I love being on The Office even when it's not in the office. This week's episode is "Beach Games" and it was shot out of the office, or as we say in the business, "on location." That means off the regular premises. Write that down, young upstarts. I do my best to spread the knowledge I have acquired through the school of Hollywood's hard knocks. Take notes, kids. OK, so as you guessed by the title, there is a beach involved this week. The beach at Lake Scranton, that is. No St. Tropez tan here. Just the pasty and the pale. (I personally lead the pack in the pasty department.) There is nothing like beachin' and boozin'. Not as easy working in the sun every day. I must say I now have a newfound respect for the actors/models on Baywatch. I feel your pain.

We got to work with the great Harold Ramis again for this episode. We shot at a fake beach at the reservoir of a dam off the 118 above Hollywood. The sun was hot. Did I mention it was hot? Lots of umbrellas and sunscreen. Stanley got a scratched cornea from the sand. The hotdog-eating contest made me particularly sick. Well. Sick of hotdogs. This episode had a lot going on. Hot coals and floating bodies. This was an intense episode. I feel spoiled working in the regular office now. I just needed some perspective. Drunken perspective.

And speaking of drunken perspective, the Kentucky Derby had mine. If you read last week's blog, you know that I was at the 133rd Kentucky Derby. I was really there - not just at the bar watching with the regulars. The Derby itself was a trip. It was like being at a wedding, except there were only horses involved. Lots of hats and people you don't know - except if they're famous, and then you only feel like you know them. Hats and suits, and I wore my horse headdress. We had a great group at our table. My parade buddies! Milena Govich from Law & Order, April Bowlby from Two and a Half Men, Navi Rawat from Numbers and Kate Linder from The Young and the Restless. We did a lot of Derby-related partying. We had a blast. Greg Grunberg from Heroes was hanging out with me (five minutes counts, right?) and I met Uncle Junior from The Sopranos. It was pretty surreal. I met the Doublemint Twins at the Barnstable Brown party. Jerry O'Connell from Crossing Jordon and Ross, The Tonight Show intern, were there; I also met Dr. J, aka Julius Irving, my favorite basketball star from the 76ers in Philly! If it wasn't him, he sure looked a lot like him. This was the real deal, baby. I had such a great time there. I got to be in the parade with a Mint Julep. There truly was room for one more drunk at the Derby. I was in a Corvette in the parade with a bunch of roses on the hood and my driver, a funny guy named Red, told me he drove Jerry Mathers, aka Beaver Cleaver, and Eddie Haskell last year. If you don't know who they are, look it up! He said that if Beaver had a $100 bill for everyone who came to the parade, he would have paid them to not be there. Not me, baby. I love a parade!

The Office is going to be great this week. It's on at a special time! Thanks for watching. Counting down to the end of another great season! I get to see everyone next week, so check back in.

Love you. Mean it. That's show biz talk. Write that down!