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The Sopranos episodes

Made in America Season 6, Episode 21

The sixth and final season ends. Written and directed by series creator David Chase. read more

The Blue Comet Season 6, Episode 20

Loyalty to Tony reaches a critical stage for those within his sphere of influence; a case of mistaken identity has grave consequences. read more

The Second Coming Season 6, Episode 19

Tony's offer to settle differences between New York and New Jersey is rejected by Phil Leotardo; A.J. continues to battle depression; Meadow's father comes to her rescue. read more

Kennedy and Heidi Season 6, Episode 18

An asbestos-disposal dispute further strains the tenuous relationship between the families in New York and New Jersey. read more

Walk Like a Man Season 6, Episode 17

Tension rises between Christopher and Paulie, thanks to an inadvertent push from Kelli's father; A.J. sinks into a funk. read more

Chasing It Season 6, Episode 16

Tony deals with a streak of bad luck and fields a plea for help with a family problem from Vito's widow; A.J. makes an important decision about his future. read more

Remember When Season 6, Episode 15

Tony and Paulie take a trip south to escape some potentially sticky situations in New Jersey; Junior recovers part of his old self during a poker game. read more

Stage 5 Season 6, Episode 14

The premiere of “Cleaver” gets Tony thinking about his relationship with Christopher; Johnny Sack absorbs more bad news in prison; Phil analyzes his family history; Silvio's dinner with Gerry is rudely interrupted. read more

Soprano Home Movies Season 6, Episode 13

Tony has a brush with the law before a rowdy 47th birthday celebration with Carmela, Bobby and Janice at a rural retreat in the Adirondacks. read more

Kaisha Season 6, Episode 12

Carmela gets back to work, with her husband's help; Christopher follows in Tony's footsteps; A.J. enjoys one of his job's fringe benefits; Phil's dissatisfaction with the status quo continues. Phil: Frank Vincent. Co-written by David Chase. read more

Cold Stones Season 6, Episode 11

Meadow finds a new place to live; Carmela considers her position in life during a getaway with Rosalie; Tony's gang finds itself in unfamiliar financial territory. Rosalie: Sharon Angela. read more

Moe n' Joe Season 6, Episode 10

Johnny Sack's loss could turn into Tony's gain on the home front. Vincent Curatola, Steven R. Schirripa. read more

The Ride Season 6, Episode 9

Christopher unveils a surprise; Tony finds comfort in adhering to tradition; an Italian street fair puts Paulie in an awkward position. read more

Johnny Cakes Season 6, Episode 8

A real-estate agent (Julianna Margulies) has a proposal for Tony; A.J. tries to take care of family business; Vito is awed by an act of bravery; Patsy laments the decline of the neighborhood. Patsy: Dan Grimaldi. read more

Luxury Lounge Season 6, Episode 7

Another restaurant moving in on Artie's turf gives him fits, while a scandal threatens Vesuvio from the inside; Christopher and Little Carmine go on a business trip. Little Carmine: Ray Abruzzo. Artie: John Ventimiglia. read more

Live Free or Die Season 6, Episode 6

Tony seeks guidance from overseas to solve a local problem, and decides whether a top earner deserves another chance. Directed by Tim Van Patten. read more

Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request... Season 6, Episode 5

Johnny Sack asks permission to get out of jail for his daughter's wedding; Tony's on the lookout for personal protection. Johnny: Vincent Curatola. read more

The Fleshy Part of the Thigh Season 6, Episode 4

Tempers flare when Barone Sanitation is put up for sale; Bobby helps an aspiring rapper pad his résumé; Paulie's world gets turned upside-down by a family matter; Tony converses with an evangelical about religion and dinosaurs. John: Hal Holbrook. read more

Mayham Season 6, Episode 3

Tony tries to head off a potential lawsuit; Silvio suffers from the strain of added responsibility; Christopher proposes a business opportunity to a friend (Tim Daly) from rehab; Vito and Paulie squabble over the spoils from a recent score; Carmela needs help dealing with A.J. Finn: Will Janowitz. Little Carmine: Ray Abruzzo. read more

Join the Club Season 6, Episode 2

Tony has trouble on a business trip to the west coast; the New Jersey faction mourns the loss of another associate; Christopher discusses terrorism with the FBI. Hesh: Jerry Adler. Harris: Matt Servitto. read more

Members Only Season 6, Episode 1

Tony mulls an associate's proposal to move on; Junior hunts for hidden treasure; and Hesh intervenes on his son-in-law's behalf. Hesh: Jerry Adler. read more

