 2012: If/Then
Jan 19, 2012: Hope for the Hopeless
Jan 12, 2012: This Magic Moment
Jan 05, 2012: Suddenly
Nov 10, 2011: Dark Was the Night
Nov 03, 2011: Heart-Shaped Box
Oct 27, 2011: Put Me In, Coach
Oct 20, 2011: Poker Face
Oct 13, 2011: Loss, Love and Legacy
Oct 06, 2011: What Is It About Men
Sep 29, 2011: Take the Lead
Sep 22, 2011: She's Gone
Sep 22, 2011: Free Falling
Sep 22, 2011: Free Falling; She's Gone
May 19, 2011: Unaccompanied Minor
May 12, 2011: I Will Survive
May 05, 2011: White Wedding
Apr 28, 2011: It's a Long Way Back
Mar 31, 2011: Song Beneath the Song
Mar 24, 2011: This Is How We Do It
Feb 24, 2011: Not Responsible
Feb 17, 2011: Golden Hour
Feb 10, 2011: P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Feb 03, 2011: Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)
Jan 13, 2011: Start Me Up
Jan 06, 2011: Disarm
Dec 02, 2010: Adrift and at Peace
Nov 18, 2010: Slow Night, So Long
Nov 11, 2010: Something's Gotta Give
Nov 04, 2010: That's Me Trying
Oct 28, 2010: These Arms of Mine
Oct 21, 2010: Almost Grown
Oct 14, 2010: Can't Fight Biology
Oct 07, 2010: Superfreak
Sep 30, 2010: Shock to the System
Sep 23, 2010: With You I'm Born Again
May 20, 2010: Death and All His Friends
May 20, 2010: Sanctuary
May 20, 2010: Sanctuary; Death and All His Friends
May 13, 2010: Shiny Happy People
May 06, 2010: How Insensitive
Apr 29, 2010: Hook, Line and Sinner
Apr 01, 2010: Sympathy for the Parents
Mar 25, 2010: Suicide Is Painless
Mar 11, 2010: Push
Mar 04, 2010: Perfect Little Accident
Feb 18, 2010: The Time Warp
Feb 11, 2010: Valentine's Day Massacre
Feb 04, 2010: State of Love and Trust
Jan 21, 2010: I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
Jan 14, 2010: Blink
Nov 19, 2009: Holidaze
Nov 12, 2009: New History
Nov 05, 2009: Invest in Love
Oct 29, 2009: Give Peace a Chance
Oct 22, 2009: I Saw What I Saw
Oct 15, 2009: Invasion
Oct 08, 2009: Tainted Obligation
Oct 01, 2009: I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me
Sep 24, 2009: Goodbye
Sep 24, 2009: Good Mourning
Sep 24, 2009: Good Mourning; Goodbye
May 14, 2009: Now or Never
May 14, 2009: Here's to Future Days
May 14, 2009: Here's to Future Days; Now or Never
May 07, 2009: What a Difference a Day Makes
Apr 30, 2009: No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)
Apr 23, 2009: Sweet Surrender
Mar 26, 2009: Elevator Love Letter
Mar 19, 2009: Stand By Me
Mar 12, 2009: I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Feb 19, 2009: An Honest Mistake
Feb 12, 2009: Before and After
Feb 05, 2009: Beat Your Heart Out
Jan 22, 2009: Stairway to Heaven
Jan 15, 2009: Sympathy for the Devil
Jan 08, 2009: Wish You Were Here
Dec 04, 2008: All By Myself
Nov 20, 2008: In the Midnight Hour
Nov 13, 2008: These Ties That Bind
Nov 06, 2008: Rise Up
Oct 30, 2008: Life During Wartime
Oct 23, 2008: There's No "I" in Team
Oct 16, 2008: Brave New World
Oct 09, 2008: Here Comes the Flood
Sep 25, 2008: Dream a Little Dream of Me
Sep 25, 2008: Dream a Little Dream of Me
Sep 25, 2008: Dream a Little Dream of Me
May 22, 2008: Freedom
May 22, 2008: Freedom
May 22, 2008: Freedom
May 15, 2008: Losing My Mind
May 08, 2008: The Becoming
May 01, 2008: Piece of My Heart
Apr 24, 2008: Where the Wild Things Are
Jan 10, 2008: Lay Your Hands on Me
Dec 07, 2007: Crash Into Me
Nov 23, 2007: Crash Into Me
Nov 16, 2007: Forever Young
Nov 09, 2007: Physical Attraction...Chemical Reaction
Nov 02, 2007: Kung Fu Fighting
Oct 25, 2007: Haunt You Every Day
Oct 18, 2007: The Heart of the Matter
Oct 11, 2007: Let the Truth Sting
Oct 04, 2007: Love/Addiction
Sep 27, 2007: A Change Is Gonna Come
May 17, 2007: Didn't We Almost Have It All
May 10, 2007: Testing 1-2-3
May 03, 2007: The Other Side of This Life
May 03, 2007: The Other Side of This Life
May 03, 2007: The Other Side of This Life
Apr 26, 2007: Desire
Apr 19, 2007: Time After Time
Apr 12, 2007: Grey's Anatomy: Every Moment Counts
Mar 22, 2007: My Favorite Mistake
Mar 15, 2007: Scars and Souvenirs
Feb 22, 2007: Some Kind of Miracle
Feb 15, 2007: Drowning on Dry Land
Feb 08, 2007: Walk on Water
Feb 01, 2007: Wishin' and Hopin'
Jan 25, 2007: Great Expectations
Jan 18, 2007: Six Days
Jan 11, 2007: Six Days
Nov 30, 2006: Don't Stand So Close to Me
Nov 24, 2006: From a Whisper to a Scream
Nov 16, 2006: Staring at the Sun
Nov 09, 2006: Where the Boys Are
Nov 02, 2006: Let the Angels Commit
Oct 19, 2006: Oh, the Guilt
Oct 12, 2006: What I Am
Oct 05, 2006: Sometimes a Fantasy
Sep 28, 2006: I Am a Tree
Sep 21, 2006: Time Has Come Today
Sep 21, 2006: Grey's Anatomy: Complications of the Heart
May 15, 2006: Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response; Losing My Religion
May 15, 2006: Losing My Religion
May 15, 2006: Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response
May 14, 2006: 17 Seconds
May 07, 2006: Damage Case
Apr 30, 2006: Blues for Sister Someone
Apr 23, 2006: Under Pressure
Apr 02, 2006: The Name of the Game
Mar 19, 2006: Superstition
Mar 12, 2006: Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
Feb 26, 2006: What Have I Done to Deserve This?
Feb 19, 2006: Yesterday
Feb 12, 2006: (As We Know It)
Feb 05, 2006: It's the End of the World
Jan 29, 2006: Break on Through
Jan 22, 2006: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies
Jan 15, 2006: Begin the Begin
Jan 08, 2006: Straight From the Heart
Dec 11, 2005: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Dec 04, 2005: Owner of a Lonely Heart
Nov 27, 2005: Much Too Much
Nov 20, 2005: Thanks for the Memories
Nov 13, 2005: Let It Be
Nov 07, 2005: Something to Talk About
Oct 30, 2005: Into You like a Train
Oct 23, 2005: Bring the Pain
Oct 16, 2005: Deny, Deny, Deny
Oct 09, 2005: Make Me Lose Control
Oct 02, 2005: Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)
Sep 25, 2005: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
May 22, 2005: Who's Zoomin' Who?
May 15, 2005: Save Me
May 08, 2005: The Self-Destruct Button
May 01, 2005: If Tomorrow Never Comes
Apr 24, 2005: Shake Your Groove Thing
Apr 17, 2005: No Man's Land
Apr 10, 2005: Winning a Battle, Losing the War
Apr 03, 2005: The First Cut Is the Deepest
Mar 27, 2005: A Hard Day's Night (Pilot)

Risk Season 11, Episode 8

Maggie and Meredith join forces on a case, but their approach clashes with Derek's. Elsewhere, one of the patients in the veterans project is pushed too far, and Callie blames herself; and a routine procedure leads to a heartbreaking diagnosis. read more

Could We Start Again, Please? Season 11, Episode 7

Amelia's past addictions don't stay hidden and result in trouble for her at work. Meanwhile, Jo performs her first solo surgery; Arizona must make a tough call when Dr. Herman is away; and a couple who were caught in a fire arrive at the ER. read more

Don't Let's Start Season 11, Episode 6

Owen bonds with a patient who may have been in the military. Meanwhile, April's mom visits her and Jackson; Bailey takes a closer look at her own health; Derek arranges a family meal; and Dr. Herman has shocking news for Arizona. read more

Bend and Break Season 11, Episode 5

Callie and Arizona examine their marital problems and what's contributed to them. Meanwhile, Callie devotes herself to the veterans' project; Arizona strives to impress Dr. Herman; and Richard seeks guidance from Bailey. read more

Only Mama Knows Season 11, Episode 4

Ellis' secrets are exposed as Meredith views old videos and reads her mom's journals. Meanwhile, Maggie reveals shocking news; Alex takes on new obligations; and Callie concentrates on the veterans' project. read more

Got to Be Real Season 11, Episode 3

Alex and Meredith's friendship ignites jealousy in Jo. Meanwhile, Maggie continues to open up to Richard; Owen wants Callie to use her robotic-limb lab to assist veterans; and Alex and Bailey prepare to face the hospital board. read more

Puzzle With a Piece Missing Season 11, Episode 2

Maggie tries to prove her worth and befriend others at the hospital, but she lands in some bad predicaments. Meanwhile, Richard doesn't want to disclose his secret; and the doctors assist a dying woman whose daughter won't let her go. read more

I Must Have Lost it on the Wind Season 11, Episode 1

In the 11th-season opener, Meredith finds her life in chaos both at work and at home. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona make a choice regarding surrogacy; Amelia discovers a secret; and Bailey and Alex battle for Cristina's seat on the board. read more

Fear (of the Unknown) Season 10, Episode 24

In the 10th-season finale, Cristina's coworkers give her a fond send-off. Meanwhile, a possible terrorist act occurs in Seattle and leads to pandemonium at the hospital; Meredith makes a life-altering choice; and a doctor gets alarming news. read more

Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right Season 10, Episode 23

Amelia opens up to Meredith about her time in Seattle. Elsewhere, bad news is delivered to Callie; Bailey faces the consequences of her actions; and the residents are alarmed to hear that one of them will soon be out of a job. read more

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Season 10, Episode 22

Cristina seeks guidance from Meredith as she makes a decision about her future. Meanwhile, Derek and Amelia join forces to operate on conjoined twins; Jo takes on too many cases; and Stephanie uncovers the truth about Bailey's bubble-boy case. read more

