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VIDEO: Angel in Hiding, Pt. 2

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Angel in Hiding, Pt. 2
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Length: 16:01:27
Aired: 11/30/1980

The Angels pose as models and uncover prostitution and murder at the Woodman Agency. Kris, Kelly and Bosley confront John Woodman at a party, and police woman Julie joins the team. watch

VIDEO: Angel In Hiding - Part 1

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Angel In Hiding - Part 1
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Length: 50:00
Aired: 11/30/1980

PART I Kelly and Kris pose as models and secure jobs with the Woodman Agency after the disappearance and subsequent death of model Jody Mills. They are joined by Julie Rogers, who, they later find out, is an undercover police officer working with partner Harry. They find that the models are classed as "A" and "B" types. The "A" types do legitimate modeling, mix with John Woodman's clients at his parties, but the "B" types "pose" for customers at Eddie's Place and eventually prostitution, most of them to pay for their drug habits. Kris deliberately acts like a "klutz" at one of Woodman's parties so she will get shuttled off to Eddie's Place, where she meets Edward Jordan, who was seen leaving Eddie's the night that Jody Mills was killed. Julie, after the death of her partner, Harry, vows to find the killer. She suspects and pursues Jimmy Joy, drug supplier to Woodman's clients, to a bar. He forces her to leave but she manages to get free and hit him over the head with a trash basket. Kelly arrives and at gunpoint they capture Jimmy Joy. While modeling for Jordan at Eddie's Place, Kris finds part of a camera cap which matches the one dropped in the alley the night that Jody Mills was murdered; at that moment Bosley arrives, and they trap Jordan. Kris, Kelly and Bosley go to the Woodman Agency where there is a client party in progress. They confront Woodman with the mistreatment of the girls. The customers and girls hear and there is a mass exodus, leaving John Woodman trying to coax them back, but to no avail. Bosley announces that Julie has done such an outstanding job; she will work with the Angels. PART II After the Angels have checked into their hotel in Hawaii, Kris goes out to get some champagne to celebrate. She is followed, and her car is driven off the road. She is then forced into a van by Tom Grainger along with his son and daughter. It seems Tom's wife hang watch

VIDEO: Hawaii Five-0: Kupu'eu

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Hawaii Five-0: Kupu'eu
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Length: 44:12
Aired: 10/12/1971

As Catherine's seemingly harmless surveillance job takes a deadly turn, Adam considers making the ultimate sacrifice to save Kono. Terry O'Quinn returns as Joe White. watch


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Year Title Description
1983 1990 Movie, Actor - Hammer
1983 Twilight Zone--The Movie Movie, Actor - Bill
1981 The Great White Movie, Actor
1980 B.A.D. Cats TV Show Series, Actor - Eugene Nathan
1980 Humanoids From The Deep Movie, Actor - Hank Slattery

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