All Due Respect Season 5, Episode 13

Tony worries that Johnny Sack might start a war over the misdeeds of Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi); Carmela mulls over her reconciliation with her husband; and A.J. reveals a hidden talent. Co-written by series creator David Chase. read more

Long Term Parking Season 5, Episode 12

Tony Soprano and Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi) confide in one another about their pasts; Carmela's interest in a real-estate deal is supported by her estranged husband, who also mulls an offer from Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola). Adriana: Drea de Matteo. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

The Test Dream Season 5, Episode 11

Even though Tony's affair with Valentina (Leslie Bega) is red-hot, he is obsessed with an old flame; a frustrated Tony B. (Steve Buscemi) blows off some steam in the city. read more

Cold Cuts Season 5, Episode 10

Tony B. and Christopher reflect on some painful memories during a trip to the country; Carmela plans another party with Tony; Tony baits Janice after she takes an anger-management class. Mike Figgis directed. read more

Unidentified Black Males Season 5, Episode 9

Gossip about Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi) puts Tony Soprano at odds with Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola); Meadow looks out for her boyfriend's financial well-being; A.J. avoids making summer plans. Finn: Will Janowitz. A.J.: Robert Iler. Meadow: Jamie-Lynn DiScala. read more

Marco Polo Season 5, Episode 8

Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent) pays a visit to Pussy's auto-repair shop; ex-con Tony Blundetto ponders an offer that might violate his parole; Johnny Sack gets a new car. Blundetto: Steve Buscemi. Johnny Sack: Vincent Curatola. Written by Michael Imperioli. read more

In Camelot Season 5, Episode 7

Tony learns answers to questions about his lot in life from his late father's old girlfriend (Polly Bergen); Junior finds a silver lining in the dark cloud of a distant relative's funeral; Christopher has second thoughts about a new friend's habit. Junior: Dominic Chianese. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. Directed by Steve Buscemi. read more

Sentimental Education Season 5, Episode 6

Anxious for her son to continue his education, Carmela works overtime with his college counselor (David Strathairn); Tony Blundetto eyes a new business venture; A.J. rethinks his living situation. Blundetto: Steve Buscemi. A.J.: Robert Iler. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

Irregular Around the Margins Season 5, Episode 5

A rumor about Adriana circulates among Tony Soprano's associates while Christopher is tending to matters out of town. Paulie: Tony Sirico. Silvio: Steven Van Zandt. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. read more

All Happy Families Season 5, Episode 4

Johnny Sack is emphatic about not sharing his power; A.J. tests his mother's patience with a trip to New York; Feech drives Tony up a wall with a car heist. Rusty: Frankie Valli. Angelo: Joe Santos. Lorraine: Patti D'Arbanville. Robert Wegler: David Strathairn. read more

Where's Johnny? Season 5, Episode 3

Uncle Junior takes an unsupervised tour of his old neighborhood; a turf war erupts when Feech La Manna (Robert Loggia) looks for a cut of a local lawnmowing enterprise; Johnny Sack expresses his disdain for Tony's latest solution to a power problem; Artie gets a new place to live. Bobby: Steven R. Schirripa. Artie: John Ventimiglia. read more

Rat Pack Season 5, Episode 2

Tony throws a party for his cousin Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi) when he's released from prison, and receives disturbing news about a contractor. Elsewhere, Adriana is wracked with guilt after cooperating with the FBI. Phil: Frank Vincent. Artie: John Ventimiglia. Rosalie: Sharon Angela. read more

Two Tonys Season 5, Episode 1

Tony and Carmela adjust to their separation; Janice (Aida Turturro) begins to host Sunday dinner; a group of mob associates prepare for parole; Christopher tires of paying the check at social gatherings. Bobby: Steven R. Schirripa. Johnny Sack: Vincent Curatola. read more

Whitecaps Season 4, Episode 13

The Sopranos look into real estate at the shore, Tony's boat gets a new stereo and Carmine (Tony Lip) wants to let bygones be bygones. Little Paulie: Carlo Capotorto. Benny: Max Casella. Johnny Sack: Vincent Curatola. Carmela: Edie Falco. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

Eloise Season 4, Episode 12

Tony, Johnny Sack and Carmine (Tony Lip) try to solve a business dilemma; Furio doesn't feel very lucky on a casino trip; Meadow and Carmela debate the finer points of literature. Nucci: Frances Esemplare. Johnny Sack: Vincent Curatola. Meadow: Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