Change of Heart Season 10, Episode 21

The doctors receive bad news from Jackson. Meanwhile, Amelia arrives in Seattle for an unexpected visit; Richard heads to Boston to surprise Catherine; and Bailey makes a bold decision after growing disappointed with the lack of progress in her research. read more

Go It Alone Season 10, Episode 20

Pressure mounts for Derek both at work and home. Meanwhile, Meredith helps Cristina write an acceptance speech in case she wins an award; April and Jackson are at odds over big marital issues; and Callie and Arizona attempt to reestablish their bond. read more

I'm Winning Season 10, Episode 19

Cristina is nominated for a prestigious award and remains calm amid all of the excitement. Meanwhile, Bailey tries to help a boy who doesn't have an immune system; Derek and Callie use a machine that recognizes emotions; and Richard delivers a pep talk. read more

You Be Illin' Season 10, Episode 18

The doctors get sick after flu patients flood the hospital. Meanwhile, Derek must deliver an important speech on brain mapping, despite feeling ill; and a new doctor introduces Alex to a different way of practicing medicine. read more

Do You Know? Season 10, Episode 17

Cristina envisions two different scenarios for her life based on one crucial decision she faces. Meanwhile, a patient decides whether to live or die. read more

We Gotta Get Out of This Place Season 10, Episode 16

Meredith gets an assistant to help with her vein project. Meanwhile, Richard receives a special birthday gift from Bailey when she allows him to scrub in on an extraordinary case; Callie surprises Derek; and a young pregnant mom seeks help from Shane. read more

Throwing It All Away Season 10, Episode 15

Arizona advises a patient who's facing a potential double amputation. Meanwhile, Derek doesn't fulfill a promise to Callie; a baby is abandoned outside of the hospital; and a doctor gets suspended for not adhering to the nonfraternization policy. read more

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away Season 10, Episode 14

A nonfraternization policy is issued to hospital staff in the wake of a complaint, leading the couples to worry about their relationships. Meanwhile, Emma and Owen discuss the future; and Richard asks the residents to research an atypical cancer case. read more

Take It Back Season 10, Episode 13

Alex hears news about his dad and becomes angry. Meanwhile, Derek doesn't keep a promise, leaving Meredith feeling betrayed; Arizona and Callie make a decision about their relationship; and Bailey uncovers the real reason why Ben returned to Seattle. read more

Get Up, Stand Up Season 10, Episode 12

April's wedding day arrives. Meanwhile, Meredith and Cristina continue to clash; Bailey tells Ben how she honestly feels about his return; Shane inserts himself into a perilous situation; and Derek receives a life-changing phone call. read more

Man on the Moon Season 10, Episode 11

April's sister visits and begins to annoy her. Elsewhere, Callie and Arizona put effort into a reconciliation; Matthew and Jackson join forces after they see a devastating accident; and Cristina is urged to live stream video of an operation. read more

Somebody That I Used to Know Season 10, Episode 10

Ben regrets a conversation he had with Derek, fearing it may lead to problems for Bailey. Elsewhere, Cristina finds a friend in Shane; April's wedding plans cause awkwardness for others; and Meredith decides to host Thanksgiving dinner. read more

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word Season 10, Episode 9

Callie is stunned to be facing a malpractice suit, so she turns to her dad, who divulges a secret to her. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal unexpected details about Callie and Arizona's marriage. read more

Two Against One Season 10, Episode 8

Strife builds between Meredith and Cristina, leading to a shocking betrayal. Elsewhere, Derek advises Jackson to step back and let other doctors tend to his patients; April and Matthew make a big decision; and Ben's return complicates things for Bailey. read more

Thriller Season 10, Episode 7

Eerie patients arrive at the hospital on Halloween, and one of them puts a doctor's welfare at risk. Meanwhile, Derek and Ben team up for a new surgical procedure; and Richard requests that a second-year resident perform his surgery, infuriating Bailey. read more

Map of You Season 10, Episode 6

Derek and Callie team up for a brain-mapping project while Meredith contemplates continuing her mom's research. Elsewhere, Richard proposes that his physical condition be used as a learning tool; and feelings of guilt about Heather's death plague Shane. read more

I Bet It Stung Season 10, Episode 5

Meredith struggles to balance her work with motherhood. Elsewhere, Stephanie strives to impress Jackson's mother; Jo gets too attached to a patient; and Callie and Owen get wrapped up in an emotional dilemma concerning a patient. read more

Puttin' on the Ritz Season 10, Episode 4

The hospital holds a fund-raising event, which takes on a competitive twist thanks to Jackson. Meanwhile, Bailey treats some demanding patients; Shane and Stephanie attempt to manage a chaotic ER on their own; and Alex exposes his vulnerable side to Jo. read more

Everybody's Crying Mercy Season 10, Episode 3

Meredith and Derek feel torn about work as they stay home with their newborn son. Elsewhere, Arizona attempts to repair her marriage; Alex and Jo adjust to being a couple; Owen and Jackson disagree about finances; and April awaits crucial test results. read more

I Want You With Me Season 10, Episode 2

The staff continue to assist mudslide victims. Meanwhile, Callie comes to a decision about her relationship; and tragic news brings the doctors together. read more

Seal Our Fate Season 10, Episode 1

In the 10th-season opener, mudslide victims arrive in the ER. Meanwhile, Meredith faces a tough choice; Callie deals with Arizona's unfaithfulness; and Richard's life is in jeopardy. read more

Seal Our Fate; I Want You With Me

In the 10th-season opener, mudslide victims arrive in the ER. Meanwhile, Meredith faces a tough choice; Callie deals with Arizona's unfaithfulness; Richard's life is in jeopardy; and tragic news brings the doctors together. read more

Perfect Storm Season 9, Episode 24

In the ninth-season finale, a severe storm rages outside and the hospital's resources become limited as more storm victims arrive. Meanwhile, one doctor's life is in jeopardy. read more

Readiness Is All Season 9, Episode 23

The hospital staff get ready for a major storm about to hit Seattle. Meanwhile, Owen yearns to be a dad as he bonds with Ethan; Meredith and her unborn baby are put in peril; and Jo turns to Alex during a crisis. read more

Do You Believe in Magic Season 9, Episode 22

Bailey refuses to accept help from her colleagues. Meanwhile, Owen worries that Ethan will land in foster care; a craniofacial specialist assists a young patient; and a magician's assistant gets injured during a magic trick. read more

Sleeping Monster Season 9, Episode 21

A CDC investigation targets Bailey, and board members debate how to address the crisis. Meanwhile, Cristina taunts Alex about his feelings for Jo; and Owen continues to look after Ethan as the boy waits for his parents' conditions to improve. read more

She's Killing Me Season 9, Episode 20

Meredith asks Cristina for a favor concerning her kids. Meanwhile, several pre-op patients get an infection, which may be traced back to one doctor; a group of Syrian doctors learn some basic surgical skills; and April makes a confession to Matthew. read more

Can't Fight This Feeling Season 9, Episode 19

A gas-tanker explosion results in many injuries, and a paramedic is among the wounded. Meanwhile, a distraught mother wants to uncover the cause of her son's mysterious illness; and Owen gets close to a young boy whose parents may die. read more

Idle Hands Season 9, Episode 18

The doctors start feeling the weight of their new roles as hospital owners. Meanwhile, Meredith fears for her unborn baby's health; Callie and Arizona attempt to spice things up; and Alex gets competitive with Jo's new beau. read more

Transplant Wasteland Season 9, Episode 17

Multiple transplant surgeries are scheduled at the same time. Meanwhile, the hospital's new management team create havoc, leading one doctor to question whether he still belongs at Seattle Grace. read more

This Is Why We Fight Season 9, Episode 16

Jackson's mom tries to persuade him to relocate to Boston. Meanwhile, the doctors talk to a potential investor about saving the hospital; the interns think their jobs are in jeopardy; and Alex's attentiveness to a patient wins him points with Jo. read more

Hard Bargain Season 9, Episode 15

The hospital's dire financial problems jeopardize a pricey, lifesaving surgery for a child. Meanwhile, Alex and Jo team up to help an infant; and April turns to Jackson for advice on her love life. read more

The Face of Change Season 9, Episode 14

Several doctors vie to be the hospital's new ambassador. Meanwhile, April works on an emergency case; a transgender teenage couple arrive at the hospital; and the staff find it difficult to adhere to some exasperating new policies. read more

Bad Blood Season 9, Episode 13

Derek and April burn the midnight oil trying to come up with a solution to the hospital's problems, while Cristina has a tough time acceding to the wishes of a family whose son is dying. Meanwhile, Arizona deals with a teen who's facing the same physical problems as she. read more

Walking on a Dream Season 9, Episode 12

A new doctor arrives and unnerves the staff. Meanwhile, Arizona deals with having a phantom limb; and a pregnant and highly emotional Meredith faces a grave fear. read more

The End Is the Beginning of the End Season 9, Episode 11

The plaintiffs in the plane-crash lawsuit receive an update on their case. Meanwhile, Catherine pursues Richard, but he tries to dodge her; Jackson treats a former patient of Mark's; and Derek starts the recovery process for his hand. read more

Things We Said Today Season 9, Episode 10

Bailey's wedding is in limbo while she focuses on saving Adele. Elsewhere, Cristina and Owen are indecisive about following through with their divorce; Arizona and Callie try to spice things up; and a group of injured bikers are brought to the hospital. read more

Run, Baby, Run Season 9, Episode 9

Bailey gets nervous as she prepares for her wedding, so Richard helps calm her down. Meanwhile, Lizzie clashes with Meredith; and Callie and Jackson attempt to persuade Derek to undergo a high-risk surgery to repair his hand. read more

Love Turns You Upside Down Season 9, Episode 8

Meredith wants Heather to help repair Derek's hand, even if it requires pushing the limits. Meanwhile, Cristina encourages her interns to get competitive with each other; Alex sees a different side of Jo; and Shane learns an important lesson from April. read more

I Was Made for Lovin' You Season 9, Episode 7

Bailey and Ben disagree over wedding plans. Meanwhile, Cristina and Owen take stock of their relationship; and Callie wants Jackson to help her with Derek's dilemma, but Jackson gets distracted by a surprise involving April. read more

Second Opinion Season 9, Episode 6

The crash victims proceed with their lawsuit, which requires them to face their injuries. Meanwhile, Bailey sneakily gets Arizona to assist with a pediatric case; and Cristina works on adjusting to her new surroundings. read more

Beautiful Doom Season 9, Episode 5

Meredith and Cristina lean on each other and maintain their long-distance friendship as Meredith deals with a case that affects her personally, while Cristina provides assistance on a difficult cardiac operation. read more

I Saw Her Standing There Season 9, Episode 4

Meredith stops discussing her surgeries with Derek in an effort to be sensitive to his situation; Richard seeks Catherine's assistance with a difficult operation; and Arizona wrestles with her new reality, making Callie and Alex confront their guilt. read more

