When John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were recently asked by TVGuide.com what to expect from the newest Office blog, written by me, the redhead who plays Meredith the drunk, I was surprised. John said to expect "slurred words," and Jenna said to expect drunken "ramblings."

How dare they imply that I would be so unproffesssssionalllll!!!!!

It's my blog and I'll slurrr if I want to.

I am not into rambling. But it is impossible not to ramble in a blog. Wikipedia defines the term "celebrity blog" as a self-indulgent, self-important, whiny, tedious, self-promoting, rambling waste of time.

Wait, where was I?

Oh, yeah. The third episode of Season 3 is "The Coup," written by Paul Lieberstein and directed by Greg Daniels (our executive producer, whom you heard making the acceptance speech when The Office won the Emmy). Office fans, look out - behind every great man is a pushy woman. Or in this case, a pushy, short, judgmental blonde named Angela. It's the ultimate Adam-and-Eve saga. Angela is about to push the apple in Dwight's face as she persuades him to try to take Michael's place at Dunder-Mifflin.

The Internet is filled with chatter about Dwight and Angela (also known as "DwAngela"). Just Google DwAngela and you'll see the Photoshopped pictures and videos and such that the online fans can't seem to get enough of. Thanks to MySpace, I have gotten hip to some amazing websites devoted specifically to The Office. I have two favorites. The first is OfficeTally.com. What a great site. They seem to know more than NBC. Also NorthernAttack.com is an amazing resource for the Office-hungry fan. So if you want to know when your favorite Office actor is going to be on The Tonight Show (such as B.J. Novak, this week), you can set your TiVo, or, if you're old-school like me, your VCR.

There are a few folks on The Office who have the same first name as their character - Phyllis, Oscar, Creed and Angela. Let me set the record straight. Angela the actress is way different than Angela the character. Did you know that Angela and I were in an all-women improv troupe seven years ago in Hollywood's IOWest, called Bitch Planet? She is one talented improviser. Smart and funny and on the ball. You can't tell because of the Office's documentary-style makeup and clothes, but she is way prettier in real life. (I've been told that, too. I only get recognized when I look like hell.) But Angela is a knockout.

Rainn Wilson is not like Dwight, either. I mean, he really plays the recorder and he has a wealth of knowledge about weird, random stuff, but he's not so creepy. Rainn is a very, very talented guy. He makes it all look very easy because he is a great actor. He was the best thing in My Super Ex Girlfriend. Rainn writes the greatest blog I have ever read on NBC.com. It's called Schrute-Space. It will make you laugh.
His blog has never been accused of rambling.


Did I ever tell you about the TCA awards??? Well, the night before we started shooting our first episode in July of this year, The Office won two TCA awards - one for best comedy, and one for Steve Carell, for best actor in a comedy! It was the first time we were all back together since last March. It was great to be on stage
together getting an award for the first time. (I leaned on the sink in the ladies' room and my dress got a huge water stain that I had to hide with my purse. The Grey's Anatomy gals saw it happen and they were very supportive, looking out for me to make sure it didn't show all night.) Grey's won, as did My Name Is Earl. ( Earl's stars are as hilarious as you'd guess! I did the Hot in Hollywood AIDS benefit that Jaime Pressly hosted). Well, Carol Burnett got the lifetime-achievement award and in her speech she said she still likes to work and she'd like to be on The Office. This opened the door for the cast to meet her. Pretty cool! She was an inspiration to me. Love that Carol!

So, thank you for indulging me. Meredith fans, I can't give too much away, but let me just say that her sobriety dance continues. So, till next week, this is The Office's drunken redhead saying so long for now. And please watch The Office.

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