Calling All Cars Season 4, Episode 11

The future of Tony's HUD scheme hangs in the balance after a sit-down with Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola); Janice's patience with Bobby (Steven R. Schirripa) is wearing thin; Melfi interprets Tony's dreams. Furio: Federico Castelluccio. Janice: Aida Turturro. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. read more

The Strong, Silent Type Season 4, Episode 10

Dr. Melfi disagrees with Tony's latest self-evaluation; Anthony Jr. reluctantly accompanies his mother on a visit to Furio's; Christopher's future may not be so rosy after all. Furio: Federico Castelluccio. Anthony Jr.: Robert Iler. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. read more

Whoever Did This Season 4, Episode 9

Uncle Junior's lawyers respond to some harsh treatment of their client in the press; Tony returns to a familiar safe haven; Ralph gets a taste of his own medicine when he pulls a prank on Paulie. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Junior: Dominic Chianese. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

Mergers and Acquisitions Season 4, Episode 8

Furio (Federico Castelluccio) takes a trip to his native Italy to visit his father; Carmela explores new avenues in the investment world; Paulie dotes on his mother at Green Grove; Ralph shows off his new girlfriend. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Carmela: Edie Falco. Paulie: Tony Sirico. read more

Watching Too Much Television Season 4, Episode 7

Tony and Ralph disregard the advice of Carmela's cousin, a financial adviser, about a moneymaking scheme; Adriana is getting anxious to tie the knot; Paulie finally gets out of jail. Brian: Matt Del Negro. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Adriana: Drea de Matteo. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

Everybody Hurts Season 4, Episode 6

Christopher's responsibilities continue to grow; Furio (Federico Castelluccio) gets some help in the dating game from Carmela; Anthony Jr. finds a new girlfriend; Tony hears news about the past. Artie: John Ventimiglia. Anthony Jr.: Robert Iler. Carmela: Edie Falco. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. Directed by Steve Buscemi. Written by Imperioli. read more

Pie-O-My Season 4, Episode 5

Uncle Junior is incensed by a court artist's unflattering likeness of him; Tony finds solace at the racetrack; Janice offers Bobby a shoulder to cry on; Christopher's business dealings at Adriana's club makes her nervous. Bobby: Steven R. Schirripa. Janice: Aida Turturro. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Junior: Dominic Chianese. read more

The Weight Season 4, Episode 4

Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola) wants revenge for a joke about his wife; Silvio and Christopher seek out an old hit man; Furio hosts a housewarming party. Ginny: Denise Borino. Carmine: Tony Lip. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Elliot: Peter Bogdanovich. Furio: Federico Castelluccio. read more

Christopher Season 4, Episode 3

A tragic accident shocks Bobby and his family; Uncle Junior's trial begins; Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola) doesn't find any humor in a joke about his wife (Denise Borino); Janice talks to her therapist about the men in her life; and the Columbus Day parade has Silvio riled up. Gabriella: Maureen Van Zandt. Karen: Christine Pedi. Zellman: Peter Riegert. Patsy: Dan Grimaldi. read more

No Show Season 4, Episode 2

Tony is none too pleased when he finds out about Janice's latest boyfriend; Meadow looks to a therapist (Linda Lavin) for help with her future plans; the FBI picks an unlikely target; Christopher and Patsy clash at the Newark construction site. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Janice: Aida Turturro. Patsy: Dan Grimaldi. Harris: Matt Servitto. Grasso: Frank Pando. read more

For All Debts Public and Private Season 4, Episode 1

In the fourth-season opener, Carmela is concerned about the family's financial future; Zellman (Peter Riegert) gives Tony a tip on a money-making venture; Uncle Junior worries about his upcoming trial; Christopher repays an old debt; and Bobby gets a promotion. Danielle: Lola Glaudini. Johnny Sack: Vincent Curatola. Bobby: Steven R. Schirripa. Written by David Chase. read more

The Army of One Season 3, Episode 13

Tony decides to delegate and tells Ralph (Joe Pantoliano) to handle the situation with Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone); Anthony Jr.'s shenanigans may land him in military school; Meadow realizes what it means to be a Soprano after being away from home. Anthony Jr.: Robert Iler. Meadow: Jamie-Lynn Sigler. read more

Amour Fou Season 3, Episode 12

Despite being warned early and often by Tony, Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone) decides to make a name for himself in the underworld; Carmela's visit to confession is motivated by guilt. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Carmela: Edie Falco. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

