The drunken red-headed Meredith here from the corner desk of Dunder-Mifflin with my Season 3 wrap-up. I've had great fun writing the weak, I mean weekly Office blog. I am so shocked and pleased that people actually read this and comment. In my comments I've heard from: old friends, high school and college friends, friends I haven't spoken to in years and years, new friends, as well as people I've met in the grocery store or fans who saw me in Philadelphia on a train, or in Kentucky at a restaurant. Not to mention MySpace crossover fans and new Office fans.

Thank god people get to give me their two-cents here or I would have gotten way off track - very sarcastic, angry, mean-spirited, you know? Like when I used to write my "morning pages." Did anyone else do The Artist's Way? How about the Official Bartender's Guide Book? Now that's good reading.

I had such a blast this season - on set and off. Winning an Emmy award for Best Comedy and a SAG award for Best Comedy Ensemble - both such incredible experiences. Off the charts. Not to mention the people I've met - the actors and the fans in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Louisville, Vegas, Vancouver and L.A. Hell, I got to be in the parade at the Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago. When I think about it all, my head is going to explode.

Speaking of NYC, I just met the cast in NYC last week for the upfronts. We had fun together. But, it's true: Jenna Fischer hurt her back at the NBC party and she is still recovering in NYC. She is in pain right now, but the doctors say there is no permanent damage expected. I'm sure she will be back next season! Keep her in your thoughts. Pain stinks. That's why people drink. Anyway. Where was I? And where is my drink?

How about that finale? Can you believe it? Lots of questions answered in the finale. Didn't I tell you? I think I told you. It's so bright this morning I can't see straight. I told you. Full one-hour episode. Like a movie. I got a nice moment with Jim and his sexy haircut. Was I drunk or did Jim actually ask Pam for dinner? "Dinner." I think that's code. "Din-din." Is that code? Or just dumb? The point is that the elephant in the room has not only been addressed but asked to dinner. Makes Season 4 seem filled with possibilities - like an empty glass in front of a full bar.

So Dunder-Mifflin fans and friends, what a great season of support and laughter we've all had. Are you with me? Keep in touch. Write me at my page or visit the website As for the Lampshades, we have two shows coming up in June at I.O. West in Hollywood (June 2 and 4, at 8 pm). I promise to check in here at a few times over the summer.

In the meantime, you can watch Office reruns this summer, and John Krasinski's new movie, License to Wed, and Steve Carell's Evan Almighty. We go back to work in early August, so school's out for the summer. Nice! Have a great summer. Have fun at camp. If you're over 21, have a cocktail. I'll be watching.

Thanks for a great season! You guys have been more fun than Bartles and James put together. All my red-headed love. Cheers!