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Let's get this week's highlight reel started on a positive note.

TEARJERKER OF THE WEEK: Kurt Hummel plaintively singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on Glee as we relive home movies in his mind, showing bonding moments with his (now comatose) dad Burt, including a tea party where the little boy playing Young Kurt is an uncanny dead ringer. A catch in his voice, a lump in our collective throats, a Kleenex run at the commercial break. Chris Colfer's sensitive yet tough performance as a boy sticking by his non-beliefs during a trying time is the highlight of "Grilled Cheesus," a tricky, affecting exploration of faith, religion, friendship and family. Amber James' soaring renditions of "I Look to You" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (the latter backed up by a church choir) also top this week's Glee Hit Parade, and or course Rachel turns to Yentl for inspiration. Even a friend's dad's coma can't rain on her Streisand parade. We also learn Sue has turned from God because of the cruelties visited upon her beloved sister, and Emma shows uncommon wisdom as she opens Finn's eyes to the folly of praying to a sandwich. The best Glee episode in quite a while, reminding us why we stick with this show even when the notes sometimes seem sour.

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Rick Sanchez Apologizes on GMA: "I Have to Stand Up and Be Responsible"

Rick Sanchez says he screwed up.

"It was wrong for me to be so careless and so inartful, but it happened and now, I have to stand up and be responsible for it, just like I teach my kids," the former CNN anchor told ABC's Good Morning America during his first television interview since he was fired.

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Top Moments: Rethinking Kanye West, the Beatles and The Event

Television made us rethink what we thought to be true this week. The Event told us that dead people were alive. The Good Wife reintroduced a sex scandal we long thought over. Mad Men's Joan crushed our dreams of seeing her couple up with Roger Sterling. Glee's Chris Colfer reimagined the Beatles. And an artful performance by Kanye West allowed us to reconsider Saturday Night Live as a venue for progressive musical happenings. Welcome to Top Moments: Up Is Down Edition.

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2010 InfoMania: Bikini Season Episode, Subject (person only)
2008 CNN: Fall of the Fat Cats Episode, Reporter
2007 Larry King Live: Episode Episode, Host
2007 Anderson Cooper 360: Murder City USA Episode, Reporter
2005 Larry King Live: Episode Episode, Guest

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Rick Sanchez Publicly Apologizes for "Inartful" Comments

Rick Sanchez issued a public apology Wednesday, calling his comments about Jon Stewart "inartful" and "mangled," according to a statement obtained by Variety.

In the statement, the 52-year-old said he had a... read more

Jon Stewart: Rick Sanchez Could Replace Steve Carell on The Office

Should Rick Sanchez replace Michael Scott on The Office? Jon Stewart thinks it could work.

The comedian proposed the idea on Monday's Daily Show, when he addressed for the first time Sanchez's firing from CNN. The dismissed Rick's List host was let go Friday after a radio interview in which he called Stewart a "bigot" and suggested that Jews run many major media outlets.

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Rick Sanchez Let Go From CNN After Calling Jon Stewart a "Bigot"

CNN fired host Rick Sanchez Friday, a day after he called Jon Stewart a "bigot" during a radio interview.

"Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we... read more

CNN Responds to Fox Ads: "You Lie"

p>CNN anchor Rick Sanchez says Fox News flat-out lied in an ad accusing its cable rivals of not covering a political protest.

In Friday's Washington Post, Fox News took out a full-page ad noting its coverage of the Sept. 12 Tea Party, in which protesters across the nation rallied against more government spending. "How did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN miss this?" the ad asked.

Sanchez said on Friday that the ad is false, showing video proof that CNN was there covering the action.

"The bottom line is we do cover the news and we did extensively cover this event," said Sanchez... read more

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