Love the One You're With Season 9, Episode 3

The plane-crash survivors face a difficult choice, which will have far-reaching effects. Elsewhere, Jackson and April are put in a stressful situation when they're obligated to work together; and Alex must exercise some self-restraint with an intern. read more

Remember the Time Season 9, Episode 2

A flashback to the aftermath of the plane crash recounts how the victims dealt with the disaster. Meanwhile, back at Seattle Grace, the doctors seek peace from the turmoil. read more

Going, Going, Gone Season 9, Episode 1

In the ninth-season opener, the doctors try to deal with the fallout from the plane crash, which includes adjusting to changes and moving on from loss. read more

Flight Season 8, Episode 24

Season 8 finale: Facing threats on their lives, doctors must fight to save themselves and each other. Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben make a decision about their relationship; Teddy gets a tempting offer; and Richard plans a special dinner for the residents. read more

Migration Season 8, Episode 23

The residents make their postresidency decisions; Mark tells Derek that he's torn between Lexie and Julia; Ben has special plans for Bailey, but she's preoccupied with work; and Arizona encourages Nick, her childhood friend, to have surgery. Meanwhile, a couple on their third honeymoon arrive at the hospital complaining of mysterious symptoms. read more

Let the Bad Times Roll Season 8, Episode 22

Tension builds as the residents await their exam results. Meanwhile, Arizona's childhood pal needs medical assistance; surgery is performed on a man who's missing a portion of his skull; and Julia proposes that she and Mark start a family. read more

Moment of Truth Season 8, Episode 21

In San Francisco, where the residents have gone for their oral boards, sparks fly when Richard bumps into Catherine Avery. Meanwhile, Owen and Teddy argue over a young auto-crash patient and Bailey must intervene; Mark tries to recruit Lexie for a case; and Alex feels guilty for being away from the hospital when a patient begins to fail. read more

The Girl With No Name Season 8, Episode 20

A Jane Doe in the hospital turns out to be a patient whose case has gained national interest. Meanwhile, Richard comes to an unsettling realization when he visits Adele at her nursing home; and the residents begin interviewing for postresidency positions at prospective hospitals, and Cristina proves to be the one who's most in demand. read more

Support System Season 8, Episode 19

Cristina presses Owen for details of his affair; chief-for-a-day Mark clashes with Richard over a surgery; Callie deems Meredith ready for the boards, while the other residents fret about them; Callie, Arizona and Bailey plan a ladies' night for Teddy. read more

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Season 8, Episode 18

A lion breaks loose, leaving a couple at risk (in more ways than one); Lexie overhears Mark talking about moving in with Julia; Teddy begins to come to terms with Henry's death; Callie grills Arizona on past lovers; Alex wants off Morgan's preemie case because she's becoming too dependent on him; and Meredith tries to support Cristina, whose tensions with Owen are beginning to boil over. read more

One Step Too Far Season 8, Episode 17

Derek encourages Meredith to work with him again in neurology; Jackson's mother returns with a urology fellow and takes an interest in Richard; Cristina becomes increasingly suspicious of Owen; and Alex tries to deny intern Morgan's interest in him. read more

If Only You Were Lonely Season 8, Episode 16

A coffee-shop explosion keeps the ER busy. Meanwhile, Adele's Alzheimer's worsens, prompting Richard to consider changing their living situation; Callie helps Meredith study for her boards; Lexie joins Arizona and Alex in pediatrics, where they continue to care for intern Morgan's premature son; Mark encourages Jackson to find ways to relieve his stress after the younger doctor snaps at a patient; and Cristina lets her suspicions get the better of her. read more

Have You Seen Me Lately? Season 8, Episode 15

Derek's sister Amelia arrives from L.A. to ask Derek for help with Erica's gliosarcoma; Cristina and Owen argue heatedly during marriage counseling; Alex realizes that he must improve his people skills to be a good doctor; and Meredith gets a chance to shine when a man arrives in the ER with his hand stuck in a meat grinder. Meanwhile, the residents continue to study for their upcoming oral boards. read more

All You Need Is Love Season 8, Episode 14

It's Valentine's Day, and Lexie and Mark draw babysitting duty (for Meredith and Derek, and Callie and Arizona, respectively). Meanwhile, Ben shows Bailey that he knows her better than she thinks; and the ER also fills with romantics, including a 10-year-old girl who has an allergic reaction to chocolates from her valentine; and a man who's hit by a car while chasing down his frustrated girlfriend. read more

If/Then Season 8, Episode 13

Meredith dreams about what-ifs in flashbacks. Among them: Her mother didn't get Alzheimer's; she hadn't met Derek in a bar, and he stayed with Addison; Bailey had remained as meek as she was as an intern; and Callie and Owen had become a couple long before she met Arizona. read more

Hope for the Hopeless Season 8, Episode 12

Richard performs his 10,000th surgery—a liver transplant involving bickering sisters (Peri Gilpin and Nia Vardalos). Meanwhile, Adele Webber is found aimlessly wandering the streets; Derek and Lexie take on a supposedly inoperable neuroblastoma case; Teddy and Cristina try to steal a case from Alex and Dr. McQueen, countermanding Owen's orders; and Meredith searches for a specialty—with Ellis Grey's ghost hovering over her. read more

This Magic Moment Season 8, Episode 11

The doctors split into teams for a risky surgery involving conjoined twins. Meanwhile, Teddy questions Cristina about Henry's surgery; Bailey enlists Meredith to be a buffer between her and Ben, who's pressuring her to ratchet up their relationship; and Richard teaches Alex a tough lesson in the OR. read more

Suddenly Season 8, Episode 10

As the human wreckage from a serious auto accident preoccupies the doctors, Teddy (who's unaware that Henry has died) calls on Cristina to help with a patient; and Lexie works alongside Mark's new girlfriend, Julia, during an eye surgery. read more

Dark Was the Night Season 8, Episode 9

Henry is sent to the OR for emergency surgery while Teddy's away; Meredith and Derek receive news about Zola; Callie and Jackson are blamed for their patient's post-op complications; and Meredith and Alex treat an ailing infant at a neighboring hospital and get involved in a life-threatening situation. read more

Heart-Shaped Box Season 8, Episode 8

George's mother (Debra Monk) returns to Seattle Grace after undergoing a botched surgery at another hospital, and the doctors wax nostalgic about George. Meanwhile, a harvested heart continues to beat outside its body; a new pediatric fellow excites Arizona and arouses Alex's insecurity; Jackson allows his suspicions about Mark and Lexie interfere with his work; and Henry and Teddy fight when he tells her he wants to go to medical school. Guest stars include Alfre Woodard. read more

Put Me In, Coach Season 8, Episode 7

Owen tries to teach the doctors a lesson in teamwork when he signs them up for a baseball league; Lexie can't hide her jealousy when she sees Mark with another woman; Alex fights to keep baby Zola from being transferred to another hospital because of a conflict of interest involving Derek and Meredith; and Richard scolds Meredith and Bailey in an effort to get them to end their feud. read more

Poker Face Season 8, Episode 6

Meredith is on the outs at the hospital, so she must enlist Lexie to get Derek interested in a brain-tumor case. Meredith also gives April advice in secret about Bailey's clinical trial. Meanwhile, Arizona and Mark have finally become friends, but that proves more annoying than helpful to Callie; Alex and Teddy research different surgeries for the same patient; and Callie and Cristina struggle with a tough spinal surgery. Guests stars include Lee Majors and Marilu Henner. read more

Loss, Love and Legacy Season 8, Episode 5

Jackson's mother (Debbie Allen), a renowned surgeon, arrives to perform a groundbreaking transplant; Alex and Arizona are hamstrung by confidentiality issues when a familiar patient turns up in the ER; a love-struck Teddy hosts a dinner party; and Bailey makes a decision about her romantic life. read more

What Is It About Men Season 8, Episode 4

A stampede at a comic-book convention leads to an array of colorful characters in the ER. Also turning up in the ER: Ben (Jason George) —who discovers that Bailey has something going with Eli (Daniel Sunjata). Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona leave baby Sofia with Mark when they go out of town. He treats her better at home than he treats Jackson at work. And the male doctors find they have something in common: their frustrations with women. read more

Take the Lead Season 8, Episode 3

The chief makes a career-changing decision; Cristina and Owen try to put their relationship on an even keel; and April continues to struggle in her new role. Meanwhile, the fifth-year residents finally get a shot at their first solo surgeries. It won't be as easy as they had imagined. read more

She's Gone Season 8, Episode 2

Baby Zola's adoption counselor is worried about Derek and Meredith's rocky relationship (and Meredith's troubles spill over onto Alex); Cristina makes a decision about her pregnancy; and the chief brings in Henry (Scott Foley) for an urgent surgery, alarming Teddy. read more

Free Falling Season 8, Episode 1

As the fifth-year residents return to the hospital, Meredith faces the consequences of tampering with Derek's clinical trial; Cristina and Owen are at odds over her pregnancy; and a sinkhole in downtown Seattle leaves April in charge of the residents. read more

Free Falling; She's Gone

As Season 8 begins, Meredith faces the professional and personal consequences of tampering with Derek's clinical trial (and Alex faces some consequences, too); Cristina and Owen deal with her unexpected pregnancy; and the chief brings in Henry for an urgent surgery, alarming Teddy. Meanwhile, a giant sinkhole in downtown Seattle leaves April in charge of the residents. read more

Unaccompanied Minor Season 7, Episode 22

Season 7 finale: Meredith's deceit in Derek's clinical trial comes to light, jeopardizing her career and causing unintended consequences for others. Meanwhile, Owen announces his choice for chief resident; and Cristina and Teddy have choices to make. read more

I Will Survive Season 7, Episode 21

Meredith is on edge and Cristina's increasingly defiant as Owen conducts formal chief-resident interviews; Alex's undefined relationship with Lucy (Rachael Taylor) is tested; Jackson suddenly quits the Webber diabetes trial. read more

White Wedding Season 7, Episode 20

Callie and Arizona's wedding nears, but things aren't turning out the way they had thought; Alex continues to make the other chief-resident contenders envious; Andrew Perkins has a proposition for Teddy; and Meredith and Derek make a major decision. read more

It's a Long Way Back Season 7, Episode 19

Callie and her baby, Sofia, are recovering following the accident, but Callie has yet to actually see her daughter. Meanwhile, Alex gets an idea that he thinks will make him chief resident as he treats a cranky terminal-cancer patient (Doris Roberts); a patient's sudden death makes Derek more cautious in the clinical trial, but the same can't be said for Meredith; and Teddy is pleasantly surprised by the return of Andrew Perkins (James Tupper). read more

Song Beneath the Song Season 7, Episode 18

As a momentous event hits Seattle Grace-Mercy West, Callie (who's about to undergo something big herself) imagines the hospital in a new way. Songs performed by the cast include "Chasing Cars," "How to Save a Life" and "The Story." read more