Pine Barrens Season 3, Episode 11

Paulie and Christopher get lost in New Jersey's Pine Barrens; Meadow reconsiders her feelings for Jackie Jr. (Jason Cerbone); Tony's new friendship hits a snag. Paulie: Tony Sirico. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. Meadow: Jamie-Lynn Sigler. read more

To Save Us All from Satan's Power Season 3, Episode 10

Bacala (Steven R. Schirripa) is reluctant to wear Pussy's old Santa suit for a holiday party; Tony seeks Dr. Melfi's help when he's haunted by memories of a Christmas past; Janice volunteers to host Christmas dinner. Silvio: Steven Van Zandt. Dr. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

The Telltale Moozadell Season 3, Episode 9

Adriana may have to go back to work because of Christopher's latest surprise; Anthony Jr. gets in hot water at school; Carmela's birthday brings out Tony's softer side. Adriana: Drea de Matteo. Anthony Jr.: Robert Iler. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

He Is Risen Season 3, Episode 8

Tony ponders his feud with Ralph (Joe Pantoliano); Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone) and Meadow find a common ground; Tony decides to shop for a new car. Gloria: Annabella Sciorra. Dr. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. Tony: James Gandolfini. Meadow: Jamie-Lynn Sigler. read more

Second Opinion Season 3, Episode 7

Much to his chagrin, Christopher's probationary period continues under Paulie; Tony talks to Uncle Junior about getting a second opinion regarding his cancer treatment; Anthony Jr.'s school trip leaves Tony and Carmela home alone. Paulie: Tony Sirico. Carmela: Edie Falco. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. read more

University Season 3, Episode 6

Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) isn't making any friends with his increasingly volatile behavior; Meadow is fed up with her roommate's neuroses, prompting her to spend more time with her boyfriend. Noah: Patrick Tully. Tracee: Ariel Kelly. Caitlin: Ari Graynor. Rosalie: Sharon Angela. Gigi: John Fiore. read more

Another Toothpick Season 3, Episode 5

Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri Sr. (Burt Young) comes out of retirement, but neither his son (Steven R. Schirripa) nor Uncle Junior is too thrilled about it. Meanwhile, things get complicated for Artie at his restaurant; Carmela decides to check on Tony's progress in therapy. Artie: John Ventimiglia. Charmaine: Katherine Narducci. Adriana: Drea de Matteo. read more

Employee of the Month Season 3, Episode 4

Svetlana (Alla Kliouka) tries to get a leg up on Janice; a personal crisis interrupts Tony's therapy; Johnny Sack (Vincent Curatola) leaves the Big Apple for the Garden State; Ralph Cifaretto tries to make points with Jackie Aprile Jr. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Jackie: Jason Cerbone. Rosalie: Sharon Angela. read more

Fortunate Son Season 3, Episode 3

Janice gets a leg up on Svetlana (Alla Kliouka) in her quest for Livia's record collection; Tony has a heart-to-heart chat with Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone); Dr. Melfi finds another cause of Tony's anxiety attacks; and Anthony Jr. finds his niche on the football field. Johnny Boy Soprano: Joseph Siravo. Noah: Patrick Tully. Carmine: Tony Lip. Irina: Oksana Babiy. read more

Proshai, Livushka Season 3, Episode 2

Livia Soprano's passing brings Janice (Aida Turturro) back from Seattle; Tony lets his daughter's new friend (Patrick Tully) in on a family secret. Zellman: Peter Riegert. Ralph: Joe Pantoliano. Svetlana: Alla Kliouka. Barbara: Nicole Burdette. Hugh: Tom Aldredge. Gigi: John Fiore. read more

Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood Season 3, Episode 1

The FBI hatches an elaborate scheme to monitor Soprano business; Tony is mindful of Patsy Parisi (Dan Grimaldi), who's still mourning the murder of his twin brother; Meadow settles in at college. Gigi: John Fiore. Agent Harris: Matt Servitto. Caitlin: Ari Graynor. Lilliana: Katalin Pota. Agent Grasso: Frank Pando. Birgit: Erica Leerhsen. read more

Funhouse Season 2, Episode 13

Tony and Pussy pull off a scam that puts a smile on Carmela's face; Livia and her sister (Barbara Andres) plan a trip to Arizona; Meadow eagerly awaits her graduation. Livia: Nancy Marchand. Carmela: Edie Falco. Meadow: Jamie-Lynn Sigler. read more

