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  • Birth Place: Bridgeport, CT
  • Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 01/02/1987, Capricorn
  • Profession: Reality cast member; singer
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Video Q&A: Syesha Mercado in the House!

We've had some quality time with the Davids in the studio the last two weeks, and now we have a fabulous interview with the last lady standing on American Idol, Syesha Mercado. Syesha and I chat about the preception other Idols had of her, how she felt about the producers' song choice for her, her personal singing style and why she think Broadway will have to wait.

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At the End of Her Run, Syesha Sounds Off

Wednesday night's Idol was the final one for Syesha Mercado, following a surprising steady improvement over the course of the show. Despite multiple weeks in the bottom three, Syesha outlasted all the other female contestants and stood strong to the final three. Ultimately, though, she hit the end of the road, after a week in which all three judges were down on her selection of "Fever" and lack of range. On Thursday, Mercado spoke to press about her Idol experience, her "Fever" pick, her unexpected longevity and more. Here's what she had to say about:Her Improvement Over the Course of the Show"I consider myself a hard worker. I'm always working, I'm always trying to improve. When I first stepped in to the competition, I was really in a little shell, I was vocal resting and it separated me from everyone else. I don't feel like I was at my full potential, because of the negative mind frame I was in. It was harming my performance. Once I got my mind right again, I felt more more

The Final Two Revealed!

Hello everyone its me Erin Fox Thank you to so many bloggers who welcomed me back and enjoyed reading my post Thanks also to those of you wearing your cranky pants and calling me catty for wanting to draw whiskers on David Archuletas little baby face Heh catty about whiskers makes me laugh Just having a little fun guys try to relax PS Shizzle is supposed to sound ridiculousOn to the show Ryan does a nice job reminding the audience including many Idol cast-offs like Amanda Overmyer and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber that making it this far and not winning will be devastating Thanks for that Ry He also tells Cowell to button up his shirt because this is a TV-G rated show This is terribly ironic considering Paulas boobs are about to leap out of her dress and choreograph a number of their own Next were treated to a short and lame music video set to How Far Is Heaven featuring the reflection of David A in a large pool Thank goodness we wont have to seeread more


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Year Title Description
2008 Extra: 2008 May 06 Episode, Remarks by
2008 Regis and Kelly: 2008 May 29
Season 20, Episode 191
Episode, Performer
2008 The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet: 2008 May 30 Episode, Performer
2006 The One TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2002 American Idol TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member

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The American Idol Finals: Who Should Win?

The following containers spoiler information relating to American Idol's Wednesday-night results show.We perhaps always knew it would come to this. The weekly reader polls wavered, but the takeaway rarely changed: This season has been about the dueling Davids, Archuleta and his flawless pipes and wholesome appeal, Cook with his moody, gritty charisma. Now, here they are, mano a mano. No third or fourth party to steal away the crumbs of votes.But hey, before I get to The Question, let's break to give mad props to Syesha. As Lou Grant would say, the gal has got spunk. And as my wife has said, she veritably emerged from nowhere six weeks ago to start laying claim to her deserved piece of the pie. The wallflower who arrived in Hollywood bloomed. The finals arrive next week. Though a handful of songs could swing the pendulum either way, it's time to make the call: Who's your Idol now? Vote, people. PS. Got questions for Syesha? Share them in comments, and maybe I'll run a few... read more

Jeers: David Archuleta Must Go!

Jeers to David Archuleta for overstaying his welcome on American Idol. Sure, the kid can sing in tune, but he has zero personality. His neutered version of Chris Brown's "With You" was, quite simply, embarrassing. And was that flop sweat or just a weird pattern on his shirt during his super-sappy performance of Dan Fogelberg's "Longer"? Maybe Archuleta lacked confidence without his stage dad around, but the 17-year-old seemed even more prepubescent than usual this week. Syesha Mercado stumbled by picking the old-fashioned "Fever," but that penguin song was not her fault. She deserves a spot in the finals alongside if-there's-a-God winner David Cook. Sorry, Archie!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

The Top Three Perform

Erin Fox here back from sunny St Lucia with a wicked sunburn and a frighteningly strong desire to get back into Idol mode Lets break down tonights Top Three performancesThanks so much to Mickey for some seriously awesome recapping skills last week I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did With recent news of David As dad being banned from backstage and the pressure of not one but three songs each tonight its gonna be intense peeps Update David A Defends His Dad see our Great American Idol blogI have to admit I was totally having Idol withdrawal while I was away How did they all sound last week Did anyone butcher a song Who would be going home next Internet availability wasnt great on the island but I managed to find out that your beloved dready-heady Jason got the boot Dont worry kids because he sure doesnt look like he has a care in the world PS You must check out Mitovichs hair-raising interview with Jason Castro hereRyan introduces the read more

Top 3 Power Rankings: Here Comes David A.!

The penultimate round of's American Idol Power Rankings offers no surprises as to who's in the lead or bringing up the rear. No, the story here is that David Archuleta, with 29.7 percent of the reader vote, has delivered his best numbers since the Top 10! Could this new momentum, perhaps coupled by some compassion/sympathy spurred on by recent headlines, push Archie into a super-close contest with Cookie (presuming that Syesha is next to bid us adieu)?Plucky, resilient Syesha still can't muster up double digits, this despite knocking all but two of the finalists from the running and being the sole female left in the race. If it did come down to her and one of the Davids, though, how high a vote percent do you think she might get?The Top 3 Power Rankings61.3% David Cook29.7% David Archuleta9.0% Syesha Mercado read more

The Top 3: Who Is Your Idol Now?

The following contains spoiler information from American Idol's Wednesday night results show.This is, I believe, the most interesting outcome this week could have offered. By removing Jason from the equation, the question becomes: To which remaining finalist will his votes go? Because all along, Jase's fans have had the chance to back either of the Davids, if supporting cute boys was simply their thing, and yet they did not. Instead, they saw something more, something special in their favorite. Who that's left standing will now earn their support? All we can do to get anywhere close to predicting the next turn in the tide is ask the weekly question: Who's your Idol now? Vote here. The new Power Rankings come out Monday morning. And then next Wednesday, America names our finalists.PS. Got a question for Jason? Share it in comments and I may run it by him when he comes by for his video interview. — Matt MitovichMore Idol news and views:• VIDEO Q&A: Is Brooke ... read more

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