This Is How We Do It Season 7, Episode 17

Richard wants Derek and Meredith to accept Adele (Loretta Divine)into their Alzheimer's trial; Mark and Arizona plan a baby shower for Callie, but aren't on the same page; Henry (Scott Foley) has another complication; and the chief resident competition heats up when Richard receives the go-ahead for his diabetes clinical trial. read more

Not Responsible Season 7, Episode 16

Meredith discovers that her fertility treatments are causing problems with her eyesight; Mark tells Callie and Arizona in no uncertain terms that he intends to be an active dad; and April sees a side of Dr. Stark (Peter MacNicol) she wasn't expecting. read more

Golden Hour Season 7, Episode 15

Meredith gets to run the ER for a night, and it's quite a learning experience. She and everyone else are also surprised when Adele Webber (Loretta Divine) shows up as a patient. Meanwhile, Bailey and Eli (Daniel Sunjata) sneak off for some mischief. read more

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Season 7, Episode 14

Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry) returns to the hospital with stomach pains and a tattooed young girlfriend; Alex and ob-gyn Lucy Fields (Rachael Taylor) clash over a patient; and Mark puts Jackson on his service to get information from him about Lexie. read more

Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) Season 7, Episode 13

Meredith feels left out as Derek begins work on his Alzheimer's clinical trial; Callie drives her obstetrician (Rachael Taylor) nuts as she, Mark and Arizona try to come to grips with her pregnancy; and the chief is not happy with Bailey's OR tweets. read more

Start Me Up Season 7, Episode 12

Arizona asks for Mark's advice as she tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news; Teddy must make a major decision for Henry (Scott Foley) during his surgery; and the chief announces that he's looking for a new chief resident on the day the residents receive a new crop of interns. read more

Disarm Season 7, Episode 11

A mass shooting at a nearby college reopens some not-so-old wounds at the hospital. Meanwhile, Arizona returns to a welcome that's less than warm. read more

Adrift and at Peace Season 7, Episode 10

Derek takes Cristina on a fishing trip to escape her troubles despite Meredith's objections. Meanwhile,Teddy, who's feeling directionless without Cristina, directs all of her energy on an uninsured dying patient (Scott Foley). read more

Slow Night, So Long Season 7, Episode 9

With the attendings off at Joe's Bar celebrating Derek's clinical-trial grant, Meredith and Alex must deal with a 9-year-old's postsurgical complications and his very demanding mother. Meanwhile, the revelers are surprised to see someone they know. read more

Something's Gotta Give Season 7, Episode 8

The surgeons work to save a dying Middle East political figure amid tightened security measures at the hospital. Meanwhile, Alex makes a bad first impression on a new pediatrics attending (Peter MacNicol); and Cristina decides to decorate her new place and throw a housewarming party. read more

That's Me Trying Season 7, Episode 7

Owen puts the residents through a tough trauma-certification drill, pushing them to their limits. And Cristina faces a test when she's charged with monitoring a critically ill lung-transplant patient. read more

These Arms of Mine Season 7, Episode 6

As a TV crew records hospital life six months after the shooting, the patient Mary (Mandy Moore) returns for the surgery she was to have that day; Derek, Owen, Mark and Callie perform an arm transplant; and Alex treats a girl with a blocked trachea. Meanwhile, Cristina has difficulty expressing herself to the crew; and Lexie can't get the hang of the hospital's new security system. read more

Almost Grown Season 7, Episode 5

While Derek, Callie, Owen and the other attending surgeons compete for an important grant, the chief puts the residents in charge of the department. read more

Can't Fight Biology Season 7, Episode 4

Meredith and Derek get bad news from an obstetrician; Lexie notices Meredith and April getting closer and isn't happy about it; Jackson tries to use his physical attributes in the OR; and Cristina and Owen go house hunting. Meanwhile, the surgeons must deal with the human wreckage caused by a car crash. read more

Superfreak Season 7, Episode 3

Derek's estranged sister, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), visits---and brings with her the issues that led to their estrangement. Meanwhile, the chief notices that Alex hasn't been taking elevators since his shooting, and tries to help; and Meredith and Derek keep trying to ease Cristina back into surgery after her PTSD episode. read more

Shock to the System Season 7, Episode 2

Meredith finally tells Derek about her miscarriage (and her pregnancy). She's also cleared to return to surgery, but Alex can't operate until he has the bullet removed from his chest, and Cristina experiences post-traumatic stress disorder in the OR while performing a surgery. read more

With You I'm Born Again Season 7, Episode 1

Season 7 opener: Trauma counselor Andrew Perkins (James Tupper) is brought in to help staffers cope with the shooting rampage---and to assess their fitness to return to work. Meanwhile, Derek resigns as chief and rushes back into surgery; and Cristina plans her wedding. read more

Death and All His Friends Season 6, Episode 24

Conclusion, Season 6 finale. Shooter Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill) remains on the loose, presenting Cristina and Meredith with major surgical challenges. Meanwhile, Bailey and Mary (Mandy Moore) must find a way to get the injured Charles to an ER. read more

Sanctuary Season 6, Episode 23

Part 1 of 2, Season 6 finale. Meredith has news for Derek, but tells Cristina first. Then, the husband of patient (Michael O'Neill) who died during surgery arrives at the hospital with a gun and looking for Derek. Mary: Mandy Moore. read more

Sanctuary; Death and All His Friends

Season 6 finale: Meredith has news for Derek but tells Cristina first. Then the husband (Michael O'Neill) of a patient who died during surgery arrives at the hospital with a gun, looking for Derek. Mandy Moore guest stars. read more

Shiny Happy People Season 6, Episode 22

An elderly heart patient (Marion Ross) meets an long-lost lover in the ER, prompting the charmed staffers to reassess their own romantic lives. Meanwhile, Alex treats a troubled teen (Demi Lovato) whose parents say she is schizophrenic; and Meredith expresses her suspicions about Owen to Cristina. read more

How Insensitive Season 6, Episode 21

Bailey conducts a mandatory sensitivity-training session before a 700-pound patient arrives with numerous medical problems that prove challenging. And those aren't the case's only challenges. Meanwhile, Derek must encounter a late patient's husband in a wrongful-death deposition; and spending time with a heart patient's daughter opens old wounds for Cristina. read more

Hook, Line and Sinner Season 6, Episode 20

Sloan (Leven Rambin) returns just as she's about to give birth, and Mark must deal with the prospect of his grandson's adoption. Meanwhile, Teddy feels threatened when Derek makes overtures to a distinguished cardiothoracic surgeon; and the captain of a crab boat is impaled by a shark hook. read more

Sympathy for the Parents Season 6, Episode 19

Alex's brother (Jake McLaughlin) arrives with a hernia in need of repair and without insurance to pay for it. He also arrives with stories about Alex and his ties to his family. read more

Suicide Is Painless Season 6, Episode 18

Owen recalls wartime experiences and his past with Teddy after she asks him for help with a patient who wants to die; Callie and Arizona have differing visions of their future; and Richard adjusts to his new role as a surgeon. Kim: Sara Gilbert. read more

Push Season 6, Episode 17

Richard and Owen vie to perform a difficult operation, and Derek must choose between them. Meanwhile, Bailey anxiously awaits another date with Ben (Jason George). Audrey: Diane Venora. Dan: Dennis Boutsikaris. Kelly: Moon Zappa. read more

Perfect Little Accident Season 6, Episode 16

Tensions mount between Derek and Richard (and the staff is on edge) when a famous surgeon with a tie to one of the doctors is rushed to the hospital and requests an unorthodox procedure. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona try to help Teddy and Sloan get over past disappointments. read more

The Time Warp Season 6, Episode 15

Richard, Bailey and Callie recall important cases in their careers in a lecture series that new chief Derek reintroduces. For Richard, it's an AIDS case (before it was called AIDS) in which he collaborated with young Ellis Grey (Sarah Paulson); Callie looks back on a polio case; and Bailey recalls her early residency---and her rivalry with another resident (Missi Pyle). read more

Valentine's Day Massacre Season 6, Episode 14

A roof collapses on a restaurant known as a trysting spot on Valentine's Day, interrupting whatever romance plans the doctors might have had. Nonetheless, Arizona and Callie play Cupid---for Bailey and an anesthesiologist named Ben (Jason George). Callie also teams up with Mark to help persuade Sloan (Leven Rambin) to do the right thing for her baby. Meanwhile, Derek struggles to manage his time in his new role as chief, and Meredith wrestles with what being the chief's wife entails. read more

State of Love and Trust Season 6, Episode 13

Derek begins his new role. Meanwhile, Bailey and Meredith's patient awakens from anesthesia mid-surgery; Teddy refuses to place Cristina on her service while Arizona tests Alex in pediatrics; and Mark refuses to speak to a heartbroken Lexie. read more

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked Season 6, Episode 12

Izzie returns in hopes of reconciling with Alex; Derek confronts the Chief about his drinking problem; and tensions between Owen, Cristina and Teddy mount. read more

Blink Season 6, Episode 11

Addison (Kate Walsh) arrives from L.A. to help Mark with a difficult operation on his pregnant daughter (Leven Rambin); Owen questions Teddy's motives when she assigns Cristina to lead a complicated surgery; and the Chief recruits Meredith to assist with a high-profile operation, raising Derek's suspicions. Ruthie: Cynthia Stevenson. read more

Holidaze Season 6, Episode 10

Bailey's father (Frankie Faison) visits for the holidays, and he voices his disapproval of her life choices. Meanwhile, a woman from Mark's past shows up, complicating things with Lexie; and Meredith defends the Chief when he's criticized by Thatcher (Jeff Perry). Teddy Altman: Kim Raver. read more

New History Season 6, Episode 9

Owen recruits a fellow Iraq-war vet (Kim Raver) as the new cardiothoracic surgeon, and Cristina questions the move for both personal and professional reasons. Meanwhile, Izzie returns with her high-school mentor, who's seeking treatment for dementia; and the stresses caused by the merger are taking their toll on the Chief. Dr. Singer: Joel Grey. Adele: Loretta Devine. read more

Invest in Love Season 6, Episode 8

Arizona faces a conflict of interest over a 10-year-old patient whose rich parents are planning to donate $25 million to the hospital. Meanwhile, Cristina tests her boundaries with Owen at the hospital; and Alex must deal with Izzie's hospital bills. read more

Give Peace a Chance Season 6, Episode 7

Derek tests the Chief's authority in the case of a hospital lab tech with a tumor wrapped around his spine. read more

I Saw What I Saw Season 6, Episode 6

When a burn victim dies unexpectedly in the ER, the chief and Larry Jennings (Mitch Pileggi) look to find out which resident is responsible, and all of them have some explaining to do. read more

