Fast Facts

  • Changed name to Zsa Zsa as a child when she couldn't properly pronounce her given name, Sari.
  • Disqualified after winning the Miss Hungary beauty pageant in 1936 for lying about her age.
  • Marriage at sea to Mexican attorney Felipe de Alba was annulled after one day when the dissolution of prior marriage to Michael O'Hara was not properly finalized.
  • In 1989, slapped a Beverly Hills police officer and accused him of speaking rudely when he stopped her for a traffic violation; she was found guilty and sentenced to three days in jail.
  • In 1993, a jury awarded Elke Sommer $2 million for unfounded slanderous allegations by Gabor and ninth husband Frederic von Anhalt.
  • After the death of Anna Nicole Smith, von Anhalt claimed to have had a decade-long affair with Smith and believed he may have fathered her daughter (he did not).


  • 1958, Golden Globe — Special Achievement: Winner


  • Magda Gabor — Sister
  • Herbert Hutner — Ex-husband
  • Joshua Cosden Jr. — Ex-husband
  • Eva Gabor — Sister
  • Burhan Belge — Ex-husband
  • George Sanders — Ex-husband
  • Conrad Hilton — Ex-husband
  • Constance Francesca Hilton — Daughter
  • Vilmos Gabor — Father
  • Jolie Gabor — Mother
  • Michael O'Hara — Ex-husband
  • Jack Ryan — Ex-husband
  • Felipe de Alba — Ex-husband
  • Frederic von Anhalt — Husband