Happy new year, Office fans. Meredith here. Last week's episode was on during my vacation, but now I am back!

This week's episode is "Traveling Salesmen." Have you seen the promos with Phyllis and Karen with big hair and too much makeup? Hilarious. Pennsylvania women have it going on. I'd like to give more away, but I can't - I can't remember much. It's not just the booze. I have to fit 10 pounds of news in a five-pound bag! We shot it eight weeks ago, and we've had a break for the past eight weeks. And in those eight weeks we all traveled and did cool stuff, like get talk shows and do Vegas gigs and get nominated for two Golden Globe Awards (one for Steve Carell and one for best comedy). We also got nominated for two SAG Awards (one for Steve Carell and one for Best Ensemble in a Comedy). While children are starving in Africa, I am working hard on getting my dress - the SAG Awards do not refer to our aging bodies. Too bad, after all those Christmas cookies.

As most of you know, I am the only cast member of The Office who is a Pennsylvania native. My Christmas trip to Philadelphia started on the plane ride where they showed The Office in-flight (always a little surreal), and the movie Invincible with Mark Walberg - a great Philly movie. It looked a lot like the first Rocky. It reminded me of being at my dad's bar in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia in the '70s. They really got the look and the feel right. And the volatile, rough Philly Eagles fans (even the accents). May I say, the Philadelphia fans of The Office didn't throw snowballs at me. I couldn't believe how excited Philly fans are about The Office. I did the local Philly 10 show on NBC 10, where I actually made a drink on TV at 10:15 in the morning! I love that town. If you want to take a look, here's the link. It was pretty cool. Philly fans are not known for being phony.

Thanks to all the Dunderheads I met at my brother's bar (T.A. Flannery's) and at my sister-in-law's surprise party, and to all the fans in Borders in Wynnewood, and to my junior-prom date who met me for a coffee after all these years. Thanks to the wedding party at the Four Seasons hotel who saw me in the lobby and pulled me into their wedding photos! BTW, the bride's name was Jenna! I am not making this up! There were some fans I met in Suburban Square and on the train to NYC and at the morning show where I had just driven 120 miles to Scranton the week before to meet Rainn Wilson! Thanks to the Dwight and Meredith fans. Rainn and I swapped Pennsylvania-fan stories this week. Did I mention that my sisters and I actually gasped out loud with excitement when we saw John Krasinski in Dreamgirls at the Anthony Wayne Theater in Wayne, Pennsylvania? (TMI?)

Philly was great. I came full circle. Yes, I did see Rocky Balboa. What a great tribute to the city of Philadelphia - I freaked out at the scenes in the Irish pub on Walnut Sreet, where I worked in 1986, and also at the scene with my college acting teacher, Johnny Hobbs Jr., who was one of the fight commissioners. Thanks, Sly. You moved the soul of this stonyhearted, redheaded drunk.

So it's a new year. What a funny episode last week, appropriately named "Back from Vacation." I actually had a big stunt in the warehouse during the inventory that required a stunt double. My stunt double was also Linda Hamilton's stunt double in Terminator 2. Drunken Meredith wandered back during the inventory and climbed a shelf to count, when the entire shelf of giant boxes came down on her. Poor Meredith. You can see that scene on NBC.com, along with some other deleted scenes.

We just started up to work this week and it is so great to see everyone. We really are like a family - a family who wears a lot of makeup and is very well lit and gets paid to be together. We are very excited for the upcoming episodes and the upcoming awards shows. Last year Steve was nominated and won with the most memorable speeches ever. This year the whole show is nominated, too. I know we will have fun. The Office cast knows how to party, so we are going to have a blast no matter what. Thanks to all the Philly Office fans for the homecoming. Thanks to all The Office fans everywhere. Please watch The Office this Thursday at 8:30 pm/ET on NBC, and please watch the Golden Globes on NBC this Monday night, and keep your fingers crossed for Steve and the rest of The Office cast. You are the best fans ever.