Fast Facts

  • Home-schooled throughout high school, Pastrana graduated when he was just 15.
  • Jumped his Suzuki into the San Francisco Bay during the 1999 X Games; won a gold medal there, but had to forfeit $10,000 in prize money to retrieve the bike, pay fines and donate to the Save the Bay charity.
  • Landed the first-ever double backflip in motocross competition history at the 2006 X Games.
  • Past injuries include multiple concussions, a dislocated spine and a broken pelvis, hip, foot, ankle, thumb, elbow, fingers and wrists.
  • Nicknamed "The Gimp" and "Wonder Boy."
  • High-octane hobbies include skydiving, rally-car racing and base jumping.


  • Russell Pastrana — Uncle
  • Alan Pastrana — Uncle
  • Debby Pastrana — Mother
  • Greg Powell — Cousin
  • Robert Pastrana — Father
  • Richard Pastrana — Uncle
  • Ronnie Pastrana — Uncle


  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD


  • Birth Name: Travis Alan Pastrana
  • Birth Place: Annapolis, MD
  • Profession: Motorcyclist

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