Meredith from The Office here. I will not be watching this week's episode live because I will be in the Pegasus Parade at the Kentucky Derby. The drunk from The Office is going to get her drunk on at the most sophisticated sports event in the U.S. of A. I hope I don't make an idiot of myself. You know, I've been known to take my top off after a few too many. Hope I don't fall off the float. I've already fallen off the wagon. It's going to be insane - mint juleps, crazy hats and me. Am I placing a bet, you ask? You better believe it. I am betting on one good time.

This episode was one of my favorites to shoot. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you: I was stuck in a van with Mindy Kaling, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Rashida Jones, Phyllis Smith and Steve Carell for two days. I had a blast doing this episode because I got to drive and act at the same time! Meredith's minivan is like another character in this episode, and they put more than booze bottles in the van this time. Props had stuff like chips, crushed cans, litter, a package of maxi pads and 14 air fresheners! Gross. Jenna was riding shotgun and we wondered why we felt so crappy. Headache central! We figured it out and moved those suckers. Our props department really went for it!

The premise in this episode is that Michael Scott makes the ladies of Dunder-Mifflin mad and tries to make up for it by taking them to the mall to shop at Victoria's Secret. How bizarre. We had a fun time at the mall, though. The fans were out in full force. I ran into my publicist there, who was trying to buy something at Victoria's Secret but couldn't because we were shooting in there. I got to hit a parked car. I did my own stunts and it was very satisfying. I was nervous at first, but I think I really could be a demolition-derby star. Booze and cars... I mean vans. Great match for ol' Mer.

We shot some really fun stuff with Steve and the ladies just running around the mall. The food-court scene was so much fun. Steve is an amazing actor. Man, we have fun on this show. And what did I get from Victoria's Secret? I got two bras and a thong. Meredith doesn't go for VPL, aka visible panty line. Not that my one-size-fits-all skirts would show my granny panties if I wore them. If you really want to know, I prefer going commando. Have I said too much?

Please watch, TiVo, tape or download The Office this week on NBC. Though titled "Women's Appreciation," you will all appreciate it. Bye for now, I'm off to the races!