Hello, Office fans. The Office drunk with the red hair here with all the Golden Globe news for Dunder-Mifflin fans. Do not mourn our loss the other night, friends. Do not. No, we did not walk away with a statuette. But we did walk away with the hearts of millions! At least that's what I tell myself. Everyone was so excited to see us there. Even real movie stars watch The Office. And how bad can you feel dolled up in a designer gown?!

This week's episode is about Oscar's return ("The Return"). How ironic that the Golden Globes and "Oscars" are both in the same week!

If I tell you what happened that day you would not believe it. I had a hectic day of hair and makeup. (In all honesty, I went to someone new, and I kind of felt like I looked like Phyllis Smith and Rashida Jones in last week's episode, when they drove out of the beauty parlor.) Beauty can be stressful, especially because I am getting used to Meredith's minimal documentary-style makeup. I wore a copper-colored satin dress by Dina Bar-el. Oh, yeah, did I mention? I borrowed a necklace that was offered to me from jewelry and style expert Michael O'Connor and the folks at Platinum that was worth one million dollars. One million! Can you believe that the Office drunk got the crown jewels? Black, pink and white diamonds. This is truly the craziest business in the world. Good thing my drug habit is under control these days, right? For all you thieves and evildoers reading this Office blog, just know that the jewels are safely back in their rightful place - back at the Beverly Hills Jewelers instead of the wall safe behind the painting on my wall in my Koreatown high-rise apartment! It made me so nervous having them that I had to drink myself to sleep.

As for the Globes, it's just an amazing night. We all had fun. We clean up very well. Jenna, Angela, Melora, Mindy, Phyllis, Rashida and I felt like glamour queens. My jewelry hero, Michael O'Connor, also hooked up Angela, Phyllis and Leslie with some amazing diamonds. That guy makes you feel like a princess. Rainn and John, B.J., Steve, David, Creed, Ed, Leslie, Paul, Craig, Brian and even Bob Vance all looked very hot. We took over a few tables, if you know what I mean. A lot of people expressed how much they watch and love the show. Zach Braff loves us. Ross the Intern does, too. So does Ben Affleck. There were so many cool highlights.

My personal highlight? I had two. No. 1 was visiting the private presidential suite to hang out with my old friend, creator Marc Cherry, and with writer John Pardee of Desperate Housewives. (They didn't win this year, either.) We got to catch up after all the riffraff had finally moved on to the InStyle and HBO parties. No. 2 was meeting Alec Baldwin, even though he beat out my costar and my extremely close friend, Steve Carell. I did get a photo with the funny man, but I think I look funnier than he does. Check out the photo here.

Which reminds me of this new episode: another party at the office. This one is to celebrate Oscar ( Oscar Nuñez) coming back after that horrible scene with Michael in the conference room, when Michael tried to kiss him in front of everyone to prove that he doesn't mind gays in the office. I can't tell you much, but can you say "piñata"? Did you know that Oscar created a show that he's been shooting for Comedy Central called Halfway House? Look for it this March. (That's why he was gone for a few months. He's on two shows... two shows where he plays a gay man. Coincidence? Yes. Ladies, he's straight!)

This was the last episode we shot before our break for Thanksgiving. Now we are back in full swing. I am just now getting the residual glitter out of my hair. Thanks for all the warm wishes, and remember, we don't need a little statue to tell us that we have a good show. We have a big statue: It's called an Emmy. So there!

The Office airs this Thursday at 8:30 pm/ET on NBC. Join the party, have a great week, drink responsibly, and thanks for reading this.