The Knight in White Satin Armor Season 2, Episode 12

Richie and Janice show the fire hasn't gone out in their relationship during a party Tony throws for them; Irina (Oksana Babiy) tries to persuade Tony to take her back; Junior looks back at a lifetime of allegiances. Richie: David Proval. Janice: Aida Turturro. Junior: Dominic Chianese. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

House Arrest Season 2, Episode 11

Uncle Junior seeks to stave off the ennui of house arrest with the company of a policeman's widow (Mary Louise Wilson); after one legal scrape too many, Tony's lawyer (David Margulies) advises him to lay low for a while; Richie gets a lecture from Tony about how he should conduct business. Richie: David Proval. Junior: Dominic Chianese. Dr. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

Bust Out Season 2, Episode 10

Richie complains to Tony about his end of the garbage business, then runs to Junior to complain about Tony. Also, David Scatino (Robert Patrick) is at the mercy of Tony's “business practices,” and Tony tries to spend more time with his son. Vic: Joe Penny. Christine: Marisa Redanty. Richie: David Proval. Anthony Jr.: Robert Iler. read more

From Where to Eternity Season 2, Episode 9

Christopher's otherworldly experience during surgery spooks Paulie into seeing a psychic; Dr. Melfi reveals her weaknesses to her therapist; Carmela has some advice for her philandering husband. Dr. Kupferberg: Peter Bogdanovich. Paulie: Tony Sirico. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. read more

Full Leather Jacket Season 2, Episode 8

Carmela asks her neighbor (Saundra Santiago) for help regarding Meadow's college plans; Richie tries to make peace with Tony; Sean and Matt ponder pledging their allegiance to someone else. Sean: Chris Tardio. Matt: Lillo Brancato Jr. Richie: David Proval. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

D-Girl Season 2, Episode 7

Anthony Jr.'s increasing apathy elicits concern from his parents; Christopher speaks his mind while on a movie set with filmmaker Jon Favreau. Janeane Garofalo and Sandra Bernhard guest star. Anthony Jr.: Robert Iler. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. read more

The Happy Wanderer Season 2, Episode 6

Tony runs an exclusive card game for some classy players (including Frank Sinatra Jr.) that also gets an old friend (Robert Patrick) in hot water; Meadow prepares for “cabaret night” at school. Matt: Lillo Brancato Jr. Sean: Chris Tardio. Eric: John C. Hensley. Artie: John Ventimiglia. Hillel: Sig Libowitz. read more

Big Girls Don't Cry Season 2, Episode 5

Back in New Jersey, Furio (Federico Castelluccio) begins work as Tony's newest enforcer; Hesh (Jerry Adler) tells Tony a few secrets about his father; Dr. Melfi consults her therapist (Peter Bogdanovich) about dumping Tony as a patient; Christopher enrolls in a “writer's acting class.” Adriana: Drea de Matteo. Tony: James Gandolfini. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. Dr. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. read more

Commendatori Season 2, Episode 4

Tony travels to his ancestral Italy to investigate one of his new “business” ventures and, while there, also meets a valuable new ally (Federico Castelluccio). Meanwhile, his traveling companions, Paulie and Christopher, get a taste of “la dolce vita” the Old Country has to offer. Tony: James Gandolfini. Paulie: Tony Sirico. Christopher: Michael Imperioli. read more

Toodle-oo Season 2, Episode 3

Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) tests her parents' disciplinary muscle by partying in her grandmother's vacant house; an old-school mafioso (David Proval) gets down to business after 10 years in jail; Dr. Melfi is troubled by a chance meeting with Tony. Hunter: Michele DeCesare. Dr. Kupferberg: Peter Bogdanovich. Beansie: Paul Herman. Dr. Schreck: Matthew Sussman. Dr. Melfi: Lorraine Bracco. read more

Do Not Resuscitate Season 2, Episode 2

Janice begins making plans for her mother's release from the hospital; Uncle Junior petitions to get out of jail; a construction site becomes the scene for a violent protest; Tony continues to consolidate his acquisitions. Janice: Aida Turturro. Rev. James Sr.: Bill Cobbs. Rev. James Jr.: Gregalan Williams. Skip: Louis Lombardi. Melvoin: Richard Portnow. Bacala: Steven R. Schirripa. Massarone: Robert Desiderio. read more

Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office Season 2, Episode 1

Tony's tenure as northern New Jersey boss is interrupted by the arrival of his estranged, older sister, Janice (Aida Turturro), who seeks to reconcile with their mother. Also, Pussy makes an uneasy return to Tony's gang. Hesh: Jerry Adler. Pussy: Vincent Pastore. Matt: Lillo Brancato Jr. Sean: Chris Tardio. Barbara: Nicole Burdette. Tony: James Gandolfini. Carmela: Edie Falco. read more