Invasion Season 6, Episode 5

It's Day 1 of the Seattle Grace-Mercy West merger, and residents react as though their jobs are on the line. They are, especially Izzie's. Meanwhile, Callie's father (Hector Elizondo) gets a priest to urge her to date men. Callie's enraged, and Arizona stands by her. read more

Tainted Obligation Season 6, Episode 4

Meredith must treat her father, Thatcher (Jeff Perry), who's suffering from liver failure; Izzie empathizes with a tumor-riddled patient; and Mark tricks Cristina into assisting on an unusual surgery because he's annoyed with her competitive nature. Irving Waller: Ralph Waite. read more

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me Season 6, Episode 3

Izzie returns to work amid fears of impending layoffs, which lead residents to jockey for positions at the hospital. Meanwhile, Bailey and Alex's difficult case is further complicated by the patient's schizophrenic son. Jodie: Adrienne Barbeau. Olivia: Sarah Utterback. read more

Goodbye Season 6, Episode 2

Conclusion of the Season 6 premiere. Staffers coping with George's death look for diversions. Meredith and Derek find one in bed, but Dr. Wyatt advises Cristina and Owen not to have sex. read more

Good Mourning Season 6, Episode 1

Part 1 of the two-part Season 6 premiere. The staff of Seattle Grace tries to cope with George's death. Meanwhile, George's mother (Debra Monk) arrives, but can't decide what to do with his organs. read more

Good Mourning; Goodbye

Season 6 premiere: With George's death overwhelming everyone, his mother (Debra Monk) arrives but can't decide what to do with his organs. Also arriving at the hospital: a British backpacker who lost an arm in a speedboat accident; and a 15-year-old whose previous doctor diagnosed him with "growing pains." Meanwhile, Derek gets a proposition from the hospital board; and staffers look for diversions from their grief (Derek and Meredith find one in bed). Larry Jennings: Mitch Pileggi. read more

Now or Never Season 5, Episode 24

Conclusion. George makes an announcement; Izzie's friends await her recovery from surgery; and Bailey is surprisingly unhappy after being accepted into the pediatric fellowship program. Meanwhile, the doctors work as a team following an auto accident. read more

Here's to Future Days Season 5, Episode 23

Part 1 of 2. Izzie decides on whether to have cancer surgery; Mark prepares to move forward with Lexie; Owen makes a reassessment. read more

Here's to Future Days; Now or Never

Season 5 finale: Izzie decides whether to undergo cancer surgery; Mark prepares to move forward with Lexie; Bailey learns whether she'll get her pediatric fellowship; George makes an announcement; and Owen makes a reassessment. Meanwhile, the doctors work as a team following an auto accident. read more

What a Difference a Day Makes Season 5, Episode 22

As Meredith and Derek's wedding nears, college students are rushed to the ER following a car crash on their way to graduation ceremonies. Meanwhile, Izzie experiences familiar symptoms. read more

No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance) Season 5, Episode 21

Izzie's mother (Sharon Lawrence), who's something of a handful, shows up at Seattle Grace, while Meredith and Lexie receive a visit from their father (Jeff Perry), who's sober and sorry for past sins. Meanwhile, Meredith and the Chief fight about a case, and preparations continue for Meredith and Derek's wedding. Julie: Kellie Martin. read more

Sweet Surrender Season 5, Episode 20

Izzie won't let her taxing cancer treatments stop her from helping to plan Meredith and Derek's wedding. Meanwhile, Callie's father (Hector Elizondo) isn't happy when she introduces Arizona as her girlfriend to him; George shines---and Alex doesn't---in a trauma surgery; and Owen seeks out help for his post-traumatic stress disorder. read more

Elevator Love Letter Season 5, Episode 19

While Derek prepares to perform his first surgery since his breakdown, Izzie must undergo one. Meanwhile, Owen has another PTSD episode, which injures Cristina, traumatizes both of them and throws their relationship into question. Dr. Swender: Kimberly Elise. read more

Stand By Me Season 5, Episode 18

While Mark attempts a face-transplant surgery, Meredith tries to get Derek to return to work after his fellow surgeons fail in their attempts. Meanwhile, Cristina finally gets a solo surgery, but she's more focused on the needs of her friends; and Izzie tries her best to keep her condition a secret. read more

I Will Follow You Into the Dark Season 5, Episode 17

Derek decides to quit after learning of a high mortality rate among his patients; Bailey and the chief continue to spar over her pediatrics fellowship until Adele (Loretta Devine) steps in; Izzie's interns find something disturbing about a Patient X. read more

An Honest Mistake Season 5, Episode 16

Derek's confidence is shaken when he and Addison (Kate Walsh) disagree on treatment for a pregnant woman who's dying; Cristina questions the abilities of a renowned surgeon (Faye Dunaway) after she botches a standard procedure; and Bailey, who has decided to pursue a fellowship in pediatrics, is appalled by the chief's less-than-stellar recommendation letter. read more

Before and After Season 5, Episode 15

In a "Private Practice" crossover episode, Addison, Naomi and Sam rush Addison's ailing brother, Archer (Grant Show), to Seattle Grace in an effort to save his life. Meanwhile, Owen runs into a significant someone from his past; and Izzie employs her fellow doctors in a medical game designed to help teach the interns. read more

Beat Your Heart Out Season 5, Episode 14

Engagement ring in hand, Derek searches for the right way to propose to Meredith. Meanwhile, Lexie demands that Mark go public with their relationship; and Bailey considers a new direction for her medical career, encouraged by Dr. Dixon (Mary McDonnell) as well as her work on recent cases. read more

Stairway to Heaven Season 5, Episode 13

As her young patient's condition worsens, Bailey seeks desperately for an organ donor. One possibility: death-row inmate William (Eric Stoltz). Meanwhile, an injury leaves Mark in a compromising position in the OR, and Cristina tries to avoid Owen, and she looks foolish doing so. Arizona: Jessica Capshaw. Melinda: Samantha Mathis. Denny: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. read more

Sympathy for the Devil Season 5, Episode 12

Derek's mother, Carolyn (Tyne Daly), meets Meredith for the first time during a surprise visit to Seattle, and Mark tries to conceal his relationship with Lexie. Meanwhile, death-row inmate William (Eric Stoltz) wants to donate his organs to Bailey and Arizona's patient; and Owen and Cristina attempt to go on a first date. Arizona: Jessica Capshaw. Denny: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Melinda: Samantha Mathis. read more

Wish You Were Here Season 5, Episode 11

While Bailey teams with new pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw ) to save a young patient near and dear to her heart, the arrival of a death-row inmate at the hospital angers Derek and further erodes Meredith and Cristina's friendship. Meanwhile, Callie and Sloan join forces to fight their respective attractions to Sadie and Lexie; and Izzie tells Alex that she has been seeing Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). William: Eric Stoltz. Melinda: Samantha Mathis. read more

All By Myself Season 5, Episode 10

Cristina is awarded the first solo surgery among the residents, but she has to relinquish it and choose her replacement; Mark performs a cutting-edge procedure to restore a patient's speech, impressing Lexie in the process; and Callie can't figure out if Sadie (Melissa George) is flirting with her or just being friendly. read more

In the Midnight Hour Season 5, Episode 9

A routine surgery goes horribly awry for Lexie and Sadie, so Meredith, Cristina and Bailey rush to assist them. Meanwhile, Owen and Derek treat a man who was injured while sleepwalking, and Mark comforts the man's daughter. read more

These Ties That Bind Season 5, Episode 8

Meredith's old friend Sadie (Melissa George) becomes an intern at Seattle Grace, but Meredith's other friends aren't exactly welcoming; new surgeon Virginia Dixon (Mary McDonnell) brings rules and order to the OR; and Lexie leads the interns in secretive, unorthodox surgical-training sessions. read more

Rise Up Season 5, Episode 7

The Chief tells the residents that one of them will get a solo surgery, and a competitive frenzy ensues; Derek asks Bailey for advice when he feels that Cristina is coming between him and Meredith; Erica discovers a shocking connection between one of her residents and a longtime patient. read more

Life During Wartime Season 5, Episode 6

The chief gives Bailey new power and responsibility. He also gives her a very difficult surgical assignment: remove a girl's inoperable tumor. Meanwhile, new trauma chief Owen (Kevin McKidd) challenges the attendings' methods and the residents' skills. read more

There's No "I" in Team Season 5, Episode 5

Bailey heads up a "domino procedure," in which each surgery hinges on the one preceding it. Meanwhile, Derek gets sole credit for the brain-tumor study he did with Meredith; Lexie tries to get George to notice her romantically; and Sloan counsels a desperate Callie in the ways of love. read more

Brave New World Season 5, Episode 4

Meredith gets upset when Derek finds her mother's diary; Callie worries about her first "official" date with Erica; and Cristina discovers a part of the hospital that neither she nor her fellow residents had seen before. read more

Here Comes the Flood Season 5, Episode 3

The chief attempts to implement new teaching policies, and George tries to retake his residency exam as flooding from a plumbing leak causes major problems at Seattle Grace. Meanwhile, Derek wants Meredith's roommates to move out of her house, to their surprise. Barry: Daniel J. Travanti. read more

Dream a Little Dream of Me Season 5, Episode 2

In the conclusion of the fifth-season opener, Meredith and Derek discover the morning-after side of their renewed relationship. Meanwhile, a military doctor (Kevin McKidd) who arrives at the hospital with a trauma patient catches Cristina's eye; and the chief learns that Seattle Grace's national rankings have slipped. Sarabeth: Bernadette Peters. Betty: Mariette Hartley. Anna: Kathy Baker. read more

Dream a Little Dream of Me Season 5, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. In the fifth-season opener, Meredith and Derek discover the morning-after side of their renewed relationship; a military doctor (Kevin McKidd) who arrives at the hospital with a trauma patient catches Cristina's eye; and the chief learns that Seattle Grace's national rankings have slipped. Sarabeth: Bernadette Peters. Betty: Mariette Hartley. Anna: Kathy Baker. read more

Dream a Little Dream of Me

In the fifth-season opener, Meredith and Derek discover the morning-after side of their renewed relationship; a military doctor (Kevin McKidd) who arrives at the hospital with a trauma patient catches Cristina's eye; and the chief learns that Seattle Grace's national rankings have slipped. Sarabeth: Bernadette Peters. Betty: Mariette Hartley. Anna: Kathy Baker. read more

Freedom Season 4, Episode 17

In the conclusion of the fourth-season finale, Derek and Meredith operate on Beth (Jurnee Smollett) without the chief's approval; Alex rushes Rebecca to the hospital after she cuts herself, and clashes with Izzie over her care; Mark forces Callie to face her feelings about Erica; and Lexie forces George to face his surgical future. Meanwhile, the case of the young man in concrete gives Cristina a chance to display her newly regained mojo. Adele: Loretta Devine. read more

