Hello, Office fans. Have you survived the rerun hell? Can you handle a brand-new episode? Well, then, grab something tall and cold, and get ready. "The Negotiation" is this week's long-anticipated new episode. Just to mess you up, it's on at 8 pm/ET instead of 8:30. What I love about this episode is the great Craig Robinson. What makes Craig so great? He is the nicest guy in the world, and he likes to sing with redheaded actresses. Ever since the first season, the "Basketball" episode, we've been singing together. We sing on the set and in the hair and makeup trailer. We sound good together, but sometimes people are not in the mood to hear our amazing duets, mostly from the '80s, in the style of Peabo Bryson and Linda Ronstadt, Billy Preston and Celine, Kim Carnes and Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks, Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty - you get the idea. So we just sing until we feel it's time. Craig has a comedy act that is very musical and so do I. My comedy act, the Lampshades, is playing this Saturday in Hollywood at the iO West. TheLampshades.com has all the info. Craig's been touring the country with his music and comedy; he is one talented cat. I think that he is very funny in this episode. Darryl is a great foil for Michael Scott. I love how he calls him Mike! And the very funny Toby ( Paul Lieberstein) is a great tag-along, too.

I know I mentioned last week that The Office has just finished Season 3! But did you know we just finished our 53rd episode? So if I am asked, "Hey, Kate Flannery, you've just finished the 53rd episode of The Office, what are you gonna do now?" I'll answer, "I'm going to Disneyland!" (It's just a coincidence that Disneyland is on my list this week!)

This is very exciting. 53 episodes. Our last day of shooting was also the day that we went to see Jenna in Blades of Glory at Grauman's Chinese Theater. We had such a blast. Jenna is so great in this movie, you've got to see her in it. We had fun on the red carpet. (I got to talk to the HollywoodPressTV.com again. I did a big Q&A with college students at Azusa Pacific University - they are good people.) One of the coolest things about going was that we had a chance to hang out with some actors who I just discovered are fans of The Office. Amy Poehler loves our show. Will Arnett is a fan. Ben Stiller, fan. Will Ferrell, not so much. (Just kidding... he didn't mention it. He's probably too busy to watch.) Jon Heder ( Napoleon Dynamite), big fan. I am a big fan of all of them, too. Isn't that cool? Sometimes I have these moments that are so cool that I think my head is going to explode.

By the way, the Lampshades just performed at Andy Richter's wife's big book show. Her name is Sarah Thyre, and she's written a very funny book called Dark at the Roots. Andy and Sarah and I used to do the show The Real Live Brady Bunch together! It was a nice reunion. Andy sat right in the front. We performed with some really funny people reading from the book on stage, like Patton Oswalt, Becky Thyre, Paul F. Tompkins and David Koechner, aka Todd Packer, Michael Scott's best friend! Look for the book on Amazon. She is a hilarious writer.

I want to hear all your thoughts and feelings on this new episode, so please leave a comment. Not much from the drunken redhead in the corner, aka Meredith, this week, but keep watching. Meredith has some very interesting moments yet to come in Season 3. Even though we've finished shooting the season, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Special time this week! The Office is on at 8 pm/ET, Thursday on NBC!

Is it what the Catholics call Holy Thursday, Batman? Have a great Passover and a Happy Easter. Please watch, TiVo it, or buy it on iTunes.