I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano Season 1, Episode 13

Dr. Melfi suggests Livia was involved in the hit on Tony, but he doesn't believe it until he hears the Feds' tapes of conversations between Livia and Junior. Meanwhile, Livia tells Artie about the restaurant fire; and Carmela learns she's not Father Phil's only close friend. read more

Isabella Season 1, Episode 12

A deeply depressed Tony (James Gandolfini) finds it hard to get out of bed, but when he does he's targeted by Junior's hired guns. Also: Tony fantasizes about his neighbor's exchange student (Maria Grazia Cucinotta); and Dr. Melfi increases his medication. read more

Nobody Knows Anything Season 1, Episode 11

Tony considers taking grave measures when Vin tells him Pussy (Vincent Pastore) is wearing a wire for the Feds; and Junior learns Tony's crew has meetings in Livia's retirement community. Also: personal problems take their toll on Vin; and Carmela confronts Livia. read more

A Hit Is a Hit Season 1, Episode 10

A rapper (Bokeem Woodbine) whose aunt is owed music royalties by Hesh asks Christopher to arrange a sit-down, and he does---in exchange for a career opportunity for Adriana. Also: Tony and Carmela hobnob with country-club types, who later grill Tony about Mob life. read more

Boca Season 1, Episode 9

Tony and other dads try to strong-arm a lame-duck soccer coach (Kevin O'Rourke) to stay, but plot to get rid of him after they learn he's been having an affair with a player. Also: news of Junior's sex life spreads after a trip with his lover (Robyn Peterson). Ally: Cara Jedell. read more

The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti Season 1, Episode 8

The gang does some “spring cleaning” in preparation for indictments that are expected to fall on everyone; Christopher (Michael Imperioli) is haunted by one of his victims; Dr. Melfi's family worries about her association with a mobster. Richard: Richard Romanus. read more

Down Neck Season 1, Episode 7

After Anthony Jr. (Robert Iler) misbehaves and is tested for attention deficit disorder, Tony recalls his own childhood---and wonders how much the boy is affected by his line of work. Also: Livia learns that Tony's in therapy. Livia: Nancy Marchand. Tony: James Gandolfini. read more

Pax Soprana Season 1, Episode 6

Carmela's jealousy of Dr. Melfi continues---and with good reason---despite Tony's decreased libido; and Uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese) flexes his muscle and makes some changes, including taxing Hesh's business and disposing of one captain's biggest earners. read more

College Season 1, Episode 5

When Tony and Meadow visit colleges in Maine, they discuss his business; and he runs into a former colleague. Also: Father Phil (Paul Schulze) keeps an ill Carmela company, and she confesses her guilt about Tony's line of work after learning his therapist is a woman. read more

Meadowlands Season 1, Episode 4

A detective (John Heard) is paid to investigate Dr. Melfi; Tony strikes back for the attacks on Christopher and Brendan; and the captains discuss who will take control once Jackie dies. Also: Anthony Jr. is confused when a former friend refuses to fight him. read more

Denial, Anger, Acceptance Season 1, Episode 3

Hesh (Jerry Adler) helps Tony convince a Hasidic man to sign divorce papers; and Meadow and Hunter ask Christopher for drugs to help them study. Also: Arty has trouble getting insurance money for the fire; and Charmaine has surprising news for Carmela. read more

46 Long Season 1, Episode 2

Christopher and Brendan hijack a truck owned by a company Uncle Junior is paid to protect; Livia nearly loses her home to fire, but still refuses to move into a retirement facility; Tony's pals search for a car once owned by Anthony Jr.'s teacher. Jackie: Michael Rispoli. read more

Sopranos Season 1, Episode 1

In the series opener, middle-aged Mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) sees a therapist (Lorraine Bracco) about panic attacks, and tries to move his mom to a retirement home; and Uncle Junior plans to conduct business in a restaurant owned by Tony's friend. Meanwhile, Carmela and Meadow butt heads. read more

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Premise: A conflicted New Jersey crime boss seeks therapy to cope with mob and family pressures in this addictive, stunningly original drama, which can be chillingly violent, wrenchingly moving or darkly funny. Well deserving of its many Emmys and other awards, this HBO masterwork created by Garden State native David Chase has become Sunday-night appointment viewing, with passionate fans mostly carping about waiting ridiculously long stretches (more than a year) for new seasons of original episodes.



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