Freedom Season 4, Episode 16

In Part 1 of the two-part fourth-season finale, the surgeons work as a team to free a young man from a block of quick-drying cement. Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek get an ultimatum concerning their clinical trial; Izzie and Alex spar over his care for a depressed Rebecca; Lexie finds out crucial info about George's status at Seattle Grace; and Cristina gets her mojo back after Meredith gives her the sparkle pager. Beth: Jurnee Smollett. read more


In the fourth-season finale, the surgeons work as a team to free a young man from a block of quick-drying cement. Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek have one last chance at a positive outcome in their clinical trial; Izzie helps Alex care for a depressed Rebecca; Lexie finds out crucial info about George's status at Seattle Grace; and Cristina gets her mojo back after Meredith gives her the sparkle pager. Beth: Jurnee Smollett. read more

Losing My Mind Season 4, Episode 15

Dr. Wyatt won't let Meredith give up on therapy; the Chief is adamant about Erica performing a risky surgery on his mentor; Alex learns the truth about Rebecca's condition. Meanwhile, Cristina continues to act contrary to her nature, even cleaning her apartment, after receiving news of Burke. read more

The Becoming Season 4, Episode 14

A "date-and-tell" policy is instituted at Seattle Grace after nurses complain about Mark's trysts, but Callie turns to him in a time of need. Meanwhile, Preston Burke's latest career accomplishments force Cristina to confront her feelings about him; and Derek and Meredith admit a military man into their clinical trial. Kevin: John M. Jackson. Adele: Loretta Devine. Dr. Wyatt: Amy Madigan. Rose: Lauren Stamile. read more

Piece of My Heart Season 4, Episode 13

Addison (Kate Walsh) returns to Seattle Grace to perform a surgery and is surprised at the changes in her former coworkers' lives; Meredith and Derek's clinical trial has its first patient; Ava/Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) returns with news for Alex. Dr. Wyatt: Amy Madigan. read more

Where the Wild Things Are Season 4, Episode 12

Meredith, Alex, Izzie and Cristina compete in a surgical contest, with Bailey judging; George and his new roommate, Lexie, adjust to their squalid apartment; and Callie finds a friend in Erica Hahn. The episode takes place six weeks after Derek and Meredith ended their relationship and Derek began dating Rose (Lauren Stamile). Dr. Wyatt: Amy Madigan. Otis: Cheech Marin. read more

Lay Your Hands on Me Season 4, Episode 11

While Bailey's family faces a medical trauma, the doc faces a marital one. Meanwhile, a surprise visit from George's mother (Debra Monk) comes as a shock to both Izzie and Callie; a faith healer challenges Erica and Alex's beliefs in Western medicine; and Derek must deal with the aftermath of his kiss with Rose (Lauren Stamile). Elizabeth: Glenne Headly. read more

Crash Into Me Season 4, Episode 10

Conclusion. Meredith works furiously to save a paramedic trapped in an ambulance; Lexie literally holds the life of a patient (Seth Green) in her hands; Derek must rely on nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile) to save a patient when an OR computer breaks down; and Bailey keeps Tucker (Cress Williams) waiting while she operates on a white supremacist . Ava: Elizabeth Reaser. read more

Crash Into Me Season 4, Episode 9

Part 1 of 2. Meredith and the Chief struggle to save paramedics injured in an ambulance crash; Bailey treats a patient who refuses her help; Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) returns to see Alex---and meets his new girlfriend. Nick: Seth Green. read more

Forever Young Season 4, Episode 8

The ER is filled with teenagers after a school-bus crash; Bailey treats a patient who was her high-school crush; Derek dates a fellow doctor; and Thatcher (Jeff Perry) sees Meredith for the first time since his second wife Susan's death. read more

Physical Attraction...Chemical Reaction Season 4, Episode 7

George and Izzie's romantic chemistry is put to the test; Derek asks for more than just sex from Meredith; Mark develops an unexpected crush on a fellow surgeon; and Callie's job as chief resident is jeopardized after she delegates many of her duties to Bailey. read more

Kung Fu Fighting Season 4, Episode 6

With his wife filing for divorce, the Chief decides he needs to spend a “gentlemen's evening” with his fellow male surgeons; Cristina and Izzie heatedly compete for the same surgeries (and the favor of new cardiothoracic chief Erica Hahn); Meredith treats the survivor of a skydiving accident; the doctors treat two injured finalists in a bridal-gown promotional competition. read more

Haunt You Every Day Season 4, Episode 5

Halloween is a day of surprises (both good and bad) for the doctors of Seattle Grace: Alex receives an unexpected visit from Ava/Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser); Meredith is convinced that her mother's ashes are haunting her; Cristina is snubbed by a surgeon she admires; and Callie announces George and Izzie's affair to their fellow doctors. Dr. Norman Shales: Edward Herrmann. Jack: David Clennon. James: Rocky Carroll. Olivia: Sarah Utterback. read more

The Heart of the Matter Season 4, Episode 4

Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) rushes the niece who had her prom at Seattle Grace back to the hospital for treatment; Izzie reveals her feelings for George to a mutual friend, and the reaction is not what she expects; Derek shows Cristina how to be a better teaching resident; and Norman (Edward Herrmann), an intern who's considerably older than his colleagues, misdiagnoses one of Meredith's patients. read more

Let the Truth Sting Season 4, Episode 3

George's skill level at the hospital impresses the new interns, who don't know his "repeater" status. But life isn't as simple at home, where George feels he must tell Callie about his indiscretion with Izzie. Meanwhile, Meredith halfheartedly helps Lexie with her first emergency patient; and Mark and Richard attempt a radical new surgery to save a woman's ability to speak. Dr. Norman Shales: Edward Herrmann. read more

Love/Addiction Season 4, Episode 2

The residents and interns treat the victims of an apartment-building explosion, while Alex investigates its cause; Mama Burke (Diahann Carroll) returns to collect her son's things while Cristina gets rid of her wedding presents; Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) tries to have a heart-to-heart with an unwilling Meredith; Callie is overwhelmed with her duties as chief resident while Bailey searches for an outlet for her pent-up leadership skills. Archie: Ben Vereen. read more

A Change Is Gonna Come Season 4, Episode 1

Cristina returns from her “honeymoon” (with Meredith) and begins looking for Burke. At the hospital, new chief resident Callie welcomes a new batch of interns---including George, who is repeating his intern year, and Meredith's half sister Lexie (Chyler Leigh). Meanwhile, Richard resumes his post as chief of surgery, while Bailey tries to acclimate herself to her new duties at the hospital; Derek, at an impasse with Meredith, looks to fellow doctors for friendship. read more

Didn't We Almost Have It All Season 3, Episode 25

Cristina and Burke's wedding day arrives, as do the final-exam results for the interns. Meanwhile, George and Callie arrive at a decision about their future as a couple; Adele Webber has emergency surgery; the husband of Rebecca Pope (formerly Ava) shows up; and Richard names his choice for his successor. Jeff Pope: Jason London. read more

Testing 1-2-3 Season 3, Episode 24

On the day before Burke and Cristina's wedding and the day of Susan Grey's funeral, the attendings treat injured mountain climbers while the interns take their first-year exams. Meanwhile, Cristina struggles to write her vows; George learns he has been accepted at another hospital; Adele (Loretta Devine) shows up at the hospital unexpectedly, as do Joe (Steven W. Bailey) and his partner, Walter (Jack Yang); and Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) regains her memory. This isn't good news. read more

The Other Side of This Life Season 3, Episode 23

Conclusion. In Los Angeles, Addison deals with a difficult delivery after hearing bad news about her own fertility. She's also reminded that there's “an empty office” at the Oceanside Wellness Center. In Seattle, Derek performs emergency surgery on Ava as Alex lends emotional support; doctors find the cause of Susan Grey's hiccups; and Burke and George ask Bailey for marital advice. Susan Grey: Mare Winningham. Pete: Tim Daly. Violet: Amy Brenneman. Jane Burke: Diahann Carroll. read more

The Other Side of This Life Season 3, Episode 22

Part 1 of 2. Addison takes a leave of absence to visit old medical-school friends in Los Angeles; Meredith's stepmother (Mare Winningham) arrives at the hospital with hiccups; and Cristina reluctantly plans her wedding, with the help of her mother (Tsai Chin) and Burke's mom (Diahann Carroll). Making guest appearances: Paul Adelstein, Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Merrin Dungey and Chris Lowell. read more

The Other Side of This Life

Addison takes a leave of absence to visit old medical-school friends in Los Angeles; Meredith's stepmother (Mare Winningham) arrives at the hospital with hiccups; Cristina reluctantly plans her wedding, with the help of her mother (Tsai Chin) and Burke's mom (Diahann Carroll); and Derek must perform emergency surgery on Ava as Alex continues to lend emotional support. Paul Adelstein, Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly, Taye Diggs, Merrin Dungey and Chris Lowell make guest appearances. read more

Desire Season 3, Episode 21

While the interns cram for an exam, the attendings jockeying to succeed Webber as chief offer the very best of care to a very important patient: the hospital's board chair. Meanwhile, Burke plans his wedding without much help from Cristina; things heat up between Alex and Addison; and Derek questions his relationship with Meredith. Larry Jennings: Mitch Pileggi. Dr. Sydney Heron: Kali Rocha. Jane Doe: Elizabeth Reaser. read more

Time After Time Season 3, Episode 20

George comforts Izzie as she faces her painful past; Derek questions his relationship with Meredith while she must decide what sort of relationship she'll have with her stepmother (Mare Winningham); and Cristina decides to fight for her relationship with Burke, despite her history with Colin Marlow (Roger Rees). Meanwhile, Alex grows more attached to Jane Doe (Elizabeth Reaser). Joan Waring: Dee Wallace. read more

Grey's Anatomy: Every Moment Counts

Highlights from the series' first three seasons. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette) hosts. read more

My Favorite Mistake Season 3, Episode 19

George meets his new father-in-law (Hector Elizondo), but is in no condition to make a good impression; Alex helps Jane Doe (Elizabeth Reaser) determine how she'll look from now on; the hospital board interviews candidates for the chief's position; and Izzie wrestles with a startling revelation about a close friend. Doug Kendry: Michael Boatman. Cathy Rogerson: Catherine Dent. Colin Marlow: Roger Rees. read more

Scars and Souvenirs Season 3, Episode 18

The race for chief heats up as a new competitor enters the race; tensions mount between Izzie and George; Callie must reveal a big secret; Derek treats a patient close to him; and Alex continues his work with Jane Doe (Elizabeth Reaser). Helen Crawford: Shohreh Aghdashloo. read more

