Meredith from The Office here. Where has my drink gone? Where has Season 3 gone? It seems like only yesterday I was licking hand sanitizer in the season opener. I hope you all have enjoyed this year as much as I have. I've been topless, had a bat in my hair, and hit a parked car in the mall. Are you happy now? Is it enough? Is it ever enough?

The season finale is finally here. The rumors are true: We shot more than one ending. The rumors are totally true: The cast doesn't know how it ends. I remember we were at the beach shooting "Beach Games" when we read this jam-packed awesome finale script out loud. We were so excited that we almost had another hot dog eating contest. Not. It's a great script. Lots of questions answered. Lots. The Office fans have been anxiously awaiting a one-hour episode, and guess what? You got it. That's an extra half hour to drink.

And speaking of partying, I just partied with the Dunder-Mifflin gang last night in NYC! We finished shooting about a month ago, so it was great to see everyone again. I'm so lucky to work with these people. We were all in town for the industry upfronts, i.e., when the networks announce next season's programming. We saw the Heroes cast (I danced with Sylar at the party), and I had a nice chat with Tina Fey and her husband. I love Tina. She went to a rival high school in the Philadelphia suburbs so we always talk Philly. I love her show. It just gets better and better. I sat with Jenna and John Stamos from ER for a while. Funny guy. I can't tell you everything that happened at the party yet, but the Office cast had fun. Everyone looked great. Angela had bangs. Steve was all smiles, and Rainn had a new beard. And by "beard" I mean an actual beard. He's not gay. Oscar's gay. But only on TV. And I'm drunk. Still drunk.

I just want to warn you that one hour is going to feel very satisfying. Everyone is always complaining that The Office flies by so fast. Too fast. One thing we learned in NYC is that we will be doing 30 episodes this season. 30! That's like Bewitched or something. Back in the old days they used to make more episodes, and it felt right. So Season 4 is going to feel very satisfying. Like when you finish a six-pack. Ahh! Mission accomplished. Right?

As I write this, I realize it is almost the completion of my Office Season 3 celebrity blog. I am so proud of myself. I thought I'd be too hungover or feel too sorry for myself to finish a blog each week. Who's got the last laugh now? It's been so much fun writing something that the fans and friends actually read. Please comment and tell me what you think. I will be back next week to wrap up the season in a nice little bow. I am most grateful to you for reading this. Without you, I am nothing. And without The Office, we are all nothing. We'll that's not completely true....

The season finale begins at 8 pm/ET. Don't forget. You'll be disappointed if you miss it. If you're over 21, get a six-pack; with an hour, you'll have the time to finish it. Let me know what you think, and thanks.