Thanks for the hangover remedies last week. I am not drunk today. Nor am I hungover. I am somewhere in the middle. Just past the hangover. Just before drunk - the moment before or after, depending on how you look at it. Oh, the drunken redhead in the corner knows all and sees almost all.

The scene in the promos for this week's episode in which Jim dresses like Dwight is, in my opinion, one of the funniest scenes that I have ever witnessed. John and Rainn had a great time filming it. We were all laughing out loud - which is a no-no. They had to do a lot of takes. What is a "take"? A take is one pass on a scene. One time through. Get it? Am I talking down to you? I don't mean to. Let me be your TV acting teacher. No wait. What do they say? Those who can't, teach? Screw that. You're on your own.

OK, I'm selfish. The Office is too much fun to work on.

I have to say, Dwight offers Meredith an early lunch to get rid of her, so I'm not in this episode much. I promise the next few weeks will include a little more Meredith and my minivan. I love my minivan. My van was introduced in the "Injury" episode where Michael and Jim took Dwight and his concussion to the hospital in it. Booze bottle. Squirt bottle. Remember?

What else can I tell you? We've been off for a few weeks. If you want to know what everyone has been up to you need to go to There are links for all the talk shows and such, including Angela Kinsey's Letterman appearance! She kicked some major butt!

I am traveling a lot this month and next. (No Lampshades show the first Saturday of May in Hollywood because I will be on the road.) I just went to Vegas to see my drag queen friend, Jackie Beat. She's opening for Roseanne at New York - New York Hotel & Casino. Lot's of Office fans in Vegas, baby. I could barely drink all the free drinks sent over to me. I won $15 on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine - not too shabby since I only spent $5. Last of the big-time gamblers, that's me.

This episode, "Product Recall," has a subplot that was shot at a high school. I was not in those scenes, but my boyfriend was there. He is not a teacher. And no, he's not in high school. He's an NBC photographer. He has worked on a bunch of episodes, like "Phyllis' Wedding." Some of his pictures are on the Office page of the NBC website. He works on Heroes a lot. He is not allowed to tell me what he shoots because I watch that show. He's a funny guy. He has worked on all the NBC shows for the past 21 years. My gay friends like him because he used to shoot the Golden Girls. I have it all. A boyfriend my gay friends envy. Leave him alone. He's mine. I'll scratch your eyes out!

I need a drink. I don't need it, I want it.

Enjoy the new episode! "Product Recall" will not disappoint. Same Office time, same Office channel. This Thursday at 8:30 pm/ET on NBC.