Some Kind of Miracle Season 3, Episode 17

As Bailey, Burke, Addison and the chief work feverishly to save her life, Meredith receives affirmation from an unexpected source. But Cristina can't cope with the prospect of her “person” not pulling through. Meanwhile, Alex begins to bond with the Jane Doe (Elizabeth Reaser) from the ferry; and tensions surface between Izzie and Callie---and Izzie and George. Dylan: Kyle Chandler. Denny: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Bonnie: Monica Keena. Liz Fallon: Anna Maria Horsford. read more

Drowning on Dry Land Season 3, Episode 16

Meredith remains missing after falling into the water at the site of the ferry disaster, where Izzie must perform delicate brain surgery on the fly while taking instructions from the chief over the phone. Back at the hospital, Alex struggles to match unidentified victims with anxious family members while George searches frantically for a 7-year-old boy after telling his injured mother he was safe just before she went into surgery. read more

Walk on Water Season 3, Episode 15

The beginning of a three-part story arc in which a ferryboat disaster poses stern challenges to the interns. Meanwhile, Cristina has trouble telling Meredith that she and Burke are engaged; and Sydney (Kali Rocha) decides she wants to be chief resident. read more

Wishin' and Hopin' Season 3, Episode 14

As Cristina weighs her marriage proposal, Ellis (Kate Burton) experiences a change in her medical condition; and a surgical patient endangers the lives of her surgeons when her blood becomes toxic. Meanwhile, the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic opens; and George and Callie return from Las Vegas with a surprise. read more

Great Expectations Season 3, Episode 13

Rumors of the chief's retirement spread around the hospital; Bailey proposes the creation of a free clinic; and other Seattle Grace doctors receive proposals of a different sort. Meanwhile, a young Amish woman (Jessica Stroup) with cancer must choose between her parents and her best friend (Rachel Boston), who has been shunned by her community back home. read more

Six Days Season 3, Episode 12

Conclusion. As Harold O'Malley (George Dzundza) fights for his life following his cancer surgery, Meredith confronts her father (Jeff Perry) about his breakup with her mother, and an anonymous donor pays for Heather's spinal operation. read more

Six Days Season 3, Episode 11

Part 1 of 2. After a successful heart operation, George's father (George Dzundza) undergoes cancer surgery; Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry) visits the hospital to see his new granddaughter; and Meredith discovers that Derek isn't a sound sleeper. Meanwhile, Izzie befriends a snippy teenager (Mae Whitman) with a severely curved spine; and George bugs Izzie to deposit that $8.7-million check. Louise O'Malley: Debra Monk. read more

Don't Stand So Close to Me Season 3, Episode 10

Burke and Cristina's relationship is strained; Meredith's half sister, Molly (Mandy Siegfried), is admitted to the hospital; and Mark and Derek must work together when two close-knit brothers seek medical help. read more

From a Whisper to a Scream Season 3, Episode 9

Victims of a serious traffic accident fill the ER. Meanwhile, Cristina battles guilt about hiding Burke's tremor; Izzie tests the bounds of her probation; and George calls in Burke's med-school rival, Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith), for a consult on his father's operation. Harold O'Malley: George Dzundza. read more

Staring at the Sun Season 3, Episode 8

George's ailing father (George Dzundza) needs heart surgery; Meredith is determined to have a more positive outlook on life as she treats an injured girl who's closer to her nanny than her working mom; Derek and Addison try to be civil to each other; Izzie and Alex try to redefine their relationship as they work together; and Richard endeavors to reunite with Adele. Ellis Grey: Kate Burton. read more

Where the Boys Are Season 3, Episode 7

The men of Seattle Grace go on a camping trip together; Addison and Callie team up on a case; Meredith assists Mark Sloan with a procedure unlike any she has experienced; and Bailey confronts Cristina on her recent actions at the hospital. read more

Let the Angels Commit Season 3, Episode 6

Derek receives a surprise visit from his sister (Embeth Davidtz); Cristina scrubs in for a rare procedure, to the envy of her peers; Addison and George treat a pregnant woman with an unusual problem; and Alex ponders his future in medicine. read more

Oh, the Guilt Season 3, Episode 5

Bailey treats a young mother with breast cancer; Derek learns more about Addison's relationship with Mark, and finds out that Meredith broke up with Finn; the interns defend Bailey at an M&M meeting on Denny's death; and Meredith and Addison must extricate a divorced couple who find themselves together again. Meanwhile, Izzie has yet to cash Denny's $8.7 million check. read more

What I Am Season 3, Episode 4

As Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) joins the staff, Addison, who's not at all happy about it, comes to doubt her medical skills. Meanwhile, Cristina pushes Burke's rehab; Meredith has a personal medical emergency; and Izzie gets a surprise. Fred Ward guest stars as Denny Duquette's father. read more

Sometimes a Fantasy Season 3, Episode 3

Cristina tries to help Preston cope with his hand tremor; Izzie attempts to return to the hospital for the first time since she quit the program; Alex treats a foster child (Abigail Breslin) with an incredibly high pain threshold (and long history of injuries); and George wants Callie to move out of Meredith's house. Finn: Chris O'Donnell. read more

I Am a Tree Season 3, Episode 2

As the interns campaign for Izzie's reinstatement, Cristina meets Burke's parents (Diahann Carroll, Richard Roundtree) under awkward circumstances. Meanwhile, Addison takes a break from her hospital duties; and a woman with lung cancer (Roxanne Hart) decides to start living. Finn: Chris O'Donnell. Mark Sloan: Eric Dane. read more

Time Has Come Today Season 3, Episode 1

The docs console Izzie over Denny's death, and Meredith faces a decision about what to do romantically in the wake of her prom-night assignation with Derek. Meanwhile, George seeks relationship advice from Derek while the two are quarantined because of a plague scare; Kate and Alex treat an infant found in a high-school girls bathroom; and Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) gives her husband an ultimatum: me or the hospital. Finn Dandridge: Chris O'Donnell. read more

Grey's Anatomy: Complications of the Heart

A preview of the upcoming season, highlights from last season and a video for the Fray song “How to Save a Life,” which was heard on a March 2006 episode. Steven W. Bailey (bartender Joe on the series) is the narrator. read more

Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response; Losing My Religion

Denny's need for a new heart becomes critical; Cristina suddenly finds herself in charge in an ER; Richard has questions about a patient; Derek has a friend's life in his hands; Callie confronts George about his feelings for her; and Meredith and Derek come to a decision about Doc. Finn Dandridge: Chris O'Donnell. read more

Losing My Religion Season 2, Episode 27

In the conclusion of the second-season finale, Denny proposes to Izzie after receiving his new heart and Burke experiences hand tremors after awakening from his surgery. Meanwhile, the interns plan the prom for the Chief's niece (Tessa Thompson) while awaiting their fateful meeting with the Chief; George and Callie have a heart-to-heart about his feelings for her; and Meredith and Derek must make a decision about Doc. Mer also must decide between Derek and Finn (Chris O'Donnell). read more

Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response Season 2, Episode 26

In Part 1 of the two-part second-season finale, Burke has been shot and Derek must decide whether to perform a risky operation that could save his career. And the interns work furiously (and Izzie resorts to subterfuge) to save Denny's life. Meanwhile, the Chief's niece Camille, a cancer survivor, is rushed to Seattle Grace after passing out at her prom. Dr. Erica Hahn: Brooke Smith. Denny: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. read more

17 Seconds Season 2, Episode 25

George works with Derek while Callie works with Meredith. Meanwhile, Finn (Chris O'Donnell) gives an update on Doc's health, and Burke and Izzie keep looking for a heart for Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Brad: Ken Marino. Will: Jesse Head. Deborah: Sydney Tamiia Poitier. Neal: Michael Arden. Doug Thomas: Michael Melhoan. read more

Damage Case Season 2, Episode 24

Derek's mad at Meredith, and Burke's mad at Cristina. Meanwhile, Burke and Izzie make a new suggestion to a depressed Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan); and the doctors treat a family involved in an auto accident. They were hit by an overworked intern (John Cho) who had fallen asleep at the wheel. Betty Johnson: Frances Fisher. Finn: Chris O'Donnell. Callie: Sara Ramirez. read more

Blues for Sister Someone Season 2, Episode 23

Izzie grills George about his personal life; Addison busts Alex about a sensitive case; and Burke treats his musical hero. Finn Dandridge: Chris O'Donnell. Callie: Sara Ramirez. Denny: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Gwen Graber: Jayne Brook. Rose Ward: Jean Louisa Kelly. read more

Under Pressure

An overview of the series. read more

The Name of the Game Season 2, Episode 22

George overstays his welcome with Burke; Meredith learns a secret about her father; Bailey worries that her colleagues will treat her differently now that she's a mother; and Alex gets a lesson in bedside manners. Eileen: Mare Winningham. Finn Dandridge: Chris O'Donnell. Beatrice: Laurie Metcalf. read more

Superstition Season 2, Episode 21

A rash of deaths at Seattle Grace brings out the doctors' superstitious sides, especially Izzie, who fears the worst about Denny's surgery. Meanwhile, Derek and Addison rethink their living arrangement, and Richard treats an old friend. Ollie: Mary Kay Place. read more

Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole Season 2, Episode 20

Cristina babysits for Bailey and doesn't take to it well at all; Addison and Derek come to terms with their relationship; and heart patient Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) keeps coming between Alex and Izzie. Natalie Cole guest stars. read more

What Have I Done to Deserve This? Season 2, Episode 19

Meredith and George have a work dispute; new mom Bailey treats Addison for a gynecological problem; and Alex grows jealous as Izzie showers attention on heart patient Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). read more

Yesterday Season 2, Episode 18

Derek and Addison are shaken by the arrival of someone from their past; Burke learns Cristina's secret; and Meredith delves into her family's dirty laundry after a visit with her mother. Dr. Mark Sloan: Eric Dane. read more

(As We Know It) Season 2, Episode 17

While the WWII reenactor with the bomb lodged in his chest remains in Burke's OR, Bailey's injured husband remains in Derek's. Meanwhile, Bailey still hasn't delivered her baby. Hannah: Christina Ricci. Dylan Young: Kyle Chandler. read more

It's the End of the World Season 2, Episode 16

Christina Ricci guest stars in an episode in which a patient's arrival threatens the lives of everyone in the OR. There are also developments with Alex and Izzie. Dylan Young: Kyle Chandler. read more

Break on Through Season 2, Episode 15

As the docs muddle through a nurses' strike, Meredith makes a mistake treating an elderly patient, and it's caught by the patient's friends (June Lockhart, Betty Garrett and Rae Allen). Meanwhile, Izzie treats a pregnant teenager. read more

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies Season 2, Episode 14

Cristina is hesitant to “officially” move in with Burke, and George threatens to move out of Meredith's house unless she gets rid of Doc. Meanwhile, Alex gets his board-exam results; Meredith takes a blood test for Alzheimer's; and Bailey begins to have contractions. Patients include a competitive eater with hiccups; a rock guitarist who lost three fingers in an accident; a woman who's unnervingly cheerful; and an elderly woman who won't leave the hospital after being discharged. read more

Begin the Begin Season 2, Episode 13

The docs toast the New Year with a mandatory work limit, which Cristina finds constricting, and she complains about it to Bailey as they fly to harvest a heart for a patient with a crush on Izzie. Other patients include a frustrated novelist who has eaten his novel and a 14-year-old girl who hasn't reached puberty and yearns to be “normal.” Elsewhere, Addison detests Derek's trailer; Burke asks Cristina to move in with him; and Derek visits Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) without Meredith's knowledge. read more

Straight From the Heart

Recapping the series so far, focusing on how the surgeons' careers and relationships have developed. read more

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Season 2, Episode 12

It's Christmas, but nobody's feeling the spirit, except for Addison and Izzie---and Izzie's mad at Addison. A very pregnant Bailey needs a rest but has a very busy day instead, and George must cope with an ulcer patient's annoying family. As Cristina and Burke perform a heart transplant on a depressed 10-year-old, they discover that spirituality is one more thing they don't have in common. Plus, this might be Alex's last day at work. He has to retake his boards tomorrow, and he expects to fail. read more

Owner of a Lonely Heart Season 2, Episode 11

The quints present a number of challenges, and so does their mother (Margaret Welsh), who's depressed. The sickest infant is assigned to Izzie, who's taught a painful lesson in doctoring from Addison. Izzie is also seething at Alex, who's depressed because of a medical mistake he made. Meanwhile, George uses leeches to treat an avid outdoorsman with skin cancer; and a prisoner (Rosanna Arquette) swallows four razor blades to get a “vacation” from prison. read more

Much Too Much Season 2, Episode 10

The impending birth of quintuplets (and the surgeries on the newborns that are certain to follow) preoccupy the surgeons, but not completely: Burke gives Cristina a key to his apartment, but she's not overjoyed about it; Izzie and Alex are having an intimate “problem” (Alex is, anyhow); and a guy Meredith picks up at Joe's bar leaves her house the following morning with an intimate problem of a different sort. read more

Thanks for the Memories Season 2, Episode 9

It's Thanksgiving and Izzie's cooking a turkey, but nobody's excited about it. Meredith sneaks off to the hospital (on a day off), where she and Derek treat a man in a persistent vegetative state---who wakes up. Cristina and Burke arrive for the feast, and Burke promptly takes over in the kitchen while Cristina finds an excuse to go work. And George is dragooned by his father and brothers to go on a turkey shoot. read more

Let It Be Season 2, Episode 8

A young woman who was friendly with the Shepherds in New York arrives in Seattle and asks Addison to remove her uterus because she's at risk for cancer. But her husband objects because he wants children. And a hospital window washer survives a five-story fall (though the bird he landed on didn't), then begs George and Meredith to find his ex-girlfriend. Elsewhere, Meredith keeps running into Derek; Cristina gets dressed up for a date with Burke; and Bailey complains of being tired. read more

Something to Talk About Season 2, Episode 7

As Derek and Addison see a therapist to try to put their marriage back together, Meredith and the other interns “steal” a psych patient who says he's pregnant. He isn't, but he isn't crazy, either. Meanwhile, Alex tries to talk a reluctant 18-year-old into an operation that could let her walk again; George has a heart-to-heart with the mousy husband of a bossy heart patient; and Cristina and Burke wrestle with whether to “come out” as a couple. read more

Into You like a Train Season 2, Episode 6

Meredith's long wait for “McDreamy” at Joe's bar is ended abruptly by a train wreck, which causes a rush hour in the ER. Cases include a young woman and a middle-aged man impaled---together---on a pole. They had been strangers but they bond quickly. Meanwhile, Cristina can't find an amputee's severed leg; Addison and Izzie try to save a badly burned pregnant woman's baby; and Alex treats a woman with an annoying friend. read more

Bring the Pain Season 2, Episode 5

Lightning knocks out the power to the hospital, which leaves Alex and George stuck in an elevator with a patient---a police officer with a gunshot wound. The blackout also causes Cristina's patient, a man with a herniated disk, to lose access to his pain “medication,” i.e., porn videos. Meanwhile, Ellis, who's about to be discharged, keeps reliving her affair with Richard; and Meredith, who's assigned to work with Shepherd, gives him an ultimatum. Addison: Kate Walsh. Ellis: Kate Burton. read more

Deny, Deny, Deny Season 2, Episode 4

Addison (Kate Walsh) has divorce papers prepared; now all that she and Derek have to do is sign them. Meanwhile, Cristina, recovering from emergency surgery, proves to be an impossible patient, particularly when her mother is at her bedside. Speaking of mothers (and impossible patients), Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) keeps giving George fits. And Bailey's tough exterior cracks when a young man with cystic fibrosis---one of her first patients when she was an intern---returns to the hospital. read more

Make Me Lose Control Season 2, Episode 3

The secret's out when Meredith's mother (Kate Burton) is hospitalized for diverticulitis. And Cristina's secret gets out when she collapses in agony while assisting Burke in surgery. Meanwhile, the Drs. Shepherd work together on the case of a heroin-addicted infant; a young woman who can't stop blushing arrives at the hospital; and George finally finds a way to wield power over Alex. read more

Enough Is Enough (No More Tears) Season 2, Episode 2

While Meredith and Cristina lick their wounds, they're kept busy in the extremely overbooked OR. Two of the cases stem from a car wreck caused by an alcoholic wife beater whose biggest advocate is his wife. Then there's a man with an obstructed bowel, who swears that he didn't ingest drugs. And a brain-dead woman whose organs are to be harvested is on the way. Meanwhile, George has something to tell the nurse who gave him syphilis. And Webber's wife (Loretta Devine) arrives to take him home. read more

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head Season 2, Episode 1

Derek's wife, Addison, a surgical superstar from New York, is in Seattle to perform a fetal-heart operation. Derek isn't pleased to see her, and Meredith is feeling very betrayed. Meanwhile, Derek and Burke have some superstar surgery of their own to perform. Cristina has something to tell Burke and, as it happens, Burke has something to tell Cristina. And Webber appoints George to be his “eyes and ears” while he's recovering from surgery. read more

Who's Zoomin' Who? Season 1, Episode 9

Webber has eyesight problems, George gets a girlfriend (and a rash) and Meredith gets a surprise. Meanwhile, Burke's best friend (Wayne Wilderson) is a patient at Seattle Grace. And Izzie and Cristina must perform an unpleasant procedure they've never done before on an alcoholic. Addison: Kate Walsh. read more

Save Me Season 1, Episode 8

Shepherd's tight-lipped about himself to Meredith, which adds to the tension between them when they disagree about a mountain climber with an unexplained paralysis. Meanwhile, a psychiatric patient with seemingly psychic powers psychs out Izzie; a pregnant woman with breast cancer befuddles Cristina; George meets his match when he has to intubate a patient; and Burke tells an Orthodox Jewish teenager with a heart defect that only a pig valve can save her. read more

The Self-Destruct Button Season 1, Episode 7

Someone's been sleeping in Meredith's bed again, and when roomies Izzie and George find out who it is, they're not at all happy. But George is assuaged when Shepherd picks him to assist in a tricky and unusual brain operation on a 2-year-old girl. Meanwhile, Izzie must perform a bronchoscopy on a guy who swallowed his girlfriend's car keys. On purpose. And Alex, a former college wrestler, meets another ex-grappler in the clinic. The guy had asked a friend to shoot him because “I like the scars.” read more

If Tomorrow Never Comes Season 1, Episode 6

The doctors treat a woman (Alex S. Alexander) with a 65-pound tumor and a man (Bruce Weitz) with Parkinson's disease. Also, Meredith's relationship (if that's what it is) with Shepherd gets her in trouble with Bailey, while George ponders asking Meredith for a date, and Izzie has her own affair of the heart. Annie's Mom: Jane Galloway Heitz. Mr. Levangie's Daughter: Lara Phillips. read more

Shake Your Groove Thing Season 1, Episode 5

While Izzie's planning a party (and treating a patient with an obstructed bowel), Meredith assists in a heart operation---and does something she shouldn't. George's patient is an ex-smoker (Kathryn Joosten) with emphysema and Alex's is a young man (Brent Sexton) who says he has back pain. He's addicted to painkillers and Alex doesn't like that one bit. Hank: Jonathan Scarfe. Mr. Patterson: Barry Shabaka Henley. read more

No Man's Land Season 1, Episode 4

While Izzie deals with the fallout from a racy magazine spread, Cristina pushes for aggressive treatment for a cancer patient (Anna Maria Horsford) who happens to be Meredith's mother's long-time scrub nurse, and Meredith and Shepherd treat a man who accidentally shot nails into his head. read more

Winning a Battle, Losing the War Season 1, Episode 3

A daredevil bicycle-messenger race leaves in its wake (and in the ER) an array of patients, including a banged-up cyclist who hits on Meredith and a brain-dead hit-and-run victim. The tragedy this man represents gets to Izzie. But who'll get his liver? One possibility is an older gay cancer patient (Keith David), who likes to flirt with George, who doesn't know how to handle it. Meanwhile, the cyclist isn't the only guy hitting on Meredith: Derek just won't let up. Viper: Callum Blue. read more

The First Cut Is the Deepest Season 1, Episode 2

While Meredith decides who gets to move into her house, she must also deal with the grisly souvenir of a patient's brutal rape. And her visit to the nursery leads to a conflict with a pediatric intern. Meanwhile, Cristina and Alex develop their bedside manners, in a manner of speaking; George has a depressing day overseeing codes; Izzie runs into a language barrier with one of her patients; and Burke finds out why Webber hired Derek. read more

A Hard Day's Night (Pilot) Season 1, Episode 1

The first 48-hour shift for the surgical residents is chronicled in the series pilot, in which Meredith meets surgeon Derek Shepherd before she discovers he's her boss. She also has trouble with her first case, a teenage girl who's having seizures. And George tries his hand at an appendectomy. read more

Grey's Anatomy Episode: "Free Falling; She's Gone"

Episode Synopsis: As Season 8 begins, Meredith faces the professional and personal consequences of tampering with Derek's clinical trial (and Alex faces some consequences, too); Cristina and Owen deal with her unexpected pregnancy; and the chief brings in Henry for an urgent surgery, alarming Teddy. Meanwhile, a giant sinkhole in downtown Seattle leaves April in charge of the residents.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2011
Guest Cast Scott Foley: Henry Robin Weigert: Karen Amy Price-Francis: Susannah Mackenzie Astin: Danny Mitch Pileggi: Larry Jennings

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Premiered: March 27, 2005, on ABC
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: Doctors at a Seattle teaching hospital hone their bedside manners on and off the job in this medical drama.



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